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The theme of this weeks blog post is Linkedin Marketing!

We believe Linkedin is one of the best places to focus your time and marketing efforts in 2022 for several reasons...

First, it is far less distracting than sites like Facebook or TikTok and therefor you will be less likely to waste time and procrastinate.

Of course, if your goal is to waste time and procrastinate LinkedIn may not be the environment for you 🙂

Secondly, because it is Linkedin, you are expected to promote yourself and make invitations related to your business. Everyone on Linkedin is there to grow their business and enhance their professional lives in some way...

Which is a good reason to spend more time on the network in itself.


Here are 2 ways the Digital CoPilot can make your Linkedin marketing more effective and more fruitful.

The new Social Media Planner is available to PRO account users of the Digital CoPilot.

The tool allows you to save time by scheduling out your social media posts for the entire week (or month) and post to multiple social media pages, profiles and accounts at the same time with a click of a button.


You will find this under the "Marketing" tab on the sidebar of your Digital CoPilot account.

Checkout the Linkedin Traffic and Lead generation Training under the new "Traffic" tab on the Sidebar of Your Digital Copilot account.

We are currently working on new traffic related resources we will be adding to this area so stay tuned.

"How to Land 5-10+ Qualified Prospect Appointments Per Week with 'Opportunity Seekers' on Linkedin"

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