Meredith - I had the chance to spend a weekend at a conference that I want to I want to tell you guys a little bit about everybody's company has conferences. And I think that there's always, you know, a variety of content that's shared with those and some of it's unique to the company, but other parts of it are just, you know, applicable to the entire industry that we're in the network marketing, direct sales from based business industry. So I thought I'd share with you guys some of the kind of little golden nuggets I picked up there. And because that's just always good, you know, and a lot of it was like a lot of affirmation for me. So I don't know if you guys have heard of a guy named Tim sales before. He is a former guide from Herbalife actually he was in the military forever. He actually one of the call that diffused underwater bombs that was his job, Crazy guy.

He was a Navy Diver and Ordnance Disposal scuba dive at depths in enemy territory, defusing bombs in the Persian Gulf, and like that's what he did every day. And so he adds a lot of perspective and I've had the privilege of seeing him talk many, many times. And I saw him again this last weekend. And he literally gets on stage and he says to everybody, guess what I'm here to talk to you about and everybody in the audience goes the pipeline. Because Tim has created he's a systems guy. Okay. The first time I saw him speak was at an Eric wory event. At a huge GoPro event in Vegas. And Tony Robbins was there a pit bull was there. I didn't even know who Tim sales was. But this guy shows up he's a handsome guy shows up on stage. And he starts talking about how he like that was his old job is that he was in the military and that he defuse these bombs and he was a diver and he did all this kind of stuff and then he got out of the military and it was like, Well, where do you go and use that skill? You know, like, what are you going to do?

And he saw a sign that literally said, you know, like back in the day where you would like go into a coffee shop or a bar or something you do have the sign and you would put the number this way and you would cut the little pieces of paper and people would rip one off. Literally it was like that kind of a thing. And it said something about an opportunity and it said we'll train. And so there's Paige and her buddy with us today a little one joining is awesome. So he said we'll train it said we'll train and so he was like good cuz somebody's got to train me how to do something. And it turned out to be Herbalife.

It turned out to be a network marketing opportunity. And he has wrapped systems around this and the way that he explains it is this. They had a checklist when they would go down underwater to defuse these bombs. And you did not diverge from the checklist. Like the checklist was this process that you were going to go through and you'd be down there so Doug and I are down there together and like we're buddies, I do one thing wrong. He does one thing wrong out a process. We're going to blow each other up like we are we are going to die and we are going to die at depth and it's going to just be horrific. Right so there's literally no margin of error. So what do you do? You follow the checklist?

You do not diverge from the checklist. You do not do things out of order from the checklist. You follow a process so not surprising that Tim is a systems guy he wants things, you know, very much like this. He wants them in order. And he likes this because then it's a predictable system. And you can turn around and teach it to anybody that's willing to learn it. And his whole thing is like anyone can learn to defuse a bomb because it is a process. You go step one, you go step two, you go step three. So he has developed this process. He happens to use Trello. And he has this inviting method that he uses. Well, not surprisingly Guess whose pipeline looks like identical to what Tim sales at you know, massive leader in the industry is saying our opportunity pipeline is the exact same thing is what Tim sales is standing up there and telling all these people to use and I love the analogy that he put around the pipeline.

It's like, you know, so Doug feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I love Tim because he's like, Listen, you got a pipeline. The first step of the of the pipeline is invite the next step of the pipeline is expose, the next step of the pipeline is present. Then you have follow up and then you have close and you can add additional layers in there if you want to. You can put extra steps in there if you want to.

But in general, it's kind of the same pipe. It's kind of the same process no matter what you're doing. And he also takes all of the stuff that's floating around in your head about this opportunity and completely erases it. Because he says it doesn't matter what business you're in, you have a pipeline. It doesn't matter the steps of your pipeline might look a little different. Right? But every business must generate leads. It does not matter if you have an online business. It doesn't matter if you have an in person business. It doesn't matter if you're a bank. It doesn't matter if you're a grocery store. It doesn't matter if you're a doctor it doesn't matter if you're a massage therapist, it doesn't matter. If you're a network marketer. It doesn't matter if you own a bicycle repair place.

Everybody has to generate leads. After you generate the leads. You have to offer them something you got to figure out how you're going to do that. In our industry. It's almost done. Almost always done through presentation of information. And that presentation can be done in multiple different ways to old school. You do it belly to belly, you know Denny's or wherever right. New school, you're going to do it over tick tock or you're going to do it through Facebook Messenger or you but it's still a presentation. The means of delivery might be a little bit different but the essence of it the same then after you present. What are you going to do? You're sifting and sorting the leads.

