How to outsource low income skills so you have more time to work on the skills that bring in more money

Hello and welcome to this podcast, this is Adam Chandler and in this episode, we'll be talking about outsourcing and how it can be hugely helpful for creating more freedom and more cash flow in your life in business. I'll be sharing what to outsource when outsource some of my personal go to Resources for outsourcing, as well as some of the things that I've learned along the way to help you avoid some very common and very costly mistakes.

We are all about digital asset creation for leverage and cash flow in the digital world and outsourcing is a major shortcut when it comes to digital asset creation, especially list building audience building funnel building info product creation, if you're at a point in your business where you're where you're doing that, and we'll talk about about outsourcing business tasks here in a few, but first I want to I want to point out the fact that in today's connected world, you can start outsourcing things like grocery shopping, or laundry or other day to day activities so that you can focus on more high level, high impact, and high profit activities that only you can do, because that is essentially the point of outsourcing to get the little five and $10 per hour activities off your plate so that you can focus on the $100 per hour, or even the $1,000 per hour activities in Perry Marshall's book at 20 sales and marketing, which is one of the best marketing books I have ever read very asserts that there are $1,000 per hour activities all over the place in your business that you are most likely completely blind to.

And if you want to create a quantum leap in your business, effectiveness and productivity. It's your job to discover what those are, so that you can focus on. Now, the best place for people to start when it comes to outsourcing like if you're if you're brand new to outsourcing. You want to start with outsourcing, day to day activities. Because if you're outsourcing things like content distribution in your business and you use your newfound free time to mow your lawn or clean your house, you're kind of missing the point. So what are the day to day activities in your life that are necessary, but that you can easily pay someone else to free up your time and your mental energy, could you pay a cleaning service to clean your house once a week so you can focus on higher level activities in your business or use one of the many online grocery shopping apps where you submit a list of the groceries to the grocery store, and then you go to the store itself only to pick up your groceries because you pay a handyman to do minor home repairs or a teenager down the street to mow your lawn or rake your leaves.

One of my mentors and online business said one time that if you're mowing your own lawn, you are ripping off your local teenager. And when you pay people to do minimum wage activities, you're not only free of your own time and mental energy, but you also get to bless their lives with a job and income. And often this takes a major mindset shift, especially for those of us who come from the middle class, you know, we have that we have a little bit of a feeling of guilt to pay somebody else to do something that we can easily do ourselves right, but you've got to understand that as an entrepreneur, your time is incredibly valuable, and you have to focus on the high impact activities. If you want to have any chance of a lifestyle friendly business, and that's something that we're all about here at New World marketers, helping you create digital assets so that you can create a lifestyle friendly business, probably the biggest thing that helped me make this mindset shift was reading the best selling book by Tim Ferriss.

The Four Hour Workweek. Now the four hour workweek is filled with actionable strategies and resources that will help you become a more productive entrepreneur, and provide you with tools that you can use to do everything from outsourcing customer service in your business to turning voicemail responses in the text messages to save you tired of listening to time consuming voicemail. For me this book opened my eyes to the insane possibilities for automation and freedom that exists in today's connected world. It also helped me to start questioning social norms and had me asking questions like, wait a minute, am I doing this because this is the way that I want to do it, or because society and other people telling me this is the way that you have to do it.

And that goes for everything from little things to, you know, big things like how to live life and stages of life and things like that. So, well I'll mention some more insights that I got from the four hour workweek here in just a bit, but I want to get back to how you value your time. If you do your own taxes, so that you can save a few $100 Rather than hiring a professional. You probably don't place a very high value on your time, especially considering it may take you 20 hours to do your own taxes on, you know, on your own, and a professional tax preparer may cost $400 So you're essentially saying that your time is worth less than $20 per hour.

Not to mention the fact that the professional can find deductions that you are most likely completely blind to that can save you hundreds, if not 1000s of dollars that would otherwise go to the government, and consider the stress the mental fatigue that you'd have to suffer by doing your own taxes, and mental energy that can be used on something like outlining your new digital product sales funnel or book that could potentially be worth hundreds or even 1000s or even millions of dollars in your business over the next few years.

One of the ways I've learned to understand what my time is worth is with this simple exercise. So it's gonna be very helpful if you have a pen for this, but you know if, if not just listen because you'll still, you'll still get to, to, you know, hear the point that I'm making with this and you'll be able to do this exercise later on. Now, rather than looking at your current income, started by looking at your income goal for the next 12 months. The first time I did this exercise, my goal was to make $100,000 in 12 months. Now there are 52 weeks in a year, but let's back out eight of those weeks for vacation travel sick days and things like that.

