How to deal with setbacks, challenges, and adversity

Adam - Alright. Hello, and welcome to a mindset Monday today I'm going to be talking about how to deal powerfully with setbacks and challenges, and adversity. And, you know, just all the things that you will experience when building a business from the, from the ground up, from doing something that you've never done before. from learning any kind of new skills, you know, we, you know we preach all the time it's like, you know what you you you if you want to have more success in your business if you want to, if you want to you know to be able to, you know, reap the financial rewards in your business of the of you, growing in your business, it comes down to two things better systems and skills, right, you need the systems and you need the skills to be able to operate and manage those systems.

Now you can either creating the systems or learning those skills especially with something that you've never, you know skills that are foreign to you that you've never learned before, or something that you've never done before. You know there's going to be, there's there's going to be a learning curve, there's going to be some challenges along the way, there's going to be, you're probably going to experience some setbacks, you're probably going to experience some adversity and if you, you know, been listening to, you know, these, these audios or, you know these Monday mindsets for any amount of time.

You know avert that adversity is what is going to strengthen you and turn you into the person that you need to become, in order to get those results. Right, it's like the little, the, you know, the bird or whatever that's coming out of the egg right it's like it pushes back against the egg it's gonna crack through and tear through right and it's, it's, it's exactly pushing against that resistance.

That gives the bird, the strength to live right and the same is true with you, right, you have got to, you've got to experience some of those setbacks and some of those adversity, like your resolve will be tested. Okay, when you start, you know when you endeavor to do something that you've never done before. If you know whether that'd be starting a business or, you know, building, building a business from scratch or learning some new skills, you know, maybe you built a business before but you've never, but you're you're looking to do it in a new way, right, with, with, you know that's going to create better leverage better you know better results.

It's like there's, there's going to be your resolve will be tested. Okay, and, and it's a good thing right your resolve should be tested. Right. But then, but once you back once you fully commit, and you back to that commitment, up with consistent action, right, over a period of time, that is how you get results 100% in anything that you're doing. Right, so that's my, that's my message for you for today I'm going to share three different ways. Three, three ways right to handle, you know periods of challenge and adversity and setback and struggle.

Okay, number one, the number one way I just mentioned it is commitment and resolve, like I said your resolve will be tested. and I think that it's only once we fully commit, and we prove our commitment that like the law of attraction or whatever you want to call it actually takes effect. Right, it's like you have to. You can't just say that you want something, you've got to prove to whatever you know, call it God called the universe, you've got to prove that commitment through your result. Okay, you will be to your resolve will be tested. Now, what I see a lot of people do, you know, in, in home based business and entrepreneurship is that they, they, they start doing something new, and they're like, once this starts working, then I'll commit.

Like I'm not going to go all in right now for right now I'm just going to, you know, dip my little pinky toe into the water and test the waters and I'm going to give this a try right try is like the kiss of death for entrepreneurs, stop trying, like you need to 100% go all in, fully commit and say, I'm going to make this work, one way or another. Okay so, so, because that's what I see I see a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of, You know a lot of home business owners a lot of entrepreneurs, saying, all, all commit fully once I start I start seeing the results, and that's not how this works, you, you've got to make the decision, you've got to commit, you've got to draw a line in the sand, and then write that, that, from that place from that 100% decision, commitment, right, that's where you take the action from and those actions are completely different than the actions that you took when you were just testing the waters.

Okay 100% resolve and commitment. That's number one. Okay, number two is vision. Okay, vision that's why, that's why we placed so much emphasis on the morning formula, I hope you're doing the morning formula on a daily basis if you're not, you're missing out on a big, big, you know tool and resource that we provide in this in this program. Okay the morning formula, like the morning formulas, it's all about getting you present on a daily basis to the vision that you say that you want for yourself, to the goals that you say that you want for yourself to the person that you want to become right the business that you want to have the person that you want to become, it's present being present will present you to that right because you will take different actions right if you're more present to your results.

If you're more present to what you are moving towards right, you will be much more likely to keep moving forward in the face of struggle in the face of challenges in the face of adversity, you will keep putting one foot in front of the other, where if you're not doing that right if you're not getting the results that you want, right and you're and you don't and you're not present to, to your why and what you're going after on a daily basis, that your own mind will take you right out of the gate, your own mind will sabotage you because you're going to be thinking what's the point like like we, you know us human beings right we operate in a very, very specific set of rules, right, it's like everything that we do is, is about either moving towards pleasure or moving away from pain. So if you're moving, if you're not moving.

VICTOR I thank you for your comment. You're welcome. Victor says Thanks Adam. I appreciate it. Like if you are not moving. If you're, you're, you're not getting the results that you want. Right. And, and, and you're not present to why you're doing it right then, then your chances of, of, you know, bowing out or taking less action because it's going to be less, you know, less confrontational, less, less painful. Right, doing something you've never done before, is going to come with a little bit of pain, a little bit of discomfort, whatever that happens to be, there's going to be pain and discomfort associated with it.

