Adam - Check this out. What if I told you that the breakthrough that you've been looking for in your home based business can be summed up in this image, okay because what our job is yours and my job as professional salespeople and professional marketers, is we have to get them to take a leap of faith with us into the unknown. Okay, that's them, that's you. You've got to get them to take a leap into the unknown and ignore all of these backdoors that people typically use when presented with an opportunity that has a, you know substantial commitment attached right whether it's you know a high ticket business opportunity whether it is, you know, you know, a product purchase. That's good that has a recurring, you know, recurring monthly order it's like a significant financial decision for them.

The typical reasons that they're going to give you are going to be, time, money, spouse, think about it I need to think about it or sport, other right and I just put it, you know, I've heard people say, Well, isn't that saturated are so many people doing that, you know, it's absolutely nonsense, right, but it's it's an excuse that some people use but typically it's going to be these four I don't have the time I don't have the money. I need to talk it over with my spouse, or I need to think of the Think about it. If you've ever had somebody tell you one of these objections, then congratulations because you're probably a professional sales person who is on your way to that breakthrough that you're looking for and if you, you want to create bigger results in your life, in your business and you have not had somebody tell you that they don't have the time they don't have the money they don't have lead, then you just think it over their spouse, or I need to think about it right then guess what, it's coming, because this is part of the game right the game of sales and marketing so let's talk about how you can get them right because these, who is this person, right, This person is a stream, stranger. Okay, everybody says stranger.

This is a stranger on the internet, we're not talking about how to get your, your, you know, your cousin Bob to join you right we're talking about a complete stranger on the internet right and because they are a complete stranger, and because you are attempting to sell and or market something to them. There's going to be this, like wall that exists between you and them. Okay, like this is this is the wall like I call this the invisible wall. I actually write about it in my, in my book, The Digital rolling machine. This is like this is the invisible wall I don't know what happened to all this, this is the wall that exists and you need to delete the wall right you need to you need to chip away at that wall and the way that you do that is with trust.

Okay, you need to create trust. If you want them. You want to be able to get them to take that leap with you into the unknown and ignore all of these potential backdoors. Okay, if you've been getting people and they've been giving you all kinds of these backdoors right it's because you probably have not created enough trust yet. And I'm going to tell you, one of the best ways to create trust is through authority. Okay, if they see you as an authority. You're so, like, I mean most home business owners, they're out there and they are, they're attempting to say things like this is the best product in the world, or like you know our compensation plan is better than anybody else's. And what, what they don't realize is that these people don't care about any of that.

Right, they don't care about what your opinion is, unless they see you as an authority. If they see you as an authority, then your opinion becomes like gold to them. Okay, so, so, one of the best ways to create trust is to position yourself as an authority in the mind's eye of your prospect, and if you can do this effectively.

Right then, then they will ignore the backdoors you will have way more people like this is how you do 10x 20x You know 50x Your results in your business, this is how you go from closing, you know, one in 20 people into your business to closing one in three people we even have we've got clients and students that that that right out of the gates, they close, you know, 50% or more of the people that they get on the phone with, because the marketing does such a good job at positioning themselves that positioning them as a leader and an authority.

Okay, and part of it, I'll tell you right now is like his video right if you are not using video in your marketing, you're missing out on a, you're missing out on a lot of potential authority, and a lot of potential trust, but this video this can't be just any video right it can't just be a video about like you know about, like some generic business opportunity or some generic like product video because that doesn't create authority that the video is going to create authorities of video from you, talking about the problems that you're in that this is how you create authority, You've got to be, you've got to solve problems, you have to position yourself as somebody that's supposed to be in Oh, so you know you. You've got to position yourself as a problem solver, not just another salesperson who's trying to get into their wallet.

Okay so here's their Well, they've got their wallet in their hand if they see you as just another salesperson trying to get into their wallet trying to take their hard earned money and separate, separate them from their hard earned money right if they see you as just a sales rep is some, you know just somebody just another person trying to get in there while another sales rep, they will dismiss you they will take these backdoors. However, if they see you as an authority.

If you have properly positioned yourself as an authority in their mind. We do this through video we do this through, you know, a very specific type of sales funnel that we call the upside down enrollment method, we do it through, having them booked on your calendar after they watch the video. We do it through sending emails to them, you know, every touchpoint every you know we can automate most of this process like there are people that are watching my video right now while I'm making this video for you while I go to sleep tonight.

There's people watching this video. So it's like, so they're we're creating this authority, right this is the system this is the acquisition system that though, that we need to create. I think it was Peter Drucker, who said that if, if, if marketing is done right. Sales is unnecessary, and that's what we want to create a situation where selling is really unnecessary you can be bad at selling you can screw up the sales pitch, like crazy and still enroll twice as many three times as make five times as many people as you're enrolling right now, because the marketing has done such a good job, all of these touchpoints, watching a video opening an email, replying to you in an email, replying to a text message getting on the phone, booking on your calendar.

All of these things that we build into our sales falls are designed to create authority, so that we can create trust so that we can get them to take that leap into the unknown. Right, this is not easy to get a stranger a complete stranger on the internet to take a leap of faith into the unknown with a complete stranger. Right and ignore all these potential backdoors. You've got to be creating trust, you've got to be creating authority, and this is how we do we do it through video, we do it through effective marketing funnels. We do it through having them book on our calendar, it's a very specific process. Let us know if you need help creating that or if you want to get more information on this process you can visit us at Digital That's where I'm going to end this video for right now we'll see on the next one.

Thank you for listening to the Digital Upline show. Adam and the D U team are committed to leveling up the network marketing profession by equipping distributors with 21st century systems and skill sets that decrease resistance and increase cooperation with prospects and team members, visit to get notified when we release new podcast episodes and to get exclusive access to our weekly live trainings.



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