What makes a good landing page: 7 key pieces

One part of a sales funnel that you want to get good at is building your own landing pages.

You can use pre written landing pages to start with, but at some point in your marketing career you want to stand out from the other people who are promoting the same thing.

If you get good at it, you will be able to promote the exact same thing as everybody else but yours will look like something your prospects have never seen before.

That is the power of learning marketing. This post is going to be all about what makes a good landing page.

What makes a good landing page

What is a landing page used for?

The sole purpose of a landing page is to collect your prospects information before they get to the next step of your sales funnel.

You can collect email, phone numbers, street address, and names. Probably more but these are the most common.

It’s important to remember that the more info you try to collect, the less likely they are to give it up.

It is common to get a name and email because you are going to be able to convert more visitors into leads than you would be if you were to also try to collect a phone number.


What makes a good landing page best practices

1.Write clickable headlines

The headline is not going to be the most important part of your landing page, the value that you are going go give to the person reading is.

With that being said, headlines are the first part of your landing page that people are going to see.

The headline is the gatekeeper and if your reader doesn’t make it past this point the rest of your landing page doesn’t matter.

Now I am going to share a couple ways to come up with killer headlines that your perfect customer can’t help but t0 click.

  • Almost clickbait but not too far.

Some of the best headlines sound like there is no way they are true. You can do that too but you have to make sure whatever you are claiming can be backed up. Don’t lie to people.

Here are some examples:

Reduce your wrinkles 56% in the first month! This ad was from a stem cell company years ago.

Would you like for me to double, triple, even quadruple your business for free? Frank Kern used this headline to sell consulting services.

Jared loses 245 eating subway everyday. You might remember this ad from the 90s or early 2000s. Subway was at the bottom when it came to sub places and after using this headline they are now the biggest sub franchise there is.

Each of these headlines sound fake because they are such a big claim but they were all backed up and proven.

  • Use current events

The news is on everyone’s mind. It just pulls us in and that is the perfect reason to take something that is already on the mind of the person you are targeting and use it to your advantage.

Here are some examples of some current event headlines:

The Trump card that will save hundreds on your taxes this year. I just made this one up and I’m sure you can understand where it is coming from. Trump is on the mind of alot of American’s and right now is tax time.

Here is another one from the end of America sales letter. This was written after 2008 I believe and it makes sense because people were worried about their financial future at the time.

  • Look in magazines and magazine sites
  • Look in the magazines that are at the registers in stores

The writers who write the headlines that are in the magazines at the registers get paid alot of money to write those headlines because they are there to grab your attention while you are standing there.

  • If you see something that sticks out, take a picture of it and use it for inspiration for your own headlines.
  • Go to book stores and look at magazines

The book store has a magazine about any niche you can think of.  Whatever your niche is, go see what headlines are in the magazines because they are there for that magazine to get picked up.

You can also use the headlines from another niche but you have to adapt it to be your own. I will show you how.

  • How to swipe headlines to use as your own

One thing I like to do is go to news sites like digg.com, the washington post, or anywhere that has news topics and I will see what headlines I can swipe, and I will switch their topic out for my topic. Here is an example:


The image above is a headline I found on digg.com and if you look at it, it doesn’t look like we can do much with it. We can though because we can take Timit out, whoever that is and use it for something that is completely different.

I’m going to pretend that my niche is the keto diet and come up with a headline based off of this one.

This is just right off the top of my head but I would click if I used to be on the keto diet but I quit for some reason.

  • How to do ______ without ______.

This works for any market. People want to get results without some kind of pain that comes with getting the results. Alot of them have also tried to do whatever it is that you are selling but for some reason they have failed. You need to figure out what that something is an use it. Here are some examples:

-How to lose 15 pounds without sacrificing your diet

-How to raise your credit score 50 points without paying off any credit cards

-How to build a downline without talking to your friends and family

2. Double down with sub headlines

I didn’t know about this one until recently. The point of your main headline is to get the click, and the point of the sub headline is to reaffirm that whoever is reading is in the right place.

landing page best practices

The sub headline says “it all started with one dollar”

This ad above is for website owners that are using pinterest to get traffic to their site.

The headline says “pinterest is a waste of time”

The sub headline says “stop relying on pinterest”

Anyone who uses pinterest and they aren’t getting the results they are looking for has a good chance of clicking on this ad.

The sub headline can get more in depth too. Your headline only has one chance to get people to click, but the sub headline can go more in detail because you can use it on the ad, the landing page itself, sales pages, blog posts, anything.

3. Your prospect needs to know exactly what they are going to get

Your potential customer needs to know exactly what they are going to get when they put their information in.

Remember that they are giving away their personal information in return for what you have to offer and if you leave any questions as to what they are going to get, they are likely to hit the back button and leave,

This is part of our landing page at Digital Upline. It tells them exactly what they are going to get.

It is short and to the point and that is what you want because people have short attention spans.

If you add to much again they are likely to not read it and leave.

If someone puts their info in they know that they are going to learn to recruit 10 to 25 new Distributors a month, then to add an extra layer it says without charity sales from friends.

This is important because network marketers hate to chase friends and family.

We use it because it works.

That reminds me:

How to recruit 15 to 25 happy new reps into your network marketing business each week

4. videos

Some people use videos in their landing pages. You don’t have to and I am going to explain the reasons to add one and the reasons not to add one.

Adding a video in your landing page is going to give you higher quality leads because they had more ways to get to know you before they put their info in.

If the prospect spent enough time to watch your video and still entered their info in, that means they are more likely to follow thru to the rest of the funnel..

The downside of having a video on your landing page is that you aren’t going to get as many leads because they have to take more steps to get to whatever you are offering.

