Adam - How you can make your sales that you're selling and your marketing efforts. More, more effective, More, more streamlined more natural, anything that's something that we, that we all want to do is to make you know to make what we're doing more natural right make the selling process more natural to feel less, less forced?

And you know as actually writing, writing some new chapters for for the book and this you know the stock came up and I figured I would share it with you here is that, you know, any other business, you know, outside of network marketing and maybe a little bit of affiliate marketing, like any other business that you that you would start, you know, the first things like some of the first things that you're going to that you're going to want to do and identify is like, who am I speaking with who is this for, right, who is my, who's the best customer for this thing, right, and that's something that that it doesn't really happen much for, you know, network marketers because it's, you know, the formula is like, you know, you know, for you know for companies over the past several decades, you know, have just been, you know, teach the distributors to, you know prospect within their network and you know, so.

So, if you're talking about just going out to your existing network, then it makes perfect sense to you know to not, you know, determine who your avatar is who your customer avatar is who, who, like a good fit is because a good fit is anybody that'll give you the time of day. Right, but that's not how you know real entrepreneurs think right you know, you know, like if you were to start a, you know another type of business you know one of the first things that you would do is identify who is this for you look at the competing programs competing products, and you'd look at what are they doing, and you'd look at like what is it that makes us unique, what is it that makes us different than that. Right, because you know you want to be polarizing you want to be you want to be able to say hey look, the common options out there, this is what you're going to get right the comp, you know, commonly the, what 95 plus percent of people in this situation deal with is x y z.

And here's what makes us different. Here's, you know, very specifically why what we have is not necessarily better. I mean it's definitely in a sense, better but more importantly, different, different for him from a marketing perspective, different is better than better. Okay, so, so a couple questions. You know the thus far that I've asked you know who is your target audience, who is the person who is a good fit for this. And what is it that makes our offer our program, our product, different unique what makes it stand out from the crowd? What problems are we solving, what are the specific problems?

See these are, these are the type of questions that the people that do really well in marketing, they add they take time, you know, asking and answering these type of types of questions. Okay and I'll throw out a little challenge for you, you know, write down all of every possible benefit that buying your product using your service right joining your program joining you in the business. You know what are the main what any possible benefit that they could possibly have, and then list out all of the potential objections.

What reasons might somebody say no, what reasons might somebody say, not right now, so that you can address those in your marketing in your content in your communication to your prospect, whether that be on the phone or, you know, through a video or in an email or, you know, it's like, you know it's gonna be a combination of a lot of those things, but the particular what you know whether it's an email, whether it's a video, whether it's a, you know, over the phone. It really doesn't matter, because you are going to be, you know, coming to the battlefield in a sense, right, like look at the marketplace as a battlefield you're going into battle, much better equipped, when you know these things when you have good answers to these questions when you know what the potential objections are so that you can anticipate them so that you can, you know, answer them in, in your marketing in your follow up.

Who is it for, what is that person, what are their desires, what are their fears, what are what what what is it that they really want, in what are the ways the specific ways that your business is going to benefit them? And while you're at it, you might as well list out all the things that make what you have different, not necessarily in remembering it doesn't just have to be what makes your product different or what makes your business opportunity different, what makes it different could be the unique style that you bring to the opportunity, the unique coaching that you bring to the opportunity, you know, we teach, you know, like, and this has worked really well for me over the years and, you know, promoting different programs and becoming, you know, top producer in, you know, several different online products and programs and systems.

Like, like, getting you know getting really clear on, on, you know what other people are doing. And, really, really, you know, using that as a, as a, you know us versus them and saying here's what here's what the other guys are like here's what you're likely to experience over there. And here's what makes, what we have different better right and, and like I said, it doesn't have to just be about the program, it could be about the unique element that you bring to the table, you know, how you work with your prospects how you know what you make available to to your team and to your prospects.

A lot of it could be around your own leadership and other resources I mean all of you that are, you know, if you're watching this in, you know, inside our coaching program, you've got all kinds of resources and tools that we give you that you could easily turn around and give to somebody else. Right. You know as a way of providing value to them as a way of, of, you know, you know, bonusing up your own program like this is something that, that we give to everybody that's, that's the that joins the program with us.

A great question to ask yourself is, why would somebody join me in this business, as opposed to anybody else. Right, like let's say they were considering joining you versus joining a different representative in the same exact company. What are the reasons why they should join you? Over that other person. If you can come up with, You know, I mean this is something that doesn't take long, if you know you could do you could answer all these questions, probably take you a good couple hours, right, maybe, maybe an entire afternoon or evening, right, but then I'm telling you the entrepreneurs who take their time and do this kind of work, right, it's not about the, you know where to click and where to point in like, you know the nitty-gritty details of the funnel, it's about being able to answer this question because these questions become the north star of all of the marketing that you do.

It's like the you build, once you can get clear on this stuff you build that into every conversation every video that you make every post that you make, you know, is coming from a different place. This is what top producers do. I'm telling you this is the difference between the top producers and the struggling masses that the top producers take time to really get clear on their marketing and what is the message that's going to pull in my audience, these questions are designed to give you a good start, hope that's been valuable to you if it is, leave me a comment and we'll see you next time.

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