What type of lead magnet should you use?

Adam - We're moving this weekend you can see like my bookshelf behind me is like completely empty and I'm like, I'm finding all these all these little journals and journals and stuff just from like, filled with like, I mean it's crazy.

Meredith - All the things that you're finding how Yeah, especially if you haven't moved for a while so we'd love to know if you're catching us live and I'm just pulling all the comments up here quickly on my phone.

We've got a couple people catching us live so if you're there and you're watching this live, let us know who you are and where you're from, and we love to take questions on the live broadcasts too so if you have questions specifically about lead generation you have questions you want to get answered around that we will be happy to answer them. But Adam is showing us his hands.

Do you have a journal?

Adam - Okay guys, these, these are, these are all journals that are filled with affirmations and like you know weekly plans and like end of day reviews and just like this is like a physical representation of my life as an entrepreneur, you know, over the last decade or so, and I mean and I just I open this this this stuff up and I just like it, and it just kind of really presents me to you know to to just, you know, to my level of commitment and dedication to my own mindset to developing my own mindset to developing myself as a, as somebody who wins in business and life.

And just as you know as an entrepreneur in general it's like, it's like, it doesn't, it doesn't happen overnight, but it does require just like an absolute commitment to a consistent and never ending improvement.

Meredith - Just so you don't feel alone, mine is prettier than yours.

Adam - Probably much better hand writing too.

Meredith - Yeah well you know, my degree is actually in art. And so, I have lots of colorful notebooks and doodles and pens and very, very hard to reading and writing actually it's not, I can make it neat if I have to, but sometimes I can't even read what I wrote, which is really good that I use the computer so much because trying to decipher that can kind of be a pain.

So tonight we wanted to talk a little bit about lead magnets, and you know this is a big topic I'm sure we will just kind of touch on the surface of it tonight and again if you're joining us live we'd love for you to comment and just let us know where you're joining us from, and how long have you been in your network marketing business, we would really like to know that as well. So just give us a shout there in the comments, so that we can say hello.

So lead magnets right uh gosh you see so many different variety of lead magnets out there. And I'm even hearing people say that you know that you don't even need them anymore, that you don't need a lead magnet that you don't need a tiny offer that you don't need a free PDF that you don't need this that you don't need that. And I'll tell you, um, I used to work in direct response marketing, which means that we sent out a lot of mail, and there was a time when I would have people in my own company, and in the marketing world in general from other agencies and things like that say mail is dead within the post office is going to close, you know, we're never as marketers, we're never going to use Mail again we'll never use Mail again.

And I kept saying, No, we will always use Mail, we will just use Mail differently, we will just use it differently. And if you look here, we still have mail, as individuals, we're not really using it but we, as much as we used to sending cards and things like that, but we still get mail from marketers and the same can be said with with your lead magnets, you're still going to need to have some kind of attract attraction component that's what a lead magnet is it's this thing that you're going to offer to people to say hey I've got some value I've got some information about some content I want to share with you.

Can the way you deliver the lead magnet change over time. Yes, but the concept of a lead magnet, it's probably always going to be with us, don't you think Adam?

Adam - Yeah, exactly. I mean it's, it's, you know, it's designed to be educational, right so it's like, it's just a real it's a great way to pull somebody into your world because it's like, it's like, you know hey I've got this thing for for home, business owners, who wants it, So you get all the home business owners raising their hand and say, Yeah, I've met like self identifying as a good prospect for you, or like, you know or like I've, you know, I create I created the you know the 10 things that you need to know about real estate investing. It's like anybody who's interested in investing in real estate, virtually raises their hand and says, Yes, I am your prospect.

Meredith - Here's the thing. People are always hoping that there's going to be that one more piece of information that's going to make all the difference from them right for them. They're always hoping that there's going to be this one more like golden egg you know this one more thing that's going to make a difference for them. And so, they will continue to search and look and search and look until they find the right valuable piece of content. So if they're raising their hand yeah they may have gotten somebody else's lead magnet before, but they've never gotten yours.

