What our top students had in common (when they were just starting out

what our top students had in common

Question for you … from one freedom warrior to another

Are you feeling behind when it comes to using social media, online lead generation and modern systems to grow your network marketing business?
Well- let me enlighten you with some truths on this fine Saturday…
…First you are NOT alone!
Most network marketers feel this way.
Afterall, you are smart, you see other people having success online, and you want a piece of it for yourself- you just aren’t sure where to go or how to get started.
Just this week two of our Expert Accelerator clients graduated from our 90 day course
…Here’s what they had in common with you with they started:
1. They knew they needed to grow their business differently
2. They knew there was success to be found online (when you find the right mentors)
3. No one on their team or in their company was willing or able to show them how (because they don’t know the first thing about online marketing)
4. They felt behind, frustrated and at times ready to give up
Now, they are ahead of you… they have learned how to
1. Create organic posts that generate free leads (practically unlimited free leads when you know how to do it the right way)
2. Write and launch ad campaigns that generate even more leads (like pouring gasoline on a fire)
3. Implement systems to track and manage their business
4. Build authority for themselves online (a key ingredient for getting complete strangers to trust you)
The good news is the majority of network marketers are still behind in these areas… but they won’t be for long…
Here’s why..
The current economic environment is pushing marketers online faster than ever.
The real question remains…
Will you use this opportunity to leap frog the competition and join the minority of network marketers who have taken the time to learn and figure the online game out, or will you watch as others leave you in the dust?
If you’ve been afraid to get started because what you’ve found seems too complicated and hard to implement, then let me introduce you to a new way to grow your business.
It consists of my new book and workbook, plus a 5 part video training series designed for network marketers who are in the EXACT place you are.
And at only $29 is the tiniest investment you can make and still have a chance of real results.
In the training, you’ll learn exactly how to recruit online using the exact system i used to build multiple network marketing businesses and enroll over 900 people personally.
You know you’ve got to do something different…
Take this first step and let it open your eyes to whats possible.
See you on the inside!


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