Meredith - Almost everybody else do it kind of end up with this conundrum where you're like, Okay, well, I have this great product but I also have this great business so if I'm prospecting with people Should I, should I leave the products, or should I leave with the business should I leave with the product or selling business. So for a while you lead with the product, and you'll get some customers buying from you and then you try to get through to the business and they're like, I didn't even want a business that's not what I was doing. And then you'll get somebody to join you because they said that they were looking for business, but then they just go and join the next great thing and the next great thing and the next great thing because they didn't have a transformation with your product so they don't have loyalty to it.

So you're just kind of stuck in this makes me think of like a circular reference in an Excel spreadsheet where you just like can I get out of it, you know, and you're not sure what to do. And what we're going to share with you today is that maybe there's a different way of looking at it, maybe there's an entirely different way, and we shouldn't be thinking about, would somebody want my product or would somebody want my business, we should be thinking about who is the most likely person to align with what I'm doing and to believe that what I'm doing can take them to where they want to go in their life.

Who is that person, and today we're gonna make the argument that that person is actually somebody who's already been exposed to. And at least fundamentally believes in the network marketing and home based business industry, that that may actually be the best place for you to start when it comes to increasing revenues in your business and actually eventually getting people to join you, not only as customers but also as teammates and Adam I know you're super passionate about this topic too.

Adam - Yeah, exactly. I mean, this, this was how I got my first like breakthrough results in home based business so you know it was like 12 years ago I joined my first direct sales business I didn't have any experience in entrepreneurship. I you know I had no online marketing experience whatsoever. You know, I, you know, like most of us I saw something that I liked, I got excited about it and I started, you know, shouting from the rooftops as best I could about it. It was, it was probably, I was doing that for about six months, struggling, you know, to figure it all out, Right, I think I borrowed $2,000 to like start the business in the first place.

And then, in that first six months I racked up another maybe $8,000 So it was like, all sudden don't have, maybe $10,000 in debt at that point, from, you know from the business. And what actually like started to shift for me was I got introduced to a marketing system, where it like I feel like before I was like I was all over the place I was trying to try to market to everyone.

Right, I was trying to, I didn't have a very clear message for people. I was just like, you know, throwing spaghetti at the wall and just seeing, you know, seeing what's stuck right. And it wasn't until I found this system that they're there that they're like, We need to narrow your focus, we're you know the the target audience is no longer, you know, corporate burnt out corporate executives, and you know people that are you know that are, you know, stay at home moms and all this, it's like, it's like no, from now on the target audience is existing home based business owners and they made the argument to me that those are going to be your most likely people to join you, because they are already over the home business right they've already, they've already done the thing that you're they want them to do, so they're going to be you know, and because of that they're also going to have more experience they're going to, you know, you'll have to sell them less than the concept, you know of a business and a lot of those people aren't you know haven't really found, you know their forever home yet, you know, like your forever home. It's like when they, like, talk to you about the yard on their forever home yeah you know they're like, they're there, they're looking at things. And this was and when I found this system is when things started to really blow up for me, and I started pulling people into the system.

I would offer them on my network marketing program on the back end. And some of them would take it, some of them wouldn't, the ones that didn't take it I was, I still had them in the system, they were still buying things and I was making affiliate commissions off of that so I was monetizing the leads that was saying no to my business which I, which I think was you know really crucial, especially in the beginning of like being able to monetize, you know, get the most value from the leads that I was bringing in and, and then and then, like I think it was maybe like the, the 10th person that I had introduced to the system. I introduced him to my to my primary business. He bought it, I made $1,000 commission that day was my first, First time ever making $1,000 Commission and one day, and I'm like, this is, this is what like I know what I'm going to be doing, like, like I decided that day that I never have another real job for the rest of my life. And I haven't had a real job ever, ever since. And you know that's the system that I really based in additional enrollment sheet.

Meredith - And that's awesome. That's awesome. And so that's what we wanted to talk about a little bit today is so how do you go about finding these people, how do you go about finding passionate network marketers that maybe just haven't yet hit their stride or, you know, We also see companies struggle in this industry, whether that be because the industry itself struggles in saturated around certain products, maybe they fall into some kind of regulatory problem. There's all sorts of reasons that companies start to decline. And when something companies start to decline, those leaders paychecks start to decline and so what do they do they start looking for the excellence option. So there are people out there that are constantly, constantly looking for how do you find out the answer isn't to put your product or your business in front of them, it's not to have, you know, a point by point discussion of their compensation plan versus your compensation plan or your supplement versus their supplement or your essential oil versus their essential oil, because you'll never win.

