The cost of progress

Adam - The cost of progressing in your business what it what it is going to cost you to experience the growth and the progress that you are looking for your in your business and in your life. So I'm in the process of moving right now so we're, you can see the bookshelf behind me is, is completely empty or I mean not completely empty but it's, you know I mean I spent some time this weekend, putting all my books in the inboxes I'm cleaning up my office and cleaning up my house we're moving, but three and a half hours from where we live down to Northwestern Colorado right in a small town in the mountains.

I'm really excited, you know, excited about the move excited about, you know, buying, buying home. And, you know, it's, you know, we're, you know it's a big process like the process of moving, you know is, you know it's it's very it's very involved and you know you got to go through all your stuff and see what what, you know what you can throw away and what you want to take with you and stuff and I do like it, I like that it's like an opportunity to like shed it's like, get rid of some stuff right until like, you know, really evaluate the stuff that we have in our lives and what we can get rid of, you know, so that we can, you know, go to the new place and get, you know, all, all new stuff.

But I'm cleaning out my office, and I'm seeing, you know, I'm, I'm looking at like, I'm coming across all these journals, right, these journals have like, you know, no, no, you know, journals and notebooks and, you know, other you know other other things that I've that I've used in the business over the years, you know, varying like, you know, sizes, you know sketchbooks and, you know journals like this and stuff, right, and they're all filled with things like like affirmations right they're filled with like end of day reviews where I asked where I'm asking questions like, How many people did I did I talk to about my business today, how many people that I expose to my business today.

Did I, how did I show up in my business today, I've got end of day reviews in here I've got end of week reviews I've got affirmations for days, days and days and days I mean I'm just grabbing a random one. And I'll just open to a random page. My expanding wealth contributes to the greater good of society, and humanity by expanding wealth contributes to the greater good of society, and humanity. Okay, like that.

That was just the first one that that my that my eyes were drawn to. I allow myself to discover the easiest, fastest and best ways to make the most money with the least amount of human effort, and zero guilt. And then I'm asking that on the other side of the same notepad I'm asking myself questions. Why am I so successful. Why do I attract so many great leaders into my business.

Why am I always in the right place at the right time with the right people, and that's another way that I was taught to do to do affirmations is to, rather than just affirming what you want for yourself.

Actually, putting it in a statement form, so your brain can start going to work on the answer to the question, but But anyway the, you know what I, what I really want to want to share here is just like, I mean we're talking about 10 Note notepads, filled with with affirmations with end of day reviews with end of week reviews with like planning like planning the coming month and planning the coming, the coming week and what are my goals for this week and what am I going to do, what am I going to do this week, what am I going to accomplish this week, what are like the big priorities of the of the things that I need to move forward today, this week, this month, it's like this stuff is filled with that.

And, you know, it really made me, it made me think of like, okay, what is the price of signal of progress the cost of progress is a discipline is the cost of progress is discipline, if you are in a season in your life right now, where things are not moving, things are not growing, you likely have not experienced the cost of discipline, right and then and you know you will rarely, rarely, rarely, if ever, exceed your income and the sales and growth in your business will rarely if ever exceed your level of personal and professional growth and development.

Okay and that's why this this stuff, I mean it's not just about knowing where to point and knowing where to click and you know having, you know, having the best system and like, you know, being able to lead people through sales conversations I mean, that stuff is important, but it's like, if you are not doing the mindset work if you are not if you are not experiencing discipline and getting better, about how you approach your business in your life, then you will likely not experience the kind of growth and the kind of progress that you are most likely, you know here for, whether you're watching this listening to this.

You just won't it's not it's it doesn't happen, they're not they're not like mutually exclusive things, you know what, and they, like, like your your if you you feed your mind you or your discipline in your in your actions in your business and you're doing things that frankly most other people are not doing and are not willing to do, right, that like, that's one of the biggest like the biggest success principles, that is, like, it's not sexy at all.

Right, it's not it's not, there's, there's, there's nothing like super fun about it but it's like one of the biggest principles to growth and success is you've got to just do what other people are unwilling to do. And I think that like these, like, all of these journals that I found those like just over the years of affirmations and, you know, end of day reviews and end of week reviews and like planning for the coming month like that, that is all.

