Adam - Okay, LinkedIn, offer invitations. Okay so here's what you do for this lead capture strategy, identify the type of professional that you want to attract on LinkedIn. Let's say you know, maybe their corporate sales professionals, maybe their corporate executives, maybe they are network marketers, maybe they are affiliate marketers maybe they're medical professionals, okay, like, what is your A good question to ask is what is your background right if you know some of you provide, you know, network marketing offers that are around like insurance offers right targeting insurance people, you can target insurance people on LinkedIn, Like really effective rate anybody, you know any profession, right you can target them really effectively on LinkedIn.

So, who is that for you if you're not sure, ask yourself what is my background ID is my offer related to something that could be, that could be attractive to a specific type of profession. Right. And as default. If you're still not sure network marketers are a great, great offer. You know a great group of people to target, because they are, they've already proven themselves as buyers, and most of them are, you know, willing to you know take a look at new offers especially if you can show them better systems better leadership, better support and a faster path to the results that they're looking for, you pre write an offer invitation email that you will send to the contacts. Once they accept a connection request. The format of the email should be as follows, no more than five lines okay we want to make an email like very easy to consume, if there's too much information, you're going to scare people away.

Most people want an initial message like this, here's, here's the formula to follow up, hook in the hook, you tell them why am I reaching out to you, the very first sentence is, I'm reaching out to you because I found you on LinkedIn while searching for corporate sales professionals, corporate executives network, I'm looking to expand my network of direct sales professionals and affiliate marketers of medical professionals, whatever it happens to be the body is. Here's why what I, what I have might be of interest to you. And then the call to action, get them to react. Remember, Remember we said this and get them to react to you get them to say, perhaps, right, that's really all we're doing, and a lot of these a lot of this marketing is like we all we need is we just want we need them to. We've got to get them to say, oh, that's, you know, that's kind of cool, like yeah I think I could, I could do that, you know that's kind of their reaction that want to do is to like large numbers of people.

Okay, get them to react to you get them to say, Yeah, okay. So here's an example. So hey, name right. Hey Tom, I found your contact info, while searching for sales professionals, as someone with a background in corporate sales, I got burnt out with the long hours, dealing with traffic and other travel headaches and having limited freedom in my life that struggle led me to seek out other options, and I recently found a sales opportunity with unlimited earning potential and freedom.

Right, and you can do this for a large, number of people. Warm regards your name, and here's the deal. This is something that I learned, because this is like a writer downer what I'm about to share with you. You only need some of the people to take action, some of the time, you don't need everybody to say yes. In fact, not everybody's gonna say yes, you do this consistently enough every single day, you get this invitation out to people, make new connections on LinkedIn, remember I said don't beat around the bush, Don't, don't do a whole bunch of back and forth.

People respect that and I also said, be like, like you are a busy professional, people will respect it if you get right to the point and say here's what I'm offering. Okay, here's a pro tip on LinkedIn and this is specific to LinkedIn, you can grab their email address from their LinkedIn profile under their contact info, it's on everybody's profile, not everybody is going to leave their email address but like the vast majority of people do, because it's LinkedIn. Right. people don't do you don't see this on some of the other social media networks but you do see it on LinkedIn because it's a professional network, add them as a contact in your CRM, you can even send the invite via email with a subject line.

Quick question, we just connected on LinkedIn. Now is that is that an email, if I sent you an email that said, quick question, we just connected on LinkedIn, you see I'm creating some context there for the reason I'm reaching out to you is that an email that you would open. Just let me just let me know in the comments when would you open an email, if I just became contact a contact on LinkedIn in us an email with a subject line chain to your inbox that says, quick question, we just connected on LinkedIn. Would you open that email, yes or no. it's going to open up the chat here 100% Yes, absolutely. Sure, yes I would.

Yes exactly, you guys because if we have their email address, we can add them as a contact in the CRM that we're building our list right we're building. We're building our email list just from connecting with people on LinkedIn, and then we, and then we just do this, you know, we dropped we, we have another campaign that says, you know, with the sends an email, this is my question we just connected on LinkedIn.

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