Value and Relationships

Adam - I'll be talking today about about mindset and relationships. And, you know your mindset around how you approach the relationships in your business. Now before we get into that I'll just share a little bit about you know the last couple weeks of my life I've been very crazy you know move you know move buying a new house moving into a new house.

Three and a half hours away from my old house, kind of moving to, you know, not the middle of nowhere but like moving into a much more rural place that I was living before in Denver, Colorado, you know about three and a half hours Northwest pretty close to Wyoming actually and also, you know, fairly close to Utah as well. But, you know, moving moving has been challenging getting internet here has been challenging.

You know, just a lot of like unforeseen, you know, problems and things to deal with. Luckily, You know, you know, being an entrepreneur and, you know, being around other successful entrepreneurs, you know one thing that I have noticed about successful entrepreneurs and that I've developed in myself, is how to be very solution oriented if you look at successful entrepreneurs. You will notice that they spend very little time in the problem, whereas average people and people have that have not developed their entrepreneur mindset.

They, they hang out in the problem a lot more they get they get overwhelmed by the problem they get, you know, they, They, they stay stuck in the problem. Whereas, successful people successful entrepreneurs spend far less time dwelling on the problem dealing with the problem, and have developed themselves to become very solution oriented, and that's what you're going to need to do, as well as you develop yourself, you know, to, to the you know the mindset of an entrepreneur that mindset of, you know of somebody who makes things happen right and who gets the results that you say that you want for yourself.

Okay, so just wanted to share that that you know a little intro real quick, but, you know this, The topic of today is really about relationships and about providing value. Albert Einstein said, don't try to be a person of success, but rather try to be a person of value, okay if you, if you become a person of value and you are and and others, you know you are providing value to other people, then success will be a natural byproduct of that right because success comes from other people right it's like you, you, you know it to create success to create bigger goals right you've got to, you've got to provide solutions for other people in fact as entrepreneurs, we really are professional problem solvers, you have to look at, you've got to start looking at yourself.

As long as you are a professional problem solver for people. What problems do you solve. And the bigger the problem you solve the more painful the problem you solve, and the wider reach of the problem that you solve the more successful the more profitable, and the better your life will be as a result, so you really need to approach relationships, in your business whether that's, you know, talking to a prospect on, you know, on Messenger on LinkedIn or on a Facebook conversation, or, you know, getting on the phone with, with a prospect who books with you who's gone through your funnel, you know, it's, it's, you, you, you need to really approach those relationships, not from the standpoint of what's in it for me, but you need to be very clear on what's in it for them, and you need to focus on providing solutions for people, and this is one of the biggest things that I see that that separates the the unsuccessful entrepreneurs the unsuccessful online business owners home business owners to the successful ones is that unsuccessful people unsuccessful home business owners, they, they, they, they're there, they're too much of what's in it for me and like they're there.

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They're there, they approach the relationships they approach everything strictly from their own agenda and that's it. And you really need to start prioritizing, other people's agenda and asking yourself, what, what can I, what problems can I solve for that. How can I be a valuable resource for this person and you have to be willing to plant seeds right that may not create fruit right away. Right, that's what the most successful people do, I think Robert Kiyosaki said, your, your will, your network is your net will be your net worth is tied to your network.

Right, so the more, the more people see you as a person of value as a as a, as a resource for them as as somebody who can help them. You know, solve problems in their life, and know that problem those problems could be related to their health, their problems could be related to, to their business. But don't but try not to pigeonhole yourself into thinking that there's only one way that I can provide value to somebody and that's by getting these products into their hands. Okay, that's very this kind of shit small minded thinking it's short term thinking, it's that may be one of the ways that you can provide value to them is by getting your products that that you know that you know that really help people, getting those into the hands of as many people as possible.

That may be one of the ways, but if that's the only way that you provide value to them as getting your products into their hands, then that's going to be really challenging for you because you've got there's got to be value. There you you have to be able to provide value to them, regardless of if they purchase from you or not, that's the, that's the real key that's one of the big keys, and you really want to, rather than ask yourself, you know what's in it for me, the most the most successful people are going to be the ones who can really answer the question, what's in it for them. In fact I would challenge you to get a journal Open up a notebook and write down this question, what's in it for them.

What value does somebody get by working with me. Okay, and, and like just in spend some time and take 20 minutes 30 minutes taking a spend an hour answering that question, and just brainstorming, all the different ways that somebody's life could improve by working with you, not just by taking your products, but by being connected to you by by getting around you and your community and your network, right, and you know, really think about, especially with everything that we provide to you here for you to provide to them.

It's not just, you know it's it's much bigger than just getting your products into their hands. I mean you are, you know, by, by plugging into our systems, you know like our you know our new team training members area by plugging into, you know, the members area that you can give to your clients or to your team members to to to, you know, where, where we are providing content and training for them about how your team can do, you know, free organic marketing, about how, how your team can plug into a system like the Digital Copilot, so that their digital life can be more organized, can be more systemized right, being able to plug them into a contact management system that has a calendar built in and funnels built into it, and, and, you know team training members areas and, You know, automated follow up systems, you know, those are all thing.

Those are all part of the value that you have to provide to your team members not only that, but in the expert accelerator coaching program. We have tremendous training and resources and the better you get at learning and understanding those things, the more effective you will be at helping your team to be as effective as they can possibly be on their journey to success in home based business entrepreneurship online marketing right.

So, again I will challenge you and leave a comment, drop a comment on this live if you are going to take me up on that challenge, to, to write down the question what's in it for them.

