Tired of being ghosted by social media prospects?


Tired of Being Ghosted by Prospects?

You know the drill.

You have a great conversation.

You send over a link to a video about your product or opportunity

Then, crickets… What do you do?

Most network marketing leaders will tell you to just keep following up.

Follow up. Follow up.

And then spend even more of your valuable (and I’m guessing limited) TIME following up some more.

Until you get a yes or a no.

Or a “stop messaging me you scammer”

And i’m not saying that can’t work if you are willing to “grind it out”

But it’s ignoring the underlying problem.

Why did they ghost you to begin with?

And what can you do to prevent prospects from ghosting you in the future?

Could it be that they ghosted you because they see “how” YOU are building YOUR business and they want no part of cold messaging complete strangers to make sales?

But so many home business owners do it because that is what everyone else does…

It's like the blind leading the blind out there…

What if you could setup a few simple systems to automate the follow up process so you don’t have to spend all your time doing it yourself?

If they ghost you it's no big deal because you were never talking to them in the first place…

Your automated system did that part for you…

What if you could pre-qualify and pre-convert prospects so you only spend your TIME following up on the phone
With the cream of the crop?

The people who have seen your company overview video.

The ones who know who you are and what you do BEFORE they even get on the phone with you?

Anyhoo... That is what I help people do…

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