Proven Facebook Live Tips For Audience Building

This year in 2020 the digital marketing space has been forever changed by the pandemic.

I'm not just talking about change during the lock down, I'm talking about change going forward too.

Let me explain

In march Zoom saw it's biggest growth ever.

Amazon saw a 26% growth in quarter 1 and it continued to go up from there.

Online grocery sales have shot up this year t00.

Those are just a couple of examples.

And there is more

Alot of the customers that were surveyed said they didn't see a reason to go back to the way they were shopping before, it is more convenient to buy from your phone and have everything you need delivered to your door step.

Not only shopping but entertainment saw similar trends. More people watched streaming services and for long periods of time than they did before the pandemic hit.

This is the new normal and we are most likely not going to back to the way it was before.

This is where you come in

These new trends aren't only for big name shopping brands and big brand entertainment. People are more in tune with real people than ever before, and places like Facebook and Youtube are taking a lot of traffic from other services.

Good thing for you, you can jump on this trend right now to build your online presence.

Facebook live tips

Facebook live tips - Getting started right

Know your audience

Knowing who your audience is, is the most important thing in marketing. If you are marketing to anybody and everybody, you are marketing to nobody.

Think about it like this. If I owned a steak house I wouldn't market it to a group of vegans, it makes no sense, but in marketing people do it all the time.

I'll give you a couple of examples of a good target market

If you are selling forex training you can target retirees who want to add an additional income.

If you are selling non toxic cleaning products you can target parents.

If you are selling Keto products you can target people who go to the gym or people that run cross fit.

This is by no means a complete list, the point is that by narrowing down you are getting specific on who you want to see your videos and by doing that you can become the expert in that market.

Where to find those people

The cool thing is that Facebook makes it super easy to find the people we want to talk to now.

Facebook groups

If you are using your personal profile you can find groups where these people hang out and usually there is a lot of engagement in these groups.

One thing I like to do is find active group members and add them as friends. I do this because anytime a friend comments on a post in a group, you get a notification telling you they have commented.

This keeps you active in their notifications, and you want to be in front of potential prospects and customers as often as you can.

Stick to a schedule. You can train your listeners to know when you are going to go live. At first I would just go live at any given time. I did have some viewers but it was never a lot.

Then I decided to go live every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm. When people caught on to it they knew I would be live at that time on those days and they started showing up more often and I had more repeat viewers now.

After I started to go live 2 times a week, at the same time everytime, I started to get 300 views on my videos everytime I went live.

Facebook live tips

The group method only works on your personal profile, you will have to it different than if you were to use your business page.

Using your Facebook business page 

To find your target market on a Facebook business page you want to go to the ads manager. Instead of targeting groups you want to target people who are already selling what you have to offer.

Find the heavy hitters in your market and go after their audience.

Here are a couple of examples

  • Weight loss - Big brands like slim fast, magazines that promote weight loss, beach body, and so on.
  • Travel - Target brands like Expedia, Travelocity, Travel magazines
  • Forex - Target pages that talk about money, retirement pages, other Forex companies
  • Make up - Target Maybelline, Clinique,  Georgio Armani

Plus there are always going to be individuals that are heavy hitters, find out who they are and target their audience.

Using a Facebook business page you can get a lot of reach, however Facebook has made it harder and harder to reach people using a business page.

I built my business page likes up to almost 200, but when I would post any kind of content I would only get about 4 people seeing it.

There are a couple strategies I have found to fix this problem.

Go live often - The more you go live the better the chance you have of people seeing that you went live.

Frank Kern went live everyday starting in the beginning of December. He went live everyday and by March he was reaching over 700,000 people.

On this screenshot I took he has 108,000 views on that one video

Facebook live tips

You don't have to do it everyday but the more you do the more you will be rewarded by the algorithm.

The way it works is you do a live and nobody watches. The next day you do another live and 2 or 3 people watch.

When someone watches your lives Facebook will see that your content is good enough to keep someone watching so they will push it out to more people.

If you keep going everyday, it will start to snowball, and eventually Facebook will be pushing your videos to more and more people.

Facebook wants their users to stay on Facebook, and will reward you for being the one to keep people on their platform.

Also by doing this on your business page you can target anybody that has watched your videos with offers.

Just like I talked about before, keep a set schedule so your viewers will know when to expect you.

Create a Facebook ad for your videos

There is an option to boost posts but it is better to create an ad and set it for video views. This way you can target a certain group of people.

Target the heavy hitters like we talked about earlier.

Headlines are everything

I'm surprised at how many people I see that go live and they don't even have a headline.

The sole purpose of the headline is to get people to click and watch your live, and getting people to stop scrolling and watch you when they could be doing anything else in the world is 90% of the battle.

Find out what your target market wants and give it to them.

Here are a couple of headlines that always work:

  • How to do _____ without _____.


  • How to lose 5 pounds in 7 days without starving yourself.
  • How to have a spotless house without using any chemicals.

Use numbers, crooked numbers

People love numbers, and lists, so if you make a list of ways to do something you are likely to get people to watch what you have to say.

Crooked numbers are odd number such as 5,11 and so on, and for some reason they are more likely to get clicks than even numbers. I don't know why but they do.