It's all just, you know, kind of a log, if you will, of like of like the discipline, and like of like you know me. Feeding my mind, the right information, getting, getting my thoughts out on paper on a regular basis, because that is the end being being disciplined enough to do that is the cost that I've paid that I've traded for the growth that I have experienced over the years, and you're going to have to do the same thing I'm not saying that you got to fill up, you know, a million journals.

You know because you can, you know you can do a lot of this stuff digitally, I do think that you actually, you, you solidify these things in your brain, especially with like affirmations and like asking questions like, you know how, you know, how do I get to the next level, like how do I expose my. business to a completely new untapped audience of people who are going to, you know, buy my offer, like, you know as soon as they see it right it's like asking those kinds of questions feeding your brain that kind of, of input information, right, it is, it's going to be more effective if you actually put pen to paper and you're using a journal or a notepad, as opposed to doing it, you know, with, you know, doing it digitally taking the notes digitally but either way.

Right. Either way, the point is the discipline, the cost of discipline, the cost of progress is discipline. Okay, if you are if you're not getting the results that you want, I mean I would ask you, what are you doing on a daily basis to feed your mindset with the right information.

Are you doing your morning formula? Are you are you doing an end of day review to measure and track your progress? Are you using our momentum tracker tool to track your income producing activities on a daily, and a weekly basis, and if so are you reporting your numbers on a daily or weekly basis?

The reality is that you know I mean, for, but you know we have, we have several clients you know we've got dozens of active clients, and we only see a few trackers that are posted, you know, on a weekly basis. And I have to imagine that the people that are actually doing the work doing the tracking, are the ones that are reporting it, and the ones that are not reporting it, aren't doing it at all, right, which tells me that you're not you're not following the program as it's designed, you're not you're not being coachable, you're not holding yourself to a higher standard.

You're not You're not doing one of the fundamentals of the program which is which is tracking your income producing activities and reporting on your results. And why not, why are you not doing that. I mean what I mean, you got it. Those are the kinds of questions you want to ask yourself if you're not getting the results that you want a wire well how come you are not, you know you are not taking the actions that you need to be taking.

Right and if you are in if you're in if you are, you know, in the camp of the you are taking these actions, right, you are tracking your results you are doing the morning mindset work on a regular basis. Right then, then there is no doubt in my mind that you are creating progress in your business in your life and your skill sets in your personal development and your professional development.

And I'm telling you that the more that you do that kind of stuff, the easier your life and your business will be, it'll be easier to make sales, it'll be easier to push through challenges, right, because, you know I've been I've, I've, I have paid the price of mine the progress that I have experienced, because of the discipline and this stuff right here is proof. This is proof of that discipline.

Right, it's not i It's like these are these are all things that that have made me better over time that have compounded over time, right to where to where, you know, I don't I don't have the same limiting thoughts, as you know as my previous self did, because I've done the mindset work because I put in the time and the discipline to make myself better, to track to track my, the things that I'm doing to really reflect, I mean, what are you doing to reflect on, on last week, last month I mean, do you have, are you doing any kind of end of day reviews end of week reviews, end of month reviews if you're not doing that, then you're probably repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again.

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And that's fine, if that's what it's going to take for you to grow, then that's then if you have to repeat the same mistake 10 times in order for yourself to really get it, then you know, then at least you're doing it at least eventually you're going to get it, but I'm telling you it doesn't have to be that difficult. It doesn't have to be that difficult if you are willing to to up your level of discipline.

Right and start to do an end of day review and end of week review and end of month review, and then in the beginning of the week, you're able to do a you know a star of day like, you know, are you planning, are you planning for the new day are you planning for the new month.

Are you planning for the new week? You know I do these, I do these every Monday and every Monday, every Monday morning just like clockwork, I play, I open up my notebook and I say week of, you know, whatever the Monday is and then whatever the following Sunday is, and then I write down what are what are my goals, slash, outcomes, and then what do I want to happen this week in terms of sales in terms of leads, like what you know what, what do I, what do I want to happen from an outcome perspective.

And then following that immediately is actions and plans what actions, am I going to take, what, what am I going to execute in order to hit these goals in these outcomes. And then I also have another, a third section on there, that's just study and intentions, what do I want to study this week, what am I going to what skill sets, am I going to work on improving this week, you know, whether it's sales, marketing, leadership, right, like, like, you know, all of these things that are going to make me more effective in business so then tomorrow, I'm able to do more than I am today.

