How to Crush-It in the Second Half of 2022 (1)

Before I go spilling all the beans and let you know what I mean by


I have to let you know that this is the basic formula I’ve been using to build multiple six-figure businesses for over a decade.

It’s the reason I haven’t had a “real job” in over a decade

And I’ve seen it create breakthrough results for countless students and friends in the home business industry

F3 stands for

Foundations, Funnels, and Follow-up

OF stands for Offer Flow

And TF stands for Traffic Flow

These are the building blocks for creating the online business of your dreams!

Not only is it a formula for attracting unlimited opportunity for any home business

But also for systematically enrolling them into any program and doing it in a way that makes you look like an absolute hero and a welcomed guest rather than an annoying pest, which is how most come across when promoting money making opportunities on the internet.

And it works even if you are brand new… Even if you’ve never had results online or in any other entrepreneurial endeavor. Of course, if you have had results online or in other businesses, it will absolutely help take you to the next level of growth and success.

Let’s break them all down.

Foundations - Weather you are just starting out or you are a seasoned pro who is re-thinking your digital marketing approach, you want to start with the foundation. Since online and home based businesses are all about communication, you want to make sure you are communicating a powerful message from a position of authority. Too many people come across online as needy and desperate and weak. Which is not a strong foundation for building a successful business.

Funnels - A funnel is simply a process for engaging, educating and eventually enrolling new customers and team members. The most important thing to understand about funnels is that the type of funnel that works for one kind of business may not work at all for another type of business. In the book, workbook, video series and 5 day challenge you will see below, I showcase the funnel flow we use and recommend for attracting business builders and people who do are receptive to online and home-based opportunities.

Follow Up - Most marketers and sales people give up way too soon when it comes to follow up. We’ve implemented automated email campaigns that have converted 25-75% more sales and helped us monetize the leads that say no to our primary offer. I’ve also had the experience where someone said no to my primary offer but YES to a different offer only to, several months later say yes to my primary offer and then went on to make me tens of thousands of dollars as a leader in my business.

Offer Flow - As I just mentioned in the section on follow up I think it makes sense to have multiple things you can offer in your business. One is the most dangerous number in business and while this does not mean that you should be promoting multiple business opportunities at the same time you can create an offer flow where one offer enhances and sets the stage for the next. It is easier to get someone to say yes to a low ticket offer without even speaking to them, but much harder to do so with a higher ticket offer with a monthly recurring expense. Does this mean that one is better than the other? No, I’m suggesting you should do both. Promote low ticket affiliate offers to get the immediate Yes and to create a new customer. Followed by additional offers once the relationship has been established. This is exactly how I was able to build an online business with 7 income streams and hundreds of customers before I really even knew what I was doing.

Traffic Flow - Even if you get all the other 4 components right, you really have nothing until you have a consistent flow of traffic. This is true for all businesses by the way. Remember when I said that one is the most dangerous number in business? That may be especially true when it comes to your traffic sources. My current favorite and most fruitful traffic sources in my business are Linkedin, TikTok, my Facebook groups and my email list. There is no such thing as free traffic. You either pay for traffic with your time or with your money. I use and recommend a combination of both to maximize results. You want to start looking at traffic in 2 ways. Traffic you own and you control and traffic you rent with either your time or your money. I’m at a point in my business where I can get a ton of free traffic just by sending a single email to my list because that is a traffic source I’ve been building and cultivating or years. It is a traffic source I own and I control. So the focus for any traffic source is not only to make sales but also to build your future traffic channel (your list) that you don’t have to always buy or rent traffic with your time and money. You do that with funnels, foundations and follow up. See it’s an endless cycle that never ends, it just loops back to the beginning.

Master this formula and you will be able to make it rain in any business that your little heart desires now and into the future.

We will go into more details on each of these vital building blocks in our upcoming

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Adam Chandler

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