Right, you'll never win all the products, all of the compensation plans all of those things are so relatively close to one another, yes there is some differentiation, but it's really not where you want to try to be leveraging the conversation where you want to leverage the conversation is around having systems and tools and marketing specifically digital marketing assets in place that you use as a way to help people see that you build your business differently. And what about giving them away to tap into that digital marketing whether they join you or not. That's what Adam has created with the digital enrollment machine and, you know, we've just have now been about a year and a little bit since the digital sheep book and workbook and ebook publishing we celebrated that earlier this summer.

Well now, Adams released a new version of the digital enrollment machine, and we thought you know what we've never really pulled back the curtain. We've never really shown you exactly what is in the digital enrollment machine allowed you to understand why it is such a powerful tool and such a powerful as your education to help you move your business forward into this age so I think Adams going to share his screen and pull up a couple of things here that we want all of you to check out and in the meantime, if you're joining us here live on the video we just love to know like who you are, where are you from, if you're joining us here live drop that in the comments, or if you would be excited to launch your own digital machine, and have people coming to you automatically. Then you're going to want to make sure that you check out what Adams got to share.

Adam - Yeah and so if you have no idea what we're talking about right here you know this is this is like you know this is the offer that we you know this is the page that we just came out with this week. You know, it's, you know, it's the copy of my book, The Digital enrollment machine, right, which is all about, you know the the system that took my home business from 19k to six figures in one year, as well as you also get.

You also get the, you know, the digital enrollment sheet bundle, which actually comes with so you get a copy of the book, the workbook in a five part video training series. And what we wanted to show you today was like the back, you know the back end, like what you know what you see as a member of the digital enrollment sheet, you can actually you know this is what the member's area looks like and you can see, these are the five videos where we cover foundations funnels, follow up traffic and systems, right, and those are like the five areas that we know that we go through and that we say like, these are the things that you need in place you need a strong foundation you need to know who it is that you're marketing to right you need to understand the message that's going to pull them in, things like that, you know funnels, what's the system that's going to, you know, pull them in the marketing message that's going to pull them in follow up, how to follow up with them, you know with automation, you know how to follow up with them over the phone in other you know other means, traffic, how to get people.

You know how to how to get people's attention online to your offer, and then systems like, you know, we, we all need systems in our businesses right and you know I know however, everybody says, you need a system but there's actually two very specific high level systems that you need, you need a system for acquisition, and you need a system for back end conversions right and, or, like, back end, like you, like you, you've got your front end system which is for lead generation, and customer acquisition, and then the back end system is designed for the long term, you know team retention duplication, and, you know, long term maximization, you know, of your leads, you know, I've got some other cool stuff that I, you know, to show you in the member's area. But, but just wanted to check back in with you. Meredith, anything to add.

Meredith - Yeah, for sure. Well firstly I want to say hey thanks to Deseret joining us here she is one of our clients, she's actually in the Philippines so it's always awesome when we can see her joining us here so hey we're so glad to have you guys we're doing incredible work and we're really really excited for what's happening for all of you and your business, working with us, just, it's just really I think gonna take you where you want to go and, and the coaching program is really based on on the fundamentals that are outlined here, right i mean this, this is absolutely what you've got to understand and the thing that I love about the digital enrollment machine is once you can understand this concept, once you can understand the foundations of marketing, how funnels work, the basics of following up, how to drive traffic and how to have a system that automates a lot of that for you.

You can literally apply it to anything. So if you're sitting here as an entrepreneur and you're saying well I want to get my network marketing business going because once I do that, then I'm going to do this other thing and this other thing and this other thing, because you're like Adam and you're like me you're a multi sources of income, total entrepreneur from the get go.

And so you're like, you have that next idea. We'll check it out the fundamentals of what we teach here in the digital rolling machine mill it'll apply to any other thing you do in the future, even as the technologies change these basic steps are the fundamentals of digital marketing so if you're thinking that you want to use this now on your network marketing business or in the future on something else. It's such a smart thing to get started today.

Adam - Yeah, so, you know, just a couple of things I'll show you. I mean, you know, uh, you can see that you can just go to, you know, any one of us move through the videos we also have other links and resources down, down below, so like this is, this is part two, where we talk about funnels, and then you can actually, you know, check out our you know our Digital Copilot system where we have funnels and, you know, we've got an email system and you know all kinds of other things in that or you know if you've already got some of those things in place, you could certainly use, you know and you know any other third party tool you know maybe you have something like AWeber or getresponse or Active Campaign, or Clickfunnels or drop funnels or all these other things that we've used in the past.

