The 4 fundamentals of home based business success

Adam - Today we'll be talking about fundamentals, and you know the fundamentals are the things that are you know they're not sexy, they're not attractive, but they are the things that will make you rich, right, like if you are doing the fundamentals, will create progress if you're actually doing these four things consistently.

Okay, there's really no way that you're not going to get results in your business, there's no way that you're not going to be to be moving forward and I feel like, you know we we just as human beings we just we, we have a natural tendency to overcomplicate things right to think that it's like, it can't just be that it can't it can't just be, it can't be that simple.

It has to be way more success has to be way more complicated than that. And those are the people that that ultimately will fail because they just trick their mind into thinking that it's like that success is some is like, it's over there it's like if I just have, you know, it's like it's like there's just something that I'm missing you already have everything that you need to be successful, you just need to do it, and you need to be consistent with it.

Don't Don't get upset about results that you did not get from work that you did not do so, you know it's time for a, you know, for a real conversation and for, for, for you to check in with yourself. And you know, really determine if you are doing the necessary actions to, to grow and to get into get results in your business.

I'm going to I'm going to share what what those actions are and this is something that I was taught very early on that if you if you are doing these things, you cannot not have success in the home business industry you cannot not have success. You know as as a home based entrepreneur and network marketer a direct sales professional. So, number one is personal development, you have to be doing personal, personal development, on a daily basis. Okay and what that looks like for us in this community is your morning formula.

Okay, so ask yourself right now. Am I doing the morning formula, every single day. How many times did you do the morning formula, last week. Okay, write that number down in fact I want. In fact, take out a pen on a piece of paper and start writing this stuff down. How many days last week.

Did you do your morning formula, because I do my morning formula I mean last, last week I took a little bit of a ski trip so it's a little bit different on weeks that you're traveling, you know, weeks that you're on vacation, you know, but but like, but weeks that you are actually working, and weeks that you are progressing your business in your life forward.

You should be doing the morning formula, like, at least five days a week probably six, and possibly even seven days a week and I'm very consistent about doing my morning formula, at least five to six days a week, on the weeks that I'm that I'm working in, and I think that you're gonna find that with, with, you know anybody who's who has reached a certain level of success is that is that they, they have they have habits they have successful habits like doing the morning formula.

It's like, it's like the people that do it the most are the people that need it the least, in which in which are you are you are you the person that needs it the most, and you're actually doing it the least you got to flip that. Don't be that person.

So the morning formula is really designed to be like a very small block of time where you do some personal development, you get introspective, you get clear on what it is that you want, you get clear on your vision for your, your, your life and your business like the things that you are moving towards right and you get to kind of create a little bit on a daily basis of who you want to be right what you want to, you know what you want your business to look like what you want your life to look like.

And I have this process a very detailed, to where like, you know I've got, I've got very specific pictures in my morning formula, about, about, you know experiences that I want to have what I want my house to look like and what I want you to like certain things that I want in my house and my home office what I want the home office to look like.

And, you know, things like that because, because, in what that does for you is, if you, if you are constantly keeping images in your mind and you're constantly reinforcing this future vid version of your life and your business, then the day to day challenges that you will inevitably face, building a business are not that difficult they become less of a problem, because you know what you're moving towards.

It's like you're okay with dealing with the day to day challenges that you will inevitably face, because you are playing a bigger game because you have a very clear vision, see if you if you have a vision, like let's say, you know you're you've got, you've got like a level four vision right but you have like level seven problems, you will sabotage yourself, you will you will, your mind will take you right out of this game.

Okay, but if you have a, if you've got a Level, Level nine or 10 vision, those same level seven problems that you're experiencing don't even really register for you as a problem, it's just something that you need to do. It's just something that you have to pass through on your way to fulfilling the vision and manifesting the vision.

Personal Development Day, you've got to be doing personal development, you've got to be working on yourself, you know, listening to, you know, recordings like this is definitely, you know, an important part of that but like this needs to be happening on a daily basis, you've got to be developing your mind, you've got to be developing your, your, your, your, your, your entrepreneurial mindset, and you've got to be developing your, you've got to be developing yourself both personally and professionally.

Right, the professional development, you know that's like learning marketing that's like learning, you know, communication skills, those are all things that are very important, but you've got to be doing the personal development to the, the mindset work the leadership work, you've got to be, you know, challenging some of the thoughts that are coming in your mind and you've got to be challenging some of the things that are coming out of your mouth right because leaders have very different vocabulary than the average person.

Okay, like, you've got to, you've got to get like some of the weak language out of your vocabulary like words like need, and words like need and, like, you know to frame phrases like, like, I can't write it's like those kinds of things like, you've got to you've got to check yourself when those things come out of your mouth, because it is, like, when you say those things, that becomes very much like indicative of your thoughts, right, and how you then your thoughts and your attitude, and you're not going to have a great business, and a crappy attitude, it just does not work.

It doesn't work like that you've got, you've got to fix the attitude first, and then the results will show up. Okay, not vice versa it's not like well, I'll have a better attitude once I get better results. No, it doesn't work like that. It does not work like that you've got to fix the language the attitude, the thoughts, the behavior first, then the results show up.

Okay, there's no exception to that. Okay, I think I've beaten that that horse enough so personal development number one.

Number two, exposing people to your offer you that needs to be happening on a daily basis

How many people did you expose your business this week. How many people did you expose your business, last week, can you beat that number, like that's, this is why we have you do the, the, the momentum tracker. This is why we have you submit your momentum trackers on Friday, and by the way, most of you are not doing that.