Right, it's like that, that that's what I do that every single Monday and then on the other side of the notepad, I write down, I put, I put one line down, down in the center of the page, and then two horizontal lines, and then I write Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. Okay so Monday at the top, then Tuesday.

The middle section is Wednesday, Thursday, and then the bottom and then the bottom section is Friday, Saturday, and then as I take all the outcomes that I have listed out on the, the, on the, on the other side on the right side of the notepad, all of those outcomes and I assign a day, which day am I going to focus on doing this what day am I going to focus on doing this, what day am I going to execute this action that I said I was going to take.

And these are things that we teach in our courses. These are things that we these are resources that we provide to you, and it's very easy to do, but it's also easy not to do and that's the rub. And that's where people that's where people fall off because they don't, because they don't see an immediate result they don't see that immediate like I do I start, I plan my week today, it's probably not gonna put any, any dollar bills in my pocket today.

It probably won't even lead to any sales today, but it's like it's, it's, that's, that's what I mean when I talk about the price of progress the price of success is discipline, it's being able to wake up on a Monday morning and planning, planning your entire week, and actually sticking to it. Right, it's getting, you know, getting to the end of your week whether that's Friday or Saturday or Sunday, and and reviewing your week and looking at things asking yourself questions. Okay, what did I do that, what what did I do that I said I was going to do, you know, what did I say I was going to do, and then did I do it or did I not do it. I mean that's a great place to start for an end of week review is.

Did I do the things that I said I was going to do, and if I didn't, then that's okay, I could just move it to the next week, right but but it but if I didn't do it that's, that's another great question to ask and like an end of week review. Why didn't I do it if I didn't do it, why, what is it we did it was a time, right, am I am I just gonna say oh I just didn't have the time or am I going to actually ask myself like, okay, no it's not necessarily time it's an issue of priorities, whenever somebody says I didn't have the time to do something, they're not that's not exactly what they mean they're there.

They're there, it's because we all have the time to do everything that we want to do. It's an, it is a question of priorities, if you didn't get it done, it's probably because you didn't make it, enough of a priority and if you didn't make it enough of a priority. It's probably because you don't have a big enough vision. What once your vision gets clear enough I'm promise you you will not you won't, you won't hesitate, you will have less, you will you will you will deal with procrastination less, because you know what you're moving towards. That's why we have we do the morning formula.

I mean that's that's it, that's that is really the key to all of this if you're if you're doing the morning formula you're doing your you have a vision that you're that you're moving towards in the end, and if it is clear enough and it is something that you really want. You won't hesitate to take the actions that you need to take, even if it's uncomfortable. Even if, even if it's something that you've never done before, even if it's uncomfortable because the vision will pull you into doing it.

Okay, it's not it's not a big deal to you know to wake up a couple hours earlier. If you have a big enough vision but if your vision is weak. If you don't have a vision, then the little tiny uncomfortable things are going to take you out of the game over and over and over again. You know, these are not theories I've seen this happen a million times, you know how many entrepreneurs I've seen sabotage their success just by because they, it's not because they make some huge mistake, it's because they fail to do the little things, consistently, they fail to pay the price of progress and success, which is disappointing.

You got to be willing to pay that price. If you're not, what are you doing here. If you're not, then you're not really an entrepreneur. And he's sitting, you're probably better off, you know, because this can be a very expensive hobby. Okay, if you're not, if you're not willing to do the little things on a consistent basis, right like doing your morning formula, planning your week doing the end of day review doing the end of week review, starting to challenge your limiting beliefs, if you're not doing those things, then, then you're not, you're, you're kind of pretending to be an entrepreneur you're pretending to be a business owner and you're not going to get any results from it.

In fact, it will end up costing you. Okay, and this is the kind of thing where if you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business, if you treat it like a hobby. It will cost you, like a hobby, don't be that person pay the price of success, pay the price and progress, which is discipline, which is doing the mindset work, which is challenging your limiting beliefs, that is the cost of the progress that you seek, you do that, you'll get the results 10 times faster I absolutely guarantee it.

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