So how are you going to make yours different How are you going to make it unique, how are you going to make it really represent who you are and how you want to engage with this prospect, whether that's for your product or your service or your business. That's really the magic of the lead magnet. So, you know, we teach in our, in our course you can deliver a PDF right you can deliver that very, very easily.

You don't even have to have a funnel to do it, you can literally just have a PDF, ask somebody for their email, grab it, and then shoot them right over the PDF if you want to or you can just drop it into messenger. But remember, wherever you are, messaging with them, but you got to remember your goal is also when you're putting the lead magnet out there is to actually capture a lead, and somebody commenting with you on, on Facebook or LinkedIn is not necessarily a lead that you can own later.

So you want to make sure that you're eventually capturing their personal info so that they become part of your infrastructure, part of your environment. So what other lead magnets are you seeing out there, Adam, what are some of the best ones that have worked for you?

Adam - Well we, I mean we love using of VSL as a lead magnet because it's a kind of, you know kills two birds in one stone, it's like, and when I say VSL for those of you that don't know, it's a video sales letter, and we, you know, it's one of the things that we do with our clients, we help them to develop a video sales letter that they can use, not only as a lead magnet, and as a way, you know, it's got to have some value in it right it's not, it's not just the big pitch fest for free your opportunity you've got it, you've got to teach something, and you know, in the video right there has to be value, and one of your goals in creating just any lead magnet.

Whether it's a VSL or a PDF or you know any other number of things, it's like, you do want you want to, you want them to leave with something of value, regardless if they take the next step with you or not, right, because that's how you, you know you just you.

It's like you're putting goodwill there they're like Goodwill assets you're creating goodwill with your prospects, and those that do want to take the next step with you will, and those that don't want but you know it's like and we actually follow a very, you know, very specific formula for the VSL of like, you know, it's like you've got a hook you know you you got to hook them in the beginning has to be powerful, otherwise you're going to lose them in the first two minutes, right, you've got to educate them, you've got to provide value to them, and then you have to have a strong call to action within each of those sections.

There's also, you know other little formulas and things that we that we that we put in there but it's like the that video is going to not only be the lead magnet but it's also going to do the job of warming them up to you, building that know like and trust factor, exposing them to your offer or your opportunity. And then, and then, you know, having them take the next step with you which in our case the funnels that we help our clients create that next step is booking a call for a consultation.

Meredith - Absolutely, absolutely. So for those of you that are here with us live by the way, Adam Tom says Hi Tom speed. We've got Stephen here we've got David got a couple other people joining us live, comment, what is the lead man alright number one if you're using a lead magnet right now. If you're not, that's okay.

You can always get going with that at any time they're actually relatively simple to come up with. You don't have to make it complicated. I'll tell you some of the places where I build lead magnets that are easy and free here in just a second but tell us if you have a lead magnet and what it is, you know, Are you given a PDF and like what's the title of it you know you're given five tips, what's the, what's the title of that are you using a VSL we just love to know what it is you're using. So, I'm a huge Canva fan.

I absolutely love Canva I actually pay for the pro subscription or what membership or whatever it's not really very expensive I think it's like 15 or $20 a month, and I can make everything in there from a kid's birthday card all the way through to just an absolutely kick ass presentation for you know a mastermind or something like that, you can develop lead magnets in there so so quickly by, you know, just using they're really great photography you can upload your own photos.

So whether you're going to be doing a VSL whether you're going to be creating some kind of an ebook. I mean there's even templates out there for that so it's so, so simple and so, so worth it if you've ever made a photo book in like, you know Shutterfly or Costco is like photo editing program that they have at their website, then you can use Canva, it's not hard. What you want to figure out with your lead magnet is, you know, how do you put a different spin on the valuable piece of content that you have to share.

And what are the pain points is the same thing that you would go through when developing your offer, but just add a little bit more of a simple level, because you don't want to give away the whole entire product or service in your lead magnet. So I see a lot of examples where people will have a course and maybe the course has like nine parts to it, well they'll give you one part for free.

