When I first got started in network marketing I had no idea what I was doing, but there were people around me building their business with ease.

I had to do something different because you can't just unlearn about the lifestyle that you want to live.

How to succeed in network marketing fast


This is how top earners succeed in network marketing fast


1.Brand yourself, not your company

Look at any top earner in network marketing. They don't talk about their company or product, they talk about what it can do for people.

Alot of people think you have to be an expert but you really don't. You just need to know how to research.

For example, I have never been to California, but I can easy look on a map and tell you how to get there.

I don't know how to bake a cake but I can watch a Youtube video and chances are that I will end up with a cake as long as I follow directions.

The point is you don't have to know all of the answers, but you should know where to find the answers.


Succeed in network marketing fast, by providing more value than anybody else


Your goal should be value, not selling.

Provide value to the market place and they will gravitate to you, if you are out saying "buy my product" they will be pushed away.



How to secceed in network marketing

2. Use social media the right way

According to jobsinmarketing on 1% of network marketers succeed. That means 99% of network marketers are failing.

If you go to any social media platform 99% of network marketers are doing the same thing, and that's blasting links to their company all over the place.

Blasting links doesn't work and will not build a sustainable business. I did it for years and got nothing in return.

Here is a strategy that my friend Stacey Hall uses to hit the leader boards with her Facebook profile.


Instead what you want to do is identify a target market that has a problem you can solve and build your marketing around it.


The market is going to be different if you are selling the oppurtunity vs the product.

Here are a couple of oppurtunity examples...

-Stay at home moms who want to build an income for themselves

-Veterans that are on fixed income and want to do more with their life

-Workers that have been layed off due to the global pandemic

-Parents that want to quit their job and spend more time at home with the kids

-If you are selling a product the target market is going to be different. Here are a couple examples of markets you can sell different products to...

-Selling CBD products to people that have anxiety. I found one anxiety group on facebook that has 102,000 people in it. That's only 1 group, there are plenty more. Here is a picture from the group below.

How to succeed fast in network marketing

-Sell your weight loss products to moms who need to get rid of the weight they added when they had kids

-Sell travel packages to parents that want to take their family on a vacation

-Sell travel packages to retirees that want to go see the world

Those are a couple of ideas off the tops of my head, but the possibilties are endless. Just use your imagination.

How to succeed in network marketing fast


If you are going to target groups, it is a good idea not to market in the groups but to bring people out of the group and market to them there. If you post links in the groups you might get kicked out.

The cool thing about facebook groups is that people are always asking questions so you have plenty of content ideas.

Im talking about facebook right now but the same thing goes for each social media platform.

I recommend only choosing one social platform to begin with and stay there until you master it.


Optimize your profile for users not sales

It sounds weird I know but if someone clicks on your profile and they automatically assume that they are going to be sold something, they are going to click away.

There are 5 things to focus on when optimizing your profile.

  • Make sure you don't have your company name as part of your name. It just seems spammy.
  • Your profile pictures needs to be a picture of yourself, not a picture of a product you are selling, or a picture of money.
  • Your cover photo needs to be a picture of you doing a hobby or something that shows what kind of person you are. I have a picture of me, my wife, and our 2 kids. This shows that I am a family man.
  • Your about page doesn't have to be anything special but you don't want it promoting your company.
  • Your pictures also need to be pictures of you and not pictures of a product that you are selling.


Facebook lives

Facebook lives are a great way to interact with your audience because you can interact with people in real time. You can ask questions, and condition your audience to be ready anytime you go live.


Use posts that need a reply

Facebook, Instagram, and youtube show content based on interaction. If you are getting alot interaction, it shows that your content is good and they are going to push it out to more people.

If your aren't getting interaction, people aren't going to see your content because they don't see it as good content.

Ask questions and answer any comments that you get. Any interaction is a vote and helps push your content up in the feed.

Use pictures and videos

Again we want interaction. I tested out pictures/videos vs text and pictures/videos won everytime.

Anytime I posted text I would get very little interaction. Regular video got more interaction, and pictures got more interaction out of the 3.

A good picture will get people to stop scrolling their feed.

Facebook live got the most view out of any post that I have done.


Comment on other peoples content

If you comment on someone else's content they will be more likely to comment on yours. This makes it so you are building engagement and getting a bigger audience when you do post content.

As you comment on more and more content they are more likely to get a notification when you go live.


3. Always be growing your audience

This is where alot of people mess up. They keep trying to sell to the same audience over and over again.

Even if you do get some sales this way, you probably aren't going to grow your business.

You are going to hit a plateau at some point.


Here is a strategy I used to grow my audience by 100 people per week. 

Find relevant groups like we talked about earlier.

Inside these groups I like to go to posts and follow the people who have commented. I also add some of them as friends.

In the beginning you only want to follow and friend a couple at a time. If you do more than the platform might think you are spamming people and you could go to facebook jail.

Make sure you dont follow and friend them all at the same time, you can follow 10 people and friend 3 people. It is not alot of people but over time if you keep going, it will add up to a big audience.

After about a week you can start adding more. I will follow 20 people and friend up to 6 people.

I do this several times a day at least 2 hours apart. By doing it this way you can follow over 100 people a day and add up to 60 or 70 friends.

You arent going to get all of them to follow you back, but the ones that do will check out your profile and if you have been adding value, they will see you as an authority.

The cool part is that it only takes about a week to start building authority status if you keep doing this.


4. Build an email list

You don't need to hard sell on social media. The point of social media should be to move your audience to your email list.

The goal of social media platforms are to keep users happy so they will keep using the platform.

If you see a post that is selling something you are more likely to keep scrolling  because you already know you are being sold.

people don't generally interact with a post that is selling something and in return the platform isn't going to push it out to very many people.

Instead you can use the strategies we talked about before and move people to an email list.

In an email you can sell all you want to.


5. Always have a goal before you post

You should never post content without a goal.

If you are posting a facebook live, or written content what do you want the person who is seeing it to do?

If you are trying to build engagement make sure you ask people to comment with questions.

You can also ask your own questions to get engagement.

If you are trying to build your email list you need to give something away in return. After you have something to give away you can send people to the link.

If I am selling in an email I always have my link ready and build the email around the link. It just makes it easier to write if I know where people are going when they are finished reading my email.

6. Use Youtube

Youtube can be a game changer for any business. If you learn it, you can get a video that you posted today, to be seen even years from now. This is how the pros are using Youtube and getting great results with it.

7. Be patient, it will come

If you want to succeed in network marketing fast, remember that it's not overnight fast but it can seem like it.

If you follow these steps that we have talked about you can get alot done in a year.

It might seem like a long time right now but think about where you were a year ago. Looking back it doesn't seem long at all, but it does looking forward.

lets do some math.

Just to be conservative lets say you get 3 people to add you back as a friend a day.

Lets also say that you get 5 to follow you back each day.

In a year that is 1,095 new friends and 1,825 new followers.

If you are doing facebook lives at least once a week you are going to have people you don't know adding you. Always be sure to look at their profile because some of them are going to be weird.

The goal is to add value as much as you can and have an ever growing audience.

Use these strategies on your own social media, they work as long as you do the work.

P.S. Need help building your network marketing business? Join hundreds of other network marketers that are using social media to grow their business.




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