Meredith - There's really three key things that you've got to have if you're going to be in a home based business, And the first two, don't even necessarily have anything to do with digital marketing. Unbelievably, but the third one, absolutely. So the first thing I'm going to tell them what it is, are you want me to let you want me to lay it out.

Adam - You know I since you set it up on, I'll go ahead and have the honor. You know the first thing that you need is, enthusiasm and excitement about what you are doing, right, like I've never seen in my 12 years of experience in online marketing I've never seen somebody like really crush it and really do well without like some real excitement, enthusiasm, it doesn't mean you got to be like a crazy person and like you know going around you know running, you know, yelling from the rooftops about how great your opportunity is that's not what we're talking about.

But you need to have a genuine, a genuine, you know, drive within you to like get this, like, get your, your message and you know your product and your offer out there to that to the marketplace, you know people that that that's that approach this business by like sticking one, you know, they stick their big toe in the water to like test the waters to see it's like, those are the people that do not do well, the people that jump in and cannonball into the deep end and go, go all in, so to speak, on their business, those are the ones that do well.

Meredith - That's so true and it's true in anything. I mean, what we teach so much of here is a practical application of real-world business tenants applied to this industry. People want to follow someone who is excited about what they're doing, who is excited about bringing their offering an opportunity to the marketplace who's excited about helping people who have a passion that is contagious. So Adams right you don't have to you know have a crazy persona, you don't have to you know have some hype. What you really need is true, genuine excitement and passion for what it is you're doing.

And that relates perfectly to the second thing that you've got to have, you have to have a killer offer. You've got to have something that stands out that people want to be part of and differentiation in this marketplace is critical, because if you think about it, how many of you are in a health and wellness business. That's a billion dollar industry. And there are competitors around every corner. How many of you are in some kind of financial services, same thing, whether it's network marketing or not there's financial services providers, all over the place.

How many of you are doing something that's maybe like personal care related skincare, makeup, something along those lines. That's everywhere too. So how are you possibly going to be able to compete? How are you going to compete? And if you think that competing in your own backyard in your own community is difficult when you step into the digital marketplace that now becomes a global marketplace for you. And while that is incredibly exciting. It can also be very daunting if you don't know how you're going to stand out.

And so, what you've really got to figure out is how your offer, makes a difference for the people that you want to help, and why your offer is different from everything else that people are seeing out there and if you can nail that down, then your marketing can work for you, your digital marketing can work for you. Social media can work for you, but if you're wishy washy. If you're not really sure what your offer is you're changing it all the time if you're confused, and if you're not passionate, then it's not going to matter, it's gonna fall on deaf ears.

Adam - Yeah, exactly. Most home business offers that we see are very incomplete, in that, you know, you might have a great product to sell and, and, you know, a great compensation plan, but if you can't show them like the you know, an actual system for like okay how are we going to get this out to people right beyond just we're going to tell you to make a list of your family and friends. It's like, you can you can do like like we know we're in a day and age because of all the competition that even if you have like the best product in the world, right, it's, it's really not enough you have to have, you've got to have a more well rounded offer meaning you've got to have systems in place, we're going to talk about that next.

And you need to be able to clearly, clearly communicate what makes, what you have different because in the online world, it's all about attention if you don't have attention, you have nothing, right, and you know people get excited about online about like digital marketing because they're like well there's you know there's a billion people out there that I could potentially touch right but but but what you a lot of times you don't think of is the fact that those people also have a billion other options, other things that they can do with their time and their attention. So you got to like, you've got to have a strong message and a strong offer to be able to capture that.

Meredith - Absolutely, and that's really what we want to help you be able to do so. What are a couple of things that you can do right now, today, to help improve your offer because we can't, you know, on point number one it's excitement and enthusiasm as much as I would love to jump through your phone or your computer or wherever you're watching us from, I cannot make you excited, right I cannot get you pumped up and passionate about what you're doing, that's on you. You've got to bring that yourself and if you don't have that, then you've got some mindset work you need to do in order to get excited about it right, but what we can help you do is to define your offer.

You've got to bring that yourself and if you don't have that, then you've got some mindset work you need to do in order to get excited about it right, but what we can help you do is to define your offer. So ask yourself, what is different about what you have. How is it better than the next guy and how does it help your audience, you've got to know who you're marketing to specifically and saying well I market to women, you know, let's say for example that you work with a company that that markets activewear and you say well it's mainly for women so my markets women.

Okay, well, that's not specific enough. What kind of women, which women are they, middle aged women Are they young women, are they healthy women are they women that want to get healthy, do they already buy activewear are they looking to buy activewear do they have a gym membership, like, come up with an idea of who it is you're marketing to, and then ask yourself, what value are you providing to them in your offer, what makes you different or better.