So I think about that as like when you go to Amazon and you buy a book and they ask if you want to preview the book and you can read the first chapter to see if you like it or not, that's kind of how it you should think of your lead magnet, give them the first chapter of your book, let them see if they like you, you can figure out if you like them and then if they want to buy from you or get ahold of you give them a way to do that.

That's, that's as basic as you can possibly make it. You're completely not limited to what your lead magnet can be not limited at all. And in fact, one of the things I've learned from Adam, is that your lead magnet is another filtering mechanism, it should actually repel certain people. You don't want everybody. Right, you don't.

So it's okay if your lead magnet serves for somebody to say, Oh yeah, I'm not, I don't like the way she positioned to that information or that's not actually what I was looking for. That's okay. That's okay. You want to make sure though that for the people that you do want to find that they're feeling that value and that you deliver on your promise. So that's where we get into systems, and Adam I know you love to talk about that but when it comes to systems for delivering lead magnets, any guidance there or advice there that you'd want to share.

Adam - Well, I mean, I mean you could, you could just put the lead magnet in in a Google Doc, I mean that is like, you could put it in a little Google Doc, and then you could put. And then, in the very first email that you send them it's like, that's actually, you know, the lead magnet delivery, email, because you want to, you know that email you should be delivering on the promise that you made on the previous page, but it could just be a link to a Google Doc, and then that's the lead magnet.

I feel like a lot of people overcomplicate it and I've certainly overcomplicated it over the years like I mean I've made five part video series lead magnets and like, you know, like 48 page, ebooks, as a lead magnet and one thing that I found was that people want easy to consume information you know so it's like, we've actually had better success, you know, giving away like a one page report, you know about the five ways to do this, we've actually had better success, giving away something really you know, short and sweet and easy to consume than we have with some of our long, you know, bigger lead magnets that took way longer for us to create right because, you know, because people want easy to consume content but like, I mean, you know, delivering delivering it in just that first email, you know, having it be a link and a lot of email service providers, you know these days, allow you to attach a PDF right or you could link it to, you know, to the, to the video is probably just the easiest way of doing it.

Meredith - Yeah, super, super simple ways to deliver that you know we've got a system that we use this called the Digital Copilot that actually comes with templates for that communication stream and even the landing pages and all sorts of amazing stuff that's out there for that, but we do have a question from Tom and I love this question Tom because it's not a one size fits all answer there this is, this is a question that has a variety of different answers and it's going to be one of those where you're going to need to either test it, or you're going to need to just go with your gut.

Initially, so his question is I want to make a video on the capture page, how long is it good link for that video on your capture page. So, I don't know what your thoughts are on, you go first, tell what you think.

Adam - I mean, I mean I would. I mean, you know, we used to see a lot more videos on capture pages but now, you know, we don't really you don't really see that anymore and I don't think it's really necessary because it's like the, You know us. We're all about using video with you know you absolutely should be using video in your marketing in your funnels, but I would, I would much rather see the video on the thank you page, and just have like a big compelling headline and promise on the lead capture page, because that's all you need and a lot of times a video, it's not going to, it's not going to really improve the conversions all that much.

And in a lot of cases it can actually hurt the conversions because the goal of the lead capture page is to capture their attention and capture their, you know their information, you know and like get a split second, you know, most people are not going to stick around long enough to watch, even a two minute video on a lead capture page.

Meredith - I totally agree, you know, what Tom whether they're coming from an ad or an organic post or whatever it is that's where you've intrigued them enough. You want them to get through the capture page as fast as they possibly can. You want them to give you the info and get to the next step.

So I also agree I would not put a video there. I would though use video obviously if you're doing a VSL and that's where there's also a variety of opinions out there that you might hear some people will tell you that you don't really need that video sales letter to be more than you know five eight minutes, other people will say, you know why I'm gonna make mine 55 minutes long, and the thinking behind that is, the longer you can get someone to stay in it with you in that video, the more highly qualified that prospect is so they actually get to the end and they get to the offer, then they are going to be a very highly qualified prospect.

