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Meredith - Okay, free video reveals why our new high velocity selling system is the fastest way for regular people to build a $4,485 per week or more online business from home in the next 60 to 90 days. Okay, high velocity masterclass. So then if we go over to LinkedIn, and we find you. Are you on LinkedIn.

Michael - Yes, I'm on the way here. Let's see Michael Michael. I should be there I am, I shouldn't be to decline, right here. Stride growth management group from Albany, Georgia. Yeah, that's, I got to change all of that.

Meredith - I'm saying, Okay, so let's, let's talk about how to do that right like if you haven't gotten to this part, it's okay. Yeah. First thing you want to put an image here. Yes. Okay, next thing, put it more current photo of you. Yeah. Hey. Next thing advisor at strike Growth Management Group, you're gonna want to change this, this is like resume based, you're gonna want to say, I help blank to blank. So if we go over here and we look at your, whoops. Where did you go. That's not you. Too many windows, okay if we look at this and high velocity selling system is the fastest way for regular people to build it. I help, regular people to start, online businesses from home and find success in 60 to 90 days.

That's what I do. That's what Michael Walker does. I help regular people build online businesses from home, and earn an income. In the next 60 to 90 days, something like that. Yes, so that is congruent so that your headline right here is basically a snippet of that funnel about us, then you're going to tell your story. It doesn't need to be that you're this, you know, it's not a resume, tell us your story here. I was blank. Then I blank. Now I blank. Right. I was blank.

Now I blink and when you describe I was bla bla bla bla bla, you're describing the pain points that you felt, but those pain points are also the pain points of your target audience. So what are the pain points of regular people right now, the pain points of regular people right now they need to make some money. Yes, right. The economy's booming and people are still struggling, helped me figure that out. Right, what are you what are those points, that's what you want to put in there.

So I was like I was frustrated, I wasn't making money. I was tired of building, you know, corporate world or whatever your story is in pain point pain point. I was tired of watching my wife, you know, struggle away working her job while I was working my job and we didn't spend any time with our children. Now, right and then I was introduced to a business that allowed me to unite with my entire family, and create an income stream online that we can all work in together, our whole family, because I just love like the family aspect of what you guys have right. I mean, that's so cool, it's like man I work with my kids, this is so awesome, right, this is so, my people. And now, I help, regular people tap into the world of online marketing and virtual business to create a stream of income within 60 to 90 days.

If you want to know the exact system that my family used to retire my wife and me. Check out this free video app blah blah blah, whatever your URL is now, now it's congruent. Well Michael is a former business guy, he was sick of it. But more, most of all what Michael is is a family man, and he wants to help other families create legacy, and Michael I found a way to do it. And now, now I get to do that and I want to help you do the same thing. If you want to know what I did so to Victor's point we haven't told them anything about what you do. All we've done is connect to them on an emotional level.

Right this is super transactional right now, because that's how we've all been told to use LinkedIn, it's like an online resume. Now we're not doing that anymore, we're going to leave, you're going to go into this about section and you're going to highlight it and go click, and it's going to go. And then you're going to rewrite it. Okay. And you're going to write it from that perspective of the dad of like this, you know I was doing this and this and it sucked.

I knew something needed to change and now and then I was introduced to this and I thought to myself, wait a minute I can create something incredible for my family and do it with them. Now, we've had this success, we help other people, and I want to show you the system that I use for free, check out my video below. They're going to check out the video, they're going to click on that, and it's going to take them here.

And now they're going to be like yeah I'm a regular person, and are you kidding me, I want to make $4485 a week online in 60 to 90 days. Yes, you. Where do I sign up, oh right here, okay? Right, so that that becomes then your mantra. So then when you go in, you're posting in these groups organically, you're gonna post organically and you're gonna be able to say something like, like is it true that you and your wife retired yourself from your former careers and now you do this business. Is that a true statement.

Michael - Yes. Okay. But I mean, I've still got other businesses that I do, I mean, I'm of course because this is the system that we needed to put in place, right. Yeah,

Meredith - Yeah and of course you have different businesses, I have more than one business, we teach multiple streams of income, you should I'm glad you have more than one stream of income. But it's fair to say that now everything you do is entrepreneurial self created right so you could, you could say. If you'd like to get access to the exact system that my wife and I use to retire ourselves, and start a business in partnership with our children online, comment below, happy to send you the exact system that I used to retire myself and my wife, it to begin an online business in partnership with our kids. People are gonna be like, Yeah, I want to know what you're doing, you're gonna totally attract family people.

Oh yeah, right, because you're saying hey I retired, my wife, I married. I value family. I and I want to show you how I did this thing where now I get to work with my kids. Right, that's a perfect and now I know Ashley and Chris are like super smart at all this organic posting, take that concept and you guys together, brainstorm 25 different ways of saying that exact same thing. Oh, we could say it like this, we could say it like this, just come up with another one another one another one another one, and now there's 25 Organic posts ideas for you to go and make that if anybody responds to, you're going to send them this link.

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