One of my favorite book on the topic of sales and marketing...

Which is a topic I’ve been very enthusiastically studying for the past 12 years of my life...

...Is called "80/20 Sales and Marketing" by Perry Marshall.

In the book Perry asserts that there are 80/20 "leverage points” hidden all over your business.

Activities and systems that, when you become aware of them, can produce $100 per hour and even $1,000 per hour in your business, once the blinders are removed.

The problem is that most entrepreneurs are bogged down doing the low level $10/hour activities that don’t matter and don’t really move the needle in your business.

This is how at least 95% of home business owners operate. Which is why following the masses is the fastest way fail. Most productivity training that exists today is all about how to cram more production into your day and get more done in less time. Which is important, but as Tim Ferris says in “the 4 hour workweek,” another book I've read multiple times...

“Doing unimportant things really well, doesn’t make them important”

I produced this video to help you identify the high level, high impact activities for yourself and begin to create and uncover these systems and $1,000 per hour "leverage points” in your own business.

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