Understanding the season you are in

Adam - I've got a brief one for you today. The message for you today is about seasons and understanding the season that you're in, you know, we really are, you know you want to look at yourself as an entrepreneur, as a, as a professional marketer a professional salesperson that you know you are. You, you, like almost like, like a farmer, right, you are going to reap the harvest in a different season than you plant the seeds. Okay, and understanding the season that you're handing your business is very important.

You know, especially in an industry like you know online marketing network marketing. You know where, you know, it's so much about like about the lifestyle and about the dream and about the, you know, like what's possible for your life right it's like, if you buy into that stuff too much, you know, as you can get to the point where you're almost like it's like weird that you have to do anything, right, because, because of how we're taught that it's like, you know, you, you, you can, you know, you could go, you know, live on the beach and live anywhere and do all this stuff, it's like, it's like no, you've got to, you can, you can absolutely do that.

But you got to understand that there is going to have to be a season of work of growth of sacrifice, right, of learning of developing new skills of building right that is the season that you are most likely in now and you did not get to the season of abundance, and the season of freedom and the season of like, all you know residual income without first going through the season of discipline and the season of I need to roll up my sleeve.

Now is the time to roll up my sleeves and get down to business. Right, make some things happen start planting those seeds, so that I can reap the harvest later on so that I can reap the harvest, down the road. So recognize the season that you're in, I mean I've been you know, you could be listening to this and you could be, you know you can be 20, 30 years in the home business industry and if that's the case, you most likely get it on a whole other level, but you also may be listening to this and you may be brand new to this industry you may be brand new. You know to one up to one of our programs you may be brand new you may never have done a business like this before.

And, you know if that's if that's the case, it's important that you, that you understand that you are going to have to go through a season of growth and work before you get to the season of, you know things are easy I can take you know my foot off the gas. But that's, that's actually one of the things that I love about this business and about entrepreneurship is that I can, you know, push hard for a three or four month period. Right, and build infrastructure and create systems and drive traffic and build, you know like, like create the things that are going to really sustain that freedom and that flexibility that I'm going for in my life.

Right and if I do if I am willing to push for three, four months at a time. I can have a season right after that, where, where I take my foot off the gas and where I go down to working maybe, you know I'm not I'm not gonna, I'm not going to stop working entirely, but I could go down to where I'm working maybe 1020 hours a week, and I've done that before. Right, but I've also I've also done it to my own detriment before where I'm like where I'm like, I stopped like I had some good momentum and what I was doing, but then I stopped like I took my foot off the gas like way too soon, because I'm like, you know, there was a point you know probably 1011 years ago, where I was making you know seven $8,000 a month.

It was all like recurring, you know revenue from, from a home based business, it was more money that I never made before, and I didn't really have to do anything for that money. Right. And, you know, it created, it created a real lackadaisical attitude of myself, I'm like Oh, finally you know I'm like I've been doing this business for two years.

Finally, I've gotten to a point where I can like, you know, you know, step back and just kind of live off of the work that I did over the past couple of years and I can you know reap the rewards, and I went down to working like 10 hours a week and I, I realized now that I did that way too soon, right like had I pushed for another six months before I did that right had I gone hard in the season that I was in, had I recognize the season that I was in, have a season of growth and not a season of, you know, take my foot off the gas, you know, pretend like you know I don't have a care in the world.

Right, but it was like it was because I did that, that, you know, I, it was, it was, it wasn't for it wasn't very long after that that I lost a lot of it and I had to rebuild. Okay and then I was, you know that I was rebuilding again and then you know but it just goes to show that it's really important that you recognize the season that you're in, that you, that you understand that you're going to have to have a season where you plant the seeds, and you might not be reaping the harvest right away, keep planting those seeds.

Anyway, it's very it's pretty common in as a business owner, like most businesses like traditional businesses like they go to you know sometimes couple years without making any profit, right before they're able to start taking a profit from the business, okay that's typical in entrepreneurship. But in a home based business where the barrier of entry is lower. Right. You know, people expect results much much faster and you can absolutely get results much faster but that the results that you're going to get faster are going to be a result of your decision making and your discipline and you're being willing to plant the seeds and continuously plant the seeds, even if you're not getting those rewards yet.

I mean it took me six months of working pretty non stop like I mean I was doing, I was putting in 50 plus hours a week in the business borrowing money to you know to make the business work, and also to, you know, to sustain my life. Right, six months of doing that and being really committed and like really going for it and like learning and, you know 10 You know, probably 10 plus hours a day most days, and it still took me six months before I made my first sale.

But shortly after that six months after that, I went full time, because once things start to compound, and you keep pouring gasoline on the fire, and that's that's important too, like you got to, once you do start to get momentum, you got to keep your foot on the gas, right, recognize that you're in the season of growth, you're in a season of momentum, keep planting those seeds, keep growing, right, because, because, in doing do it longer than you've been you think that you have to write and then and then once you're at a point where you're where you're you know you've hit some of your goals, you've got systems in place you've got infrastructure, you've got team in place, right, then go take a vacation, right, then go reward yourself for the work that you've done, because now you're on the season of okay I can, I can take my foot off the gas, I can relax a little bit, you know, and but but just understand that there's going to be another growth season coming up so just recognize the season that you're in. If you're in a season right now where you're doing the work, you're planting the seeds, but you do not have the financial rewards yet understand it's coming, I understand that that's common right everybody experiences that it's like a rite of passage for entrepreneurs be okay with it, accept the situation, and keep planting those seeds, that's my message for you for today. We'll see out there.

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