Use a DMO (Daily method of operation) to make goals easier to hit

Meredith - So, think about where you are in your business right now and there's different kinds of goals that you can write down, right, there's, there's, in results, right, that would be like income number of customers number of representatives. Those are great goals to have but you have really very little control of the timing of when those goals will happen. You can do things to help people make decisions by certain dates but you cannot guarantee that a certain person is going to join your business on a certain day, because there are too many moving parts on their side of the equation, to allow you to guarantee that.

But what you can't but you still I would encourage you to write those things down. So how much, how much what's my income going to be what's my number of enrollments going to be what's my number of customers going to be, then I would say to myself, Okay, what are the things that I can do to guarantee that those end results are going to happen. And the things that you can do that you can guarantee that those results will happen are taking action, and the action in your business is your daily mode of operation, in my world we call that a DMO, and your daily mode of operation needs to be something like, I'm going to post on my Facebook profile I'm going to post to my LinkedIn profile, I'm going to do this many organic posts, I'm going to do this many new friend requests this many new connections.

I'm going to do this many new things in MLM betway, it's literally a checklist of action that you're going to do in your business. This industry favors the consistent, and the persistence. It doesn't favor the person that's always looking for the new shiny strategy, or the person jet the person on your team that's always like, Oh my gosh, I'm going to come up with a new way to present the information. I'm going to come up with a new way to talk about what we do, it's like you know what, they're all create simply every network marketing presentation, I have ever seen boils down to basically four things. The people, the product the pay plan and the promotion. It's always the same four things.

I don't care what you call it, I don't care how you couch it, it's pretty much always the same. So don't try to reinvent the wheel, fall in love with the process of your daily mode of operation gamify it for yourself, tell your if you hate it, is there certain parts that you just hate. If you really like getting to the point where you're having a strategy call then gamify the rest of it and say okay I'm going to get my posts my organic and my follow ups done before 9am every day. So then I don't have to do that anymore.

How many calls are you going to have booked, that's another great goal, how many calls a week are you going to have booked, especially once you start booking enough calls that you know, of every, every three calls I get somebody to sign up. And if I want for signups this week that I better do 12 calls this week. Okay well we're the 12 calls gonna come from well it seems that for about every three posts I do. I get, you know, an appointment.

Okay great, so I need to do 36 different posts in order to get 12 appointments in order to get four enrollments. If you don't know those numbers yet just guess that that's why you track stats. So then you can start to improve metrics, and you can start to pull those levers and pull those dials, creating that habit is incredibly important prior to getting into advertising because advertising is just going to pour fuel onto that fire.

So you're going to have your end goals, you're going to have your daily method of operation goals, and then you're going to have what I call kind of administration or operational goals for a month, maybe this month you're saying to yourself, gosh, you know i i on boarded three or four people last month, I'm going to launch my team members area, this month. So that's kind of building another piece of your foundation, maybe Dan is going to be like okay I'm getting my VSL done this month.

That's my goal June 30 My VSL is done, wants to complete it. Right. That's a building something that you can then promote on that's then going to get you to your end goal that you have. But if you don't ever get the foundation that digital assets built, you won't ever have anything to promote. That makes sense. so have your goals categorize in three areas, the majority of your efforts should be made in that separate category. The daily method of operation.

You shouldn't be saying to yourself, oh my gosh, I'm going to get three new songs done and I'm going to launch my team members area, and I'm going to write a book, and I'm going to launch a podcast, and I'm going to do an email campaign, and I'm going to try to get some earned media for the book that I wrote all this month I'm going to do it all this month. Then if you could probably get all that done in a month, quite honestly, but you know how much promotion you would do not.

So you guys if you don't have goals, you're, you're, I will guarantee you, you are not going to get where you want to be when you want to get there, you're just not. If you don't know what they are then start with something small that you can achieve to increase your beliefs, and as your belief increases then ramp up, what it is you want to do. Ryan

Ryan - Yeah so, I just wanted to get an extremely clear the third category of goals and he said operational. Yeah. And he just, I guess cover that again because I understand

Meredith - DMO, like I'm looking at I'm looking at my. So remember I told you guys last week, I sit in the corner, I think I told you this, of my of my office and I have a whiteboard up here that has my actual, the second two categories of goals so like my daily mode of operation and the results that I'm looking for this month, how much sales how much enrollment, how much team growth, all of that is written in this whiteboard here, then I have another Whiteboard over here. That is like a giant landscape of the business that I'm building, and it has a category that's called q2, big projects. And in that list of big projects, I have three big operational projects.

I have CRM integration complete so Digital Copilot integration complete, I have my team members area I've used it for a while, but now I've completely revamped it, I used to have it and drop funnels. Now I've completely revamped it and moved it over to the Digital Copilot and I launched that to my team on Monday. And then the last one is a growth plan for my private Facebook group, advertising automation and automation evergreen funnel to sell the course that I offer, those are all operational three huge projects that I'm all going to get done in the second quarter of this year.

