How we turned 3,292 Appointment leads into $1million in sales

Adam - Okay, so this is how we turned 3292, there shouldn't be $1 sign there. 3290 to a point that leads into over a million dollars in sales, and the reason they're the reason why I, you know, kind of gave me the idea to share this we actually just shut down our, our schedule once account and schedule once is the appointment booking system that we that we use for the last like, I don't know, year and a half, two years, and it was very foundational like that system that software was very foundational to our business.

And that is it.

You know what, I've been using the CRM system. About a month ago, we released the Digital Copilot marketing system which is the marketing system that we use for our internal team. It's what we use to you know to run our sales team, our marketing, you know we have a, we have a calendar system built into it, we've got a booking system built into it, you know you can build all kinds of marketing automations and things with, you know, with a system.

But we started using the calendar and we realized that we didn't need schedule once anymore. So I'm like okay I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna get rid of schedule one save myself $90 a month. But I'm like before I do, I want to pull out all the contacts from the schedule once account. And then I added them up to see how many, how many people have actually booked appointments with us, you know from our marketing from this funnel that I'm going to be sharing with you about, you know, here in today's broadcast.

And, and I found out it was 3292 I had no idea was that it was that many, but these are these are not just opt in leads remember, there are you know we generate opt in like just regular, you know, you know, enter your email to get this free thing you know we generate those kinds of leads as well. But this is kind of a next level lead. This is an appointment lead is somebody who not only books, you know not only opposite with their email address right but then they also they watch a video, they like, what they see in the video, they booked an appointment.

You know below the video there's a link to book an appointment. And then, then they get on our calendar. Okay, and I've done, I've taken several of these sales calls myself. I mean when I say several I mean I mean, hundreds, possibly 1000s of these sales calls myself. And then we also integrate like a sales team to take these appointments for us when we scale so much to the point where we can't even handle the volume anymore.

And that's, that's what you want to get to right that's that's that's really the goal is you want to you want to have so much opportunity coming in to where like you have to scale your team you have to, you know, filter these appointments to other people on your team, because you couldn't possibly handle all the volume. Okay, that's what we're talking about today. Right. And, you know, I'm just gonna check in with you guys, I believe, my man Stephen is is in the Facebook group, Stephen just drop a comment there let me know if if we're, you know, everything's coming through loud and clear.

I can't really check it on the group but maybe just send me a little, a little Facebook message saying, you know, see if we can hear you. Good to go. All That Jazz make sure that we don't do what I did last week which was talk for a half hour before realizing that that I didn't that I wasn't actually streaming into the group that happened to us last week. So I want to make sure we avoid that situation. Just goes to show you don't have to be a genius to make money on the internet.

All right. And then we hate dead air I'm trying to just try to figure out if it come through loud and clear. Yeah. All right, Stephen says we're good. Thank you, Stephen. Appreciate you. Okay. Here we go. So there's two things that you need in spades if you want a thriving online business, and just let me know if that's you. I mean, that's why you're here right or you're I if you're watching this in the in the in the digital offline group, or if you're listening to this on the digital upline podcast, you know when we turn this into a podcast episode later on, you know.

I'm guessing that's why you're here you want a thriving online business right and and it doesn't just mean online like you know like you have an online it's like it's like you have a business, but you promote it online because you have a location independent business, you can build your business from anywhere in the world.

That's what that was one of their big, big reasons that got me into online marketing in the first place you know years and years ago but 12 years ago now, is just because I wanted that I wanted the kind of business that you know I wasn't tied to anything I can do, I can work my business, as long as I had an internet connection and a cell phone.

You know I could, I could make millions of dollars that's the kind of business that I wanted to have. And if that's you just let me know. You know, raise your hand. Drop a comment let me know if that's the kind of business that you want that you set out for, you know, maybe, maybe you've been in the industry for a while and you've gotten you know you've gotten burnt out because things, you know things haven't worked out for you the way the way that you've wanted them.

