How do we create more leverage in our businesses so we can do more with less?

We have to get really good at getting people to raise their hands and request more information. Basically giving us permission to market to them over time.

We call this "direct response marketing"

Perry Marshall is one of the best direct response that I know and I got this list from his book, "80/20 Sales and Marketing”

It's one of the best books I’ve ever read on the topic of direct response marketing. 

Perry called this list his, "80/20 Sales Pro Rules"

I call it, "7 Cardinal Rules of A Direct Marketing Pro”

Rule #1.) No Cold Calling EVER

Cold calling is a complete waste of time and it is a very low leveraged activity

Rule #2.) Before you sell anything you must know what you are willing to pay to get a new customer

Do you have any idea what a new customer is worth to you? If you know that on average a customer is worth $500 and it takes 50 leads to get 1 new customer then on average, every lead is worth $10. If you can generate leads for $2 per lead, than you are essentially making $8 in profit for every single lead that you generate. 50 leads per day = $400 in profit per day. This is an oversimplification for this example and in my experience the average lifetime value of a customer is WAY more than $500. 

Rule #3.) A prospect who finds you first is more likely to buy than if you find him

This comes down to authority. When someone finds you, particularly when they are looking for a solution to a problem, they automatically perceive you as an authority which makes the selling process sooooo much easier. Essentially doing more with less. I.E. leverage! 

Rule #4.) You will dramatically enhance your ability as a sales person by authoring, publishing or speaking on your topic

Not at the point in your business where your speaking on stage, creating your own courses or writing your own books yet? Thats cool. Start where the rest of us did and start publishing your own blog posts and videos to position yourself as the authority.

This is non-negotiable for creating a leveraged business. You have to be doing things to position yourself as an authority if you want to be taken seriously enough to get a lot of business. Capisce?

Rule #5.) Generate leads with information about solving problems, not about the product itself

People don’t buy a drill because they need a drill. They buy a drill because they need a hole. Therefore, if your selling drills, don’t create information about drills, create information about creating holes. I.E solving the problem. 

If you want to attract network marketers, don’t publish information about how your company is the greatest company in the world, like amateurs do, publish information about solving the biggest problems for network marketers, which is, without a doubt, lead generation. This system will help you solve this problem, both for yourself and for the network marketers you wish to attract. 

Rule #6.) You can attain the best negotiating position with customers only when your lead flow exceeds your capacity

If you only have 10 leads you become very attached to those leads and you may find yourself in a position where you are trying to beg and convince them out of desperation. The lack of leads makes you attached to the outcome in each situation. If you have 1,000 leads you are less attached to the outcome of what any one of them might do, which puts you in a powerful position. 

Rule #7.) The best asset you can own is a well maintained customer database

It is 10 times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to attract a new customer. Therefor, if you are not creating a customer list, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. Not good!

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I personally capture my customers contact information in my email list, (for email communication) my mobile list (for text messages) and via social media (for easy communication via Facebook etc.) Those are the big 3 communication modalities. Email, mobile and social media.

If you are building a team in network marketing or affiliate marketing, at the very least you should be inviting them into a private team Facebook group. Remember they not only did business with your company, but they also did business with you. So you should have systems to store, categorize and communicate with them if you want to create more leverage in your business. 

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