Adam - Not only are we, you know at the beginning of a new week, but we are also at the beginning of a new month, right, so as a, at the time of shooting this is, August 2 2021 So, you know the beginning of a new week it's the beginning of a new month, what happened yesterday is irrelevant. It really doesn't matter.

You know you should definitely be reviewing like when you come into like a new month a new week. You know you should definitely be reviewing the past month reviewing the past week, but not from a perspective of judgment, but from the perspective of what, what did I, where did I drop the ball, you know in what ways can I improve, what, what happened last month, what happened last week, and what can I learn from that, that I can take into the new week into the new month to, you know to get substantially better results, right, don't you know a lot of people will repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again and that is certainly how you stay stuck if you want to not be stuck if you want to progress right which if you're hearing my voice, I'm guessing that you do the goal is progress.

The goal is growth right growth of the growth of your business growth of your bank account, but growth of yourself as well right personal and professional growth. I hope that that is a goal of yours, because you likely will not experience the business growth and the growth of the bank account without experiencing the personal and professional growth. It doesn't it doesn't, you know, you can't have one without the other. I think I think Jim Rohn actually said that you, your, your, your level of income

So, you know you've probably heard me say this a million times if you, you know, if you subscribe to our content if you, you know, if you've been around, you know, our community for any, for any amount of time. But, you know, I highly recommend I've got something I'm going to share with you here in just a minute about what I call opportunistic eyes and how to develop opportunistic eyes. But before I do that, you know I just because it's the new week because it's the new month. You know I want to really encourage you to plan out the next month.

Right What is, what does it look like, what are some of your goals your objectives for the next month, what are some of your, you know, once you get your goals and objectives like, like, what do you want to accomplish in the next month. Once you have that, then you want to break it down to the next step, saying okay what are the actions that I am going to take in order to achieve these objectives in order to achieve these outcomes, and then I would also put on that list, what am I going to focus on studying. What am I, what what what areas of my business, am I going to focus on improving right like like am I going to is in the month in the coming month.

Right, whether you're talking about, you know, August or, you know, maybe you're listening to this, you know, and you're coming into completely different months because we do repurpose, you know our content to podcast episodes and things like that, regardless of what you're listening to this or consuming this content plan. If you're, you know, at a kind of a transition point where you're transitioning into a new week and month and a quarter, maybe a new year, right you want to, you know, decide right what are those goals and objectives, what are they, what are the, the plans and the actions that I'm going to take to get there.

And then, what am I going to focus on right what am I going to like what areas of my business, am I going to focus on growing right and a lot of times that is like skill development, right, maybe this month I'm going to focus on, you know, my, my skills at Social Media Marketing maybe maybe my, my copywriting my content creation skills, right, these are all skills that build your muscle as an entrepreneur and allow you to, you know, grow and progress and get the results that you want, right whether it's you know the written word, maybe you're gonna focus on you know better, more better video content, right, so, you know, the more video, maybe you're gonna make video production, a focus in the coming month.

Right, I mean, it could be that maybe this is the month where you're going to say I'm going to really focus on, like my, my phone, posture, like how I show up on calls with prospects, right and we you know we've got all kinds of resources for all of these things right well you know we have a whole code, our entire coaching program is designed to help you to develop those skills. You see, you know, in your business so that you can you know get on the phone with confidence and be able to lead somebody through a conversation that ends with them making a decision to either join me or not in your business.

You know we have, you know, we've got resources and we've got training on, you know, making better content better videos right on, you know, becoming a more effective, more influential copywriter or you know somebody who goes sells via the written word, which is something that I have, you know, that was I made the decision a long time ago that I was going to really, you know, get good, and, you know, improve my skills as a writer, because so much of the content that we put out there on the internet is written right whether it's a social media post, whether it's an email that I write to my prospects, whether it's a, you know, an ad, some kind of an ad that I'm creating.

It's all the thing text like writing text is you know is a vital skill in any of those things even video, right, you still have to write the headline of the video you get, the better the headline is the more curiosity you have the headline, the more people are going to watch the video. Right so, you know, okay so, but back to my point right those are the three things that you really want to, that you really want to decide to come into a new week a new month, the new quarter is number one, what are my goals and objectives.

Number two, what are the actions I am going to take to achieve those goals and objectives.

And then number three, what am I going to focus on learning, where you know, when what areas, am I going to focus on building my entrepreneur muscles. Okay, which will make you know things so much easier tomorrow and down the road in my business. Okay, so with that said, I've got this cool little drawing tablets like a computer drawing tab I'm gonna show you kind of something visual here. Give me one second pull it up.

Okay, so this is a, I was listening to a training,  personal development training from an old mentor of mine from a course that I purchased of his I think I paid $297 for this course. Years and years ago probably 1010 years ago, but like the message is just so relevant and so potent even today, because you know it's not some like, you know marketing gimmick, that's like here today and gone tomorrow it's like Entrepreneurial Leadership his course is on leadership and is on growth, as an entrepreneur and in the thing that that he that he talks about is what we call, oops. Is he calls it.