Let's say in an average week, I work 20 hours per week on my business. Now that's 20 hours per week of actual focus to work, not scrolling Instagram or engaging in mindless political debates on Facebook, or even watching a Facebook Live or a webinar from a successful marketer, you got to put that that stuff in the category of distraction time or, you know, you know, if you're, if you're doing like training stuff then you've got to lump that into a category like, you know, education and time. right but not focused biz building time right and you got to get away from what a lot of people do, which is fooling themselves into lumping that into like this is where I'm actually building my business.

So sanely put 20 hours per week of actual focused business building work has probably been very generous. For most people, 20 hours per week. times 44 weeks per year is 880 hours. Now remember my income goal the time was $100,000 a 12 months. So when I divided $100,000 by 880 hours. I found that each hour of my focus to time in my business was worth about $113. Now using that same amount of hours. If the goal is $250,000 per year. Each hour is now worth $284 per hour.

And if your goal is 500,000 In the next 12 months then each hour becomes worth $568 Worth, let's just go back to the original. The original goal of 100,000 in 12 months. If you really believe that your time was worth $113 per hour. Would you really spend as much time on low leverage activities like cleaning your own house, fumbling with technical minutiae in your business, Mindlessly scrolling social media, gossiping, which is by far the lowest form of human communication or other activities that we use to distract ourselves so that we can avoid the responsibility of actually impacting other human lives.

I think not. Especially, you know, if you were a new world marketer in this, in the new world community we are better than that. So here's some things that you can start to outsource in your business. Once you've taken care of the day to day personal activities like cleaning your house or mowing the lawn. It's important to identify the tasks that only I can do. For example, only I can record this podcast, but the editing of the podcast once it's recorded or uploading into the new world marketers site, and the distribution of the content can be outsourced to someone else, which frees up my time for other activities that only I can do the high impact ones a little technical or graphic design projects are also great things to outsource.

When I bought the domain, new world The first thing I did was send it to my outsourcers who I'll share with you later. And I instructed them to upload to WordPress. And, or, I'm sorry to upload WordPress to the domain, and then add it to my hosting package at Hostgator. I also instructed them to install the Clickfunnels plug in, as well as add the Pretty Link plug in. These are just these are WordPress plugins so that I can turn a long ugly link with my affiliate ID into something like new world forward slash Click Funnels that simply redirects to my Clickfunnels affiliate with. So if I if I had done all these things myself and would have taken me three hours.

And since this particular outsourcer lives in India, I was able to send this to them before I went to bed, and I woke up the next day to an email saying that it was done.

Having things happen in your business when you sleep will make you feel more effective, more productive and will build confidence that will spill into other areas of your business. Now like I said, Another great thing to outsource is graphic design. I recently, I recently outsource the creation of a new header image for my Twitter page that promotes my 21 Traffic Sources Training Guide. Now this was a few weeks after that same outsourcer had created the graphic for the for the ebook itself, that you can see by going to 21

Now if you want to see the new header image you can go to slash Adam Chandler. They did such a great job with this my next step was to have them create similar graphics that I then use for my header image on my Facebook fan page in my YouTube channel. And so now all of my all of my social media properties are completely congruent. And they they they point to an offer, rather than just being hey this is what I'm up to. It's actually pointing to an offer, so it's, it becomes a lead generation strategy.

Now this particular source or this particular outsourcer has also done a ton of work to on my blog, which is meet Adam I recently decided that I wanted to add a welcome video to the homepage of the blog, I shot the video uploaded into Google Drive and send it sent it over to the outsourcers, they did all the video editing, including adding background music and eliminating background noise and the original video, and adding text to the video for a call to action and uploading it to the homepage of the blog.

They even created a new graphic that promotes the 21 traffic sources lead magnet, and added that to the homepage, right next to the video. The only thing that I did was shoot the 90 second video, because that was the only thing that only I could do the outsourcers literally did everything else. So, if you want, feel free to check out the new video and banner image of

You can also find the exact resource. I use for outsourcing, by going to New World,, forward slash, W S T and W S T stands for web support team. This is a outsourcing service I've used for years, for anything graphic design or technical in my business and I've gotten to the point where if I'm fumbling with something with some some technical things for more than five minutes, I immediately send it to some to someone else. So they've done everything for me from video editing to designing product art to the technical minutiae that I suck at. Now one thing that I really liked about their services that they offer a $97 per month option where you get 30 task credits per month.

And you're billed based on on how many credits you use well, your bill your bill, per month and they give you 30 credits, but if you don't use all 30 in a month, they can carry over for a certain amount of months. So of course you can hire them for like the little 10 or $20, you know, $20 jobs for like specific project specific tasks, but I highly recommend using the monthly option because it will force you to look for things to outsource in your business. So when I started doing this I paid the monthly, you know the the monthly membership and it literally, it literally made me look for things that I that things to outsource that otherwise was just doing myself, so really build the build the skill of, you know of outsourcing and allowed me to get a lot more done.

