Adam - You know how to guarantee results in this program like actions that you should be taking on a regular basis and just kind of, you know, this would definitely be a good time to like take some notes on this stuff, I mean I'm happy to share this with you but the more I mean, the more you like just take notes on this stuff and capture some of these things I'm going to be sharing with you here, you know, the more you're going to learn it and internalize it yourself, okay. So, number one, add 10 new social media contacts per day, six days a week.

10 new contacts a day, six days a week now, you know, now, now it brings up a bunch of questions right it's like, well, where should I be doing that on, on Facebook on LinkedIn, on MLM gateway, right, like, oh you know should I be doing it on Instagram or something or something else right, it really does not matter you guys 10 a day.

And what, like what the actual network is is for is pretty much irrelevant, like that is up to you It's whatever you resonate with, like, I I resonate more with LinkedIn, I just like the idea of with LinkedIn I like the idea of, you know, everybody is on LinkedIn to do business, Everyone is on LinkedIn to, to grow themselves professionally. Right, I like that it's a professional network.

So I like LinkedIn for you know for doing this but I also like diversity, right, so I would do. You know for me I would do five a day on LinkedIn, and then another five a day on MLM gateway. Okay. And that's, but like you I really want you guys to like leave this call with a real action plan. Okay, of like, of where am I actually going to be doing this right. So like, if you don't know yet, like if you know if you, if you don't know where to add these contents make that decision by the end of this call, and if you and if you like it, like like, I will. And if you don't know and if you're, if you're not entirely sure, then just do, just do what I just said, Five a Day on MLM gateway. Five a Day on LinkedIn. Okay.

And I'm going to be going to the expert accelerator members area in just a minute. All right, just let somebody back in. I'm going to be going into the expert accelerator in just a minute cuz I'm going to show you some of the trainings that we have, you know, related to some of this stuff, right, because that's another question that I'm sure some of you probably have is like, Okay, that's great, but how do we do that, I'm going to show you that as well. Okay. Number two, add five new email contacts per day, six days a week now let me, let me actually go into the Digital Copilot okay I'm going to go, go into one of our sub accounts.

Okay, this is something you should be doing on a regular basis is adding new contacts to this to your Digital Copilot account, so you guys, you guys know that inside the Digital Copilot right you're on contacts, and you could just add a contact like add a one off contact right. I mean, in the copilot we can import contacts, you know we can, There's lots of different ways that we can capture email addresses in the Digital Copilot I mean, your your funnel is one way that you can capture email addresses and contact information through the Digital Copilot. But, but until you start generating regular consistent opt in leads right well you know then, then you, we want you to be doing it organically manually. Okay, and you do that by coming over here and getting bad contact.

You probably heard me say this, but like I'm gonna say it again, like this is a contact management system which means this should store all of your contacts in your business, meaning your team members right any team member that you, that anybody that's connected to you in your business should have a contact record, as we call it a contact record inside the Digital Copilot anyone who is who you have exposed who you've shared the opportunity with should have a contact record here in the Digital Copilot anybody that you like, if you ever if you've gone to like networking events and you've collected business cards.

They should have a contact record here in the Digital Copilot contacts that are in your phone. Those people should be, you know, in you know in here. As long as there are people that I mean I don't think that you necessarily have to have like your you know your friends and your family members in here, however, I'll say that with a caveat, however, you know this system does do things like remind you of like birthdays and things like that so you can use this system to, you know, to remind you of, you know friends birthdays and family members, you know, you know, things like that if you choose to use it that way you don't, you absolutely don't have to, but what you do need to be doing is need to be adding five new email contacts per day, six days a week.

Okay. And that is, until you start generating five leads a day from your VSL form. Okay so, so, you know when you, like like, here let me just go I'm going to show go into the expert accelerator here. Okay, so once your funnel is live, okay once your funnel is live. You've got there's four lessons that are going to be the most relevant to you, and that's the MLM gateway traffic, LinkedIn traffic content marketing, and email traffic. Those are the four lessons that once your funnel is live.