But if you're looking to consolidate your member's area or you know consolidate your tools in one place, we definitely recommend checking out the Digital Copilot, and you can also become an affiliate, where you know you can promote this system right you can promote the Digital Copilot system, or I mean the, the digital enrollment machine right as an affiliate and you would actually get a little habit, right here, you see you see how there's a little, little code at the end, that that is actually with this person's affiliate link, which codes the sale, to him it sends them a notification saying hey you just made a sale of the digital enrollment machine.

And what we're you know, one of the big concepts behind this is if you lead with, you know something low cost, educational, right, it's a great way of getting your foot in the door with a prospect, because you are now positioned as like their business advisor right, think about I mean, think about how, like, it's very difficult to get a complete stranger on the internet, to give you the gift of their time and attention, right, the what this does, if you sell them something low cost, educational something that's going to help them with their business. And, you know, our system sends you an email saying hey this person just purchased through your affiliate link, give them a call and introduce yourself and you call them up and say hey, you know you just purchased the digital enrollment machine I just wanted to introduce myself.

Now you're not calling them to pitch them on your business, which is going to immediately create resistance, you're calling them to introduce yourself as a valued resource in their business and that's it's one of the biggest concepts behind the digital enrolling machine and how it can really work to get you on the phone with some quality people that you can then once the relationship is established then offer them to do business with you in other ways.

Meredith - Absolutely and that's where the whole concept that we also teach here frequently is all about authority and how do you build authority. Well you build authority by offering people value by giving more than you take, you know, by, by really giving so much value that people can't believe that they're actually getting the chance to experience it. And that's it again with the digital enrollment machine can do this, is this a very low cost way for you to create the online authority and give you the chance to develop those relationships, and sometimes those relationships may, you know, get to be, you know where you're doing business together very quickly and other times they may be years in the making, but that's the value of having a system that allows you to stay in touch with people, because it gives you the chance to really engage with them when they're ready.

Right. You don't get to pick that for people, you know, I think so often we meet this industry with force, like we're trying to continually convince people, you know, no join me now, or this promotion not promotion do this do that, when in reality, if you have a system that allows you to talk to enough people and share what you have with enough people, and provide value for those people, the ones that are interested today are going to raise their hands, the ones that are interested in next year if you do a good job of staying in touch with, with them, they're going to raise their hands as well.

And so, wouldn't it be better to be doing business where you feel like you're in service with other people because you're providing them value, earning money along the way and really getting to mind the golden nuggets are the people who are ready to join you. That's what this type of system can provide for people.

Adam - Yeah 100% You know and I, you know, you know, as I said you know this is this was like the, you know, I built this system based on the system that I use very early on, you know to to create breakthrough results, but it was also how I enrolled some of the top, so the tippy top producers that I've ever enrolled in a direct sales business. Because like had I just and I talked about this, by the way, in the book, I go into, you know, I share this story and I go into detail, you know in a lot of these, you know a lot of these concepts and, you know specifics, but they like had I just been like, Hey, join my business right these leaders, these were leaders in a different company, they would have laughed at me and they would have, you know, not even given me the time of day because people pitch them all the time on like the latest and greatest thing.

Right, well because I lead with a system like education, training for them, you know, I, you know, they've found their way into my funnel into my world, right, and they bought, I think you know they're one of the people that bought everything they bought you know all the, all the upsells and all the bells and whistles, right, and I got on the phone with them, you know, and I started to build the relationship, I wasn't super like I wasn't like, trying to get them into the next thing. My primary business like the next day, but I think it was like three weeks later when they actually called me and they're like, Hey, we just saw this video in the system about this other thing that you're doing, they're like, they're like, Can we get on the phone with you can we talk about this? I enrolled them into that program and they ended up over the next year they you know they, you know, made me 10s of 1000s of dollars in you know, as, like, one of the top leaders and top producers on my team and I didn't even ask them about it, they literally came to me and said, we're thinking about doing something new.

We wanted to talk about this thing that you got going on,

Meredith - So powerful and it also gives you the chance for differentiation and that's really really important today to, you know, to not look like everybody else, I mean we've all heard the tired burnt out, corporate executive story and we've all heard that, I quit my job to stay at home with my kids story and now I'm looking for a way to earn money from home and all of those things are true.

However, those songs have been sown online for the last 10 years, and now there needs to be a new song, there needs to be something that's going to drive people to see what you have in a different light, not the same way as everyone else, you need to compete on value, not on attributes of your business product, or position in the marketplace so Adam if somebody wanted to get a hold of the digital enrollment machine what else did you want to share with everyone today.

