Use stress to your advantage

I'm going to be talking to you a little bit today about stress, I just made a made a post in one of our Facebook groups about about stress and just something that I that I observed that I've, you know, I have noticed and observed, you know over my years of, you know, looking at, you know, people building businesses, observing people building businesses some that create absolute life changing results and others that that do not and just, just some of my you know my observations about what causes people to win and what causes people not to win. It's been one of those things that I, that I've identified is, is their willingness to deal with stress.

Right. Not necessarily, you know, people that are more financially successful have better skills or better tools around dealing with stress, but it's simply a willingness to take on higher degrees of stress in our lives, right, because one thing that I you know that I, that I've observed as I said is that people that that achieve above average, financial success in their life, are people that are willing to take on higher levels of stress, think about people that invest in real estate, like I, I just bought my first home, right, just, just in the last couple of months we closed on on a, on a home, and like, it was one of the most stressful situations of my entire life.

I don't know if you've ever bought a home but it's incredibly stressful, there's all kinds of things that you know setbacks and things that you know you, you think it's going to go one way and then it goes the other way. It's a stressful situation buying a house, but there are people that do it regularly and I'm sure the stress, you know, just like anything else, it becomes less stressful, the more that you do it. But like I've got mentors like friends and mentors who are like professional real estate investors, and like they, like, like these are, these are people that are buying. They buy 30 houses, a month.

That's like, that's the level of like real estate investors that these guys are they're buying. It's like buying a house every single day of your life. Right, it's like, I just bought one house I bought my first house that was a stressful situation. These guys are buying a house, a day. Right, so as you can imagine right there, their stress is probably they, I would absolutely guarantee that they have more stress in their lives than I do. Right, I could absolutely guarantee that I would also guarantee that they're making way more money than I am right because there's an absolute correlation between somebody being willing to take on a higher level of stress, right, and financial success, you know, think about network marketers with large teams. Right, I mean, having a large team is a big responsibility.

I mean everybody in network marketing wants a big team because they want the residual check, but like, I mean, but you got to understand you've got a lot, you've got people that are counting on you, you've got things that are you know you're dealing with things that that, that that you know that the average, the average network marketer is not dealing with, right, because, because your, your you know your risk is higher, you're, you're putting yourself out there, you're putting yourself out there more right you're, you're, you're, you're susceptible to more situations that can cause stress, because you're leading a large team of people.

Right, what about you know, digital marketers online marketers that have, you know, large customer bases, they've got, you know, a big, you know, a big audience and a big you know big social media audience and a big list and you know maybe a big team of other people like you know that that helps support them in, you know in growing their business like that's a lot to manage that's a lot of potentially stressful situations. Right, think about, you know, even, even the employment opportunities, right, that are associated with, with higher financial success, right, or like, you know people that go into jobs or careers that be you know where they can produce above average financial results, doctors, lawyers, computer programmers right?

I mean the just the amount of schooling that that takes like, you know, if you want to be a doctor, you've got to put yourself under some serious stress just to get through medical school, right to be able to have that higher degree of financial success or law school, to have that degree of that higher degree of financial success, right, so, yeah, so it's almost like you have to, you've got to choose the level of stress that you want in your life because, because there's, like, like I said if you're, you know, you've got to be willing to deal with higher degrees of stress. If you want higher degrees of financial success in your life.

But then, but a lot of people they you know they just look at the end result, they just they look at like, like okay well if I'm, you know if I'm going to build, you know if I'm going to make network marketing my vehicle for creating wealth in my life. They're like, you know I want the big team but not looking at the you know the responsibility, you know, involved in it right so, so just understand that, you know you might have you know have a goal of creating a big team, where would be and because of that life gets easier you have more financial success you have more, you have more choices in your life.

Right, but, but at the same time, you have more responsibility. You know you're opening yourself up, up to more risk. Right. But it's like that you know people choose their they want that because they think that that is, you know majorly decreases stress in their life because, because, you know they have stress related to lack of money, lack of time, lack of, you know, lack of options in there in their life.

That's stressful as well. So it's almost like you've got to, you've got to choose your stress like if you do not want the stress associated with not having enough money, not having enough time, not having enough choices in your life not being able to give your kids and your families that you know the options that you didn't have, right, then you're you have to be willing to take on higher degrees of stress in the interim period.

Right, so, so that you can get to the point where you don't have to deal with that other stress right because, because it's almost like you've got two different options you can have stress related to leadership and responsibility, and risk, or you can have stress related to Lack and Limitations and I for one would choose stress related to leadership and risk and responsibility for stress related to lack of time, lack of money, lack of resources, lack of choices. That's stressful too, it's like you gotta you're gonna have stress one way or the other, which stress, will you choose right and there's also, there's also two different kinds of stress too there's, there's use stress, and there's de-stress use stress like eustress, right and then destress.  Destress id the kind of stress that we're all, you know, familiar with like, if you're like if you're in a life threatening situation that is like your body goes into flat the fight or flight mode.