These are the four things that you need to be like, I like you, like don't just watch it once like watch it multiple times until you understand it and watch it until you actually have like a game plan, I mean it's not, it's not enough just to watch it, you want to watch the training, so you understand it but you also want to take action on the strategies laid out in this training. Okay so, so this is how you develop skills related to traffic generation, okay when, like, you can use these trainings right here to get to five contacts a day.

Right, but, but until you get there until you develop the traffic skills, relay you know necessary to get those five, five new sorry somebody else just joined I did let him tell you get those like five contacts a day, joining through your VSL funnel. Do you want to be adding the manual. Okay. Number three, expose at least two people per day to your VSL expose at least two people per day to your VSL now if you're brand new to this program, and you don't have your VSL yet if you don't have a video yet, then use whatever your company has provided you up to this point.

Right, but, but, expose at least two people to your to your, to two people per day to some kind of video overview about your program. Okay, two people per day and all that is is inviting people, it's, it's, it's basically saying, Hey, I've got this, I've got this program I'm really excited about.

I've got a 10 minute video that explains how it all works. Is that something that you're open to investigating. Okay, that's just, I mean was one way that you could say it just off the top of my head right there's several different ways that you could say that, right, like hey I just launched a new, a new video training about the four, you know, elements to blah blah blah right if you, if you have your VSL, and you've got your headline of your VSL you can use that Ray I want to expose you to the four, you know, the four building blocks of blah blah blah, right, whatever your, the headline of your funnel says, right, is that something that you'd be open to investigating. I like using that language, is it something you would be open to investigating.

And then they say yes, you send them the link to the video, that counts as one exposure. This needs to be happening like if you're not getting the results that you want, you need to be exposing people on an on a regular, it's, it's probably because you're not exposing enough people, This is one thing that I have, like we have fixed in the businesses of several home based business owners, and just fixing this one thing, getting them to start to ask the question, start to invite people to review the information, like we fix this and everything changes about their business.

Okay, so like that you can be doing, and don't think that like, Okay, well there's you know I'm going to take this activity and take this activity and take this, it's like, if you're doing this, then this part should actually happen pretty naturally. Right, it's like if you're, if you're adding 10 new contacts a day, then you should be reaching out to those to, to, you know, at least half of those people, and inviting them to take a look at your opportunity presentation and you will get those two a day.

Right, so you see the two people that you expose a day is going to come from these 10 contacts today. Okay. And then, even these five new, I'll show you something. At the end of this I'll show you. I'll show you kind of an email trigger that you can set up where all you have to do is add a tag to them, and it will automatically send the follow up campaign. If we have enough time.

If not, I'll, I'll do it another time, but I'm just I just want to make sure that you, that you're that you are, they are aware that like, it's not like you got to add 10 And then, you know, somewhere else, you find that to people to, to expose, it's like, you want to be like this, it will, once you develop the skills and once you develop kind of a rhythm with this stuff. It's like, it will actually happen very naturally to where two of these 10 people are going to be these are going to be the people that you expose.

Okay. Number four, follow up with everyone that you expose. Okay, that's that's a real, That's a real simple one, because if you're exposing two people a day, you got to you got to follow up with those people. Right, so if you're having a messenger conversation with them to invite them to review the information to invite them to watch your video. Right then, then, and you have a record of those contacts inside the Digital Copilot because you're adding them into the Digital Copilot. Right, I mean, these, these people are going to be in an opportunity pipeline right I'm just gonna come over here to opportunity.

You know, these people are going to be in, we'll just use this one because it has contacts in it, right, these people are going to be in an opportunity pipeline, just like this, right, and you and you know as you expose them, they're gonna, you know you're going to add them to the, you know to to the, to the opportunity pipeline here, so you'll be able to see like, you know anybody that you exposed, you know, shouldn't be in their own category as an exposed prospect, you're going to have a list of those people that you need to follow up with.

Right, that's, that's a big part of like the whole point of a system like this is to help you to prioritize your follow up. Okay, and most people they either don't follow up, or they don't follow up enough, they don't follow up quickly enough, are they not not quickly enough, they don't. they either they either they don't follow up at all, or, or they give up after like the first attempt at follow up.

