What to do when you lack motivation and consistency

Someone asked me to do mindset about motivation and about what to do if you lack motivation. And I also, I think it was recently in the Facebook group. You know I was watching one of our digital rainmakers live or something. You know, we asked people what you struggle with. And a lot of people said consistency. And I feel like they're very, they're intertwined right if you if you lack consistency. It's probably, you know, it's probably an issue of motivation and vice versa. Right, so, so this this episode of the Monday mindset or you know this this broadcast is really going to be all about you know what to do if you if you lack motivation and if you lack consistency. And it's really, it's actually pretty simple, it really comes down to one of two things there's two ways that I know, to really motivate yourself.

And, you know, correct the situation. If you lack motivation if you lack consistency. And it's related to either. You've got to get clarity on either the pleasure that you're going to get from from taking the action from the outcome, right, or the pain that you will get to avoid we human beings. Everything that we do every decision that we make is based on, and I'm talking about outside of like the necessities outside of like survival, right, like food, shelter, water right outside of that every single decision that we make is about either moving towards pleasure or moving away from pain. So, if you want to be more if you want to be motivated right if you want to be more consistent.

You've got to tap into either one or both of those of those things, right, you need to get really clear on what it is that you're moving towards, like if you lack consistency that is an issue of vision, your vision is not strong enough your vision is not clear enough. That's why I mean building a business learning new skills, you know, especially skills like skills like internet marketing skills that like, are some of the most profitable skills the human being can possess in the 21st century. Right. Anytime you're doing something that you've never done before where there's going to be challenges, there's going to be setbacks, you're going to be tested. Right. Anytime where you're in a situation like that, you've got to tap into what does the future if I if I continue on this road right what are the potential future outcomes, and I'm going to use that to motivate me.

Either that, or I'm going to tap into what is what is my life going to look like a year from now, if I don't start making some changes now, right and get really clear as to what your life is going to look like and if you know what are the what are the, I mean I had a. I had a conversation with it with a friend of mine who's building a coaching business and he said. He said that he wrote a letter to his future self, or no, he wrote a letter to his son, like I think his son was like three years old or something. And he wrote a letter to his son when he when his son was older apologizing for not taking his business more seriously. Back in, 2020, right, is like any written he wrote an apology letter to his son about about you know why he you know he failed as you know in this business when if he if he would have just done this, it would have you know things would have been different.

He said he couldn't even make it through the second sentence without breaking down before he like completely broke down in tears. See, that's the emotional connection that you need to the pleasure or the pain. Right. This is this making sense like, you've got to be able to tap into those things that's why it's so it's so funny to me when people are like oh I don't need him, I don't need a morning formula. I don't care about the, you know, I don't care, don't, don't, I don't I'm not interested in doing all the you know the belief stuff and the vision stuff and and all that, like, I want to skip that just Just tell me how to get the results. And it's like okay but you know that that part the results part is going to require you getting out of your comfort zone.

It's going to require you to, you know, to try things there's going to you're going to come up against failure, you're going to come up against all these things. And if you don't have some, some kind of carrot, that's in front of you that's that's motivating you to move forward some kind of like grand vision of what your life is going to look like. By taking these actions, you're going to self sabotage. It's like you're it's just gonna happen right because you're doing things that are that are very out of the ordinary. They're very, they're very non, you know, non conventional, they're they're things that you've most likely never done before. I mean not even most likely they're things that you 100% haven't done before.

Because if you've done those things before you'd have the results. Awesome Kody says this is good stuff. Appreciate the comment Kody.

You guys let me know let me know if you're if you're tracking with me if you're if you're getting something, something of value here, absolutely true. Okay cool so it's like you've got to either have like a crystal clear vision it, a lot of it comes down to clarity over anything else, like, Are you clear as to what your future life could look like. If you take on these new skills, if you like really went big with it. Right, what could your life look like and we totally talked about this like specificity like get really specific about listing the ways that not only could your life get better, right and you got to go beyond like well my lead could improve right it's got to be, it's got to be way more specific than that. And even in we even do when we do goal setting trainings and things like that, not only not only the specific ways that your life can improve.