Adam - Well, we'll certainly we're gonna leave the link to the digital enrollment machine in the comments thread. So definitely, you know, you know, check the comment thread below, you know, to secure your copy of the digital roller machine this is, this is the lowest that we've ever sold it for, we've added some really cool new bells and whistles, including a new Facebook group specifically for people that are in the digital enroll machine for kind of a new, you know, new level of support, and then I'll also show you just some of the other, you know, little things that that you get access to in the digital with the digital enrollment machine, and some of the pages that we created in our Digital Copilot system which again, it's inside the digital enrolling machine you'll get a chance to take a look at the Digital Copilot system, which is, you know, a funnel builder, I mean certainly again if you're already using a page builder tool that you like, you know you can, you know, you can certainly recreate these pages over there.

But this is just something that we offer, with our digital co pilot system for people that are inside a digital enrolling machine we give you these lead generation funnels, so that you can you know use my story to pull people into your funnel, right, right, like using my story in my system to, you know, to get people, you know, in, you know, building onto your list, right and then you put your, you know, we get you signed up as an affiliate, you put your, your, you know we have, we show you how to redirect them from that page to this page with your affiliate ID on it.

This is one of the emails that are one of the pages that goes out to you, or I'm sorry that goes up to your you know your people that get the digital enrollment machine you send them this, except it's got your video on it, it's got your name, your image over here, right and then so like this page becomes very much about you, so it's designed to position you as their advisor, right and then we also have a primary business page, which which is all about, you know your primary offer, and it becomes something that they see. Just like that, you know, the couple that I enrolled, just like they you know they saw my offer my primary offer after they joined me in the system. So, wanted to show you that just some of the cool little funnels that we have, you know, done for you built for you, you know, inside our Digital Copilot system which is inside the digital enrollment machine.

Meredith - Yeah, which is awesome and I can provide a little bit of clarity on that too because I know when I first started working with that and when I first, you know, really wanted to understand more about online marketing, you know, the, the whole ideas of the like building funnels and once all of this possible was just, you know, kind of confusing and honestly intimidating. It was a little bit of like feeling like I'm taking my car to the mechanic.

Just kind of that uneasy feeling in your stomach and some of you may feel that way to where you're in this group and you're like, Yeah, I'd love to have a digital upline you know I'd love to have somebody showing me how to use this because my upline doesn't get it or they don't need to do it because they, they built it 10 years ago and so now their residuals just huge and it's and it's not their fault. It's just simply doesn't work that way anymore, you know, too much has changed, especially in the last 18 months so if you have that uneasy feeling and you're out there and you're looking at a whole bunch of other systems and you're looking at other things, you know, don't, don't start with, with a big system that's going to be overwhelming for you start with something where you can begin to learn the lingo.

Start with something where you can begin to really understand how this works, from the perspective of someone who's done it again and again and again for multiple companies and multiple clients and that's why Adam wrote the digital enrollment machine, because our goal is to help educate this industry around the technologies that are going to continue to legitimize it as working from home and developing your own personal economy becomes the norm. And so if you're just looking for that piece of education without having to, like, Do the hokey pokey and put your whole self in, then there's just not any reason that I could think of that you wouldn't get a hold of the digital enrollment machine book and workbook and work through them.

It's honestly, you know, less than a pair of shoes on clearance. I always have to have a shopping reference in there, but it's just it's just you know less than you'd spend taking a French lunch or even, you know, a couple friends to coffee so we're not talking about something huge here, we're just talking about something that can really begin to lay down the foundations for you to have a great remainder of 2021, and an incredible 2022

Adam - Yeah, exactly like the, the digital enrollment machine the book the workbook, I mean it's really, you know, you know, it's about like some of these concepts and some of the, the, like, you know, it's a very good like entry level in, you know, I share my story so you kind of get to see like, you know, like, what's possible in the industry and what I found was, was possible for myself and how it kind of, you know, opened a lot of doors for me, but like, it's really only for the people that are like, you know, okay, you know, I get it I want to go all in with it that, then we would work on like setting up your adviser page and your primary offer page and some of these other other things and we realized that there's probably people that are watching this that are in both of those camps, you know, you might be somebody who you know who's just looking to get get started and get some information, or you might be somebody who's, you know, further along, and you know ready to, you know, jump in with both feet and get, you know, get some of those, you know snazzy funnels set up for yourself.

Meredith - Snazzy, I love it.

Thank you for listening to the Digtial Upline show. Adam and the D U team are committed to leveling up the network marketing profession by equipping distributors with 21st century systems and skill sets that decrease resistance and increase cooperation with prospects and team members, visit to get notified when we release new podcast episodes and to get exclusive access to our weekly live trainings.



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