It's like, you know, most people you're gonna have to, you're gonna have to ping them a couple different times, you know, to, you know, after you expose them, you know, even, even just to remind them, you know that they need to, that they agreed to take a look at your presentation. Right, I mean not even if they say that they're going to do it, not everybody is going to, it doesn't matter, you follow up with them, anyway. And then you see how I just put until here, you follow up until, right, until I tell ya, until they tell you to stop following up until they either buy or they tell you, Hey, I'm not interested, please don't send me any more messages like you want to, like, that is that much like persistence and consistency that you want to have with this.

Okay, number five, and this is, this is like a little bit more, like, these are the income producing activities in your business right growing your audience ny inviting people to take a look at your opportunity, following up with those people, like those are the income producing activities in your business. These are the things, these are the things that you're going to do, that's going to really assist you in making sure that you're, that you're taking the right actions in and making sure that you're continuously developing yourself and your skills. Okay so number five personal development daily.

Now what counts as personal development, doing your morning formula counts as personal development. Are you doing your morning formula are you doing it on a regular basis. And then and then it could be reading 10 pages in a personal development book, you know anything by Tony Robbins right anything by Brendon Burchard anything by Bob Proctor or it could be audio right I really like Audible, if you, if you like if you like, audio books.

It doesn't have to be they don't have to actually be physical books, you can get an audible subscription, and, and get audio books of most any book that you could possibly buy the physical version of the book, you can get an audible version of the book that you can listen to while you are, you know, driving while you are, you know, doing the dishes like. And that's the nice thing about like about audio as opposed to, you know, reading in a physical book is that you can do it while you're like multitasking.

Okay, and then another and then another thing here is, this could also be podcasts, okay there's some great podcasts out there that can absolutely improve your your skills in your, in your in your mindset as an entrepreneur. I really like, there's certain a few podcasts that I had that I that I really like. One is called Daily mind medicine. So really good mindset, podcast, another one is called. I love marketing. I love marketing is a great podcast related to mark but it's all, it's not just related to marketing it's related to building businesses and like the mindset of build a growing developing your entrepreneur mindset.

Those are just a, you know, a couple that I really like. But again, I mean it doesn't, it doesn't have to be any one of these things, it just has to be it has to be something, this has to be like. And then, the more you do it in the morning, like just just have a like a section of your day. That's just devoted just to personal development where you're doing your morning formula, and then you're either reading 10 pages of a book, or you're listening to 10 minutes of an audio or an audio book or a podcast. Okay.

Number six, track your activity daily and report your results, weekly, and we actually you know part of this program, we, we have you submit your, your momentum tracker every week in the group on Fridays, most people don't do it, we highly recommend that you do it because the people that do do it, you know, are the ones who are seeing the progress and seeing the growth and seeing the results so I'm gonna, I'm just gonna pull up our momentum tracker here.

And you can see a lot of these things are things that we give you points for like the things that I just mentioned like morning formula you do your morning formula, right, you get one, you get one point per day. Okay, there's like 10 1015 minutes a day, you get one point for this posting organic content and something that I didn't, I didn't mention on here, but it's, you know, it's, I mean, doing organic content is like, it's like getting in the habit of providing value to other people, It's one of the best things that you can do to, to share your expertise and your leadership, and to get in front of people that are in your expanding audience if you're, if you're adding 10 contacts a day, then this is a great way of staying in front of those people.

Adding five new contacts a day okay so like I said if you're adding 10 contacts a day, five on LinkedIn five on MLM gateway or maybe for you it's five on Facebook, five on LinkedIn or five on Facebook five on MLM gateway, right, then that's one point per five right so if you're doing 10 a day, you should be getting two points per day in these categories here or in, you know, in each of these categories.

Okay offer exposure right is this is, you know, expose number three, expose at least two people per day. Okay, so then you'd be getting two points a day here. Okay, call, and then a call with the prospect, see if you're doing this if you're following upright if you're following up with the people that you're exposing, you're going to be booking calls, and we give you two points each for those.