This is not always the case, a lot of times there will be a video on a landing page and I just put my info in without watching it.

Sometimes it also depends on where you are getting your traffic from.

If you are getting traffic from a video ad, it makes sense to add a video to your landing page because your prospects are already used to seeing you in video.

Your video should be short and to the point. Remember that we don’t have much time to get someone to give up their valuable info so make it short and sweet. ( Less than 2 minutes)

The least amount of time that you can spend getting your point across, the better.

5. Bullet points

Bullet points are important because they are going to explain in more detail what your prospect is going to get.

Your headline has d0ne the work of getting the prospect here, the sub headline has pushed them a little further, now it’s time to explain in more detail exactly what is going to happen when the are on the inside.

What makes a good landing pageHere are the bullet points we use in the landing page over at Digital Upline.

They are short but add a lot of value to our readers. There are some extra benefits that the prospect hasn’t seen up until this point.

They know now that when they enter their info what is on the other side is going to be simple, they don’t have to spend time with prospects that aren’t qualified, and it throws in some curiosity because they have no idea what they Upside down enrollment method is right now.

The number of bullet points you want to use is totally up to you. I have seen as little as 3 and as many as 26 in  landing page.

Again just like in the video section, the more work someone has to do to get to the next step, the less likely they are to follow thru to the next step. They will be a better prospect though.

The main thing is that you want to be specific on what you are offering.

A lot of times people will go thru every part of the landing page and not do anything but a bullet point will catch their attention so they will go to the next step.

This is important to remember because that one bullet point could be responsible for a life long customer.

6. About me section

What makes a good lading page

There are so many people selling online that it is easy to get lost and not know who to learn from.

That is where your about me section is going to come in.

The about me section is basically a short piece of content that tells people who you are and why they should listen to you.

For example you can have 2 landing pages about growing tomatoes. Both pages are exactly the same except one of them is from a person who has won awards for growing the biggest tomatoes in their home town.

The one with the awards is going to be the winner because they have more credibility because they created an about me section.

That’s ok because it doesn’t have to be about you, it can be about someone else.

For example we have an interview with one of our students that went from zero to now recruiting 1 to 2 reps per week in her business.

We could easily put a landing page in front of that and the about me section would be about her.

You could do this for anybody no matter how much they have done as long as they have some result that other people want.


7. Testimonials

Testimonials are also going to add to your credibility.

I’m going to give you an example why:

Lets say you own a BBQ food truck and you have the best BBQ in town. Those people might come try it but they also might think that since it is your truck, that’s why you think it is the best.

On the other hand if a different person tells them that you have the best BBQ in town, they are probably going to try it.

Third party reviews are always going to work better than your own reviews of yourself.

That is the same way testimonials work.

You can get testimonials from people that have tried your products, or if you are selling someone else’s products you can get testimonials from a Facebook post or anywhere there is a review of the product. Just copy and paste it into your testimonial section.

Always make sure you are aloud to use this information.

I recommend creating landing pages that you aren’t actually going to use right now.

The reason why is so you will know how to create them fast because you can use them in a lot of different scenarios.

You are going to be able to get leads for any business if you do use them right.

Creative ways to get leads with landing pages

Now that you know how to create landing pages I want to show you a couple of creative ways to get leads with them.

  • If you are selling something create a landing page to get the person’s email before they hit the buy page

This is going to give you a chance to sell to them again and again. Without the landing page they would of been able to leave and you would of missed that chance. Now they might buy from you even if it is a year later.

  • Create a blog post and stick a landing page in front of it

I could put a landing page in front of this blog post. You can do it for any blog post. You want to make sure it has value because if it doesn’t, you will lose that credibility.

If it does have value, your prospect will start to see you as a go to person in your niche.

  • Company presentations

I have generated a lot of leads with this one. All you have to do is pick any presentation or video that your company has and throw a landing page in front of it and BOOM you have an instant lead generation machine.

  • Interviews

I love this one too. If you are a network marketer you can interview people in your upline, downline, sideline, it doesn’t matter where they come from. Put a landing page in front of it and now they are generating leads and selling for you.

The cool part about this one is that you can have a landing page for each person you interview. Think about if you were do interview 10 people. That’s 10 landing pages you have all leading to the same sales page. Super easy.

If you are selling any kind of product you can interview people who have bought it, or the people that make it and add a landing page in front of it. It’s the same as before, now you have other people doing the selling for you.

  • Any kind of content

Similar to what I talked about before, but if you do a video or a podcast that teaches people anything, you can put a landing page in front of it to generate leads.

I’m sure there are plenty more ways to use landing pages in your business. I wanted to give you some creative idea’s to get you started.

I hope you can see the possibilities when it comes to how powerful they are because if you aren’t good at selling you can always make up for it by bringing more people to your offers.

An easy way to build your landing pages

I like to think of everything in blocks, or sections. I do this with landing pages, sales pages, time blocks during my day and a lot more things.

Blocks make them easier to work on instead of trying to tackle the whole project at one time.

The best way I have found is to write my blocks in sticky notes. To do this you are going to have to figure out what parts of a landing page that we have talked about, that you are going to use.

For example just to keep it simple, lets you are going to have an opt in with a

  • Headline
  • Sub headline
  • Bullet points
  • And an about me page

What I will do is write each of those sections on a sticky note and put them on the wall in the order they go in.

Next I start writing each section one at a time. When I am done with the first one I start on the next one.

When you are done you can just put them together and now your project is complete.

Remember this is just one part of a sales funnel. You can think of the entire sales funnel in block too. That’s what I do and it makes the whole process easier to do.

It is also a good idea to look at landing pages that are already working, Don’t copy them but you can look at them and use them as a reference.


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