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Youtube marketing strategy

Why Youtube?

Youtube is a monster when it comes to social media. Unlike other platforms, Youtube gives you the ability to publish a video and still get views on that video for years to come.

This is different from Facebook videos and Facebook live, where you still have a chance of going viral but the majority of the time your videos will end up losing value after the first week or so.

On Instagram videos are gone after 24 hours.

On Facebook with a little bit of effort you can get more time on the newsfeed with videos but they are still going to disappear at some point.

Content creators are able to build huge businesses in Netw0rk Marketing and Affiliate Marketing businesses with Youtube


Youtube growth statistics

Youtube has 2 billion users worldwide, only Facebook has more

Youtube is the 2nd most popular social media platform again 2nd to Facebook

People buy products that they find on youtube

There are 720,000 hours of video uploaded to Youtube daily

Youtube is the most popular platform to watch videos

73% of all adults in the U.S. are on Youtube

70% of every video watch is based on the Youtube related videos

These are just some of the Statistics from research I found on Oberlo and Hootsuite.

We will cover some of them in this article and why they are important to your Youtube Marketing Strategy.

Going thru the ringer

In the beginning when you are getting started on Youtube it seems like an uphill battle. You put up videos after video but you just can't seem to get any traction.

Nathan Lucas calls this the ringer.

Its basically Youtube testing you to make sure you are there t0 stay instead of just a person that is there today and gone tomorrow.

Every Youtuber has to go thru it and I know, it sounds painful because it is but when you come out of the other side your subscribers and video views will start to snowball, and that's when the magic happens.

Nobody is special, and according to Nathan it took him somewhere between 1 and 2 years before he was on the other side.

We can learn from his story and get it done faster than he did.

The Youtube Algorithm

Nobody knows the algorithm. Youtube won't tell us what it is so all we can do is test a strategy out and if it doesn't work we stop using it but if it does work we keep doing it.

Luckily we have people that have been testing different things so we can be further along than we would be on our own.

What matters most 

The headline and thumbnail are the top two things you want to get right to get people to click on your video over others.

This matters because you can have the best video in the world but if nobody clicks on it, it does you no good.

The best way to make a good looking thumbnail is by going to Canva. You can get the thumbnail that Youtube gives you and add bold letters to it, or you can just create your own thumbnail.

You can be as creative as you want to be.

To get a good headline take note of the headlines that are already at the top.

Always use the Keywords you are going after in your title.

Don't add too many words. You have 70 characters to get it right. Anything more and it will only show part of your title.

Use clickbait but don't go too far. Clickbait titles work for sure, you have to be able to back up anything that you say. Having a title that is too good to be true without the evidence to back it up is a quick way to have your viewers go somewhere else.

Youtube marketing strategy

Here I typed in overlanding. The top video teaches about overlanding,  which is what people want to know when they first learn about overlanding. The thumbnail has a basic setup for overlanding, and anybody that wants to go overlanding will recognize it.

Overlanding is the camping but with a truck or SUV and on the way you are offroad between camping spots. The second video that shows up is for anyone that wants to go overlanding but can't decide weather they want to drive a truck or an SUV, and alot of people debate between the two.

The third video was uploaded today. Alot of times Youtube will put your video near the top of the search results to test it out. If people click on it and like it Youtube will keep it high in the results, but if it doesn't get clicks Youtube will push it down in the search results.


The next thing you want is to get the most watchtime possible. If people click on your video and stick around, Youtube will reward you for it by pushing your video higher in the rankings. On the other hand if people click on your video and then click right back off, Youtube will see it as a video that isn't good and in return will push it down in the rankings.

Longer videos do better but don't make it long just for the sake of making it long.

Here is an example of how it works:

Lets say we have 2 videos about the same thing. Video 1 is 5 minutes long and people watch the entire thing. Thats good and Youtube will push it high in the rankings.

Video 2 is 15 minutes long and people watch 6 minutes of it. Even though people didn't watch even half of it, it still got more watch time than video 1 so it will rank higher than the first video.

Youtube wants people to stay on their platform and they will reward the videos that make that happen but pushing them higher in the search results.


Using the google related tool we used earlier, take those other keywords and use them as tags. Also make sure you are using your main keyword in the tags. This will give you another chance to tell Youtube what your video is about, and it will give you a chance to rank for other keywords.