What value do I provide to them because the people that can answer that question more clearly more concisely, are going to be the ones who win? Right, and I'm not saying if you don't do that you won't win but it's like, if you want to win if you want to short you know shrink your learning curve. If you want to get results faster, because I mean it takes people, you know different people succeed in different timeframes if you want to be one of the people that do it quickly, then you've got to, you've got to, you know, be able to answer that question.

There's a you know an old, you know, I don't know if this is related to you know network marketing or home business but maybe this is just kind of an old like sales training philosophy is that everybody is tuned into a radio station called Wi, i FM. What's in it for me.

Right, that's that. So you need to be able to answer that question, otherwise people will, if people get the sense that you are, are only in an opportunity to push your own agenda, and not to help and serve them, they will run from you and you will have a very hard time getting their attention getting them to take a look at what you have to offer. And that's what the majority of home business owners are doing right now, and that's what we want to train you away from, because the majority of home business owners, that's how they approach their business.

They're just constantly, you know spamming you know people, you know, reaching out to complete strangers with no relationship whatsoever. No, no value whatsoever,
just, hey, hey do you want to take a look at this thing I got this thing, I think it's gonna be, I think I think it's gonna be, you know, it's like the best ground floor opportunity in the world, right, you got to get in right now. Do you want to take lead people running in the other direction, because it's where they're leading with their own agenda, you've got to lead with their agenda. You've got to lead with how can I best serve you, what is it that a year dealing with, what are the problems that you're having in your life, your business, your health, whatever that happens to be, and how can I be the bridge to get you from point A to point B.

Okay, because that's what successful entrepreneurs successful marketers successful salespeople do is they identify. Here's where you are right now point a series where you want to go point B, right, there's a gap between those two, right, you got to get them to see that gap and then you've got to see that what you have been connected to you is the bridge for them to take to get them from point A to point B.

And that's one of the reasons why, in the morning formula right and I and I know I you know I, I beat this dead horse, all the time I you know I'm like a broken record when talking about the morning formula, but it's not just, you know, I'm not doing it for, it's not doing I'm not doing it because I like talking about the morning formula I'm doing it because I've seen how the morning formula has improved my life and my business.

I've seen how it's improved, you know, other people, friends, colleagues, team members clients students, the ones who take it seriously get the best results period right now, I know this is not I'm not going to preach, you know a whole lot right now about about the morning formula, and about like all the benefits of the morning formula, but one of the benefits of the morning Formula One of the things that we teach that we want you to do on the morning formula and this is something that I do on my own morning formula is I put testimonials on there.

Why, why would I put this, this is not a doc, this is not a sales document this is not a marketing asset that anybody else is seeing other than myself. Why would I put testimonials on my own morning formula. Here's why. Okay, because the more I can present myself on a daily basis to the fact that what I'm doing, makes a difference for other people in their lives, right, the more I am approaching my business from a service standpoint, If I get on a call with a prospect, I'm going into that call with a mindset of how can I serve you.

What can I do for you. How can I help you bridge that gap between point A and point B between where you are now and where you want to go. And that so, so I challenge I mean, that's another thing I'll challenge you to do, put testimonials, even if they're not, you know, direct team member testimonials, put testimonials from your, from your, from your company from your team, whether that's related to the product to the business on your own morning formula and read it every single day. that way you are more in tune to how, what you have, makes a difference for other people, and you're going to be less likely, you're going to be less likely to sabotage yourself.

The you know out of out of, you know, you know, thinking that that, that you're, That you're just doing it for yourself, right you you recognize that you will view a market with more conviction, you will pre will share you will promote with more conviction and enthusiasm. Then the next guy, right, because you will be more in tune to the fact that what you do matters what you do is making a difference for other people, and I'm telling you if you're getting on.

If you're communicating with other human beings, which you should be doing, you should be conversing, you should be having messenger conversations, You should be getting on the phone with prospects, if you're not getting the results that you want, you're probably not doing that.

Right, but if you are doing that right then, getting clear you know reading some testimonials, and this is just a, you know, just like a kind of a mindset hack for yourself, to be more effective at sales and marketing is read some of those testimonials reread some of your testimonies before you go into a conversation with the prospect before you get on your next call with a prospect, because the more you are in your own mind out to serve that other person, that the year you will you will get on more of those conversations, you will market, what you have, you will share what you have with more conviction.

Okay and that's, that's the, you have to approach, promoting your business with enthusiasm, if you're not excited about it, how are you going to get anybody else excited about working with you about building a business with you about joining your team. You've got to be out there enthusiastically sharing, promoting like conversing with other people, exposing other people to what it is that you do. Okay, so that's my message for you this Monday, it's a beginning of a new week, every new day week, hour is another chance to turn it all around, making this week, count, put you know, complete your points tracker this week.

Get that if you're if your morning formula is not inspiring you get some stuff on there that is inspiring you do your morning formula every single day, rack up those points. Share your momentum tracker, with the group on Friday, and you know make you know, have fun promoting and sharing this week what you do what you do, the value that you have matters, it makes a difference for people.

Ask yourself this week, how can I improve my value you're doing that by getting on calls like this you're getting you're doing it by being around this community by going through our training in our resources, but then you also have to have not only how can I improve not only how can I become more valuable to the marketplace to other people, but how can I share that value with as many people as possible, you answer that question, and you will be more fulfilled, you will be more successful your business will be more profitable, you will be you will make more sales, and you'll just have more fun, you know, in the process in, and people will be very attracted to that, the more success you get the more enthusiastically you go out there and do that the more people will be attracted to you, and then it just, it just becomes like a snowball rolling down a hill.

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