How to use pain as motivation

Adam - This is all about pain and how to use, how to use pain to your advantage.

You know, pain, pain is such a powerful, it's such a powerful thing because our mind is like, it's designed to move away from pain. Right. So there's all kinds of ways that you can use pain to your advantage both to motivate yourself and to essentially like, you know use pain and use how your mind is designed to avoid pain to, you know, as a weapon is as a tool to get you what you want in your life, right, even the things that seem really out of reach that seem really difficult.

Especially those things, right, and also how to use pain to motivate other people, right, because obviously it's a big part of what we do as marketers is, you know, if there's no pain, there's no action. Right, I mean that's why we get on the phone with people and we're like, you know, tell me about your business, what's, what's going on what's okay so you've been doing this for x number of years you you your, your goal has always been $10,000 a month, you haven't hit that yet.

I mean tell me what you know what have you been doing what has, how has that been affecting other areas of your life. Oh man really been dealing with that that long. Right, it's like, see gay doing even having a conversation like that I'm not really I'm not saying anything about their pain but you can picture the person on the other line right the the prospect that I'm talking to, telling me about their situation, about what they want, and about the gap, that they have in between what they want, you know, the, the, the pain that they're experiencing right now, by not having it and getting really clear as to what that pain is to motivate them to take the action that you want them to take. Okay, so that's what we're going to be talking about.

So, yeah, the title of this is pain is a weapon, it's a, it's extremely powerful weapon so let me talk about you know, put it into some context for you. I mean, even like pain is a necessity for growing your business. If you're attempting to do something that you've never done before.

Right and it's gonna it is something that, Where like other people try and fail, right, and like there are barriers to entry right that that's one of the things that makes you know success in a home based business profitable success in business, you know profitable in general is because not everybody can do it. Not everybody does it otherwise it wouldn't be profitable.

Right, it's like the hard, the fact that it's hard and the fact that it's painful, the fact that it requires it's going to require you to have stamina. Right, you're going to have to run further than most people are willing to run, you're going to have to do things that most people are unwilling to do. But, but that's also kind of a cool thing, because if you can do that, if you can persist longer than the average person, if you can, you know, do things that the average person is not willing to do.

That's like, it's such an advantage in business and I just realized that a long time ago about myself is that I, I can go longer I'm not I might not be like the fastest out of the gate, you know, and I might and I might not be like the, like I'm certainly not like the, the typical, like, you know like a type personality, like the people that you think of as like winning in business are always people that I think of, you know, when I think when you know when I think of like, you know people that that crush in sales and business and things.

It's like a lot of times it's that it's the, the, the doers, the drivers the HEI personality like you know, you know those people right. I've never never identified as one of those people, right, in fact, there were times in my life where like I may I might have been voted like the least likely to succeed, you know, in high school. Right. And, you know, it's like, okay I don't want to get too far off. I don't wanna get too far off on a tangent here but, but I'm just I'm just, I'm not like that a type personality born leader, but what I've learned about myself is like, I am like the learned leader I'm somebody who I can out persist, The average person will work. I'll work longer.

I'll study harder, right, than the average person and that is why I'm able to succeed. Okay, let's get back to pain for a minute, right. So, think about like you go eat and you go to the gym and you lift weights right I'm not really a weightlifter, you know I do I do I Do other things for like strength training, but I've never been in the lifting weights but I like the weightlifting metaphor.

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It's like there's, there has to be pain, for there to be growth right your muscles, do you picture somebody like lifting a barbell right, your muscles are, you know, stretching and tearing and you know they're your muscles are atrophy, right, and that that that stress that your muscles are under is exactly what is making them grow, right.

So there, there will not be pain without growth, and in my, you know decade plus experience as an entrepreneur has seen a lot of people come and go, who they want to stay exactly where they are right in terms of, they don't want to grow as a person. Right, but they want the results and we talked about this at the event on Saturday, is that you know you can't, You can't have both.

You're not going to stay the same exact person and your results are magically going to get better. Right now, that I'm sure you've heard of the term be do have that's that's absolutely what be, you've got to be something before you can have something before you can do something right, so it's like, you won't get the results of a seven figure business owner, until you become a seven figure business owner.

