Network marketing sales funnel

Why use a network marketing funnel?

In traditional network marketing the sales approach is to talk to as many people as you can and try to get them to join your opportunity.

This does work but it is very time consuming in my experience. I would much rather automate the process and have my sales funnel do most of the work for me.

After all I got started in network marketing to get away from my job, not to create a new one.

In  internet marketing common conversion rates are anywhere from 1 to 3%.

That means that out of every 100 people that see your offer, you are going to get 1 to 3 people to buy whatever it is that you are selling.

Imagine how long it is going to take to do this manually.

If you were using an automated sales funnel you can just send people to it, let it do the work and you are going to save a ton of time.

What is a sales funnel

In simple terms a sales funnel is a process to get a customer from point A to point B with a series of actions leading from point to point.

Y0u could classify a Facebook conversation that leads to a sale as a sales funnel.

We are going to talk about a network marketing sales funnel more as an automated approach though.

The process starts with getting a lead and it ends with a sale. If you don't make a sale you can keep following up with your prospects and start the process over.

There are generally 5 pieces to a sales funnel. Each piece can be broken down into more pieces but as long as you have these 5 you can fill in the blanks.

Another good thing about a network marketing sales funnel is that it lets you automate the parts you are not good at.

If you aren't good at sells you can make up for it by bringing in a lot of leads.

If you aren't good at getting leads you can make up for it by getting higher sales conversions.

The 5 critical pieces to a network marketing sales funnel

A traffic strategy

Before we have a funnel we need to know how we are going to get prospects into that funnel. Its up to you whether you create the funnel first or build a following first.

In the book traffic secrets by Russel Brunson he says to dig your well before you need water.

That means that he likes to start building a following before creating the funnel that way you can start filling your funnel with high quality prospects as soon as you get it built.

A funnel is no good without a way to get people into it.

There are a ton of ways to get people into your funnel.  I am going to cover a few of them but there are many more and there will be many more to pop up in the future.

One thing that is important to remember is to only stick to one platform until you master it, then you can add more.

The way I like to think of it is if you had 100 points to allocate to your traffic strategy it would be good to put all of them into one because you will get really good at it. If you were to put 10 points into 10 platforms you would be ok at each of them instead of an expert at one of them.

Traffic platforms

Facebook - You can use your profile, a business page, or a group. They each have their advantages and disadvantages.

A business page can get a lot of reach but you have to pay to get that reach.

Your personal page is not going to get as much reach but you can go to groups that have something to do with what you are selling and find targeted traffic this way.

A group gets the most engagement at the time of this post. The problem is you have to build it and get people to it. When you post in your group, a lot of the people that are in the group will get a notification that you posted in it as long as you keep them engaged.

A good strategy is to do Facebook lives on your profile or business page and then share it to your group to get more engagement on it. Then your strategy is to build the group and let it help build the group or profile.

Youtube - One thing that Youtube has that the rest of the strategies have is that if you post enough and start getting engagement Youtube will promote your videos for you. The other platforms somewhat promote your content but Youtube is the only platform that is still going to show your content years into the future.

Earlier when we talked about sharing your Facebook lives in your group, you can do this with your Youtube videos too and it will help it get more reach.

I have a Youtube marketing strategy that you can learn more about here.

Solo ads - Back when I first got started in network marketing I wasn't very good at it. Then I learned to build a network marketing funnel and ran solo ads to it.

I went from making no money to having my first $1500 day all because I learned how to build a funnel and a way to run traffic to that funnel.

Solo ads are where you basically rent part of someones list. You give them money and in return they send x number of clicks to whatever website you gave them.

For example if you were to give them $50 and they sent 200 clicks to your landing page that is how a solo ad works.

The advantage of solo ads is that you get traffic to your funnel right away,

The disadvantages are that you might have to spend some money to find a good provider. I spent around $600 before I found my first good solo ad provider, but after I found them we did alot of business together and it made me alot of money.

To save you the trouble of spending alot of money I am going to help you find good providers.

A good place to start is and make an account. After that you can click on solo ads and see the different providers, then read their reviews so you know which ones to chose. Its is also a good idea to message that person with your link to make sure their list is a good fit for whatever you have to offer.

You can also go to google and type in solo ad providers. After you have found one google that person and type in solo ad review after their name. If they don't have any reviews don't use them.

There is a website called 10dollarsoloads and another called 20dollarsoloads, don't use them because they will give you fake leads and you won't get any sales.

I just want to give you that warning.

Instagram - Instagram is also a good platform to get leads.

You are gong to have to post quality content but it does work. You can also use Instagram to send people to other platforms such as Youtube, Facebook groups or lives, or your blog.

To get followers in the beginning a good strategy is to find the big accounts in your niche and follow the people that follow those accounts. Some of them will follow you back.