But what are the specific ways that other people's lives could improve the people around you, future customers that you don't even that, that don't even exist in your world yet, right get get clear on that get crystal clear on how your life could improve by, by doing these new things by taking on this, you know this new this new endeavor, like by getting, you know the results that you that you most likely came here for. Right. Get clear as to what that is and then get clear on specifically how you can how your life can improve and how other people's lives can improve. Sometimes you need that because sometimes it's hard to get clear on the ways that that it's going to benefit me or it almost seems like it seems selfish so there's good there may be some internal struggle there, but but you want to create that emotional connection to that result.

I'm telling you get clear on ways that you're that you're doing this you're getting these results is going to impact the lives of other people, not just yourself. Okay. The flip side of that get clear on the pain, like I said, the guy, the guy wrote a letter to his son like you know that you know to to his to his son that was then three years old. You know I'm not sure when you know when the son was supposed to like read this letter or whatever, maybe maybe he never even delivered the letter to the sun. It's like, just the act of writing the letter to my son, about how I failed you. Right. But, like that is how you get that kind of an emotional connection, what is it that you don't want in your life, what are the things in your life right now that you're dealing with that you freakin hate, maybe it's having to sit in rush hour traffic every single day. I know that, like that's a big motivator for me or it was a big motivator for me like I didn't want to sit in it you know in traffic, two times a day, to, to, to, like sit in a mind numbing cubicle for the in between eight hours.

Right. I didn't want to have those water cooler conversations, the word, where there's no substance in the conversation, it's all just like complaining and like shit talking about like the other person about your coworkers and stuff like I got so clear that that is a life that I didn't want for myself, and I associated so much pain. With that life, that I was willing to do whatever it was going to take to, to avoid that life you know another thing that I did I was telling somebody this this just the other day, is you know those people that that stand on the side of the road and they hold signs, I didn't see this until I moved to Colorado, but when I once I moved to Colorado in 2008, I started seeing people holding signs standing on the side of the road to like promote businesses. Right. And I, and I actually got, I got a picture of one of these people, and I put it next to my desk, because I'm like, because I wanted a reminder I wanted I wanted to be able to like when the when things became difficult right when I got tested when when challenges came up.

I wanted to rather than you know where it's like, Okay, this really sucks I want to quit I want to. This is just I hate this like, I would look at that that picture of the guy holding the sign standing by the side of the road, because I'm like, that's your future buddy. Like, if you don't make this business work. That's what your life is going to be like see right now, a lot of, a lot of you your light your life is like it's pretty okay right now. Right, so it's like you know if you don't take the business seriously if you don't, you know, do what you need to do, your life is still probably going to be okay that's why you need to create a future like almost like a future pain vision of like this is what my life might look like. If I don't get my shit together now. Right. If you do that, right, that is going to be extremely motivated.

That's what's going to motivate you and you're going to get more consistency, out of that, because you know that those consistent actions as uncomfortable as they might be is going to allow you to avoid that future that you're desperately trying to move away from, that's what I did. Right, with that picture of the the the the sign dancer on the side of the road.

That was like such like that was so uncomfortable for me I was willing to do whatever it was gonna take to not have that be my future reality, maybe three was good if it's something to do with your family or your kids right maybe you might want to write one of those one of those letters like like like my friend did, but I'm telling you it's, it's not any more complicated than that. It's getting clear on either what you want, or get clear on what you don't want.

But you've got to get really clear on those things like write it down like just thinking in your head is not good enough, you've got to actually write it down. And like, the more emotional you can get the more emotional attachment, you can get to either the pain or the pleasure. The more, the more likely it will be followed up with the right actions the consistent actions that will bring those consistent results.

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