I had a mentor, we used to say you're a millionaire 12 months before you're a millionaire, like you are you're UBF, you've got to become a millionaire in your mind, right before the financial results before the results are ever going to show up in your bank account. Okay, so, you know, one of the things I do like to do, I just mentioned.

I'm not I'm not I'm not like a weight lifter or a bodybuilder writing means but but I do I do like doing yoga. I like the strength training and like kind of incorporating some of the meditation and everything and doing yoga, yoga, and, you know, I'm, you know, you think about like, I, I'm holding a yoga pose right and my muscles are like shaking and it's like everything in my mind is telling me, like, stop like give up like this is you know like they you know my like the pain is sending signals to my brain like stop doing this stop doing this.

And, but like, I'm able to find a degree of comfort, inside the discomfort. Right and if you're, if you're starting off in business, you're learning internet marketing and you're, you know, doing these things that you've never done before. Right, that's a very good thing. You're not going to have anything that you've never had before, unless you, you've got to do something that you've never done before, but like, are you able to find a degree of comfort in the discomfort, right, because you're going to have to get yourself out of your comfort zone.

In fact, the more you're willing to get out of your comfort zone, the more you're willing to, you know, accept, discomfort, the faster the results are going to come there, there's all these, I've seen a lot of people that, you know, and they're there, they're, it's like they're trying to find ways around getting out of their comfort zone, they're, they're trying to find ways around going through the jungle.

There's a entrepreneur, man, his name is escaping me right now. I'll have to come back to that if I think was named. He said, Jerry Clark, I just remembered his name, his name's Jerry Clark, he's, he's got this, he, he calls himself the rhino he's got this whole brand around, you know his entrepreneur brand is around like, like, like a rhino, he said, You've got to develop like thick Rhino skin.

The has this metaphor about entrepreneurship as the jungle, right, you got to go through the jungle, right, on the other side of the jungle is the promised land. The Promised Land is where, you know, you're, you're, you've got the business of your dreams you've got the life of your dreams, you've got to go through the jungle, in order to get to the promised land. What happens in the jungle, you get beat up a little bit right and dealing with rejection and setbacks and all those things, right.

What that that it toughens you up the pain that you experienced by going through the jungle and getting scraped up and bruised up right, it makes it develops your, you know, you get this thicker skin. Right. And that is, and because of the problems are going to get bigger and bigger and bigger as the business grows right I mean, I mean you're talking about like you know everybody want everybody in network marketing wants like 10,000 people on their team.

But the reality is that most people do not want the responsibility of a 10,000 person team, you understand that when you have 10,000 people on your team. You're riskier, your problems are, like, 10 times worse than they are right now. Like, but that's what you're going for, right, because you want the review of the fruits and you want the rewards of that you're, it's also going to not number one it's not going to come without a cost, you've got to pay your dues, you've got to pay your price, that is.

That doesn't matter, like who you are or how much money you paid or whatever it's like you've got to pay your dues, you're not going to get anywhere right without paying your dues without going through the jungle. Don't be one of those people have seen it so many times, they're trying to find their way around the jungle. Right, rather than going through the jungle because that because that's uncomfortable, that's where the pain is that's where the discomfort is, but that's also where the growth is okay and you and if you're talking about.

I mean, you know, just use my example of, you know 10,000 People, you've got to you're gonna have to lead those people, so you're gonna have to like be be, you're going to have to have gone through the process yourself because you're gonna have to guide them through the process, you're gonna have to let them know when they get scraped and bruised and, you know, that you know and we're talking about like metaphorically right?

We're talking about like scrapes and bruises in the form of like people telling you no, and somebody saying I'm going to I'm going to join your business on Friday, and then on Friday and they're nowhere to be found, and they completely ghost you, right, or, you know, your friend, your friends telling you this business is never gonna work out, you know, grow up, get real. When are you going to get a real job.

Right, that's the form of the scrapes and bruises is, is those kinds of things rejection setbacks, you know, like, non agreement from most of the people in your life right and the best way to shut those people up is just to produce. And just to get really just to get really good, because those same people that tell you now, like, like what are you doing, right, and in the future, they're going to be saying, you know, wow you're so lucky that you get to experience this kind of.

