If you landed on this post chances are that you are a Rep of Total life changes, or a Rep from Total life changes has contacted you and you want an honest review of the company, and if you are looking to make a change in your life this might be the company for you.

While I am not a Rep, I have done my research and I can provide you with a Total Life Changes review based on my research.

What is Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes is a privately held company founded in 1999. Total Life Changes markets nutritional and skin care products.

The vision of the Company is a focus on helping individuals achieve success with easy and affordable products and business building systems.

This is straight from the company website.

I like that they are privately held because in most cases that means they are focused on quality products.


Total Life Changes was founded in 1999. In the network marketing business the first three years are crucial. If the company is going to fail, it will most likely happen within the first 3 years. This is not always the case but most of the time.

Total Life Changes has been around for 21 years so that makes them a company that has stood the test of of time up to this point so that is a good thing.


According to Npros.com Total Life Changes is the top trending company this month with a 44.19% growth just in November of 2020. I would say that is pretty solid.

Also from a search on reddit I can see that there have been other times that the company has had large growth months and at times you will see people sharing the company all over social media.


Weight management

A quick search on the companies website shows these products

Laso tea - An all natural Tea for detox, weight management, appetite control and healthy bathroom trips. basically gut health.

Total life changes review

Delgada - An Arabica instant coffee with mushrooms that promotes a healthy appetite.

Total life changes review

Latin - Its an instant coffee for on the go that promotes the same thing as the last 2 plus a little more.


Resolution drops - Are drops that instead of drinking the coffee you can just take the drops on the go and it promotes weight loss.

Total life changes review

Slimpaste - A toothpaste that says that your mouth will be clean and also promotes a healthy appetite.

Proz - A probiotic and prebiotic that promotes a healthy gut and is also a sleep aid, that comes in a capsule.

Full body nutriton

Nutra Burst - A liquid multivitamin that exceeds the daily vitamin requirements.

Chaga - A 100% pure Siberian Chaga that has Chaga mushrooms and b5 which support adrenal glands and digestive organs.

Stem Sense - An all natural anti inflammatory supplement that supports muscles and joints.

Techui - A natural protein that supports an alkaline body.

Gano - An anit oxidant powder that contains complex carbs.

Energy and Fitness

NRG - A capsule that contains all natural ingredients that help support weight loss.

Slim AM - A morning powder drink mix that contains anti inflammatory and anti oxidant ingredients.

Matrix - An organic plant based shake that is made for meal replacement.

Slim PM - Promotes a healthy body while you sleep and also helps you turn carbs into energy.

Life Drops - Drops that are loaded with vitamins to help with a healthy body on the go.

Relaxation and Relief

A Wide array of essential oils for multiple different uses.

Hair and skin care

HSN - A dietary supplement that promotes healthy hair skin and nails.

Infinity oil - A health skin moisturizer.

Women's Health

BlossoME - A shake that is specifically designed for women that helps with hormones and mood.

Thats alot of stuff. They are big on gut health, weight loss, and energy.

Is a Total Life Changes a scam?

No not at all. Scams don't last very long and this company has been proven to stand the test of time and also has plenty of reps that are excited to be part of the journey.

Total Life Changes Review

The good

From what I can see just from the research I have done and seeing what other reps had to say, this is a pretty good company that focuses on health and wellness. One thing I like is that if you have a busy lifestyle, they still have products for you to use that don't slow you down.

They also have a 5 star rating on Facebook.

The compensation plan is a binary plan. That means that if you sign 2 people up into your business, the 3rd person will go below one of those people. Also if your sponsor signs up alot of people some of those people will also be part of your downline. I like binary comp plans for this reason.

Since the company is a health and wellness company there are alot of different ways to get people to find your business thru online marketing.

The Bad

While you can make a healthy living or side income with Total life changes the truth is that most reps don't make it.

The reason is that in traditional network marketing we are told to talk to as many people as we can and sign them up into our business. While that does work it is not the best approach to building a business.

I talk more in detail about how to succeed in network marketing fast using social media here.

The main thing is that you want a proven way to build a business and not just a hobby and that's what we built this training for.

Why choose Total Life Changes?

Total Life Changes is a company focused on health and energy. While it is not for everyone (which is a good thing) they are a good company that has been around for a while. If I am looking into different companies that is the first thing I look at.

I never want to be in a brand new company. The newness wears off and you don't know if they are going to last. With Total Life Changes you don't have to worry about that.

They also have enthusiastic reps that are happy to promote them and that is what you are looking for.










































































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