Here are some examples of how to use them:

  • 5 ways to save money on your next vacation
  • 7 ways to build credit
  • 11 ways to save money next time you go to the grocery store

Add a negative at the end

A negative is something that happened to somebody that could be the reason for whatever their problem is, such as a divorce, baby, bankruptcy and so on.

Here are some examples:

  • 7 ways to build credit even after a divorce
  • How to lose 5 pounds in the next 7 days even if you just had a baby
  • How to plan your next trip even if you have never if you have never traveled


Get more views by creating your own group

Groups that are made by other people don't always allow people to post any kind of promotional content. That means that you are at risk of getting banned if you post your own videos in the group.

Earlier we talked about organic reach being down, but the reach in groups is really high.

Having your own group works out because you get to be seen as the authority, and you are going to get a lot more reach anytime you share your lives in the group.

Its a good idea to focus on building your audience and your group and use them together.

Don't sell on Facebook lives

The point of social media is not to sell. In fact social media platforms can ban you at anytime for it.

Instead you want to send viewers to an email list. An email list is going to help you get more viewers also. I will talk about that in a minute.

To do this you need to have something free but of high value, like free keto recipes, a guide to planning your next vacation, or something similar based on your niche.

Another tip I learned from Frank Kern is to tell people multiple times what to do. If you only tell them what to do at the end of your videos, it might not work out because some people won't make it all the way to the end.

What I like to do is tell them what to do 3 times, once in the begining, middle, and towards the end.

Facebook live tips - How to generate leads

The best way that I have found to generate leads, and I do this for network marketing is to buy a domain and point it to your landing page.

For example if your domain was you could point it to a free guide to plan your next vacation, then a couple of times in your Facebook live you can tell people to go to to get the guide.

This works out because if people see you can change your lead magnet at any time and all you have to do is change where your domain is pointing to.

Facebook live tips to get more viewers

In the last couple of years I have found a couple of ways that work really well to get alot of viewers on my Facebook lives that I haven't see anybody else teaching.


Boost your posts

This is not the same as paying a couple of dollars to have your live show up in front of more people, this is free and it has helped my videos stay at the top of other people's news feed for a long time.

What you want to do is encourage viewers to comment on your lives by asking questions, and having a conversation with them. You can talk to them by name but make sure you don't talk to any one person for too long because people will click off and do something else if they are just watching you have a conversation with someone else.

Now that you have people commenting on your Facebook live you want to reply to each comment but don't do it right away.

I will wait until the next day and reply to each comment because this is going to boos your lives back up the news feed, and there is a chance that you will get even more comments and that will help push it up the news feed even more.

We aren't done yet. There is still one more chance to boost your posts.

Next time you do a Facebook live, copy the link and paste it as a new comment on your old Facebook live, this is going to boost it one more time, and everyone who commented will now get a notification with a link to your newest video.

Use your email list to get more views

Earlier we talked about building your email list. This is important because now you can sell your products and offers to people, but also because you can keep cycling your subscribers.

Every time you are about to go live send a new broadcast to your email list. I like to do it 15 minutes before I go live, this way they have time to prepare.

Also if you send the email too far ahead of time people will forger, so I have found 15 minutes before to be the sweet spot.

In your email make sure you tell people what you are going to be talking about so they have a reason to hop on.

This works well because you are using your Facebook lives to get email subscribers and using your emails subscribers to pack your Facebook lives.

The Rabbit Hole method

Have you ever watched a video, then clicked to another video, and another?

I call this the Rabbit Hole method and the only way it works is you have to keep creating content.

At least 2 times a week.

After a couple of weeks as long as you keep building your audience, it will look like you have been creating content for a long time, to any new person that starts watching your content.

For this to work all of your content has to be relevant to each other, so if you are talking about travel, always talk about travel, if you are talking about staying healthy, always talk about staying healthy.

When new people start to see one of your videos, they will click on another, then another.

It is like going down a Content Rabbit Hole and the more of your content they watch, the more they want to work with you.

Interview other people

One more Facebook Live Tips that I learned is to interview other people.

This works for network marketers and direct sales.

For network marketers, what I do is find people that are doing good in your company and interview them. Make sure you add a link back to the other persons profile so they will have a good reason to be interviewed by you.

Have a link magnet ready with you custom domain that we talked about earlier so you can send people to it during the videos.

When you do this you are using your own audience plus the other person's audience so it is going to make your reach even greater.

Next when you start to build a downline you can start to interview them too, but instead of building your own downline you are going to add any new team members that you get from that interview to that person's downline. (You are going to make money from their downline anyway)

You can try to interview people that aren't in your upline or downline but you aren't going to get as many people to take you up on the offer. I have tried.

If you are in direct sales all you have to do is interview anybody that you have sold your items to. If you don't have any customers yet you can interview someone else in the company.

Again always make sure you provide a link back to the other person.

What to talk about

This is the fun part. What you want to talk about is the other person's life before they started working with you or your company.

They will tell you because they are happy with the product.

Then you want to talk about what life is like now because of the company or the product.

Interviews are real life testimonials and they work really good because your audience is hearing someone else's results.

There are people who build their whole business just on testimonials alone.

What to do now

If you use these Facebook live tips they will help you build a huge following and become an authority in whatever niche you choose.

Put them to work.

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