Okay. Okay, so it's a pain is necessary for growth. Okay, we've covered that. So you want to lean into the pain right don't run away from it because that's gonna just delay the process of success even more. Don't run away from it, lean into it Jordan talked about this a little bit for those of you that were at the event on Saturday, is like, you know, the idea of leaning into the pain leaning into the problem.

Because if that's how you're going to solve it. That's how you're going to fix it, that's how you're going to get better. Right so that you don't have to deal with that pathetic little problem anymore, and you can graduate to even bigger problems. Okay, we talked about that a little bit at the event as well. We'd in another way that you can like really motivate yourself use pain as a weapon to motivate yourself and to kind of, you know, use your brain to like get what you want is.

Get really clear as to what you don't want, like, start making lists of things that you do that you hate about your life right it doesn't even have to be anything big, it could be like, you know you're still dealing with this like, you know, driving a shitbox car, right, like like, maybe, maybe that may for you. That's it. Maybe it's the fact that you know your, your family deserves a vacation they haven't.

You haven't been able to take them on vacation in a long time, maybe it maybe it's, you know, something, something around your house that has needed fixing, that's like every time you see it. It's like a constant annoying thing to you, but you've just dealt with it for so long.

Right, it's see it's getting really clear as to those kinds of things, because if you can attach, if you can create an attachment in your own mind, to those things that you ate, maybe it's rush hour traffic. Right, maybe it's sitting, you know, in a mind numbing cubicle for eight hours a day, maybe it's the, you know the, you know, having to talk to. Annoying coworkers that you hate that like, we're like, all they do is gossip there's no productive conversation happening whatsoever, right, that you know these are all things that, you know, used to really annoy me.

And I'm telling you, if you get clear Get really clear and getting really clear also means like journaling about this stuff, like writing down in a notebook or a journal, what are those things that you hate about your life, what are those things that you hate about your house, your car, the things that you have in your life. Right.

Because I guarantee most of those things will be fixed. When you up level your business, and if you can attach the fact that you're not doing so well in your business or the fact that you're not where you want to be in your business to the fact that you still have to deal with these annoying things. Then, your brain will find a way around, it'll fit into your, your brain will will start to make the decisions and take the actions necessary to solve that pain for you.

Because you because you wind it because you've gotten really clear about, about what that is. And I'm going to go back to the the event, the the workbook that we gave out at the event. The success workbook. Inside that workbook. There is all kinds of questions about, I mean about all kinds of things regarding your business but some of them are just to get really clear as to what you what you don't like about, about, you know, thing things in the way they are about your, your business and your life.

Right, so that you can get clarity around those things so that you can start to create new plans and take new actions around solving those problems for yourself. Okay. And the same goes for other people. Right, so you can use pain. Get really clear with the pain lean into the pain. Right. Do that to motivate yourself and to kind of hack your own mind, to start taking new actions doing new things right thinking differently about the situation, you know the problems themselves. Right.

And you can also use this as a, as a way of motivating other people so I use this when I'm, when I'm writing right, I'm going to write, you know, I mean, not, not all the time, but if I'm writing, you know, a sales letter or I'm writing an email, because I want them to, you know, take an action. It's like I'm going to call attention to the things that I'm guessing they don't like about their lives I've done this, I've done this in Facebook ads I've done it in emails I've done it in, you know, sales letters sales pages, videos, all kinds of things.

Where, where I'm guessing about the things that they don't like, and, and I'm making a very educated guess because, because I've, you know, I've been there, right and because I'm speaking to an audience of people that I know. You know, I know that I know that what they're up to, in their in their life in business now because I'm only marketing to network marketers to home based business owners, the problems of those people are similar to one another, and that's why we say like, you know, don't try to market to everybody, because when you market to everybody you're marketing to nobody.

And the reason is because people have different sets of problems and challenges, but if I'm speaking to a network marketer, I can be more specific about what their problems, and their challenges are. Right. And I can, and I can, you know, and I can say like, look, you're probably, here's what I'm guessing your life probably looks like.

