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    Being a procrastinator is the most detrimental thing you can do to your business. I know from experience. That's why today I'm going to share some of the productivity tips that have helped me in my business and how you can use them to take your business to the next level.

    Productivity tips for procrastinators

    Productivity tips for procrastinators

    • Use a calendar to prioritize upcoming tasks

    You can do this with a regular calendar that you bought from the store, a planner from amazon, or just a sheet of paper. The main thing is that you want to have enough space that you can write all of your tasks down.

    Now that you have everything written down you want to number them from 1 being the most important and whatever the highest number is being the least important.

    Keep in mind that whatever your least prioritized task is, you can leave it on your calendar and if you don't get it done that day you can always move it to the next day. We want to focus on what activities are going to be making money and moving our business forward.

    • Outsource anything that someone else can easily do

    I'm terrible at creating graphics, any kind of video editing and things like that. I will go to and pay someone $20 to $100 to have it done for me. It's usually pretty cheap to do and they will have it back to me much faster than the time it would of taken to get it done on my own. It looks better too.

    Now you can spend this time getting higher priority tasks done because otherwise you could of spent days doing a task that isn't going to make you money.

    • Do the most important things first

    Earlier when you wrote all of your tasks down and numbered them by most important, this is where that comes in.

    When you start your work day you want to work on the things that are labeled number 1 first because they are most important. By the end of your workday you will be tired and maybe even burnt out and you don't feel like working anymore.

    If you were to put anything off until the next day, you don't want it to be the tasks that are moving your business forward. You always want it to be the less meaningful tasks.

    • Create a schedule

    You don't want to be working just whenever you have time. You have to make time and the best way to do this is to figure out chunks of time when you can devote yourself to your business and nothing else.

    For example I work from 8 to 10pm most days on my business and I don't do anything else that would get in the way of it. I have 2 kids so there are times when I don't get these 2 hours.

    For the most part I try to keep it to those times and you can add work if you want to but try not to take time away from those 2 hours. This is going to be different if you are full time in your business because you have more time during the day that you can spend on it.

    • Go on a blitz

    A blitz is where you go all out for a small amount of time. You can't maintain this amount of work long term, that's why you do blitzes for a small period of time.

    You want it to be long enough to get results but short enough that you don't get burned out and lose interest in your business. The best time periods that I have found to work are 15, 30, and 60 day blitzes. My favorite is 30 days.

    The goal here is to get more work, and new team members than you normally would in that amount of time.

    What you want to do here is figure out your strategy, stick to that strategy and do 2 or 3 times more than you normally would. If you are prospecting on Facebook and you talk to 5 people a day, talk to 15 for the next 30 days. Now you are talking to 450 people instead of 150.

    If you use Youtube and you normally do 2 videos a week, do a video or 2 a day for this time period. Now you are doing 30 to 60 videos instead of 8 in the next 30 days.

    If you do this a couple times a year, you will get more done than anybody else because they are still doing what they normally do, but this strategy will give you huge results where you normally would of just been skating by.

    • Track everything

    Business owners who get a lot done, track everything. They keep a schedule and write down the things they have done in the last days, weeks, months, and years. This is important because you can look back and see where you could've done more, and the things you did that you could've done better.

    You are also going to see where you spent time doing meaningless tasks that could've been outsourced or not done at all.

    When I do this I create a chart on a piece of paper and I go hour by hour. Then I write down everything I did that day. I keep that chart and look at it a week later to see where the time gaps that I could of been doing more. I will do this for the week and the month too, and keep theses paper because I can go back and see where I have been failing or most productive in my business.

    • Get rid of all distractions

    One of the biggest things that has helped my business productivity is getting rid of distractions. Things like T.V., xbox, playing games on the phone, social media are all distractions.

    I notice that the times when I don't watch T.V. or play video games I get a lot more done and the times when I am playing and watching T.V. I don't get nearly as much done.

    Another thing is social media apps on the phone. If you want to be productive it's a good idea just to delete them off of your phone. You can always use the desktop site but on the phone they are a huge distraction. All you are doing is looking at someone elses life an posting for yourself for some kind of pay off such as a like or share.

    What you could be doing is deleting that app and using desktop, only use the app for business and don't worry about what everyone else is doing. I did this and I create time blocks that I will use the desktop site. You will have a lot of messages when you get on if you are using the strategy I talk about here,

    How to succeed in network marketing fast using social media

    And here is a Facebook live strategy that I like to use

    Proven Facebook Live Tips For Audience Building

    Just set aside 10 minutes or so to answer messages and you are done. Now set aside however much time you need to work on your business. When you are done with your work, you are done with social media.

    On their own these strategies work great but when you add them together they can make a huge difference in your business.


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