Like, you know keep, keep your eye on that prize because that is absolutely what is possible in this industry. You know, having that kind of business where you can really make money on demand. And you can build your business from wherever you want. Okay, so there's two things that you need if you if you want that for yourself.

Number one, you need traffic

Okay, you need you need people coming into proximity with your offer. That's what I'm just, I'm just creating that for traffic like you know that that's my definition of traffic, people coming into proximity with your offer. And, you know, on the internet it's it's, you know.

We have specific ways that we do that on the internet using social media using, you know, using email using all kinds of different things, but just it's very similar to, you know traffic on a highway going by a bit a billboard, that's traffic coming into proximity with whatever the offer is on the Billboard, if it's people walking through, you know, a retail store, and they're seeing, you know they're seeing different different things they're seeing different offers, as they're as they're walking through, it's really no different than that, except this is the online equivalent of that.

And then conversions

You got to have people converting through steps inside your sales process right we call it we call this a sales funnel and I'm going to share with you the funnel that we use, and the funnel that we use to get these appointments booked with us. Okay. How many of you know that like all leads are not created equal.

All leads are not created equal right?

If you, you could buy right now you could go spend a couple $100 and and get 10,000, you know, quote unquote, opportunity leads. And you can just start calling them, you know that's that's those are leads right you could you could you could call those leads right but it's like you've got that kind of lead.


But then, but then you know a step beyond that would be like, you know somebody who you put something out there on social media and somebody says hey that sounds cool. Right, that would be like one step beyond you know the completely cold, kind of lead and then and then in the home business industry, we've got people that are just, you know, they're out in Facebook groups they're spamming groups they're, you know they're just, they're just reaching out to complete strangers no relationship.

No, no reason to be reaching out to them other than to pitch them. And they, that's the equivalent of buying a list of, you know, 10,000 people. And then just like dialing through the list. Okay, there's no leverage in it, there's no authority in it, and and you know it still leads but it's just not the kind of leads that we want. Right?

The kind of leads that we want our leads that are taking taking multiple actions inside a funnel. So like, you know, they opt in for something, they become a lead, they opt in with their name, their email address maybe sometimes their phone number, then they become a lead.

That's a quality lead because they raised their hand and they said yes I want your thing whatever it is that you're promoting here. and that is what we call permission based marketing right they are you they're giving you their permission, or they're giving you their permission to market to them by giving you their email address.

Okay, and there's a lot that we can do with do with that you know if you know how to follow up with people with with with email and get them, you know, get them to you know warm them up through the process. Right then there's a lot that we can do with that, but we take it a step further. And we, we, you know, they opt in for a thing we put them in front of a video.

You know 15, 20. 30 minute video. And, and the video really does the selling and the explaining and the and the promoting right if the purpose of the video is to a position you as a leader and an authority. It's to is to expose them to your you know your offer. It is to build a know like and trust factor, because that's really, really important on the internet, you know, you've got to be able to, if you want to turn complete strangers on the internet into buyers, you've got to get them to know like and trust you.

Having a video sales letter is one of the best ways that you can do that.

And then, and then and then at the end of the video, it just says, hey, go down here and buy right at the end of the video just know I'm sorry it doesn't, it doesn't even. It doesn't say, you know, go here and buy. Instead, it says, If you like what you see, book a book a call with us.

So now and think about what that does for like your authority, like they are now they've gone through this, they've gone through your process, they've gone through multiple steps in your process, they've seen probably a few different videos at this point, including the video about you and your in your in your offer, and the problems that you solve. And then they're booking a call with you. And then they're filling out some more detail some more questions about their business. like think about what that does to position you as a leader and an authority. That's the funnel that we're talking about here.

That's when I say appointment leads, those are the kinds of leads that I'm talking about. So this is this is essentially what the what the funnel looks like, it's like, you know, they, they opt in some kind of a, you know, some kind of a headline, right, and then they opt in with their name and their email address, to get the thing, whatever the thing happens to be. Here's another version that we use this the one that we use, how many of you have seen this presentation that you've seen this page before?

