Lessons learned during your entrepreneurial journey

Janice - So I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about my journey as an entrepreneur, and some of the stuff that I actually learned along the way. I thought it would be a nice way of passing on a couple of lessons learned. So for me, this business venture has actually been one of the hardest process for me and for me it has been hard, not because it's difficult to learn the necessary skills, but for me the challenge came from the fact that I had to force myself to change. I had to become a brand new person someone, I have never been before. Like, I literally had absolutely no choice. I made the decision to do better, and to be better.

And in doing better and being better. I have learned that, just saying it isn't enough, just telling myself I'm going to do better isn't enough just telling someone else that I'm going to do, that isn't enough, and it comes with action. It comes with Change Action change, consistency, and those actions have caused me to change, years have learned behavior, stuff that has been in made stuff that I've picked up over the years, I've actually had to learn to share all of that, and for me that's where the challenge really came in, having to become this new person. And for me, it was challenging, but it has been the most rewarding year for me 2020 into 2021 is still going. And this is why I'm so passionate about my business, and about all the endeavors that I've been getting into recently. It's really important early out to find your purpose.

It's important to be able to, to know your why, and know, Marybeth, and Adam, all the time, you know, What is your why. What is your reason, simple to just say, what is your why, or what is your reason but if you don't really dig deep to really find out what that is. It's so easy to get lost along the way. I remember a few months ago Meredith actually had a call, where she asked us to find out why, in I think it was like, I don't three to five levels. So when you say what your why is, you're going to then ask yourself, Well, why is that. And then when you identify why that second why is you're going to ask yourself again. Well, why is that why you and the deeper you dig, the more you begin to really uncover your true meaning and the true purpose behind doing the things that you want to do. And it's really important to understand.

What does this mean to you on a deeper level, not just the surface level of, you know, our members to make money because everyone could get up and go out here and make money but why is it truly truly important to you, why is making money, really important to you, what is that money when changing your life who is that going to affect.

What are you going to make better after making that money, but what are you going to make better, and then you make that money is so important to know why your why is important, and the impact that it will have on not just your life, but everyone else around you life, and even people that you don't know how are you going to be able to impact on what it is that you're doing today, or what it is that you are venturing into doing entrepreneurship has taught me so much over the past year, and sometimes I sit back and I reflect on the roller coaster ride that I've been on over the past year, and I'm amazed at how much I've accomplished how much I've grown and how much of a better person, I am because of entrepreneurship.

So a couple of the things that it has actually taught me is perseverance. I learned quickly that things don't always go as planned. obstacles upon arise all throughout the journey, whether you're just starting now or whether you are 30 years into the business, especially when you're just starting, and you want to learn in the process as you're going along. There are going to be things that come up that tries to deter you or derail you from what you set your sights on, but I have learned to persevere, and work through the difficult times work through the obstacles that actually arise.

One of the biggest lessons that I've actually learned is that businesses thrive overnight. I know, especially in the network marketing world. A lot of times when you sign on to become a partner with the company, they'll tell you that, you know, your comp plan looks this way you can make X amount of money you're doing looking at the person at the highest level of the food chain and what their income is, and automatically you're like yes I'm actually able to bring in this amount of income, I'm going to sign on with this company, I'm just going to run with it and I'm going to be making a whole bunch of money.

And that is so far from the truth. It takes time, it takes work. And when you are looking at the people in your upline, who will make it a whole lot of money, they did not just get up and meet them when you tonight. It took hard work it took dedication, and it took time to actually build that team to the point where they are. So a lot of people come into the business, and they try it for a week try for a month, and the income isn't rolling the way how they wanted to hold it, they sometimes lose confidence, they'll sometimes quit, you have people who will still, you know, gamble in it here or there, but then you have people who will automatically up and quit and say hey, this isn't for me I'm not going to do it because I'm not making any money either. But in reality, it's not that you can't make the type of money at it.

It's just that it takes perseverance, it takes time. It takes work. It takes energy for you to actually up and work on a daily basis, you have to put the work in on a daily basis in order to get the results out of it. So, entrepreneurship has taught me personal feelings. Another thing that is actually taught me is how to be resourceful. It has taught me that I have to make do, what I have, within that moment until I'm in a position to do that. And I always think about this whenever something is imperfect to the way I want it.

I always think about Meredith, or Adam, talk about minimal viable product. It is so important to remember what you have, until you are in a position to do better, because having results or minimal results from something not perfect, is always better than having no results at all from not actually taking action. So you have to be resourceful. It has taught me the importance of networking, If nothing else from being met network marketer.