Then we also give you two points each for follow up calls, because, because it's one of the, it's one of the biggest income producing activities that you have. These are your income producing activities. Okay, make, make it a point to get, to get points in every single one of these categories, doesn't have to necessarily be every single day, but at least on a weekly basis, you should make sure that you're getting points in every single one of these categories, you know, we see we see people that submit their trackers, and it's like, you know they've got points for every, you know, points here every single day because they're doing the morning formula and that's fantastic, but they're but they're what they're not doing, you know maybe they're posting, you know, we see a lot of momentum trackers where it's like, you know, they get points up here, and then maybe they'll get like, you know, one point here one point here, and then the rest of the document is like blank.

Right. And it's probably because some of these other things are a little bit more uncomfortable. Right, but, but you have to be doing the things that are uncomfortable. If you want new results you just have to I mean, I do my the morning. If you guys listen to my, my Monday Mindset calls right then you know I hammer on this all the time, is that, you know, if you want new results, you got to do new things, right, you've got to be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

Okay. But you, but you can see like, okay, so we give you the tools to track this stuff, but you got it but you got to track it on a daily basis, and then report it on a weekly basis. There's a, there's an expression that I think it's like, what gets measured, or what gets measured expands and what gets measured, and reported expands exponentially.

I'm somewhere along those lines is not that's not the exact quote, but it's it's something like that, it's like, you've got to be willing to track and measure the activities that are going to lead to your results. There's something that I learned from some of my mentors, called, and we talked about this a little bit in the expert accelerator leading indicators and lagging indicators, a leading indicator is the activity that you do to produce the result, a lagging indicator is the result.

Right so, leading indicator is things like, you know, adding contacts exposing people, you know, do it, you know, following up those are the leading indicators lagging indicators are, you know how many people enrolled in my business, how many sales did I make, right, You want to be focused on the leading indicators, the activities that are going to lead to the results, because if you're just looking at the results and not at the activities that lead to getting the results right then it you're just, you're setting yourself up for disappointment, And we don't want to see that.

Number seven, commit to developing the necessary skills to succeed. Gateway in, you know this is something that we, that we talked about in EA and you know I say this all the time and various different you know ways, shapes and forms is success in business, right, in business in general, comes down to two things, systems, and skills that here in the expert accelerator, you will get the systems right we give you the Digital Copilot, we give you, you know, depending on the level of the program that you're in, you know, we even we build the video for you we build the funnel for you.

Right, we give you the systems that you need. Right, but then you have to develop the skills in order to get results with those systems. So what skills, sales skills, communication skills. I mean some of these are the same things like communication skills and sales skills or, you know pretty much one in the same, but it's like, you know, sales, sales is more like, you know you're on the phone with a prospect, what do you say to that prospect when you're on the phone communication skills. This could be communicating with prospects, it could be communicating with your team members, it's just like, just skills around effective communication with other human beings.

And then traffic skills. Right, so it was so we talked about like you know where you know some of our some of the best traffic training in the expert accelerator is to get back to it, right here under traffic and ads 1234 These four lessons, right here. Okay, these are some of the best, you know, some of the best strategies that we have in terms of getting traffic to your site. And then, and then the organic marketing. I mean, go back, back here for a minute.

This is also a traffic strategy. So like when you're funded we know if we're in the process of designing your funnel for you, then you really need to be focused on this area like or, you know, organic phase one and organic phase two, in order, in order for, you know, for growing your audience growing your social media audience, exposing people to your offer, you know, doing all of these things we've got people that come in here and they enroll, you know, Several people into their business before we even give them the funnel, because they're doing the organic stuff now organic is not something that you should do.

Only up until your funnel is live, and that's something that we've, that's a, an issue that we've had to as people, you know, They'll do organic and it'll start working for them. But then, but then their funnel gets live and they and they want everything to be fully automated, so they, they, you know, so they stopped doing the organic stuff and they focus on the other stuff that they don't have any skills around yet.

