Participate in your own rescue

Adam - One of the things that I've been thinking about I have gone on a lot of whitewater rafting trips. I don't know if you've ever been whitewater rafting, it's really fun and something that we do in Colorado, in the summer. And, you know, it's, uh, you know, it's just, it's just a good, good way to, you know, get up, get out, get outdoors, you know, get some adventure, and it's really fun if you ever get the, the experience and the opportunity to do it, I highly suggest it. In the beginning, like write that before you go on a rafting trip.

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The air that take you on the river, have a safety meeting with you right where they talk about, you know what, you know how they're going to be giving you instructions what you need to do you know what some of their commands mean. And, you know, and, and even what happens in the event of a rescue like if we need to rescue you, you know, meaning the guy, the guy in the raft the guide and the raft, and then they also have like kayakers that will that will go along with the raft trip in case something happens, and some of the, you know the rafters, end up in the water.

They're like we need to have, you know kinship contingency plans for when things go wrong, it makes a lot of sense right, especially with something, you know with danger involved like you know whitewater rafting, right. And one of the things that really stuck out in my mind.

Is it from you know from one of my most recent, you know, rafting experiences which was wasn't, you know, which was a little while ago like like last summer. They said that the best thing that you can do in an event of an accident, right if you end up in the water and you have to endure, you've got to swim there like and we have to rescue you. One of the best things that you can do to ensure your survival is to participate in your own rescue. Imagine that participate in your own rescue meaning, meaning like, if you just wait for us to do everything for you.

Right then, your chances of survival actually go down significantly, but if you swim when we tell you to swim when we, when, when, you know, if you like, you know, as it relates to Whitewater. You parked you grab the rope when we throw a rope to you, and you actually grab that rope, right, and you and you. It's like that or like or like we grab you know we throw you a rope, but it lands a couple feet away from us, like you swimming over to that rope is like, you participating in your own rescue, and I think about this as like a metaphor in just business and life and what I see, just observing people.

You know how they operate and how they approach their business in their lives, and it seems it seems to me like many, many people refuse to participate in their own rescue, they think their company is going to save them or their coaches are going to save them, or the government is going to save them. And I'm going to tell you something right now, that might be the best advice you will ever hear no one, and I repeat, no one is coming to save you, which means you must be willing to save yourself. I saw a Facebook post from, from an old friend from like a previous life. And this, this young gentleman was complaining about how he hadn't received his unemployment check in over a year.

And, you know other, others are commenting on his post, you know, lamenting his frustration, you know, and I'm sitting here thinking, well maybe it's time you actually get a job, you're complaining that you haven't gotten unemployment in over a year, and like, and you're having a hard time surviving maybe participate in your own rescue and go and take matters into your own hands, rather than relying on the state or the government to take care of you and like actually go out there and get a job. Right, but he's under the notion that the government or the state is going to rescue him. Right, and maybe they will.

Right, but I would never want something as important as my survival, and my future security in the hands of someone else, parties, particularly not wasteful greedy politicians. Okay, but his unwillingness to participate in his own rescue means he will probably lead a very difficult life, and he will probably get to his deathbed, unfulfilled and full of regret. Okay, unfortunately. Now, now what I'm speaking to a group of entrepreneurs right now. Okay, so you've already made the decision to take important actions towards your future and not leave it up to anyone else. Okay, and for that for that fact alone.

I acknowledge you and I applaud you. Okay, but we have people that join our gold level coaching program where we build their lead generation funnel their video sales letter, their calendar booking system, and we even build their team training members area for them. Right, and some will actively participate in our coaching program, they'll collaborate with us, they will, they will help us help them by providing us with more information about their products in their company that we even need to build their sales assets for them. Right.

And as I said, you know, these, these are the ones that will take an active role in learning the necessary principles and strategies to grow their business. Like one of our Gold members, Jason, who, who has enrolled five new members into his program into his business in the first three weeks in the coaching program, and we haven't even completed his funnel yet because it takes us, there's about a four week turnaround time for us to you know deliver all of the marketing assets, right, and we so we haven't even completed his funnel in his marketing system yet.

And he's already taking massive actions and getting great results. Right, but we have other people who buy our gold level program, and they just sit back and they wait for us to just do everything for them. Right, they're not getting on any of our coaching calls, they're not doing any of the pre marketing or audience building that we teach, and therefore when their funnel goes live, they'll have to start at square one with no audience, then probably a pretty weak understanding of the marketing that they will have to do to get results.

And don't get me wrong, that the fact that they have a system and a funnel, puts that in like a professionally designed video asset for their business, that puts them ahead
of the vast majority of home business owners, you know, trying to build their business on the internet, in, in this day and age, right, but the fact that they are not participating in their own rescue will make their lives that much more difficult when the time comes when they have to start showing up for themselves, because whether you hired us to build a marketing system for you or not.

Laziness is never the answer in your business, avoiding responsibility is never the answer. I don't care if you join the company that you think is like the best opportunity on the face of the earth has the best product the best compensation plan they have ever seen. Right, because being in the right place in the right at the right time is actually overrated. And it's it's also quite incomplete. You have to be the right person at the right place at the right time. Okay, there have been many times so well I don't know, I wouldn't say many, there have been a few times in my 12 year career and home based business online marketing, entrepreneurship, where I have the experience of being at the right place at the right time. But that did not stop me from working my tail off and bringing my A game to the situation in taking a, a very active approach.

And, you know, really, you know, participating in my own rescue right there have been many times where I've invested 1000s of dollars even 10s of 1000s of dollars on new coaches new coaching programs new mentors, but I've never, Never ever ever said, Okay, now that I've hired this person.

My success is now, 100% on, you know their responsibility and none of the onus is on me to make it work, because that's not what successful people do, that's not how successful people operate right we invest, which is in live events and courses to give ourselves a leg up, and an advantage. And, and a way of leveraging our time and leaning on the resources and the expertise of others 100% There's nothing wrong with that. I've done it so many times, right and it's and it's paid off every single time, because I've made it pay off. Right, I've, I've made, I've made sure it has paid off.

Okay, because I take an active role in that. Right, so absolutely nothing wrong with with, you know, creating or creating some leverage for yourself by hiring people to do things that you don't have the time or the expertise or the interest to do okay, but never to put the onus and responsibility of our success solely on someone else's shoulders. Okay and that's where that's where I'll leave you today. Take 100% responsibility for the success of your business and your life, no matter what. Whatever you do, make sure to bring your A game, and a deep desire and willingness to learn new things.

Okay, we because like we bring, we bring our a game, but we need you to also bring your A game, and this is you know speaking to, to, you know, my, my own coaching students my own audience right laziness is never the answer and now this is whether you're, you know, watching this, you know, in our group or listening to it on the podcast, I mean that's my message for you.

Laziness is never the answer, apathy is never the answer in your business, you have to participate in your own rescue, and that and that way you know when you reach the results that you're looking for, you can look back on with pride and you you you will lead a life that is that is fulfilled, where that you can be that you can be proud of, because you showed up for yourself in the times when it was most crucial when you most needed to show up for yourself, participate in your own rescue. Happy Monday. Let's make it a great week.

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