For me the biggest thing has been the opportunity to network with so many different people in so many different sectors and being exposed to so many different opportunities that I knew I would not have been exposed to had I not signed up to become a network marketing. It has taught me how to communicate. It has taught me how to open my mouth and just speak. I was afraid to speak in front of the camera. Before I didn't like it. I don't like the sound of my voice, but being in this industry being in this area has taught me to just get up and go for it.

Like, what is the worst that can happen. Use the resources that you have on hand and in today's world, there are so many different resources out there, whether that's speaking with someone, whether that's the technology, the actual system, there are so many different things that apps like this there's so many things out there, literally at our fingertips that we have the ability to make use of. And I have learned over the past year.

That being resourceful is so so so important, and actually help a lot of times when we try to use all these technologies and get into new areas that we are unfamiliar with. Sometimes we feel as though we feel ashamed, because we don't know particular thing, and that reluctance and that shame could sometimes prevent us from opening up and speaking up and asking for help, but I want you guys to know that it is so important to actually get up and ask for assistance. And you guys have a great team of coaches here that they are right there to help you stay right there to answer any message.

All you got to do is send them a message in the group, you could send them a direct message you could email a ticket into the help desk, but just ask for help, and not just ask for help from the coaches but other people who have been doing this for some time, longer than you guys have, have the experience and also have the knowledge to act so just post a question in the group. And I guarantee you that there will be someone there to actually respond and help you. And to give you feedback into give you encouragement, so use the resources that are available because they are so important.

And another thing that entrepreneurship has taught me is the importance of keeping a positive mindset. I have learned that my thoughts and my behavior is a reflection on how I do my business, how well it's a reflection of pretty much who I am. And because of that, I have a positive mindset. I have completely changed my way of thinking, and it's not aligned, only with success for me, failure is not an option. I don't read anywhere I see. Go all the time, all day, and I constantly keep it that way. And I constantly work on ensuring that mentally I am in the right space, because there's so much that I want to accomplish. And because there's so much that I want to accomplish, and I have no choice but to accomplish it.

I try my best to just maintain maintain a positive mindset, all the time, I am now able to make the best out of a situation that instead of thinking like an optimist, like a pessimist, I'm not an optimist, always looking at good in any given situation. I'm always looking at the lessons that I've learned from any given situation. And if something is important, either. I'll be able to help you along. So if I have a bad experience.

And there's not much that I can do about that particular experience around the government. I don't sit around, you know complain about it and I could do everything in my life happens for a reason, whether that's for me to learn a lesson or whether that's for me to use my experience to help someone else in the future. I know that everything happens for a reason. So whenever something is happening, that I don't feel the best about like, I just told myself, this is a reason, and someone else is going to be benefiting from whatever it is that I always think about my struggles, into, into strength.

When I came into this haven to EA, because I had absolutely no idea how to invite people into my network marketing business. That was my struggle, that's the struggle that I have with the network that struggle. I have birthday, a full term healthy business. I would have never thought a year ago that I will be the position that I am right now, because I was struggling, but that struggle has led me into so many different opportunities, it has led me to connect with so many different people, and it has led them to completely different about my appearance today, because I have a script.

So always think about the positive whenever a situation come up always tried to keep that mindset in the right place, and anything else. Because I am telling you guys that is literally life changing. If there was one thing that is important in growing your business is to keep that routine going because the way how you start your day will be the way how you show up in your business, throughout the day. And I know, I know that you really hear Adam says that all the time into them right, getting up and having your mental, emotional health and check in your physical health check.

We'll ask right now. Throughout the day, throughout your business's lifetime. So stick to that. I know you know, entrepreneurship, to get busy. Especially if you're a one man show everything, but make time, make the time. First thing in the morning to get you in get your mindset right has really forced me to look at every area of my life, because it is all connected, whether that's your friendships, romantic relationships, their living situation. Yours, your family, your business, your income, your mental health, your physical health is all completely connected. So it is really important to focus on every aspect of your life and change the things that you see in the best person.

No, you can't change the things that are beneficial to make the change, it's hard. It's not easy change is never easy, change is hard. But change is important. One of my favorite quotes of all time. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And it's simple, planning is so much. Nothing changes. Nothing changes. And if possible, happy, successful actually changing and becoming someone new. I miss you. I promise you, it was because it's not to have to get a brand new version of yourself in order to be able to be successful at the things that you learn. So again, nothing changes. If nothing changes.

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