Network Marketing Success Story: Stacey Hall

Network Marketing Success story: Stacey Hall

As I was looking at the leader boards in my company I kept seeing Stacey Hall. She kept popping up everywhere, and I like to study strategies that work. So that’s what I did.

You can check her out on Facebook here.

Stacey finds her prospects in Facebook groups, but she doesn’t call them prospects. They are called ideal customers and ideal audiences.

Just like most of us Stacey started out as a spammer, most of us do. She went to Facebook groups and spammed them. She also started her own groups and added people to the groups just so she can spam them.

That strategy didn’t work out too good, just like it doesn’t for the rest of us.

Stacey came up with a new Ideal audience based on the problem she used to have.

How can you do this for yourself? Become your own success story of your products and your company.

Here are some examples:

If you sell travel, what problem did it fix for you? Did it get you out of the house more because you haven’t left your state in 2 years?

Did it give you the ability to see those family members that you haven’t been able to visit since they moved?

What if you are selling natural cleaning products? Did they give you the ability to clean your house and feel 100% confident that you aren’t putting your kids in danger of nasty chemicals?

What about network marketing in general? Did it give you the ability to quit your job and see your kids at any given time?

I don’t know the answers to these questions but you do and you can use them to get people to want to work with you.

“People don’t buy based on logic, they buy based on emotion” Is what Stacey said when I was talking to her. What this means to put it bluntly is that nobody cares about your products or opportunity, they care about what it can do for them.

Your job isn’t to blast links all over the place selling things to people. You job is to tell a story that hits on emotional points and that is how products are sold. Ill give you some examples later in the post.

Most of the time what we do is target people who have the problem that our product of opportunity would solve. Stacey pretty much does the same thing but she does it a little bit different.

The first step is to choose a group based on who you are. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can choose groups based on your age, interests, or any kind of lifestyle.

Example: I have 2 kids and I am in a dads group. I could use this group.

I like fishing and I am in a couple of saltwater fishing groups.

Stacey chose a group based on woman that are around the same age as her.

After you have a group or 2 the secret is to be a real person. Don’t go in trying to sell your products. Be a real person, interact with other people, answer questions.

The point here is to make friends and to get people from the group, to being your personal friend on Facebook.

If you do this everyday, find something that you can connect with other people in the group about, you will start to be known by everyone else in the group and people will trust you.

You will also start to build your friends list this way.

Here is the cool part. You don’t need a lot of friends to make this work. You only need a handful of good friends.

Now that you are building your friends list with people who have things in common with you you can start selling things to them. You don’t want to be blatantly pitching things though.

Here is a post that Stacey added to a group called deep sleep report. The group is about getting better sleep. I don’t know what company she is in but it looks like she sells socks that help people sleep. This particular post is in a group because it looks like the group is made by somebody that is on her team.

Here is another post. This one is to other network marketers. Every body wants tips for attracting people to your business. Of course and now she has a lot of potential people to sell to.

She does this for her network marketing company and another marketing company that she is part of.

The strategy is simple, after you have found your ideal prospects find something that you have in common. In the case above they needed better sleep so she found socks that helps people sleep.

Real quick I want to tell you how I like to put together stories that grab people on an emotional level.

Here is how the story works:

Before – 4 months ago I was severe depression. I didn’t know why, but I was drained of energy and I would just start feeling sad for now reason.

Then – Then my friend Josh introduced me to a group of people I could talk to, they shared a new product with me and said I should try it.

Now – I still have depression but it doesn’t take over my life like it used to. Actually I really don’t think about it that much anymore.

This is just story I made up but anybody that is suffering with depression will want to see what you did to get rid of it.

Another example: Im just going to write the story since you already know the pieces. My wife sells make up so I will use a story that would work for her business. You can also use other people in your business.

My friend Jesse told me she wanted to go out and meet some new people. She was single and hadn’t really tried too hard to find somebody new.

I told her she about the makeup I was using and convinced her to let me use it on her. I forgot all about the makeup but a couple of hours she texted me.

She said she was walking around the grocery store and she kept seeing somebody look at her out of the corner of her eye.

When she finally caught them, it was her ex boyfriend. He said he couldn’t stop looking at her because she was beautiful.

These are basic stories. You can get more detailed in your stories and hit more emotional points, but my goal here is to give you something you can use right now.

This is all there is to it when it comes to what Stacey does and she has built a pretty good business off of it.

The key is to do the same thing everyday and over time it will start to snowball into a bigger business.

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