You know, you can certainly test is what I would do if you're going to have versions of it start with what naturally comes to you like what valuable piece of content do you want to deliver. Are you delivering it successfully succinctly, you know, in a way that's going to impress your audience, and let's say it turns out to be 17 minutes long, great, go with the 17 minute version don't overthink like Oh should I add something else or should I take something out, start with the 17 minute version, your whole entire pipeline and all of all of the pieces that come to you know, generate leads online and then eventually to conversions.

These are all like switches. My brother's a firefighter he's an engineering so the thing that I always think about like he's the guy that stands at the side of the fire truck and turns all those crazy dials about the water pressure and all of that for all the firemen that are in the house, you know, because he's, I'm going to make fun of them here because he's really old, so they just let him stand next to the truck now.

Well, that's kind of what you've got, you've got those controls you know there's all these things that you can dial in that you can tweak that you can tweak this, but first you have to have the levers to even begin with, so make sure that you have a good you know way of attracting traffic, we've talked about that, make sure you've got a quick fast efficient capture page and make sure you're delivering on the promise with the lead magnet, and then make sure you're using video on a thank you page or a VSL page.

Once you get that up and going, then you can start to tweak and dial in and see, well maybe I should try a new version of my video and I should make it 30 minutes long and then I'm going to test another version that's only eight minutes long and then I'm going to email them the rest. The next day, right, that's, that's the magic of marketing, that's the part that you have to fall in love with.

Because you're not going to know the right answer straight out the gate, you just have to keep trying until you find your version of the magic, and then just pour gas on it. Yeah. So, let's see what this Tom have to say to that he says oh that's a great idea, Meredith.

Let's see, he said, you just make sure that it's congruent Yeah, so important. So I will tell you that one of the first campaigns that I ran with Adam like I couldn't figure out what was going on with it. And then I took another look at it and I was like okay, wait a minute. What I'm promising in the ad is actually not really what I'm delivering, by the time they get all the way through the VSL.

There was some, there was some disconnect between what I had created and the ad that I wrote. So the methodology I've adopted is to start with the end in mind. Like if I know that I am going to do this VSL and the point of the VSL is to get somebody to actually complete an application to join my team, then I need to make sure that my ad isn't, you know, talking to them about something else, you know, it needs to be related to the content I'm going to deliver at the end so make sure you do look at that process all the way through, walk through it as if you're the person seeing it for the first time.

So then you have a way of making sure that you have sorted and had clarity with the ideas that you're putting out there. So, yeah, testing and then tweaking. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you just have to test and tweak and back in those direct marketing days of mine I can't I can't even tell you, we would test, and we would do multivariant tests and we would test things like the font of the address on the outside of the envelope. Should we have a live stamp, should we have an addition. Should we have a postmark?

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Should we have a certain weight of paper should we have a certain color of paper, should we have like little messages in red ink like alert you know open now or free gift inside or whatever? All of those pieces that you've been getting marketing for years and years and years are being tested. And the same thing applies to your digital marketing, you've got to test it and tweak as soon as you get one thing that's going well for you.

Duplicate it change one thing and launch it again right change a picture in your ad change a few words in the ad change a call to action change only one thing at a time and then test them against each other. So, yeah, so anything else to share tonight Adam on on lead magnets are any other questions for those of you that are that are here with us live?

Adam - Well you know I will say like, and we and we you know we take it back to this a lot because it's, it's, you know, it's just fundamental and it's so vital. Like you really want to ask yourself first. Who is my target audience like who am I speaking to, like anytime you're going to design like an ad or funnel or like, you know you, that's going to be like question number one.

Who is this designed to attract, and then once you've got a clear answer to that question. The next question is like, Okay, where is this mark where is this person being underserved like where what is it, where's the gap for them, right, like we've all got like, you know, if we're building a business or if we're, like, you know, doing you know any, it could be you know, A lot of different things you know real estate investing or trying to lose weight, or, or, you know, we want to invest in crypto or like whatever, right, it's like, there's, there's, you know, there we have this like path, but there's big gaps in the path, there's big gaps that we're like that aren't you know that we should just replace with like a big question mark.

