Adam - 80% of 80% of the okay so you guys know the 80 8020 principles, or at least conceptually, you've heard of it but I'm going to, I'm going to hopefully take it to kind of to a new level for you right now 80% of the vehicles in your city travel on only 20% of the roads 20% of your work day is responsible for 80% of your production, and your results. 80% of the Commission's paid out by your company gets paid to 20% of the distributors and 20% of your customers will be responsible for 80% of your sales volume, and then there is actually at 20 to the power of two, which is 95, five so we could go down this entire list again 95% of the vehicles in your city, travel on only 5% of the roads 5% of your work day is responsible for 95% of your production, and your results, 95% of the Commission's paid out your company paid out by your company gets paid to only 5% of the distributors, just think about the top producers.

And then, 5% of your customers will be responsible for 95% of your sales volume you guys at 20 is not just a concept, it is a law of nature. It is a any, any population, right, like if you guys if you guys, if this is, you know, exciting to you and you you like this concept. The book is called, 8020 sales and marketing is probably my favorite book on the concept of you know on sales and marketing it's written by a guy named Perry Marshall. The, I've read the book several times, it's fantastic. And he talks about a lot of you know, not just the you know the math, but a lot of other, you know, success in sales, marketing, you know, principles, okay, you have 8020 leverage points, hidden all over your business, they're hidden.

You have to be, you've got to, you've got to raise your awareness to these things, tiny changes in tweaks you can make to how you operate that will make a that will create massive profits and save you a ton of time, but you must train yourself to see these things, and that's what I've done, you know for reading the books and and all that stuff is I've trained myself to like notice these, these leverage points. Okay, so how does this relate to sales conversions, 80% of your leads are duds who will never buy, about 15% of your leads will be semi interested, and the other 5% will be hyper interested.

Those who do not understand this principle will waste a ton of time manually sorting through the 80%, okay that is just like, remember I said, 95% of your, of your are 95% of your results will be a result of 5% of your work day. It's like there that goes the other way as well, you know, the majority of your results are the majority of your work day is spent doing a lot of things that don't really move the needle that don't really matter.

That's why we give you guys like the momentum tracker that's why, that's why we give our clients the momentum tracker so that we can say these are the most important things if you're doing things other than the things that are on this list, like five or six things that are on this list, you're probably wasting a lot of time, doesn't it make more sense to automate so that you can spend your time with the hyper interested 5% by creating systems and developing your skills in marketing and selling over the phone, you can go from closing one in 20 to one five to one in three, and even one in two, how many prospects would you need on a monthly basis to hit your recruiting goal if your goal is to enroll 10 new distributors per month, and you can close one in three.

How many calls do you need, you only need 30 You only need to book 30 calls you only need 30 people, you know, to you know to go to go through the process, we're going to talk a lot about the process. Let's say you make on average $250 a day so this is as it relates to time. Let's say that you make $250 a day in an eight hour work day. The 80 Principle 8020 Principle says that one in six hours of your day. You're producing roughly $200 It also means that 6.4 hours of your day. You're producing the remaining $50 Okay. Want to know how you can use 8020 to give yourself an immediate raise. How about $1,000 per hour. So these are so I made this little chart to show just like some of the things that people do with their day and how you can go from the $10 an hour activities the $100 an hour activities to $1,000 an hour activities, okay $10 An hour activities driving around and running errands, fumbling with graphics and tech stuff in your business. When you could literally outsource it for $5 on a site called Cleaning and Organizing speaking with unqualified prospects.

Those are the $10 per hour activities, $100 per hour, activities, creating content for prospective customers and distributors content creation is a highly leveraged activity. Building your sales funnel, optimizing your follow up process outsourcing, basic tasks, talking to qualified prospects, honing your marketing USP, your unique selling proposition. Like when was the last time you actually put pen to paper and said, What is it that makes what I have unique and different from all the other distributors in the home business industry from all the other offers that, that people are like, are promoting out there, developing new lead magnets and front end offers writing good copy, creating team training content improving your customer or your member experience, and Mary to talk a little bit about just how how vitally important it is to, to, like, like when, when you do get somebody on your team, keeping them creating an environment where they want to stick around, right, it's like, it's 10 times easier to to sell something additional to somebody that's already done business with you than it is to acquire a new customer focus on that relative to people that do do business with you. Make them a major priority cold call obvious.

So some other ones. Cold Calling $10 An hour activities cold calling and prospecting perfecting grammar, correcting other people's grammar, working on social media, the way that most people do it, cleaning, minor home repairs and yard work I had a mentor that that used to say that if you're mowing your own lawn, You're ripping off your local teenager. Only $100 An hour activities, solving a problem for a prospect or an existing customer writing an email to a list of prospects or customers doing social media, well, this is rare, sending a welcome email to a new buyer.

This is retention as well as duplication, and then the $1,000 an hour activities speaking with a highly qualified prospect or or or, you know, a leader, right, doing social media with extreme competence, also very rare, creating marketing assets and sales resources for your team, and collaborating and mastermind mining with those who are aeons ahead of you in business, like you want to get around people that are doing way way way better than you because they, it will rub off right we've already, we've already said, you know, success leaves clues, but you know how many of you have heard you're the average of the five people you spend most time with. You got to get around people that are doing way better than.

Okay, and now this is just one thing that I've adopted that I that I did, I don't even I don't even have like, I don't even like have a digital version of this I just open up a notebook, I'm going to graph paper. This is just one of my highly leveraged activities and one of the disciplines that I have that I've, you know, adopted in my life right, it's like, on the right side, I'll write the week you know whatever week that we're in. And then I'll write goals, actions, and then in study and intentions. So my goals are, what do I want to create this week, the actions are, what are the actions I'm going to take to create the those goals, right and then the study and intentions is like, what am I going to study.

And then what do I want to keep like my focus on this week, maybe it's productivity, maybe it's providing value, maybe it's optimizing my infrastructure, improving my, my customer experience my customer journey. Right so that the people that do join me and buy from me want to continue to, to buy to buy other things from me and stick around in my environment, right, and then I will actually, and on the left side of the paper I write one line down the middle, and then two lines across, and I put Monday through Saturday, right and then I will actually, I'll take the Actions section from the right side, and I will assign each of the actions to one of the days of the week and then when I go to my work day.

Right. I will. I'll look at my list and I'll say Monday and I'll just make a little list of like, What are the five or six like big movers that I could that I can do today to get me closer to my goals. Okay, it's like those two things like all the marketing and all that, like it the remember of Meritus that's the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. These are two disciplines that the weekly I do this on Monday, the weekly calendar of what I'm going to accomplish this week, right and then the daily.

What are the five or six things I'm going to that I'm going to do today that are going to make that are going to help me get closer to my goals?

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