This page looks familiar to you, it's probably because you've been through our funnel, and we send a lot of paid traffic to these pages, like, you know, we send completely cold traffic on YouTube and Facebook to a page that looks like this. And we're getting about 40% of the people are opting in. So out of 10 people, four of them are opting in.

And that is a fantastic conversion rate for an opt in page if you if you don't know, okay, I've had pages in the past that have converted at 10%. And I still made money.

So, you know, once you get up to 40 50%, you know, you're you're absolutely crushing it with a page like this. But you can see, like, there's not much to it, it's just like, it's some good copy. And some, you know, it, it, it creates some curiosity, and then it gets them to opt in, that's it. Okay, then we put them in front of a page where they watch a video.

And now here, this is really where the magic happens. Because if this video is done, right, then you're going to get people that are going to be be booking calls with you. And, and then that's, that's when you can really scale it to the moon, like this video. It's like, you know, we, I mean, we create these videos for clients, we write scripts for these videos, we've done, I've done so many of these types of presentations over the years that like I just know the elements that that that convert, I know the elements that get them to know like and trust you that get them to say yes, I want to move forward. Okay, and then they book they hit that little orange button below that says schedule my consultation.

And then they're booking on your calendar

So this is what I call an appointment lead is somebody who's, who goes all the way through this process. And then they put and then they they they book a call and then what happens is they get directed to another video where it just says hey, you know, make sure that you you know, you do such and such you know, like like, you know make sure that you show up on time set a reminder for yourself all that stuff, right?

You will want every point in this process. We want to acknowledge the action that they just took. Okay, so it's like after they do this, the very beginning of the video is like congratulations for getting your thing. It's like, you want to acknowledge them for the action that they took. So like, once they book, then we get, we put another video in front of them that says, hey, congratulations, thank you for booking you'd see the text on there says thank you for booking, right, and then we give them a little bit of homework.

And the the homework, like we haven't watched another video, because the more the more content they consume, before they get on the call with you, the easier it's going to be the seller. Okay, this guy's I love that you're really I hope that you're paying attention this because I mean, this is this, this process and these concepts, these are the reasons why I have not had a real job.

And, you know, well over a decade, like this, these are this, like, like, this, this process, and it doesn't really matter what you're selling, either. It's like, when they get on the phone with you, you could you could sell them a coaching program, you could sell them, you know, a home based business opportunity.

And, you know, well over a decade, like this, these are this, like, like, this, this process, and it doesn't really matter what you're selling, either. It's like, when they get on the phone with you, you could you could sell them a coaching program, you could sell them, you know, a home based business opportunity.

I mean, I wouldn't, I wouldn't get them through this whole process and just like sell them a product. Like, unless it's like a really expensive product like this, this is designed to, like, get people to, to, to commit to either larger ticket purchases, or something that requires a bigger commitment.

You know, it's like, there's a reason why people don't just go right to buying your home based business, if you've ever if you've ever attempted to, to, to promote your business on the internet, and you you like to cold traffic, right? And you're just saying, Hey, you know, I just want to see if you're open to taking a look at this, and then you send it to them, that's a very tough, tough to turn that corner to get that person interested.

Because there's no relationship. There's no like, they're they're very, very cold. But this process, this process designed to warm them up. That's that's what the whole thing is designed to do, I think was Peter Drucker that says that when, when marketing is done, right, selling is unnecessary. When marketing is done, right, selling is unnecessary.

Like the more and and i and i don't know who it was, it might have been Jim Rohn, who said it that the key the key to selling is time spent in front of your prospect. Now back when he said that was probably like the mid 1990s, when the only way to spend time in front of your prospect was really to, you know, to get them in person at a networking event or at a one on one business meeting or like a home meeting or you know, things like that.

But now we can that that same concept of the key to effective sales is time spent in front of your prospects. You know, it's like, it's like, first they want, they watch this video, then they then they come over here, then they book their consultation and they're watching another video, then I say, Hey, you know, a down below this video, you're gonna see a link to another video, watch that before your consultation before you get on the phone with us. It's like by the time they get on the phone with us, they've already spent two three hours with us.

