How your environment affects your identity and results

Adam - Today I'm going to be talking about your environment and your identity because I think that these are things that are really, really important to understand how your identity affects your results. And you know how your how your environment and your identity affects your results is a topic that I've been studying a lot lately, particularly from reading this book is called willpower doesn't work.

And it really debunks, you know, the idea of willpower and this this, you know, big idea that's lasted for a while, you know for last several years in the personal development space, which is that you just, you know, you just have to, you know, you just have to fight and you just have to, you know will yourself to you know to defeat procrastination and you know all of these other factors, and the book is saying that that's you know that's bogus, that that is the you know that that's if you're fighting a losing battle.

And what you should be doing is you should be optimizing your environment, to produce the results that you want, and also your identity looking at your identity and how that shapes your results as well so those are the those are the that's the topic that I'm going to be talking about with you today on this mindset Monday.

You know, I find this stuff fascinating I mean, I read a lot of books on Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship, you know in personal development, but I just love books like this on, on human psychology because I want to I want to find out, you know what is going to best motivate and inspire myself what is going to best motivate and inspire my team, what is going to best motivate and inspire my prospects and my customers.

So I love you know I love anything you know related to psychology and the human mind, especially as it relates to performance. Okay so and that's really the context that we're that we're talking about this from your environment, as it relates to your performance. I mean, so like if you are just as an example, if you if you are an alcoholic, and you decide one day that I'm going to quit drinking.

But then you say, you hang out at the same bar, you know, with the same alcoholic friends that you that you always hang out whether that you've been hanging out with for years, your chances of quitting drinking in that environment or like or like none but if you put yourself into a new environment you get new friends, you start hanging out in other places where they don't serve alcohol or any you know it's like that like that's a kind of a very obvious example of what we're talking about here, and, and just how, how much of a huge part that your environment plays in, in your behavior.

What you become and this is a direct quote from the book, what you become. And what you do with your life are constrained by the people around you, and the quality of information that you consume and though, you know we can do less to affect, you know the people around us although although we definitely need to be, you know, being conscious of the people around us, and the and the effect that their influence have on us, you know?

I think that I just I'm so fascinated just by how, how, you know moldable, our minds are and how and how like open to the power of suggestion that that that our minds are and I think that this, you know, really speaks to exactly that, is that, you know, if you, it like, I mean if you have people in your daily life like close family members, you know that are that are that are negative, then you might have to have a conversation with them you might have to put some distance between yourself and them at least at certain times.

And but if you have other people in your life that are that are that are you know that are negative that are Pooh poohing on your, your goals and your dreams you talk to them about what you want to do and what do you want to accomplish and ideas, and they're just constantly, you know, negative and Pooh poohing that and, you know, trying to it's like, it's like the you have to understand that that person is not helping you they are, they are counter acting and counter balancing, what you want for yourself and you need to create as much distance between that people, that person as possible.

Like, you might have to cut that person out of your life. If you are serious about your goals and your dreams and getting yourself there because, because that because that their their influence on you is greater than you might actually realize right if you start hanging out with millionaires, the chances of you becoming a millionaire, go through the roof. I had a mentor that used to say that all you got to do is look in your cell phone. If the last four people that you spoke with are millionaires, guess what, you're next.

I love that it just speaks to this you know this, like the power of, you know of your of your environment and these social factors in your life right. So but the quote is what you become and what you do with your life are constrained by the people around you, and the quality of information you consume. So my next question to you is, what is the, you know what is the quality of the information that you consume.

Are you watching CNN all day? If that's the case then you're consuming some very negative information, you probably have a very bleak outlook of the world, and you probably won't be doing much to change your situation, because you probably believe that you're situated that that just the world is in chaos and everything is terrible and everybody hates each other and all this stuff, and that's not, that's not true.

That's not reality that is that is literally their take on reality and them, you know, putting information out there specifically to manipulate the masses. Right and if you are watching the news, right. I stopped watching the news, a very long time ago. Somehow the news kind of crept in, to like social media and stuff over the last couple years, but that's a topic for another for another day. But, but, you know I mean I was just when I, when I became an entrepreneur, I had some mentors that are like, stop watching the news stop reading, you know, it's, you don't need that negative influence in your life, and it's not going to help you become the person that you need to become, in order to get the results that you're looking to get right.

So what So are you at least counter balancing that information with listening to positive, uplifting, you know, podcasts and videos and things from like our you counteract acting that with, with, you know with messages from people like Tony Robbins in Jim Rohn, and, you know, Brendon Burchard and, you know, Bob Proctor and I mean I you know I could keep going on all these you know all these, you know, personal development gurus that have had a major influence on my life and my you know my Outlook,

But like, I mean, I make it a point to listen to other successful entrepreneurs to surround myself with other entrepreneurs, you know through coaching programs through events, through listening to podcasts on a daily basis when I can't get to the events or, you know, when, when I can't be physically surrounding myself with positive people and positive ideas, then I'm at the very least, on a daily basis I'm telling you on a daily basis like five, six days a week, listening to empowering messages from successful people and getting myself around people in into environments that demand more from me, than demand my greatness, okay because this is another this is another quote from the book, it is demand that brings out the exceptional qualities of men.

It is demand that brings out exceptional qualities of men and by that, they mean mankind, of course, right. A hero is a product of the situation so that's another thing. The book talks about a lot, or just what I've, you know, in the first 40 pages that I've read so far that about about how it, you know, you think of these great people, right, these, these, these, you know these these life chain world changers you know people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and like people that have done these amazing things.

