How to re energize yourself for the new week

Adam - Hello and welcome to the digital upline show today's episode comes from a replay of one of our Monday mindset broadcasts that we host for private clients in In this episode, our client success director Meredith shares a little bit about energy and environment and how you can optimize both to maximize the results that you get in your home based business.

Meredith - Today what I want to talk about is energy. Right, energy, Monday morning you're waking up yesterday was the Super Bowl maybe you you know hung out with some friends maybe had some people over maybe you did some the social distancing and watch the game in a different way, but maybe you're dragging out of bed a little bit this morning more than you normally would be on a Monday.

Mondays used to be the worst day of the week for me I absolutely hated Monday hated Monday, because it meant that I had to get up and go back to a job that I didn't like in an environment that was really toxic that I didn't want to be in and it was really hard to muster the energy to want to be there, but sometimes as an entrepreneur you end up feeling the same way right, you're like, Where am I going to get energy to tackle all of the things that I have going on where am I going to find the energy to actually lead this group of people that I've recruited where am I going to find the energy to show up with excitement and intention on that call that I've got booked with a prospect today.

Where am I going to find the energy to work through my ever growing laundry list of strategies and tactics that I want to implement into my business, and you just aren't finding the energy. So I want to give you some recommendations for making sure that you can start your week off with a bunch of energy with a renewed excitement for what it is you want to do.

So first things first, with your energy you need to be following that morning formula. That morning formula is absolutely meant to energize you to excite you to ground you to get you back into the game after you've maybe taken some time off over the weekend.

The next thing that you need to do in order to increase your energy is you need to move your body. So you need to make sure that you are getting up and doing some kind of exercise, something, preferably in the morning. Are you going for a walk. Are you just doing some yoga, are you stretching, are you going to the gym, or are you just taking five or 10 minutes to do something to increase your heart rate, I don't care if you do jumping jacks or turn on your favorite song after your family leaves for the day and dance around your living room.

But one of the ways that you can absolutely increase your energy is to move your body, another way that you can increase your energy is to listen to music, so your favorite song singing that song belting it out loud again while nobody's home or maybe, maybe in your car, who knows, but enjoying music and listening to something that you love will increase your energy.

These are things that you can actually do before you get onto that strategy call or before you sit down to work through that ever growing laundry list of things that you need to do. Use your body. Get up, stretch move around. Shake it out stand up when you take that strategy call if you're doing it on the phone and not on zoom, find a way to increase your heart rate, so that you are bringing energy into that conversation right if you ever been on the line with somebody or watch somebody go live or watch somebody do something they just don't have a lot of great energy, how interested are you in, In, following them how interested Are you in being around them, not really very much right?

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So you've got to be that person that ups the energy and if you can't find it, you have to create it. It is there buried inside of you, even if it's on one of the most tired mornings or the you know most depressing, you know, dark Mondays of the winter that you've ever had that energy is inside of you it is your job and responsibility to tap into it.

To find it somehow, and to bring it forward.

My last tip for you guys today around finding energy and bringing it into the work that you're doing is actually through the expression of gratitude. So if you are not feeling motivated to sit down and do your work. If you're not seeing results that you want to see if you've been believing the false stories that you tell yourself your morning formulas not helping you to overcome it.

You're just not motivated you just honestly would rather crawl back into bed and, you know, burn another series of Ozark or whatever it is that you like the best on Netflix. Here's my remedy for that to bring more energy to your work. Gratitude gratitude. So, make a list of the 10 things that you are grateful for right now.

I participated in an amazing, amazing three hour mastermind I'm actually doing this every Sunday for the month of February, and I did a three hour mastermind yesterday, where we talked about abundance.

And in that one of the things that we agreed to do as a group was to every day, wake up with the sun, wake up with the sun, so we are getting out of bed with the sun each day, and spending a few minutes just having gratitude for the fact that we got out of bed, and that we are watching the sun, bring its new energy into the day. And we are also going to think the sun as it sets in the evening gratitude. So think about things that you are grateful for simple things fresh water, a warm home, a car that runs spouse or a partner who loves you, children, your health, the opportunity of your business being here, and having the ability to learn.

I'm not talking about you know thank you to this specific person for the specific thing. I'm talking about general terms of gratitude, the simple simple things that we so often take for granted. Right, having clean air to breathe clean water to drink food on your table, not having to worry about paying for that food I mean so many things and I could get on a total soapbox about gratitude, but what I want you to do in order to increase energy is to think of 10 simple things that you are grateful for.

And then sit down to go do the work that you didn't want to do, because it just puts it all into perspective. Sometimes we forget exactly how abundant Our lives are exactly how rich we are exactly how fortunate we are. And the reality is, you're probably in the top one, maybe top 5% of people worldwide. With where you're sitting right now in your home in your life financially from an opportunity perspective the fact that you had access to education, the fact that you have access to medical care that you have clean water clean food, warm place to live that puts you above and beyond everyone else.

And it really puts into perspective how your to do list, really is an opportunity list, not a have to do but I want to do.

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