4 Ways to create duplication in network marketing

What is the importance of duplication in network marketing?

Duplication is the key to building a bigger, more sustainable business. Which is why we teach that you need 2 systems. A front end system for acquiring new customers and team members and a back end system for improving team retention, duplication and your long-term profitability.

network marketing duplication

If you can get your team making money right off the bat they are going to stick around longer.

When you first start to build your downline you are going to be doing 100% of the work but as your business grows, a shift starts to happen and your team starts to do the heavy lifting without as much input from you.

I'm going to share 4 ways to get better team duplication so you can get your team started on the right track, right away.

  1. Be the leader that they need

The truth is that when you get new teammates they usually aren't going to produce.

Think about the person that got you started in your company, you didn't buy into the company, you bought into that person.

The same is true for your team. They bought into you because they felt that you could get them to the promise land.

With that said here are a couple of ways that you can be a leader:

  • Start doing weekly team calls

One of the biggest fears of new network marketers is the fear of building their business alone, but we can overcome this fear by doing weekly team calls.

Team calls consist of strategy for team building (if you want to you can take this post and use it as a team building blueprint on your calls), mindset, motivation, social media strategies and so on.

Some of the best ways to do team calls are going to be with a facebook live in a group, or a zoom call where you can have multiple people on screen at one time.

The point here is you want to build a team experience so none of your teammates have to go at it alone.

  • Be readily available

Your team needs to know that you have their back so they need to know that they can count on you to help them out of tough situations or with questions.

You should be available to answer questions or to help them thru any situation that comes up, however you don't want to be so available that you give up all of your time.

The best way that I have found to do this is to create time blocks where you are going to answer messages. You probably don't want to give your phone number out to your team because they will blow it up, so it is best to use something like Facebook messenger.

I create time blocks like this: From 5pm to 8pm I will answer any messages from teammates or get on calls with them if I need to. Other than these times I don't touch my phone to talk to people.

If you give them all of your time, they will take all of your time and that is your most important asset so spend it wisely. After all if we give all of our time away then what was the point of starting a business anyway?

Those are just a couple examples to get you started but they will keep you busy.

One other thing I would like to add is that if you have a leader that you already follow, model what they do. Write down their traits and start doing the same for yourself.

2. Build a team training to give your team to follow

I remember when I first got started in network marketing, I was on my own. I didn't have any training to follow and I was brand new. Needless to say I didn't last long in that company but I did love the business model so I went searching for someone who would help me build my business.

The quickest way you can get your teammates to produce results is to give them a training that you or someone else on your team made. It has to be somebody who is getting results though.

In our trainings we teach people how to prospect on Facebook, how to get leads, how to create social media posts and videos. Trainings like this that are easy to follow and easy to implement.

Now when your teammates start getting results they can send their new teammates to the same training and now you have built a training that goes as many levels deep as you want it to go.

 3. The ATM group method 

ATM stand for Add, Tag, Message.

This is easily one of the best duplication methods I have come across. I learned it from a couple that have built a massive downline using only this strategy, and after they put it into place their team started growing faster than any other team in their company.

It's easy to set up too.

For this method to work, all you need is a Facebook group. In this Facebook group you need to have a start here video so anytime a new group member comes in they can be pointed this video.

This video is going to be an over view of your company, kind of like a video that you would send a prospect but you don't want it to be a company video. It needs to be a video that either you or one of your teammates created.

You want to create a connection with the prospect right away and a company produced video isn't going to do that.

Now the ATM comes into play

Add - Add your new prospects into the group, and have your team members do the same. Facebook keeps a record of who added someone to the group, use this because if somebody signs up you want them to sign up under the person who added them to the group.

Tag- Tag your new prospects in the video that you made, so they can watch it and see what your company is all about. Your teammates need to do the same after they have added people to the group.

Message - Message your prospect after you tag them in the video. It is a good idea to give them time to watch the video though.

By using this method you can build a massive downline and they will be hyper active. This can also be a team group and it plays on human psychology because the people that didn't sign up will be on the outside looking in and we all want to be part of something.

4. Build a duplicatable network marketing funnel

Here at Digital Upline that is exactly what we do. We help network marketers build winning funnels.

Your duplicated website that your company gives you is not very good at selling. They are hard to navigate and some of them are hard to find the sign up button.

Instead of sending your prospects thru one of these websites, send them thru a personal funnel that is going to indoctrinate them to you, and tell them exactly what they need to do next.

Your funnel is also going to collect their information because 9 out of 10 people are not going to buy from you the first time you talk to them.  You should be collecting emails so you can message them later.

And you can duplicate this funnel for your teammates too. After you have your own funnel ready to go and collecting leads, signing people up, you can duplicate the same funnel to pass on to your teammates.

Also you can use this funnel together with the ATM method. It's better to anyway because you can add the group as part of your funnel and have them find it that way. Also you will never have a problem finding out who added someone to the group if you just tell people to sign up thru the link in their email.

There you have it. 4 ways to create duplication in your network marketing business. Use these strategies and you can build a wildly successful downline.

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