Other outsourcing resources I recommend her sites like Elance and Upwork, or Fivver is actually pretty, pretty cool because it'll actually, if you just type in something generic like graphic design, you can find ideas for things that you might not have even been thinking about for things that they can do for you for $5. Now let's circle back to the four hour Workweek. One of the most impactful things I learned about outsourcing from Tim Ferriss book is never delegate, what you can eliminate. So, and also doing something, unimportant really well doesn't make it important. So, if I'm paying an outsourcer to post content to all my social media channels When I can easily eliminate the task by using a service like Zapier, which allows me to post to my Facebook fan page and have it automatically post from there to Twitter and Instagram and other channels.

I will be wasting money paying an outsourcer so it's it's it's an important, important thing to understand about outsourcing never, never delegate, what you can eliminate. So just to be sure, if you're wanting to start creating leverage freedom in your business by delegating tasks to others is that you're only delegating the only the necessary activities that require another human being and not activities that you could use an online tool to do that might cost you 15 bucks a month.

Now if you're ready to employ a more dedicated virtual assistant, otherwise known as a VA, you can use use sites like Elance or Upwork, but what I recommend over that is going with recommendations from other marketers. I recently found a virtual assistant in the Philippines, based on a recommendation from a fellow entrepreneur. And because this person is trusted, and has a proven track record of quality work.

I don't have to go through the usual trial and error of finding a competent trustworthy VA, I will still give this VA tasks and put them on a little bit of a trial period before they bring them on into my business on more of a full time basis and give them access to log in info for multiple accounts that they'll be working on inside my business. Obviously, it's important that people that you give access to the keys to your business, which is like your login information if you have an online business.

That's a person that you that you trust. So that's why, that's why I think it makes more sense to get a recommendation and if you can from someone that's already using this person, and they have a track record of success. Another thing I want to mention here is that this particular VA quoted me a price of $6 per hour for their services. Now, something that often comes up, for those of us who live in first world countries like the US, especially when we are new to outsourcing is questioning if it's morally okay to pay somebody only $6 per hour to work for us, especially when it's less than minimum wage in the United States.

And I've spoken to several entrepreneurs about this who outsource tasks like I do to third world countries like the Philippines and India. And what we found is that when you speak to these people. Then, and by the way these are, they're incredibly proficient in English, especially, you know, in places like the Philippines. They're incredibly proficient in English they understand Excel and other programs, and are often very technically savvy and they understand social media, not to mention the fact that they are extremely hard workers. And it's important to understand that that to them, $6 per hour is an incredible blessing in their life, compared to the alternative, and many times it's a significant raise from what they're used to.

So you're paying them what is often more than a livable wage in their country, and giving them an opportunity to work online from home, which means they can work, which means they can be with their children, they can do their families. It's a true win win situation for you and them. So here's just a list as we as we wrap up here I just want to share just some of the other tasks that I've delegated to outsourcers in my business that might give you some ideas to help you, you know, help you on your journey as you as you as you dive into into into outsourcing things in your business.

I've done things like I've had outsourcers help customers find login information to access their digital products that they've purchased, social media audience building on sites like Twitter, simple graphic design tasks like creating an image for a new blog post that you can use to promote the new content, turning an email that you recently sent to your email list into a new blog post that's like content repurposing other content repurposing, like taking, taking, taking an existing blog post, and having them post to other blog and article directories around the web, which is just more exposure and more traffic, following up with prospects who have registered for a webinar to remind them to attend at a certain time, or to remind them about a replay that's about to expire, running reports about who actually attended the live training versus who registered and didn't attend, so you can market to them accordingly. Adding registrants of a webinar to an email follow up series and making sure they're tagged appropriately.

Making welcome calls and sending welcome emails to new customers to let them know you appreciate their business research you co new co working spaces in your area that meet certain criteria like parking, meeting rooms and networking events to break up the drudgery of working from your home office every day, which is a cool productivity hack in itself, like your, your environment is a really plays a big role in how productive and effective you are, and having some variety in your environment can really make a big difference like, you know, if you if you have content creation part of your day, doing that in a different place where you make phone calls right would do just switching up the environment can actually, you know, really, really help you to stay engaged and, you know, create a big difference in your in your productivity and your results.

So these are just a few examples of some of the things that I've outsourced over the past few years that have made my job easier, more profitable, more productive and a lot more fun. So if you found any of this information helpful to your business. Please share this content with anyone that you think that will benefit from it and leave me a comment below.

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