And I did this in a Facebook ad it was, it was one of my most successful Facebook ads, it was and I called it the title of it was a day in the life of a network marketer, and I'm like you wake up at x time, you know, you, you, you, you do this you do this you do this, and people would actually comment on that ad and say oh my god, I feel like you're like a fly on my wall like you like you, like you know me, you get it that creates all kinds of trust, right, if you can tell a story, even if you can tell a story about pain that you've experienced in your life.

And, and I'm reading that or I'm watching it, right, And, and I can identify with it. I can be like wow that person I've experienced that. And if we've experienced the same pain the same challenges the same frustrations, the same setbacks. I mean, think about the connection that that creates, think about the, the trust that gets established.

Once, when, when my reader or right or alluro if I'm reading something, and in, you know I'm not just, it doesn't have to be read it could be, could be watching a video, it could be something that I read online, it could be, you know, there's all I mean it's just communication doesn't necessarily doesn't have to be written communication, You know it could be over a video or whatever, right.

But if I'm, if I'm communicating that and you're and you're saying, wow, this person is just like me, they experienced that pain, they're either they're experiencing that pain now, or and they found a solution for it. Like I'm gonna I'm gonna be very intrigued and I'm gonna it's like, you know, you didn't have to like hype me or sell me or anything, I, I became magnet I became attracted to you. That's very attractive.

Not like attractive, you know like, like, you know, physically attractive or sexually attractive, it's like, it's like I'm attract I'm attracted to you, because we are similar, right, because I know that we've experienced the same pain, and if I can tap into that pain and really good marketers are really their pros at tapping into that pain in by telling stories by saying things like, you know, not like Like, like, you know, hey this is what you're probably dealing with right now you're probably going out and cold prospecting strangers, and people are ghosting you and they're, you know they're they're there you're there, you know, you're, you're probably feeling like you're annoying people.

Right. And I'll and I'll say, you know I'll say things like, like, avoid, avoid embarrassing rejection, right, because you're probably embarrassed whenever somebody, you know, says no I don't have any interest in that. Right, it's probably embarrassing to you if I can tap into the fact that that rejection is embarrassing to you, I can tap into that pain that you're experiencing. Right, and then I've got you. It's like, I've got you like a, like a, like a fish, you're like, you're like a fish on a puck.

Anyway, I think that's all I wanted to talk about today is, I got some scribbles on here that I made about what I wanted to share motivating others, avoiding future pain, yeah every everything that that we do. Every, every decision that we make is either to move towards pleasure or move away from pain.

So if you can position your product in buying your thing we're taking whatever action you want them to take as a way of avoiding future pain but you got to be willing to talk about that future pain, talk about what that pain is. And if you're somebody who's like, oh I don't want to, you know, I don't want to do that I want to, you know I want.

I just I want people like me if you're more if you're more interested in having people like you, right, then you are about, about motivating them, or about, you know, really serving them and helping them, because you're probably not going to have it both ways, you know, some, some of your being way too middle of the road because you're afraid of like offending somebody if you say something, you know that they that they don't like, just get used to it as, like, if you're, you're taught we're talking about influencing large numbers of people, not everybody is going to agree with it.

That's okay. Yeah, and then just, you know, sharing your own pain, because it creates an image creates incredible trust with with your audience. That's That's all we're going for, you know, So, so again quick recap, motivate yourself get really clear on the things that you don't want the things that are painful to you and get really clear on those things, so that you can take the necessary actions to get around them because a lot of times, you're not going to change.

Change is not going to happen until you associated enough pain with the thing, Tony Robbins talks about this all the time. Like, you know, he's like, the best way to get somebody to stop smoking, is to take them to like the intensive care unit of a hospital, and show them like the lung cancer patients.

Because if that because you know you you see that pain and you associate that with your Yemeni you will do whatever you can do to avoid that future pain and that works for anything in your life, just get clear as to what that pain is and that pain, and you need to associate that pain with the fact that you're, that you're not doing what you need to be doing in your business, some of the times what's what transition, the biggest thing that's that is going to transition you from, you know mediocre results or like, you know, no results to like, you know, completely breakthrough results is you're just gonna get so frustrated.

You know so tapped into the the pain and the frustration of not being where you are not having what you want yet, right, that you are finally willing to do what it's going to take to get you there, and it's not going to be easy but I'm telling you, my friends, it will absolutely be worth it. And that's my message for you today.

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