How to make prospects fall in love with you

What is up, Adam Chandler here. Welcome to an episode of the digital appliance show where we are talking about how to get prospects to absolutely fall in love with you. And I'm telling you this is what you want in your life, in your business you want prospects to be just head over heels in love with you because if you can create that right that kind of, you know, if you can create that situation with your prospects, then they will buy whatever you tell them to buy they will they will they will pick up the phone when you call them, they will, you know, they will be much more likely to give you the gift of their time and their attention.

And we do this in lots of different ways throughout the process, but when I first experienced this. This was like such a such an awakening experience for me. I just I was just starting to get a little bit of momentum in my business. This was maybe around 2009 2010. I was I was generating you know 510 leads a day, you know maybe half of the leads were coming in with their phone numbers, and I was just reaching out and calling you know calling the people that were leaving their phone numbers because why not i mean i i did they were leaving their phone numbers.

I wanted more people to talk to I wanted more opportunity, so of course I was reaching out to these people. And, you know, the process that I created, you know, based on the system that I was in at the time and the mentors, you know the the coaches that were in my life at the time and what they were telling you to do.

By the time they got on the phone with me or by the time they had left their phone number, they'd already watched maybe two or three of my videos, so I was able to build a relationship with them before I ever communicated with them in any kind of like two way communication. Right, so I called up this woman one day. And, and I'm like, Hi this is Adam Chandler is this is this so and so I can't even remember you know her name I mean this was, we're talking 10 years ago at this point. And she's and she screamed I heard a scream, on the other line and and and I'm like wow Is everything okay.

And she said, "I can't believe I'm talking to you right now, I feel like I already know you".

See the marketing had done the marketing that she'd experienced up to that point had done such a phenomenal job of positioning me as a leader, and an authority that she couldn't wait to get on the phone with me and my friends. That is what you call a laydown sale when you can get somebody who is that excited just to be talking to you. You know you build a little bit of rapport you find out what's going on in their business position yourself as someone who you know is actually like trying to figure out where their problem is where their challenges, they will open up to you. And that is the situation that you that you want to create.

You know we have a program now called the digital enrollment machine. And I modeled that data the digital enrollment machine system off of this system that I was using back in 2009 2010 to turn complete strangers on the internet into people who know you like you, and trust you. And all I was doing back then and all you have to do now with a digital enrollment machine is introduce people to this product this system right it's a low cost, high value, you know, educational tool product right, that it's a great way to get your foot in the door with a prospect and that's all we need to do we need to get our foot in the door.

See when you are going out there and you are the only reason why you're communicating to them is because you're pitching them. That is how to create a situation where people do not fall in love with you. That's how to create a situation where people run in the other direction. When they see you coming in, I'm guessing that's not the kind of business that you want to have. And that's and I'm guessing that's not the kind of life that you want to have.

You want people to like, look forward to speaking with you and you want people to look forward to your call. See when you can sell a low cost affiliate product has a foot in the door with prospects, and they buy it from you and then you reach out to them and I used to do this all the time I built. I built a meetup. I had my first six figure year doing just this right they buy a low cost educational product from me as an affiliate, right, and I and when, after they purchase, I get it I get an email or that you know from the system that says, hey, you just got a new buyer, our system does that now too.

Right. And I got an email from the system saying hey you just got a new buyer reach out to them, you know, here's their name here's their phone number, you know, give them a call and introduce yourself. And I would just call them, and I would just say hey, so and so this is Adam Chandler, I see that you you purchased such and such system such and such course, I just want to make sure if Did you get everything that you need are you all set. Is there anything I can do for you. Seems like you, when you do when you have a sales conversation like that's not, it's not even a sales conversation but it's like this person could could be a long term customer for you.

Right, but you are not approaching it as though like let me get on the phone with this person so they could sell them, you're approaching it like, how can I help you, how can I serve you. What can I do for you. Because when you do that, their guards drop right and I've talked about this a million times and all kinds of different stages and videos and there is an invisible brick wall that exists between you and your prospects in any kind of sales and marketing situation. And when you can do what I just described. Right, sell a low cost affiliate product or system call them up and say hey I saw that you just bought this I thought maybe I'd give you a call introduce myself, you know, what can I do for you What business are you in Tell me a little bit about that.

You see you're doing that you are subtly positioning yourself as an authority as somebody who's there to help them not to pitch them. And the more you can do that the more you will create a situation where leads will they will want to talk to you, they will want to to get on the phone with you, they will want to take a look at other opportunities that you have that you that you might recommend to them, because you've provided value, you've, you've, you've established yourself as a trusted adviser, not just some salesperson. For some, you know, some some company. Right, that's what you need to do if you want to get results, you know with, you know, growing your business on the internet in the 21st century, the more that you can do that the more you can position yourself as a leader and an authority as someone, and someone who has value and someone who wants to help them, not just pitch them or sell them, the more effective, you will be at growing and scaling your business online and and really building your business in a way that positions you as somebody who is tactful and attractive, rather than spammy and unattractive.

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