Right, that's stress, that's a stressful situation like if a bear is attacking you, that's de-stress right that's like the bad negative kind of stress, right, and then there's eustress that's the stress that's like, like if you're lifting weights like you've got to like you're lifting weights. The muscles are developing the muscles are, they're pulling in they're tearing and they're getting in it there's pain associated with it, but that is the good that's the good kind of stress and stress that develops you into a bigger person, a better leader, a better, you know a better business owner a stronger, more physically strong human being.

Right, that's that's huge stress which is very different than de stress right so I think one of the things that you really need to remind yourself of if you're experiencing stress, number one, it's not necessarily a bad thing, right I mean stress can literally kill people, there's no doubt about that but like, but like what what what kind of stress, you know, is it is it us stress, where it's, you know, where it's like the kind of stress is developing you into a bigger person, or is it de stress, because your body's in fight or flight mode because, because you're thinking that there's like physical danger, right, because it, like it, Like, there are no bears, right, if you're building a business and you're experiencing stress and fear and all this stuff, you got to remind yourself, okay, I'm physically Okay, right, ask yourself the question like, in this moment, what is the problem.

That's that's actually a very it's a great question to ask yourself if you're getting stressed out, overwhelmed, right as you obviously are going to if you're doing something that you've never done before if you want new results for yourself, there's going to be level of stress and probably some overwhelm and some other things associated with it. A great question to ask yourself is, in this moment right now what is the problem, because most of the time when we're stressed out we're either stressed out about thinking about something that we did yesterday, that we regret or that we, you know we're dwelling on something that happened in the past, or we are fearful about something that might happen in the future.

It's like we're not really connected to reality we're either, you know we're either thinking about something in the past or we're dwelling on or we're fearful about something that some, some potential situation that we're making up in our mind, which is, it's never as bad as what we're making up in our mind. Right. But we're not we're completely disconnected from reality anytime you are thinking about something that happened yesterday or sometime in the past, or do we know thinking about something that might happen in the future, you are actually disconnected from reality, because reality can only exist in this moment right now. So ask yourself in this moment right now.

Is there a problem and most of the time the answer is going to be no there is no problem right now, there's no physical harm, happening, there's no potential danger to meet to me happening right and then, you know, so I do want to, so like a couple of like the major themes of this you know this message that I have for you today.

Number one, choose your stress, do you want stress related to, you know, related to being broke not having money and not having resources not having choices, right, or do you want stress related to leadership and responsibility.

And, you know, some certain degrees of risk, right, because that is, because you're going to have to have, you're going to be stressed out, either way, you're going to have to experience some stress whether it's stress related to growth in development or stress related to, you know, lack, and, you know, just, just lack of time and money and resources right so number one, choose your stress.

Okay, the number two big things that I wanted to, you know, big message for you today is okay. Now that we've, we've experienced the fact that we are, or we've, we've, we've come to grips with the fact that we're going to have to deal with some stress one way or another, it's going to be stressful like life is going to, there's gonna be times of stress, especially if we want growth right it's just inevitable they go hand in hand. Okay, let's accept that now that we've accepted that, let's talk about some ways that we can deal with stress, number one, I said, Ask yourself, in this moment right now, what is the problem in this moment right. Am I okay?

The majority of the time the answer is going to be yes because that stress is coming from you thinking about something that might happen tomorrow or something that, that, you know, something that already happened yesterday that you're, that you're dwelling on, Right. Okay, number two, realize that there are no bears right if you are in that like, you know, you know stress anxiety that you're actually feeling like you're in physical danger, remind yourself that I'm not in any physical danger right that all this is kind of in my head and to a certain degree, Right. And then think about the worst case scenario, right, that's something from that I learned from the book.

Tim Ferriss his book The Four Hour Workweek he talks about this like actually write down get clear on what is the worst case scenario of this situation, because if you just get if you get like, it's like okay well I could you know I could I could lose, I could lose this investment I could I could you know this maybe this business doesn't work out for me and I lose some money okay and then what. Okay, well then if that happens then this could okay and then what. Okay then, and then you come to the to the realization that like the worst case scenario, really isn't even all that bad. You're still, you're still living, you're still doing fine. Right, everybody in your family is still saved, you still have a roof over your head, it's like, what is the worst case scenario, a lot of times you're gonna determine that that's really not that bad. Okay, and then number three, we're talking about ways of dealing with stress when it does inevitably arise, right, is stretching.

Okay, it's like stretching especially stretching your back in your neck is sends a signal to your body that everything is okay, like if you if you just like if you're feeling stressed out, you know, even, even like, you know, just like rolling, you know, rolling your head a little bit, right, like, you know, rolling straight, you know, doing some like getting down on the grid.

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