That's from a product perspective, if you're talking about your actual business opportunity well, what makes it better. Is that your compensation plan do you have systems do you have training do you have something in place that allows you to stand out from everybody else that they may be looking to join. Alright, so what's the third thing that you've got to have and Adam already alluded to it but the third thing is, systems, and when he said, we find that a lot of home business opportunities are lackluster that they're missing something, they are and what they're missing is a system.

This is why we still see so many people saying make a list of 100 people. And I'm not saying that you can't share your opportunity your product or your service with people that are directly in your warm market in your network. That's fantastic. But you only know so many people, the end of the day, you're going to run out of people to talk to. So how are you going to create more people to talk to you. How are you going to keep track of that, how are you going to generate leads. Once you onboard a new customer or a new business partner, what's your system to welcome them. What's your system to train them, what's your system to help them reach their goals. Those are the pieces that are often missing, and that's what we teach here at the Digital upline.

Adam - Yeah, exactly. I mean, I was, I remember I was at an event, years ago with a company that I was promoting at the time, and I asked the, the founder of the company who had, you know he can run other successful network marketing companies before he started as a distributor got very successful and then started some of his own companies, and he didn't he, and he asked us like, what do you think is like the number one reason that businesses fail, not just network marketing distributors or companies but just any business under the sun.

What you know why is it and we and we you know we threw up, you know guesses like, you know, marketing and, you know message and like you know we had some pretty good guesses but he's like milk, it's one of those things, it's, it's actually infrastructure, businesses, live or die because of infrastructure, ask yourself if somebody if 100 People were to join you and your team right now. Would you have the infrastructure to support that. Right. Would you be able to onboard them all successfully right like yeah I mean, you know, like if you're doing it just one at a time right now and you're like, like you could you could do it you can handle maybe one or, you know like, maybe five people a month onboarding that but I'm saying if 100 People wanted to join your team frontline right now.

Would you have the systems to onboard them successfully, and get them moving quickly, or would they be like lost puppies. You know wandering around because it's like those, See, that's an infrastructure plan, right, and questions are the answer like, There's a very famous Tony Robbins quote, if you want if you want bigger results in life start asking yourself bigger questions. That's a great question if 100 People were to join my team right now, would I have the infrastructure to support it. Most home business owners, I would say no. And it's those kinds of things that when we when we talk about systems and infrastructure, that, that you need if you want to build a large sustainable thriving over organization over a long period of time.

Meredith - And that's so true because what I've seen not again, not just in this industry, but in other industries that I've worked in is the difference between what I call artistic success, and long term success. So you may have been able to be artistically successful in your business so far, meaning, maybe you're great at bringing new people and new customers in maybe you have an awesome story. Maybe you have a great presentation, maybe you have the excitement that gets people you know to come to you and and join you and follow you and all of that, and that's great but you get to a certain point and now you're trying to mentor all these people you're trying to coach all these people you're trying to keep track of who it is they're talking to.

And now all of a sudden in order to do that, You stop your own recruiting efforts. So you're kind of like this monkey in the middle, right now you have enough of a team where they need your help, but it prevents you from being able to, to grow your team any further. That's what I would call artistic success, you may be making money, you may be profitable in your business, but you have a bigger goal you have a bigger idea of where you want to go. And the answer to that is infrastructure, because your business is only going to grow as large as the infrastructure can support.

Oftentimes we'll also hear that, you know your business is only going to grow as large as the mindset that you have so if you have blocks around money if you have blocks around success or fear, you're only going to go so far. The same idea applies to infrastructure, if you don't have some basic things in place for communication for duplication for training for onboarding for marketing, then people aren't going to have a system to follow and they will quickly leave, and that's what you don't want to have happen.

You want to keep the people who join you right you want to get those people to stay with you and infrastructure is going to support that and it's also going to allow you to duplicate you, because that's really what needs to happen, You have to be able to do that. This industry is one of the most amazing industries, I have seen we all know that people like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, absolutely support it and love it because of the leverage opportunity that exists because of the potential to really have humans working together in collective effort is absolutely amazing, but in order to do that and get the duplication, you have to have a system to support it, it's not going to happen on its own.

So those are the top three things we wanted to share with you today if you want your network marketing or direct sales business to start succeeding in the second half of 2021, check in with yourself, ask yourself, Am I excited and passionate and enthusiastic about what I'm doing. Do I have a really killer offer and am I able to articulate it in a way that my audience sees the value and understands what they get by working and partnering with me, and three, do I have the systems in place to take my business to the next level.

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