Related videos

If you are worried that you can't rank videos, don't worry. There is another way to get people to watch them.

70% of all videos that are watched are from the related videos that are on the side of the screen on desktop or under a video on mobile.

Titles. thumbnails, tags, and watch time are all important to getting your videos in the recommended section. There is still a little more you can do to make it happen though.

Encourage engagement. You want people to like your videos, and you want people to comment so tell them to do it, and tell them in the beginning.

Remember that not everybody is going to make to the end so encourage them to like, share and subscribe.

Important to a Youtube Marketing Strategy

Build a Brand

The problem with a lot of marketers and network marketers when they go on video is that they want to talk about products and try to sell them to people. I've seen videos where people just start talking about their lotions and potions, and they just start naming ingredients.

That doesn't work.

Also network marketers can build a business without branding themselves. That's ok but outside of the network marketing company nobody knows who they are. If you do this and quit your company, or your company goes away, you will have to start back over from scratch.

When you build a brand around yourself and generate your own leads, and a relationship with those leads they will follow you and it doesn't matter what happens outside of your own control.

What kind of videos should you create?

You want to create videos that add value such as how to videos, inspirational, and motivational.

You also want to be entertaining, but don't try hard if you aren't normally entertaining. You will still get people that will follow you.

Build an email list

Its always important to be adding your followers to your email list. Your email list is where you are going to be able to sell to people. You don't want to do it from Youtube because you want more that one way to be able to communicate with people. Also evertime you put out a new video you can send it to your email list to get a boost in views.

During your videos tell your followers at least 3 times to go to your email list. You have to have something free to give to them though.

Link your videos together

Alex Catoni does one video a week and on every video she sends people to another video.

This is a way to get more views on other videos, also to keep traffic flowing to older videos so they stay relevant. You can do this with Youtube cards.

Another reason this works so well is because people won't always watch the video all the way thru, so if you find the place in each video that they are dropping off and put a Youtube card linked to another video right before they drop off, it can help to keep them on your channel.

This helps because you would of lost alot of watch time without doing it.

How to come up with content ideas

Find the top channels in your niche.

The easy way to do this is type something in the search bar that has something to do with what you are selling.

Here is an example.

Youtue marketing strategy

In this screenshot I typed in how to care for a horse. You can go as deep as you want to find content, but for this example I'm only going to look at the top 3 videos.

Equine helper has 3,000 views

MTHorses has 142,000 views

FEI has 166,000 views

Next you want to go the one of the videos and click view the channel. The video we just found doesn't matter because we are going to find the most popular videos on the channel.

Youtube marketing

In this screenshot I clicked on Equine helper, then clicked on videos, and sorted by most popular in the dropdown menu.

I did it on my phone, but it's the same process on a computer. Your dropdown box is going to be on the top right though.

You can see that each video has over 10,000 views. This channel is a lot newer than the other channels so they don't have as many views. It's ok though.

Gather 10 or more channels that you can do this for and you will have an endless amount of content you can create and you don't have to guess what is going to be popular because these videos are already popular.

Use google related

Anytime you go to google and type something in, it will give you related terms that people are also looking for.

Again I typed in how to care for a horse and at the bottom of the page I get a lot of related suggestions from google. You can click on any of them and you will get more suggestions based on those searches.

Combine this with the popular video trick we talked about earlier and you get another source of popular content.

Use Reddit

Reddit is a popular site, really a big forum that is question based.

There are categories for anything you can think of. Just type in what you are looking for and you will get thousands of content ideas based on the questions people are asking.

Youtube marketing

For this one I just typed horses into the Reddit search bar and I found this group, with 55,491 members. This is just one group, there are plenty more.

Become part of the community and create videos based on other members quiestions.

Distribute your videos

You can distribute your videos to other social media platforms.

You can add them to relevant Facebook groups, if you are using Instagram you can tell your followers that you posted a new video, same thing with Tik Tok.

How often you should post new videos?

You want to post a video at least once a week. In the beginning it is a good idea to post alot more often. You have to get the momentum going in your favor. The most successful Youtubers that I know posted at least once a day when they started. Some of them twice a week, and when they had alot of momentum they changed it to once or twice a week.

By now you should have plenty of ways to come up with new content, get it seen, and start to build a good following with Youtube. You should have a good overall Youtube marketing Strategy.

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