That's like one of the big fundamentals which I'm going to get to in a minute. We're not even there yet that's actually number four in my list, but like, we give you points for doing income producing activities. We know this, it's not the points that we give you are not designed to, to you know make you feel bad about yourself, it's designed to be the look in the mirror of are you doing the necessary activities that are going to lead to better results in your business, and therefore a better life.

And if you're not doing those things right then that would be why you're probably not tracking them. Right, but if you but like, start tracking them, and then you'll start doing them more, right, we give you points for doing the morning formula for doing personal development. This needs to be happening daily, like, make it a point that you do not go to bed until you have exposed your business your offer to at least two people. Okay, there's two people a day that's like, you know 14 This 14 people a week.

If you just do that you just make it a point to I don't go to bed, and that's probably something that you would even want to write down, I do not go to bed, my head does not touch the pillow at night, but it's how I have exposed to new people, to my offer.

Okay, write that down. How many people did you expose this weekH how many people did you expose today? You might actually even want to start asking yourself like an end of day review at the end of the day, how many people did I expose that like your end of day review could be one question.

How many people did I expose to my offer today? I mean, there you could your end of day review could be more extensive than that but if you just start doing that, just that, you will have better results you I absolutely guarantee it. You can't do that you can't start doing a habit like that, and not get better results is impossible. Okay, so start start doing that start asking yourself at the end of the day, how many people do I expose my offer to today?

Okay. So exposing your offer, are you tracking that. Are you are you doing it and then more importantly, and then and then are you tracking it.

Number three, filling your pipeline

Every single day you should be doing something to generate leads to grow your audience to get more people into your pipeline so that you have more people to expose. Okay. Are you filling your pipeline, that could be, that could be adding contacts on LinkedIn that could be that could be growing your Facebook audience, that could be that could be, you know, driving traffic to a lead generation funnel.

Anything that drives traffic to a lead generation funnel that's still in your pipeline right but the question is, are you doing those things, are you doing them and are you tracking them. What are you doing to fill your pipeline and if you're not, if you feel like you don't have anybody to talk to right now, you need to start asking yourself, What can I do to fill my pipeline today?

Okay these are higher level questions that you've got to start asking yourself if you want higher level results. What am I doing to fill my pipeline today.

Okay, number four, tracking your activity

Those are the four fundamentals of, of what we're doing here are the four fundamentals of just growth of entrepreneurial growth as a home business owner as a network marketer.

As a direct sales professional right you if you are doing these four, you can't not do these four things consistently and not get results, personal development, exposing people to your offer. Filling your pipeline, making sure that you have people to expose an audience to communicate with and then tracking your activity, are you tracking your activity?

If you're not getting the results that you that you want I can pretty much guarantee you're not tracking your activity. If you are getting the results that you're that you that you want, you most likely are right and you and you can be tracking your activity and still not be where you want to be like I'm not saying that, but But what I'm saying is that every single successful entrepreneur that I know they are ruthless about tracking the things that matter in their business. They're ruthless about it they're not lackadaisical about it.

They are ruthless about any any critical drivers in their business. They are tracking that on a daily basis, and that's what you need to be doing if you're if you're not doing that, then you're just playing a game you're pretending to be an entrepreneur, and like it's no wonder you're not getting the results if you're just pretending to be an entrepreneur, you're not going to get the results that entrepreneurs get.

I really want this to be like a real wake up call and like a slap in the face to write because that because if that, if that's what it's gonna take to get you, you know to be less apathetic about about your business and about, you know, getting the results that you came here to get that I'm fine with that I'm okay with, you know, offending you a little bit, you know annoying you a little bit because, you know, in my life, it's like sometimes I only do what's necessary when I'm pissed off enough.

I only do what's necessary when I'm, When I'm frustrated enough with my, with a lack of results or not being where I want to be that finally something snaps in my mind and I'm like alright, you know, I'm committed now, this is what it's gonna look like. Let's go. And from and from that day forward, I'm playing in a completely different game than I was playing the day before.

Alright and that's what you need to you need to step it up in these areas, personal development, exposing people to your offer, filling your pipeline and tracking your activity. Okay that's the activities that you need to be tracking the exact same activities that we that we provide for you on your momentum tracker sheet, we give you points for personal development, we give you points for exposing your offer, we give you points for following up with prospects, we give you points for, for sharing content on the internet.

These are all things that lead to actually lead the lead to money in your business, if you're not doing those things you got to ask yourself why am I not doing these things. Like do you think that there's some secret that you're not being told. Now like well once I learned this secret then, then I'll have that I'll know exactly know if this that's the secret.

This is the secret, okay, what are the critical drivers in your business for any home based business owner, those are the critical drivers, the critical drivers are exposing people, they're following up they're doing the mindset work, they're they're there, they're putting content out there, that's it. Anything else that you're doing on top of that, other than I mean because if you're watching, you know these videos, your, your, your, your, you know you're you're learning like that's part of personal development.

Like if you're doing anything outside of those things you need to stop doing those things and you need to start doing your momentum tracker, you need to start, you need to start tracking the critical drivers, and those are the critical drivers for you. If those things are not happening, you're not going to get results, period. If they are then magically things start happening.

If you start acting like an entrepreneur, then, then something clicks and you start getting paid like an entrepreneur. Are you here to get paid like an entrepreneur, or are you here to get paid like somebody who is dabbling. Right, because, because this is a business where it this can be a very expensive hobby, and a lot of people treat it like that it's a it's a hobby or you if you if you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business, if you treat it like a hobby, it will cost you like a hobby.

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