Only do this until you get a couple hundred followers because your content should build your following after that.

With all of these platforms the sole purpose is to turn those followers into leads by sending them to your lead capture page.

Capture leads

One of the main difference between marketing and prospecting is the ability to capture leads. You can still capture leads if you are prospecting, but companies don't usually teach their reps to capture leads.

In most cases after you are done asking the person if they are ready to get started, whether they say yes or no that is your only chance to talk to them.

If you are capturing leads you have the ability to talk to them over and over again for years potentially.

A recent study found that most buyers only buy after they have seen the offer at least 21 times. I don't remember where I read this but if you aren't collecting the information of your prospects they won't see your offer after the first time.

To collect leads you are going to need a capture page

A capture page is a page designed to capture leads. I'm sure you have seen them, they are the pages that you put your name and email into and they start sending you emails and offers.

I know they might be annoying but they work.

In your capture page you are going to have to give away something free in order to get people to put their information in. Nobody is going to give you their info for free.

Prospects only care about what is in it for them

Your job is to give them what they want. Some examples are

  • Free weight loss recipes
  • Travel tips
  • Guided meditation
  • Marketing guides

These are just a couple of different ideas but for your own capture pages just think of something that goes with your opportunity or products that the person will be able to use.

What ever you give away has to be easily consumable and high value. It has to be something that will help them out at the exact moment they are downloading.

Otherwise they are likely to forget about it or just not even want it.

A way to engage your new leads

Now that you have an audience and you have some of them as a lead you need to stay engaged with those leads. This is important because if you do it right, some of them will follow you no matter where you go and they will be there for whatever content you put out.

Staying engaged with your leads is alot like you already did before on the social media platforms but it is different. I'll explain.

Your leads that stay engaged with you are going to help you build your following by engaging on your content and social media platforms want engagement. Give them what they want and they will reward you for it by pushing your content out to more and more people.

Some of those people are new to you so they haven't had a chance to become a lead yet and some of them have so the key is to keep your following engaged and it will help create more following and soon it will start to snowball into a huge following.

You can use the same platform as we talked about earlier with the exception of solo ads.

You can also use a blog and email.

A long time ago a blog was the go to strategy for generating leads. You still can generate leads with a blog but it acts like more of a way to keep people engaged now.

There are some people who don't use any social media at all, not many that I know of though. They get leads from solo ads and then they just keep them engaged with email. This works but you have to be good to just use email.

Email follow up series

The next thing you are going to need is a way to follow up with your prospects. There are multiple ways to do this with social media but the best way to follow up is with email.

Social media works don't get me wrong but you don't own the traffic. Any social media platform can shut you down at any given time and they don't have to give you a reason.

They did it to me and I had to start all over.

If you are using email you don't have to worry about this problem because it is traffic that you own.

According to email is almost 40 times better at aquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

With email you can stay simple or get as complex as you want but simple works just fine.

The best way that I have found to keep your prospects engaged with your content is to tell stories. They don't even have to be about anything in particular, you can turn any part of your everyday life into a story and turn your story into a sale.

I talk more about telling stories here. Remember facts tell and stories sell. It is true for network marketing too.

The main thing to remember about email is that the goal is to get your prospects to know you better so they will look forward to hearing from you. People buy from people they like, and that is your goal.

How often should you email your list?

This question is hard to answer. Some people email their list once per week and some email them once per day. I have even known people to email their list 2 times a day and more during some kind of big sale.

I would at least email my list once per week at the minimum, but the more they hear from you the more chances they have to get to know you and the more chances they will have to buy from you.

Another thing you can do with email is send a link to your videos or post everytime you create one on social media.

For example you can get leads from Youtube and send them an email with a link each time you post a new Youtube video.

This strategy works really good because you are using social media to build your email list and you are using your email list to build your social media. Its a viscous cycle that can really work to your benefit.

A way to convert your leads into sales

This is the final piece.

Now that you have all of these leads you need to be able to turn them into money.

In network marketing every person in the company gets the same page that sells people into the company.

These pages are not very good at converting leads into buyers. If you don't believe me go look at any network marketing group on Facebook. Everybody is posting links all over the place but statistics show that 99% of network marketers fail.

To get them to work better you can add it to your follow up because you have already done the work of getting people to know like and trust you.

To do this we use the Upside Down Enrollment Method and let it do the selling for us.

What to do now

By this point you should know each step to building a working network marketing funnel. This is a step by step funnel guide.

It goes in order but it starts over at different points. After you have sent people to your offer keep following up with them and engaging them on social media so you can sell them into more stuff.

Some of them won't buy right away and some of them won't become a lead right away.

Some of them will buy everything you sell so it is important to keep them engaged.

P.S. If you are getting less than 5 sign ups per week click here to learn about the Upside Down Enrollment Method


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