Did they show up for the presentation or not? Were they interested or not? Do they seem like somebody I want to work with? Do they seem coachable? Do they seem like they're hungry? Can they afford it? Do they fit the mold of who it is I'm looking for if yes, move them to the next step? If no tell them that and move them to the not right now or the you know, disqualified column. If they're ready to be closed, close them, figure out what their objections are overcome the objections and put them in your business. It's the same it doesn't matter.

So if you're looking at the way that I think of expert accelerator and digital upline is like um you know, those Sears is closing or totally closed now but craftsman you guys know that brand craftsmen and you know, like when you watch an indie race, they've got the pits down in the pits and stuff. They've got those huge craftsmen, there's big red toolboxes. I mean, they're just massive. They're like, huge. Well, you just basically stepped into the Craftsman size toolbox of digital marketing when you decided to work with us. There are more screwdrivers more wrenches more nuts and bolts and tools and files and things inside that toolbox, then you could possibly use all at one time.

So there's a foundational amount of information you've got to have to be successful here. Who are you marketing to? What is your vision and purpose? Why should they care about what you've got? What's their pain point? How do you solve it? And listen, all of those things have absolutely nothing to do with digital marketing. Those have to do with you being able to describe your business. You being able to know your audience know the value of your product, know the value of your opportunity, and be able to put that in front of the right people and have them go haha, that's what I need. Right? We you've got to have that foundation. And then from there, it's a matter of picking your flavor 31 flavors you walk in there. What do you do you look at all the ice creams. They've even got yogurt now they've got some vegan options. Now, some non dairy options. They've got sherbert I hate sugar. I am never going to pick the sugar ever.

It's yuck. Never gonna pick it. But there's some and then there's some flavors where I'm like, I don't like those flavors either. You know, like pistachio I'm out. But if it's got chocolate, caramel coffee, hazelnut, something like that in it. That's kind of my jam. So I'm going to kind of gravitate to that area. Guys. That's no different from you saying okay, what is what is the digital upline showing me? They've shown me the digital enrollment machine. They've shown me a VSL funnel. They've shown me the sales velocity funnel They've shown me the Digital Copilot that I can sell. They've shown me all of those things. Before you go too far in this course, pick your path.

And then when on the path. Tim said it's so brilliantly this weekend, because in this audience that people oh my gosh, you guys it just cracked me up. I met people that have been in the network marketing industry with the same company for 25 years and they are killing it. But a lot of these folks were like 70 You know, I mean, they're still doing this. They've got a great residual income they started creating it in their 40s or 50s.

They've been with the same company forever. Love the products love the culture love everything. They are not using Facebook ads to grow their business or not, you know? Because that's not the path that they picked. Right? That's not what they're all about. They have I don't even know if they have Facebook. Right then. They're 70 Are they using social media? To build their business? No, exactly. They're not. They're using their version of social media, which is probably a rotary phone, you know, like whatever. The church bulletin, who knows? Who knows, but their pipeline is still the same. They got to get leads. They got to talk to the leads and qualified them. They got to present some information to the lead. They got to overcome their objections and they've got to put them in their business. It's the same pipeline. It doesn't matter.

In the same room. There were also 20 year olds and1 gal was doing a presentation she had a big box and she was probably 40s in her 40s. She had a big box that she purposefully asked for to volunteers in their 20s and she brought him up onto the stage. And she started pulling stuff out of the box. And she pulled a wire hanger out of the box. And she's like I need everything she pulled out of the box. She asked them to tell her what it was. Tell me what this is. So she pulls this wire hanger out of the box. And this one guys like I think it was like 23 He's like it's a hanger. Wrong. She says this is not a hanger.

And they're both looking at her. They're like it's a hanger. You know and then she says to the audience, what is this? And we're like, it's how you break into your car when you you lock your keys in the car in the parking lot, right? So she's just kept showing all of these ordinary items that anybody over the age of 40 would have known what they were, but anybody under the age of about 30 certainly wouldn't know what they are just seriously would not know what they are. And her whole point was. Time has changed. We have different tools based on who we are and where we are, but our processes are the same.

So you've got to pick in this What's your path going to be what's your low ticket offer, and your low ticket offer might be the digital enrollment machine and you might leverage that funnel in order to get people into use it as a lead magnet, especially if you're targeting other network marketers,

Thank you for listening. And if you're digging this content and you find it valuable, here are three free ways that we can help you grow your business, you can join our group at or you can visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel at Digitalupline com/yt. Or you can simply visit Digital and check out more podcast episodes, as well as all of our content and resources for helping you grow your business with more speed and pleasure and ease.


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