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And it's not that it's not that they are necessarily exceptional I mean they're they're clearly exceptional people, but it's not like they don't have. It's not like they have something that you don't, is what I'm saying right, it's that they were put in situations, they were put in environments that demanded more of them that demanded their greatness and they rose to the challenge. They rose to the situation, their greatness and their, you know, it, it came about as a result of a situation.

So, so a lot of times you need to you need to change your situation, you need to change your, the demands that you put on yourself. So because that will bring out this inner greatness in you, like it's done for me and you know countless others I've seen like, you know, regular people average people who decided to do something who put themselves on a path, and it was the challenges and adversity that came from being on that path, that made them much much bigger versions of the people that they are, wherever would have been had their environment been different. Okay so, so we talked about environment.

You know you're a person's environment forums, every aspect of their lives, your income, your values, your waistline your hobbies. Those are your your health, they're all a product of your environment so you need to pay very close attention to your environment, you need to optimize your environment for the growth that you seek in your life, in your business.

So now I want to shift gears for a minute and I will talk a little bit about identity, okay how your identity is, you know, affects your, you know, in the court in the same context of your, of your results in your life in business now I think one of the biggest myths of identity. Is that is that we only have one identity. Right.

Is that is that you just you have your identity and it's the person that you that you see yourself to be right and that's and that's it. And you know you might think that you can change your identity but at the end of the day you have one identity. And I think that that is bogus right I think that that we, what you what you want to do and what what we actually have right as we have multiple identities, right where we were in certain situations, we might be one person, and in another situation or around another group of people, we might become, we might become a different, a different version of ourselves a different identity and and I could see this you know as the true for me like, you know when, when I, when my business demands it of me when I, when I, you know I'm in, in a situation where I have to perform.

Right, it's like I have to perform because, because the stakes are high. Right and I think this goes also, you know very much relates to the conversation about environment. But the stakes are high. But when the stakes are high. I can call upon, you know, you know, this inner, inner champion or inner lion or whatever you want to call it right like the, like, like the inner killer in certain situations, right but but I can be a killer because because I you know I study this stuff and because I'm aware of this stuff and because you know I see the value in this and I've been I've studied it and put a lot of time into it, it's like, I can be, I can be a killer when I need to be a killer I can call upon the killer identity, you know that part that part of every human being that wants to, You know, kill their food and eat it.

You know, like that wants to crush the competition like I can call upon that part of myself when the situation calls for it. But then, you know I can be. I can be, you know, warm, caring, compassionate, when I need to be I can be a lover, or I need to be a lover I can be a caretaker, when I, when I, when I need to be a caretaker. And one thing that I that I was I was recently listening to a podcast I was talking about this, I believe it, I believe it was Kobe Bryant.

You can learn a lot about performance and like psychology of performance by looking at professional athletes. I believe it was Kobe Bryant who said that they're that he has it, he visualizes.

This is, he said it's like a part of him that he calls the Black Mamba, and it's like any, he says that this this like this, the pictures of black mamba snake in a cage right and he said that before he needs to go out on the court or before you know he you know he needs to unleash this black mamba within himself, right, that he that he actually visualizes he's got this whole routine around it, where he visualizes walking up to the cage and unlocking the cage with a snake in it because that is when he because, and like, and like becoming the Black Mamba, where he needs to just be a killer and he needs to, you know, produce the results, and then at the end of the performance right be putting it back in its cage, because he doesn't want to take that pillar identity, home to his family. And I think that that is so incredibly powerful and something that you can absolutely do for yourself as well, like, like when I put these glasses on, you know I can I can I can say I can say that when I put these glasses on, I become the marketer version of myself I become the person that that is that is incredibly creative, that is incredibly, you know that that that is excellent at solving problems.

Right, I mean, what is that it doesn't have to be I mean, what is that, what is it for you, maybe it is some kind of something that you visualize in your mind, or something that you put but But think about that is like it like how can you actually have different identities for different things that you need to accomplish in your life, and that and that and what, what kind of, you know, physical representation. Can you can you start to implement, to, to, to remind yourself that now you are in this mode, you know, if you're if you're getting on sales calls.

You've got to understand that the energy that you bring to the table that you, you know, that that, That, you know what you actually, you know, what you say to the person but not so much what you say but like the, the context, the place that you're coming from, has such a, an be the difference between you, you know, losing that sale or you just absolutely crushing that sale and and enrolling more people in your business having more productive, effective profitable business. It's like, think you've got it is especially if you're having like those sales conversations, what, what kind of ritual, can you do before you get on the phone with with them.

And what, what is it you know maybe maybe it's something maybe it's a watch that you put on or like something that you do to visualize that you are now getting into a different state you're calling upon a different part of your identity.

And, and if you start to do that in different things that you need to do in your business right, you know, maybe there's, there's, there's time when you need to be, you need to put your creative hat on other times where you need to be, you need to be the productive entrepreneur, maybe there's something that that can be a part of your identity, where we're when you put these glasses on, or when you put this hat on, or when you step into this room, that part of your identity comes out, so that you can be the most effective marketer when you need to be so that you can be the most aggressive salesperson when you when you need to be so that you can be and that and that so that you can also be the person at home that you need to be with your loved ones, and with your family.

Let me know if you found this lesson to be valuable. And if you find this stuff as fascinating as I do, But I'm telling you, if you want to step into the bigger version of yourself. If you want to step into new results for yourself and your business. Look at your environment, and look at ways of optimizing your environment and optimizing your identity for the results that you want to create for yourself and your business.

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