And, you know, we don't want that to happen, either organic marketing is something that you should be doing throughout the program, and should in some way you should be doing, you know just throughout, you know just from here on out in your business, because it's a way of getting free growth in your bit you know it's like free lead generation for your business. So, so do organic the whole time.

Then once your funnel is like really focused on this stuff here. Okay, and we're gonna we're working on adding some other traffic strategies in here, but for now, these 4 is going to be the, you know how you develop, like when I say traffic skills. These are how this is how you develop those traffic skills, and then leadership skills, once you have a team.

These are how this is how you develop those traffic skills, and then leadership skills, once you have a team. Once you have a team, you're definitely gonna need to develop some leadership skills, right, and even, even without a team, it's like a lot of what we teach is like leadership, marketing, like you could actually call it leadership branding or leadership marketing because when you're posting organic content, it's like your kind of you're teaching, right, it's like you're being the leader, and that's kind of part of why organic marketing works is because you are positioning yourself as the leader before they ever join you in the business, right, you're positioning yourself as, as, as a leader, that they could potentially, you know, join and follow.

And, and, and if they, if they do raise it's almost like you want that you want your prospects thinking like, wow, I'm getting so much value from this person for free, imagine what is going to happen when I actually start doing business with them want to actually join them and pay them. So, and honestly if you're not getting. If you're doing organic marketing, and you're not getting the results that you want. It's probably because you're just not, you're, you're, you haven't quite wrapped your head around the fact that like, you have to lead first you have to give value first.

It's like and I feel like that's one of the hardest things for new people in you know in online marketing and direct sales and home-based business to understand is that it's like, you know, it's almost like they have an attitude of like, well, I'll start providing value to other people, once I solve some of my own problems, right, it's like, it's like, I need to fix this for myself before I can start fixing it for other people, and that's not necessarily the case. It's like you have to start, you've got to start providing value to other people, without even expecting anything in return. And that is, that's when skills are like will tip in your favor.

It's like, what, what is a quote that I heard recently that really stood out to me in life gives to the givers and takes from the takers. You have to be a giver first, like, like provide value help people solve their problems, show them a better way of doing it right, and then and then in doing so, you become very very attractive to other people, and that that's when people will be like lining up to do business with you because they see that I mean, every everybody is really looking for, like, what's in it for me. Right.

You've got to be able to answer the question what's in it for, for me, like, like, to your prospects. Okay. Alright, so that was alright so that was my little, my little rant for this Tuesday morning training. I hope you guys got some value from this, I'm going to, I'm going to open up to any questions let me know right now in the chat if you have any questions, I think Ryan had one question I'll, I'll address that in just a minute Ryan but if you guys have questions, definitely let me know.

And then I'm just gonna share this, this next part. You guys, this is all about doing these things, it's all about discipline I mean none of none of these things are difficult to do. They're really not, they're, they're, they're easy, but they're also easy not to do. Okay, and they're and they're the kinds of things where, You know, if you do them if you do them.

Like once, right, it's not going to make any difference for you but if you do it, come you know compound it over the course of the next 30 days. Your life, your business could be completely transformed.

Right and discipline is the price that you have to pay for success. Okay don't wish it for don't wish for it to be easier wish for you to be better. These are just a few quotes by Jim Rohn, that I thought were completely relevant to this training. Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, repeated daily simple disciplines repeated daily. There's, there's a great book by Jeff Olson, and the book. The book is called The Slight Edge guys ever heard of The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson O L S. It's either on or EN.

It's called The Slight Edge, there's another, there's another book. Along the same lines, called the compound effect. The compound effect by Darren Hardy, and it's all about that concept about the concept of of success is nothing more than simple disciplines, repeated over a period of time, whereas failure is nothing more than simple errors in judgment, repeated over a period of time, right, you eat a cheeseburger today, it's not going to impact your health. Today, if you eat a cheeseburger every day for the next 10 years of your life, you're probably going to have some health issues. Right, that's a simple error in judgment compounded over a period of time, that leads to failure right whereas success, like you just do this exposed to people a day, its going to make a huge difference.

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