Adam - I'm going to be talking to you about fear and how to use fear to your, to your benefit to help you to motivate you to influence you and to others, right, because most people fear stops them in their tracks. You know feet fear is a, you know it's a negative emotion. It's, it's something that people, you know, they, they want to overcome fear, they want to, you know they want to beat fear, and what I'm telling you is rather than doing that, why don't we, why don't we start using fear, because we know that it's an emotion that we are going to experience.

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It's an emotion that you know our customers or prospects or team members are going to experience. So let's learn how to use it to our benefit, rather than fighting it, or trying to avoid it. Okay so here's how you can do that. Here's a couple of ways that you can use fear to as a motivator.

If you're on the phone with a prospect and this is something that we've done. You know, I mean, it was one of the things that we built into our sales conversations that started working extremely, extremely well. It's like, you know you're having a sales conversation with somebody, and it's like, you know, you, you ask them what it is that they want right what are your, what are your, what are your desires, right.

And then, and then once they've told you what it is that they want for themselves, you know, create a little bit of doubt, by saying, You know, saying something like, like okay, you know, do you, do you think that you can that you can get there, you know, that you can get there on your own right and if they and if they say you know to say yes or if they say, you know, they, you know, they think that they can achieve it, or like what is one thing that's stopping you from achieving that. And a lot of you know and you know sometimes they might say something like, well there's nothing stopping me from achieving it and it's like, Okay, well then how come you don't have it now.

Right, what, what's the reason why you do not have this thing that you just told me that you wanted. What's the reason why, why you don't have it now and then, you know what, and then get them to share like okay what what what happens if this does not work out for you. Right, what happens if you know you don't get these results, what does your, what does your life look like, you know, six months from now 12 months from now, if you don't do something about this problem now?

Okay, that is like, you know, make sure you, you know, use words like now or today, you really want to be, you know, using like urgency language in, you know, any kind of, you know, sales and marketing that you're doing. Right so, you know, we would just ask questions like, Okay, what's that like for you, you know, tell me more about that, to get them to really open up to the problem that they're experiencing the pain that they're currently experiencing. And then the very next question right is, what does your life look like six months from now 12 months from now, three years from now, if you don't take action to solve this problem now?

It's extremely, I mean the human psychology, you know that that is in that I mean they, they just spent five minutes talk telling you about everything that they don't want about the problems that they're having about the pain that they're experiencing, and now you're putting them into the future and say and then getting them to look to the future and say, Oh my God, if I don't do something about this now, then I could be in the same position now six months from now 12 months from now, and things might even be worse than because I didn't take action to do anything about it today.

Okay, so that's, you know, that's, that's, you know, number one, like motivating and this, this is kind of, you know relates to, you know, a phone conversation with a prospect, but it can you can use this in other, you know, communication modalities as well. But you also want to be using fear to motivate yourself, what is it they you know don't, what is it that you are just sick and tired of putting up within your own life.

Right, what is it that scares you, about the future, and then and get really clear on that don't just think about it, put pen to paper? This is something that you should be journaling on you should be you should have this in your, your morning formula so that you present yourself to it on a daily basis, what you do, what you are trying to avoid. and that can be a very powerful motivator because, because a lot of times we will, we will take actions that will move us away from potential future pain, right, more so than even things that we think that we want to move towards that are, that are pleasurable, we will, human beings, we will take more action.

We will work harder, right to avoid future painful situations, then we will even moving towards desired moving towards, you know, things that we find pleasurable. Okay, so get clear on that what you know what that is. I had a friend, an entrepreneur friend, and he decided to write a letter to his son, and he dated it like, you know, several years into the future. And it was like a letter of regret that he wrote that he wrote to his son who I think at the time was like five years old, and that apologizing to his son, for, for not doing what was necessary to give him a better life.

And for not taking the necessary actions to be a better role model to him. Right. And he said, he said, I couldn't get past the second line of writing this letter to my son, until I started just breaking down in tears, say that that level of emotional attachment to your goals and to the things that you want the things that you don't want that will motivate you into action. I promise if you can get that kind of emotional attachment to what you want and what you don't want the chances of you taking the necessary actions to, you know, either move towards that desire or move away from that pain.

It's just inevitable, right, because that because that's how our minds work we are emotional creatures, We say like, you know, I mean, even consider doing that consider writing a letter of regret to yourself to your future, you know, to your children, you know maybe if you don't have children maybe to your unborn children to your future children to other members of your family, apologizing to that, that you had this amazing opportunity. But you didn't do what was necessary, because whatever fill in the blank excuse reason, the emotion, you know, I just, I couldn't just put myself out there I couldn't, I couldn't get past the fear. Right.

And, and, and that that might be one of the most motivating things that you could possibly do for yourself, to motivate yourself to take the necessary actions that you want to take, I'm telling you fear and pain is some of the biggest movers of human beings. And if you just get clear on what it is that you don't want put pen to paper right out even, you know, even right at the top of the journal. What is it that I don't want, what is it that I don't want my future life to look like, right and then and then on the next paper?

Okay, what actions can I take today, tomorrow, this week, next week, so that I do not move into this future, that might be that that, that, that could very well happen if I do not step up? If I do not take these necessary actions that I need to take now, if I do not confront my weakness if I do not confront my own, you know my own fears my own shortcomings. Right, what does that look like for you and I promise that you will be taking new actions tomorrow you will be taking you will be getting outside of your comfort zone, in a way that you were not before because now you have this new fire under you, that is lit, based on what you don't want for yourself in your future and your family's future do that, take that action. And, you know, make a great week. Let's get out there and crush it.

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