That's why it's so effective to sell them at that point. Because the marketing is emptied them up. The marketing is teed them up to where it's like, you don't need you don't need a lot of you don't need to be an expert closer in order to get them to buy at that point because because they're already so prime. This is what we talked about when we talk about like priming our prospects.

Okay, we're priming them so that they so that so that they're further along in the decision making process. By the time we spend any time with them, because people are going you better believe people are going through this process right now as I'm speaking to you. When I'm sleeping people are going through this process.

Okay, that is leverage. Okay, somebody's comment, leverage, if you think that this is cool. Okay. So, and it's not even I mean, this, you know, I showed you this funnel just because I want to show you kind of what our funnel looks like. But I mean, we, we build these funnels for clients. Here's one that we that we created for, for a client, I mean, it's very, I mean, I mean, like, this is a this is a really attractive page, right?

They, you know, they, but it's the same, it's the same thing. It's like, you know, we're really hitting on the lifestyle here, bullet, four pillars of bulletproof financial stability, so you've got to kind of have the copy dialed in, you've got to have the marketing message dialed in. That's why people that you know, brand new people, they think that all they need is a sales funnel, as if the sales funnel What is really like, the key, the key is not the sales funnel, the key is the messaging inside the sales funnel.

Okay, so they opt in here, then they get taken to this video. And I think the way it says 350 times a day, I think it was because I actually said in the very beginning of video, it's like, it's like, do you know how many times like home based business gets searched on Google? Every single day, and it was something like 350 times a day, start a home based business or something like that some keyword like that gets searched 350 times a day on Google in the United States alone.

See, that's a hook. That is, that is one of the, we do this in these videos all the time. Like, that's why if you're, you know, if you if you get professional help from someone like us to help you to create a video like this, it can make a world of difference for you.

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Because we know that the psychological triggers that come into creating engaging content, and funnels that convert, right, so it's like, you know, you might create your own video, but you don't, but you but you don't have a hook in the beginning, you're, you know, you're not building the know, like and trust factor, you know, there's just, you know, there's all these these little nuanced elements, that that lead them through the process.

But I mean, you get the idea, it's like, it's the same flow, it's like opt in then video, then calendar.

Okay, we built a ton of these, these products, these these sales funnels that work exactly like this, and create these appointments, these appointment leads, Okay, so here's, here's what it looks like, you know, you we send traffic from LinkedIn, from Facebook, from YouTube, let's say 50, people watch the video, out of those 50 people, let's say 10 of them as a 20% conversion, book a call, then out of out of those 10 people, you can expect two to five of them to enroll with you, as long as the marketing is done right up to this point, as long as those first three, you know, those first three steps are done right?

Then you should have no problem enrolling two to five people out of the 10 that you speak to, okay, because again, because the marketing sets up the conversation. And that's why we get people like IRA here Who says I closed on my first scheduled call, and I have another one booked for tomorrow.

That's why we have some students that are that are enrolling 50% of the people that they talk to one in every two people that they talk to, are enrolling with them. And you know, think about how much time that saves you, because you're not doing all this work to get them. You know, it's not like cold prospecting on social media the way the majority of home business owners do it.

Where, you know, you've got to, you know, you've got to initiate the conversation, you got to do all the follow up, you've got to, I mean, that's what really takes so much time. Right?

But with a process like this, you're only talking to people who are further along in the process, who have really raised their hand and said, Yes, I like it. You know, let's let's have a conversation about the script, this is also something that we work with our clients on, you know, you might you might have a, you know, we've we've given away copies of this of this script, but one of the things that we do with our clients is help them to, like, build their own offer into the script, right?

So it's like, it's like, you know, the sales script, you really want to be it again, it's like, you've got to be the sales script does a really good job of, of leading them through the conversation that ends with them making a decision about working with. Okay, and and there's some, some, a lot of like psychological triggers in the script that get them to say, yes, this makes sense.