But not any one of those projects help directly makes me money. Just because I have a team members area, doesn't mean that I'm enrolling people. Just because I have a funnel, and a course to sell, doesn't mean there's revenue coming in the door, just because I've integrated the Digital Copilot doesn't mean my team is using it. But if I never had the Digital Copilot integrated I can guarantee they'll never use it right so I have to integrate it in order to give them the tools in order for them to get better at doing their DMO, in order for them to use a funnel in order for them to grow their business.

So it all starts there, but you have to equally plan your time between operational stuff. I see clients all the time, who get stuck in what I call like build mode. Oh, I'm going to build my funnel I'm going to make sure my emails are perfect and then I'm going to make sure my posting is perfect, I'm going to make sure all this, and they never make an offer to anybody, they never talk to anybody. They never book a call. They never signed anybody up. And they never get a customer, because they're just over here building the perfect network marketing umbrella and digital marketing assets. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be good enough for you to be proud to put it out there, because as soon as you put it out there, you're going to see something that you want to change, because you're going to start getting feedback from people, and then you're going to want to make it better.

Don't make it better, just keep using it, and then save yourself okay I'm going to use this funnel for 60 days and then I'll edit it, and then just keep a laundry list, oh here's the things I want to change these are important, maybe I want to do this, maybe I want to do that. Right. Let it go, let it, let it run its course and then make changes to it. Right.

Ryan - So, this is bringing me back to the same or similar thought that I have on a lot of these calls where it's like, someone like you and probably some other people on this call maybe are much further down the road or they have a lot more success behind them based on how long they've been doing it. And so when I look at those three categories of goals, I'm like, thinking to myself okay like what's the number one area those goals because if I have all these operational things like my plate is just spewing over the edges with stuff to do, which mean like this.

You know and so it seems to me and I just was looking like for, I guess, clarity here like the DMO goals seem like to where I'm at, like I just got to focus on getting right with the organic getting right with, like, the amount of engagement with people like in Messenger, and getting people on calls like that.

Meredith - That should be like 90% of your effort right now for you, an operational ball would be, is their crew, this month in June. I am going to make sure that my message between my LinkedIn profile, and my VSL is congruent. That is operational. Making sure that that's congruent, in and of itself is not going to earn you any money, but it is certainly going to make the DMO activities that you do more effective, because then when you're prospecting people on LinkedIn, and they see your profile, and they see a link to your VSL there is one of the websites that you share, and they click on it and it kind of transitions nicely from your about section right into this VSL message. Awesome, right, the, the bigger your organization gets and the more of the toolset that you start to employ the more balanced, your effort will become between operations and your DMO.

But when you're just starting out, you haven't enrolled a lot of people you don't have a team, you don't have those pieces. Then, operationally, you are, have fewer things that you need to worry about. But as soon as you're like okay I've pretty consistently, like I've got 10 people and of those 10 people. Three of them are kind of on fire, like three of them are putting in people putting in customers the other seven are kind of hanging out, which would be about typical numbers right at that point you might want to save yourself, you know, I think I'm going to do the team website version one.

And all I'm going to put in my team members area is a welcome message, how to use the CRM so they can set how to use a co pilot so they can set that up themselves, how to invite somebody, and maybe some organic training, out of these and that's it, it's just going to be the first version of it. But you have to stick those things in as they make sense you're absolutely right, you do not need to worry about the members area yet, you can build that a month from now six months from now, whenever your organization's ready for it, but you do need to have the concurrency in your message and you do need to be driving your organic traffic and your paid traffic to your funnel consistently on a daily basis.

And you may look at a certain month and you may say, You know what, I don't have any operational. The only operational thing that you will always have on your plate is filling out your tracker that is operational.

Ryan - What about the end goals, you talk more about those like we say goals from that, like, little targets that you want to hit by the month that you want?

Meredith - You know, for different people that these are some people are super money motivated. So they might say like I want to earn 2500 bucks this month I would earn five grand this month I wouldn't earn 10 grand this month I want to I want to earn 500 bucks this month, Whatever. So people are very money motivated. Other people are more motivated by the number of leads they generated. I want to increase my audience by x. If you have a group, I want to go from 100 members in my group 250 members in my group.

If you know, whatever I I want to onboard two customers a week. I want to onboard four reps, whatever it is. Right. And, and oftentimes those goals you'll hear people say well I just decided I was going to do it. I just decided I was going to do it. And there's, there's truth in that. I just decided that this is what was going to happen. I didn't know exactly how I was going to get there but I knew if I took this consistent action. And I knew that if I had integrity and I had a really good offer, and I put it out there in front of the right people, that my end goal would happen. I see that all the time. You have to trust in the action that you're taking will bring the results that you're looking for.

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