All right, come on. Give him a pen here. Oh, I mean, I mean eraser like one sec. Okay, so. So he's talking about this, what he calls opportunistic eyes.

Oops. It's kind of cool right it's just like this new little little tablet that I that I got so I can create videos like this. So opera and you can see, you know my handwriting is terrible and I'm still getting used to it so you'll just have to kind of overlook that I promise that the content will be, will be very relevant. Okay, so you got opportunities to guys so you got a you got a person who's got, you know, they've got two eyes. Okay. So, this, this, this concept of opportunistic eyes and then he also talks about kind of related wealth in the land like seeing wealth in the land. Now, this course that I purchased from him is kind of an unusual course and it is about.

It is about entrepreneurial entrepreneurial leadership but he actually goes through Proverbs in the Bible, he called the courses called Solomon CEO, and he actually goes through, Proverbs, The Bible, and he, and he analyzes what King Solomon was saying, you know, to his people, as a way of like guiding his people to you know to wealth and abundance in life right so this is like, it's like ancient like ancient kingly wisdom, that that that this entrepreneur, you know, analyzed and boiled down into a course and related it to like his own entrepreneurial growth and like leadership and all this stuff and this and, and he you know he said one of the, one of the proverbs.

So King Solomon talks about talks about that there's, there's precious wealth in the land. Now, now the land can mean many different things right I mean at the time when, when he wrote it, you know, when 1000 years ago or whatever, right in the ER, they were talking about the actual way. But these days, the land looks different right the land could doesn't necessarily mean the physical ground, the land, it actually means like, you know, like your environment, right, this could be like, we could apply this today to like the entire internet right now. Now let me just, you know you've got you've got opportunities to guys. Right. So you've got two people. Okay, this is person number one.

And then you've got person number two. Oops. First, number two is taller and skinnier. Right, and they both have eyes. And they're looking down right and now here's like the lamp. Okay, and this, I mean this could be a physical, you know town, you know, this could be, you know, the, the internet, this could be a specific industry, like you could talk about the way of this like as like many, you know, many different things but let's just call the land link, like the potential audience that you have on the internet right now these people are both looking down at the land, it's the same land. Okay. That's my man that's really bad. Alright, that's the word his way and they're both looking down at the land, and now this person, a sees opportunity.

Bear with me guys, I know that my handwriting is terrible, okay that you can see opportunity there. They see opportunity. They see possibility. They see abundance. And I think mostly right mostly what they see is opportunity and possibility. Okay, whereas the second person right, this is Person A, okay this is Person B person D, they see lack.

They see struggle. They see challenges and roadblocks. I mean we all have challenges but like I'm saying that these people are like, they're they're conditioned to see only lack they're conditioned to see only struggle they're conditioned to see only challenges like when they look at the way and whether it's an industry or the internet or you know whatever. Right, it's like the or or even a new business venture, right person A comes into that that business and they see unlimited potential and possibility and abundance, Person B sees lack and struggle, and you know nothing, nothing, but, but, you know, challenges and frustrations, right.

But what I, you know the point that I want to make here. And the point that I just learned from this, you know, Very successful entrepreneur talking about this is that there, it's the same land right, they're both looking at the same exact thing. But you see you see how it is, it's, it's what we're talking about is like perspective and perception.

Right. Are you the kind of person who sees you see opportunity you see abundance you see possibility, you see like, like the possibility of like, like, you know, developing your, your leadership, right, and you know really exposing people to an opportunity to you you you see, you see an industry or a business or a company that lacks real leadership and you're like, here's how we can fix this, here's how we can fill in the blanks right whereas Person B, they don't see that they're very limited, right this person can see something you know they've got a, they've got a vision, this person does not have a vision that laughs that goes, any more than like two inches in front of their own face.

Right well. So the point I'm trying to make here is, be this person right be person A be the person that sees opportunity that sees possibility. Train yourself to see opportunity and abundance and, you know to to to be able to see wow there's an opportunity here, there's, there's, there's room for improvement here, right. Don't be the person that sees only lack and only struggle because you're this per the same set of tools the same set of resources. This person is going to, you know, meet challenge after challenge or roadblock after roadblock until they eventually quit right which, you know they're going to have a very short lived career, a very uninspiring business, a very uninspiring life. Right.

But this person over here, they're going to experience a lot of growth, regardless of where they started like I feel like I have developed over the years this opportunity, seeking perception these often this opportunity, eyes, right, and that's what you want to develop, you know within yourself.

So that's where I just wanted to show you my little my cool little tool to you know to and do a little, a little doodle training, let me know if you, if you get some value from this if you see, you know, if you see an opportunity in this share any feedback that you have, but definitely let me know if you got some value from this, and, you know, make sure that you plan, take some time to plan, you know your plan the month plan the new month plan the new week look back at what happened in the last week in the last month, not from a place of judgment from a but from a place the opportunity today here's what happened. Here's the opportunities that that this exposes that we can use to get better, moving forward, let's make it a great week. We'll see out there.

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