This is this is what I write and that's what you want to be doing in a sales conversation. So, so that's the funnel, right? But I mean, it doesn't necessarily even have to be, you know, some big funnel, right with videos and capture pages and you know, all that stuff, right? Because that's kind of the more of the advanced way of doing it. But a simpler way of doing it is we just make posts, you know, in in, you know, in Facebook groups in our Facebook group, we make we make social media posts.

We do this on Facebook and LinkedIn will say things like this, who wants a LinkedIn training valued at $97 for getting five to 10 free leads per day from LinkedIn. 100% free just comment me and look at down there 655 comments.

Okay, because that's this is the other way of doing that is that you just make up Post saying, Hey, we just came up with this thing, we just created this, we just found this, whatever, who wants it, and then we follow up with them and messenger, and then we get them to book the consultation through a messenger conversation. That's the other way of doing it. And that's the much simpler way of doing it.

Because with this way of doing it, you don't need the video, you don't need the capture page, all you really do need is the calendar, you need the calendar system, which you could use our Digital Copilot system, or you could be using something like calendly or schedule once or something like that.

Here's another example. Who wants to see the exact and you can see this is Stephen. This was a was this is one of Stephens post who wants to see the exact Facebook Messenger conversation. We that lead to sales broken down step by step. And you can see 900 people reached on the post 72 comments.

Here's another one that I you know, it's just it's this one's a little bit longer in terms of the copy. And then I take them to the page where where all I did was I interviewed a mentor of mine, we've we've all gotten mentors, if you don't have a mentor, you really shouldn't have a mentor.

We've all got coaches, we've all got mentors, if you don't, you got to get one. Otherwise, you're, you're, you're taking the long, expensive way, if you don't, if you don't have a coach or a mentor, okay, if you've got somebody in your upline or coach or a mentor, interview them, and then use that as the lead magnet, because then you can then you can use the credibility of that person to hook them in.

See, you gotta be you got to be coming up with different angles and different reasons to be getting out there in front of people. That's all these lead magnets are. It's just, it's just an excuse to get in front of people. Okay?

All right, you guys digging this so far? Just let me know, let me know, drop drop a comment, let me know if you're, if you're if you're having some light bulb moments here, you're having some aha moments. If you're seeing how if you're getting some ideas for some different lead magnets that you could create, that you could use to get people interested to get them raising their hands.

That's, that's all we're doing here is we're just getting people to say, yeah, that's, that's, that's me, I want to learn more about that. doing it in a virtual kind of way. Alright, so here's some funnel tips that you can take away for, for getting faster conversions.

Number one is headlines. A good headline should promise to solve a major problem, or even a very specific pain point. Okay, if your funnel if you're, if you have a funnel that's not converting, it's probably because the headline is weak, the message the message is weak.

Number 2. Like, like I said, it's not the magic is not in the funnel, the magic isn't the message of the phone, it's in the content of the phone number to use video screen capture talking head videos. If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is a video where it's got to be like a million or something.

But there's lots of different ways that you can use that you can use video, you don't have to always just be like, you know, a talking head, you know, person in the video, you know, you could do animation videos, you could do SlideShare videos, all kinds of different ways that you can, that you can use video to enhance your sales well.

And then number three, establishing credibility, authority and trust. So author and content, like if you have like, creating your own version of a sales video, that's like authoring content you're creating, you know, you're not just using some generic video that your company provides.

You're creating your own that establishes you as a leader establishes your credibility. Interviewing successful people that builds your you get to borrow some of that their credibility. Social media content, putting content out there builds your credibility and then have doing phone consultations with people getting getting them to apply to work with you, these appointment leads that we're talking about and then leading them through a phone conversation.

And and the phone conversation is not about your offer. It's not about your thing. The phone call calm conversation is about them. It's about it's about solving their problems. And you've got to approach it like that most. If you're like anybody who's struggling. As an entrepreneur, you're probably making it way too much about yourself and not enough about them and solving their problems.

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