It's like you need to fill in those question marks for them. Right, and that's what's going to lead to you, creating a lead magnet, that's really going to speak to your audience that's really going to stand out in their mind is like something that they've never seen before, because you're because you're, you're, you're thinking about it here, you know, like you mentioned a minute ago, you're beginning with the end in mind, you know it's not, it's not something that you're just haphazardly throwing together, because some guru marketer told you that you needed a lead magnet, it's like, no I'm you want you want to put as much time into like thinking and mapping out what is it that that that that is really going to serve my audience is really going to attract them as much as you put into like the actual mechanics of putting it together.

And I think that's one of the big secrets that's you know, it's not very sexy, but it's like it's one of the things that like that separates, like the real, the people that really know what they're doing that are really doing it well and you know the amateurs, for sure.

Meredith - For sure. And that's a really, really creative thinking. So, David is asking, can your profile be considered a lead magnet. I would say, not really. I mean your your profile is your profile like a lead magnet is going to be some piece of content or information that you are going to give to somebody in exchange for their contact information so your profiles public, anybody can hopefully your profiles public. Anybody can come there and look at it.

So you're not really getting their information they might friend you or they might join a group. And if you had somebody join a group, you could consider your group as a lead magnet. If you were collecting their email address and then maybe sending them a free gift, which is what we do with the digital upline group, but generally a lead magnet is more a, a standalone piece of content that you're going to deliver to someone in cased in a follow up campaign to continue to provide value to them over, you know succession of time in order to allow them to see why they should be doing business with you.

So, hopefully that answers your question David on whether or not a lead magnet.

Adam - Just to give you a visual they like here's the main lead magnet we're running right now we've ran 1000s of leads through this page that you know the playbook is the lead magnet, right, this is the lead capture page, but the playbook is what they're getting. It's like the promise that we're making to them. Right, it's like, Meredith mentioned like, it's like a piece of content, you know, for us as this little playbook and we've traded this for, You know, 1000s and 1000s of leads. You know, just in the last, you know, year alone.

Meredith - Yeah, so it really is more of a standalone piece of content and if you're struggling to think of what that can can be it can be an eBook, a short workbook, it can be a worksheet of some sort, like you know a tool for someone to use I see a lot of people that do social media management, giving away like a free content calendar or organizational tool or tips around something that your audience is struggling with.

So pick one of their pain points, you know, let's say that it's, you know their pain point is that they want to increase muscle mass, let's talk about you know maybe that's something that they want to do, they don't want to just lose weight they want to increase muscle mass, well, then you could have a lead magnet.

That is a suggested you know top 10 ways to increase your muscle mass and a little tracking sheet that they get to use to maybe track their workout or track their weight or track their BMI or whatever it might be, that would be a great lead magnet, and the more creative you can be around how you put that together in a format that your ideal customer is going to use, the better.

So you should be a standalone piece of content for sure?

Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. So, any more questions from those of you that are catching us here live or Adam anything else that you wanted to add around the concept of a lead magnet?

Well, I would just say David, David's one of our clients who recently upgraded to the full, full expert accelerator coaching program he was just on our last call with it around the Digital Copilot so So David for you specifically just go through the, you know, go into it, we've got two modules in EA all about lead magnets.

One is the digital enrollment machine. The other is the VSL. Those are the two lead magnet like sections I would if you haven't gone through that yet, I would just recommend that you go, Go through that material.

Meredith - Yeah absolutely, absolutely. So, you know, I love to the point that you made out of that you've been using this one lead magnet for over a year. So, once you find something that works, it can last for a long time so it is worth putting in place a lead magnet that you've had to put some time and consideration into building, because once it starts to produce leads for you, then it just becomes a question of how much traffic, do you want to run to it. Do you want to pay for that traffic or do you want to get that traffic organically.

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