The trap of average

Adam - I worked out here in the hotel, you know, I'm excited for the event. And I have, you know, one of the things that I have. And I was I was listening to a podcast is called the I love marketing podcast, and it's a podcast that I love I recommended I you know I like, you know, all of their content is really really good. They interview, different leaders of companies and, you know, brand builders and, you know, on speaking and marketing and all kinds of stuff that I really like.

But the guy that they were they were interviewing, wrote a book called average sucks. And, and I just wanted to share just some of the things that I got from him in his message that about just about like being average right and it's not not even so much about, about being average it's kind of like the trap of average right and one thing that he that he mentioned that I that I've heard before I actually heard from a guy named Grant Cardone if you know grant.

He's talking about the trap of the middle class, right, because if you are if you're, if you're poor, if you're broke, right, that's very motivating you're you're very motivated to get out of that situation and I've been, I've been there multiple times and I've, I've had to, it's been a top you know times when I've been, you know, my back is against the wall.

You know I've done I've, I've used that motivation to propel me forward right so if you're broke, if you're poor, you know, it's like, and let me just quickly say, you know, I've been broke before I don't know if I, I don't think I've been poor right because broke broke is a, is a temporary situation. Poor is a state of mind. Okay, welcome Lamar thanks for being here.

If you're rich, then you also are motivated because you have a lot to lose. But when you are in the middle, right, it's like it's like they talk about the trap of the middle class. It's like if you're in the middle you're kind of you're, you're, you're being told that like everything's okay, you don't really have like, it's not very motivating because you're okay, right, it's like and they you know they this guy and you know people like Grant Cardone, talk about the trap of the middle class, because because it is not motivating it's not inspiring.

And if we've got to find ways to, to motivate ourselves and inspire ourselves and that's why we teach like the morning formula, because you know you want to like constantly reinforce, like a vision for yourself and your business and the person that you want to become and what you want to be known for, like that's the power of something like the, the morning formula, it's very motivational. Right, it's designed, like if you're if you're not getting lit up if you're not getting like really excited every time you complete your morning formula, you're doing it wrong and I would recommend that you need that you get back in there and you start putting down things that you really want in your life not just things that you want in your life.

Maybe that's part of it maybe you are somebody who wants, you know, cars and homes and, you know vacation homes and experiences and things like that, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that you should put that in your morning formula, I absolutely do. I find it very motivating. Right, but you should also be putting on there things that you want for yourself like things that you want for your business. What do you want to be known for. What impact do you want to have Who do you want to help write in what specific ways do you want to, to help other people in what specific ways do you want to impact people in society, right, who are the people that you want to, you know the people and the communities that you want to impact, that stuff is going to be very very motivating. That's why we have we do the morning formula.

So, if I mean just, like, speaking of the morning formula it's like it's designed to inspire you into action right if you're, if you're not constantly reinforcing what you're doing this for it can be very easy to fall into the trap of, I'm doing this because Adam tells me that I need to write. And that's not very that's not going to be very inspiring for you. Right, it's like I'm doing this because Meredith says it's a good idea. No, that's not the reason. It's like you want to be like, I'm doing this so that I can, you know, impact this community so that I can inspire these people so that Pete so that I can show these people what's possible.

Right so that I can help people with x y, solve X Y Z problem, that's what's going to be really motivational it's going to help you through the inevitable challenges that you're going to face when building a business, right because building a business, I mean this is not, it's not easy that's, I mean if it was easy, everybody would do it the hard is what makes it great, the hard that the fact that there are challenges that you are going to have to overcome adversity, right adversity creates strength.

Right, that's why you like you need adversity you need to to to push through the challenges that you're going to face early on in business because, because, as you grow as your business grows, you're going to have more responsibility. When you have a bigger team when you have, you know, more contacts to manage, it's that it means more responsibility, it means bigger challenges. So you've got to be the kind of person that pushes through every challenge, because the challenges are going to get bigger and bigger.

But see, you're gonna get bigger and bigger, right, it's like that's why they call it the home based business industry, entrepreneurship, it's like it's a personal development program with a compensation plan. Okay, it's like the goal, one of the goals for you should be growth like personal growth, professional growth and the people that we see that do really well are people that embrace that and the people that we see that don't do very well, are the people that they're like I just want to make money, right, it's like just show me how to make money.

I don't care about anything else, like I don't want to provide value, I don't want to, you know, I don't want to grow as a person or as an entrepreneur, like those are the people that don't do well in our program as well as in entrepreneurship in general, right, it's like your part of the goal for you should be personal and professional growth.

That is our program is a personal and professional development and growth program. Right and adversity, don't you know when you experience challenges and adversity, just remind yourself that, that it's not wrong, it's not bad, it's like I need to push through these challenges, because it's developing me right it's like it's making me stronger. It's making me a better entrepreneur it's making me you know a more skilled leader, it's like all of these, anything that you're facing right now, you better believe your team is going to be facing those, those same challenges. Right, so it's like you, like, it's almost like you got you, you need to push through those challenges so that you can better lead your team when they inevitably face those same challenges.

Right so that you can say hey I was there like six months ago or two years ago, like I was in that same position, here's what I did, here's how I push through it. Right, it's like, that's how leaders are made.

That's how good leaders are, you know, become, you know, become the leaders that they are right so adversity is necessary, right, just get used to it, right I mean I face adversity every single day I have challenges my business probably much much bigger than the challenges that you are facing, most likely, right. And I'm you know I don't want to negate any anybody's challenges I mean we all have challenges they're tough but like I just recognize because I've been doing this a long time that the challenges that I'm experiencing are challenges due to growth and development right it's like they're not challenges that come as a result of stagnation and staying exactly where I'm at, and those are the kinds of problems I want to have in my business, those are the kinds of challenges I want to have a you you want challenges that are synonymous with growth and development, not problems related to stagnation and staying exactly where you're at, okay, because they're both problems.

The difference is one is going to be, you know, very uninspiring and then other ones are going to be much, you know the other kinds of problems and problems that are related to growth and development are going to be inspiring they're necessary for your growth like the goal, the goal is not to get rid of all the problems in your life right that's what I thought when started in this industry. I thought that the goal was to solve all my problems or solve at least solve my money problems right. And I realized now that it's more about taking view of this like, in many ways, life is. Life is problems right it's like life is a series of problems.

Okay, you're never going to solve all of your problems right until you die right that's when all of your problems are going to be gone. Right, so the goal is, should you know should be taking on problems that are worthy of your life. Okay, I'm gonna say that again, taking on problems that are really better worthy of your life problems that related to leadership problems related to impacting other people inspiring other people showing other people what's possible in life, that's where I'm gonna leave you for today.

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