Adam - Hello and welcome to a mindset Monday where I'm going to be talking to you about success, a little thing called attribution, and share my screen real quick. All right, this is a quote that I recently read from a Stanford Business School professor who said it is far better to understand why you failed than to be ignorant as to why you succeeded. And I just think that this, this, this quote was very very relevant, and it's something that we, you know, really want to want to hammer into, you know to you to our, to our students, our audience our clients.

You know anyone, Anyone who's, who's consuming this information in any way shape or form, is, is that the idea of attribution right and to be able to attribute what is happening to actual actions and actual things that you can see right, so we know let's dissect the quote, it's far better to understand why you failed, then to be ignorant as to why you succeeded. So what he's saying is, it's better to fail, and to know why you failed, than it is to succeed, and not know why you succeeded. Right and we talked about this, you know, in our expert salary and coaching program with our, you know, we talked about leading indicators versus lagging indicators Kay the leading indicators are the, the actions that you take to get to the results, the lagging indicators are the results themselves.

So you've got to, you've got to be willing to not be focused, or not be hung up so much about the results and be more hung up on the actions that you are taking to get to the results and that's why, you know, we make such a big deal about the, the momentum tracker, we you know we, we encourage you to submit you know to track your income producing activities, we give you points for doing personal development work every single day we give you points for following up with prospects for exposing prospects to your offer, for sharing content right these are all things that lead to you getting the result, you notice any notice on that on that sheet on that document, We don't actually give you any points for enrolling anyone in your business.

We don't give you points for, you know, making sales or Gary or, or, you know even team sales or anything like that, because those are not the things that we begin to because those are the lagging indicators, right, those are the results that come from the actions, not the actions themselves right and if you were you would, you know, commit to, to tracking your income producing activities, tracking what you are doing to lead to the results and we've created a program where you know, you know, you're, you're in that program right now where, where we you know we are, you know, we give you the resources to track this, and we even provide a layer of accountability, by having you submit your, your, your, your track sheet every single week, so that we can see what you're doing what you're not doing, and the areas that you need to work in the areas that you're falling short, right, because the reason is one little word.

It's called attribution. Okay, it's better to understand why things are happening if you, if you did work, but you didn't get the result, it's important to understand why right if you did the work and then you got the result and you understand why that's fantastic, it means that you can continue to doing it and optimize the process and do it over and over and over again. But if you just get lucky and you have, you know have some success which happens actually happens pretty few happens a lot. You know, like even a blind squirrel is going to find a nut eventually right.

It's like you know you're winning you're getting wins you're succeeding, but you don't understand why you're succeeding, then, that is, that is something that you really need to change. If you want your success to last. If you want to continue building on that success, and building momentum. You know in your, in your business in your life and by the way, this is not just for results in your business, I mean this could apps, this could go for results in anything that you do whether it's, you know you want to get fit, you want to lose weight, right you want to take control of your finances, right, I mean to be to actually be tracking the things that you're doing the actions that you're taking.

And even, you know one thing that you could do if you are attempting to do this in another area of your life like say it is your finances or your or your health and your fitness, right, it's like, tracking that stuff is going to certainly separate you it's gonna give you much better chances of success like, you know, let's just take the weight, You know, weight loss and fitness for example, as an example, you are counting your calories you're tracking, you know what you're consuming you're tracking, you know how much time that you're, that you're spending at the gym, you know, or you know or, you know, your time spent doing cardio right if you track that stuff, your, your chances of succeeding are going to skyrocket.

Right, but if you track it, and you create some kind of an accountability system with somebody else, that says hey, I'm committed to doing this, I'm tracking my results. I'm just going to submit my results to you once a week, so that you can call me out if I don't do it, or if I'm falling short in the numbers that I'm tracking, like it's what, what you say you're going to do versus what you actually do by habit by, you know, partnering with somebody by aligning with somebody else, and saying this is what I'm looking to accomplish.

These are my key performance indicators, this is how I know I'm, I'm staying on track, can you help hold me accountable, right, then your, your chances of success, you know, triple, quadruple probably 10x If by from like if you're not doing the work at all. Right so, so, you know, it's, it's, it all comes down to. Are you attribution. Are you attributing the things that are causing you to fail, you know, are you properly, you know it because if you don't do this and if you don't actually track these things, then you're, you're gonna it's just gonna be just an emotional roller coaster, I mean, it's gonna be an emotional roller coaster, anyway.

But you can avoid, you know, part of that emotional rollercoaster, by actually knowing why things are happening right you gotta, you got to understand, if you're not having the results, why right if you are getting the results, it's, it's also important to know why so that you can continue doing that and you can refine on it. But that's why we do that, that's why in our expert accelerator coaching program, you know we provide at that level of accountability for you.

But you have to do the work you have to voluntarily do the work we're not going to be, you know, we're not going to be chasing you down, saying hey where's your accountability tracker, that part is up to you. Okay, but we provide the system, we provide the tool the resources that say, here are the things that you need to track so that you can properly attribute, if you're succeeding or if you're failing, and if you're not filling that form out and you're not submitting it every week that you probably have no idea why you're not getting the results that you want. And we certainly don't know why you're getting the results that you want because you're not giving us any feedback, you're not providing us with any information. Right, so you got to be.

You've got to be willing, you've got to be an equal partner in this and you've got to be willing to you know to both to do the work to commit to, you know, filling the document out as well as handing it in every Friday, when we say it's due, and look if you don't even want to do that then at the very least, make sure that you are tracking it so that the end of the day at the end of the week at the end of the month, you can say, Okay, here's what I said I was gonna do.

Did I do it yes or no? Right. And here are the results that I got here are the results that I wanted that I didn't get, and here are the reasons why I didn't get the results that I said I wanted, and you know you see you can hear a proper attribution. Right. And the reason is because now, what can I do the next week the next month. The next day, so that I can reel things in so that I can, so that I can improve. And that's really the name of the game, it's, it's just getting better than you were yesterday. If you're not doing this work if you're not tracking your income producing activities if you're not, then, then it then by the end of the month, you don't even know what you're doing wrong, then how are you going to fix it moving forward, how are you going to get new results in the future if you don't even know if you're not getting the results that you want and you don't even know why.

So really, really important that attribution is like, it's like one of the most important things like burn that word into your mind, because the more, the more you can actually effectively attribute the things that are working on things that are not working to your own actions as to what you're doing, right, that it's going to be the difference it's a difference between the amateur and a professional.

The Pro if they if they don't get the results that they that they set out to get at the very least they know why they didn't so that they can course correct, right, are you able to course correct you got to know why can I think that this, this, this quote is brilliant, and it really speaks to that attribution, it is far better to understand why you failed, than to be ignorant as to why you succeeded, it's better to fail and to know why you failed, than it is to succeed, and not know why you succeeded, that's where I'm going to leave you today for this mindset Monday. Make it a great week.





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