Therefore, you need to start associating pleasure with those same actions by getting present to why you're doing this, what you're moving towards the results that you're moving towards, you know, ask yourself, what are the button by getting these results, my life will improve in the following ways. but then that's not that but but then don't even stop there, what are some other ways that other people's lives will improve by you getting those results right so you want to associate with. You want to associate pleasure, with the act of the actions that are going to move you towards the results, because then, even in moments of adversity in moments of discomfort in moments of pain, you will keep moving forward, you will keep taking the necessary actions, whereas if you weren't present to your why and the benefits and what you're what you're doing this for right you will be more likely to not take the necessary actions, right, not take the committed daily decisions that you need to take in order to continuously move forward.

Okay so that's number two. Number two is vision. Number three, become bigger than your problems. Okay. We do this through personal development, listening to audios like this listening to messages like this, reading books, what books are you reading right now from other people, successful people whether personal development I mean anything buy anything by Tony Robbins, anything by Brendon Burchard, anything by Bob Proctor, you know, by, by Brian Tracy right any of the any anything written by any of these guys, or even just watching their YouTube videos, right there. This is a very powerful messages about personal development like that needs to be happening on a daily basis because you have to become bigger than your problems, because again, I'll just say what I said in the beginning of this message, you will have problems right doing any doing something you've never done before, you know, creating results that you've never created before.

There's going to be problems there's going to be adversity, there's going to be challenges right just accept, accept the fact that that's going to happen. Right, accept it as reality and then you'll, and then at least you'll stop resisting it right or you'll stop being so surprised when it happens. It's like, I mean I know I know that I'm going to every time I'm trying to get to the next level. I know there's going to be problems. I know that I'm going to be frustrated I know that there's going to be adversity, but I also know you know what's on the other side of that, and that's what they mean that goes back to, you know, number two, the vision, the vision part, but it's like, you've got to, you've got to become bigger than your problems, or remind yourself that you are bigger than your problems, right, like like, you know, And I think it's again a great personal development book if you if you've never read it before.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is the name of the book, one of the first personal development books that I've ever read one of the first books that I've ever read, on, on the topic of, You know, money and wealth creation. When I started, you know my entrepreneur journey 12 years ago, is that the one of the things that he says in the book is like, he's like, if you're a level five person right if you're a level five person and you have a level seven problem. Right. The problem is going to sound seem just like insurmountable.

Right, it's gonna seem like it's it that's the kind of problem that that will take you out of the game. Right, but if you have a, if you're a level five person and you grow yourself through personal development through dealing with challenges and adversity and leadership and all these things right and you will raise your level from a level up from a level five person to a level nine person right then that same level seven problem will not even register on your radar as a problem, it'll just be something that you got to deal with. Right, so it's like the same exact problem.

The same exact problem from a different set of eyes from a different perspective. Right becomes, You know, ain't no thing, right, I am. I can handle this I am bigger than my problems. Guys, I've been over the last, you know, week probably two weeks, like I have been dealing with some pretty big problems and some of the biggest problems that I've ever had to deal with as an entrepreneur, and, and I've been I've just I've had, and I've been I've gotten frustrated about, I've had gotten really stressed out about it I've had, you know I've had bad you know bad days but you know, because of it just because of the, the overwhelm, thinking about it.

Right. But then, but I've got but I've also had times where I've had to remind myself, I am bigger than my problems like everything that I've done over the last, it's all it's almost like everything that I've done over the last 12 years that I've been, you know, an online marketer, entrepreneur, you know, whatever. It's like, all of that has been training me for these problems. So think about everything that you've done up to this point, every, every other problem that you've had at this point is, is getting you ready for these problems that you have right now, right and just, just remind is like you've got to, like, you've got to become bigger than your problems and you've got to stay present to the fact that you are bigger than your problems.

In fact, that's a fantastic affirmation, very simple, you know, write, write this down. I am bigger than my problems. Okay, my vision is bigger than my problems, right, like your vision we talked about vision, your vision needs to be bigger than your problems, your vision needs to be way bigger than your probably your view your vision, your vision that you have for your business in your life needs to be so juicy so exciting for you, that you're willing to deal with those higher level problems, because in a sense, life is problems. In one sense, life is a series of problems. Right, but it's like I used to I used to think that I was doing all this I was experiencing all these challenges and frustrations and setbacks and adversity and everything, so that I could solve all the problems in my life.

And then it came to a point where I realized that there is no solving all these problems because once you solve one problem. Another problem is just going to be right behind it. Right, so it's like so, so I had to adjust. So So here's what I had to like come to realize and accept that the goal is not to dissolve all of my problems.

It is to is to get problems that are worthy of my life that get, you know, to, to have the kinds of problems that are related to growth and related to leadership, right and related to you know to to, you know, impacting and reading related to, you know, bettering my situation, the situation of those, you know those around me, right, those that's going to come with some problems, right, but just accept the fact that that that might you know that there's always going to be problems in life, right, and, and that I'm, and that the goal is actually to get problems that are bigger, right, but because I want the kinds of problems that are worthy of my time in my attention not these little low level problems, you know like, you know, like building a business is hard being broke is also hard like which hard are you going to go for.

Right. You know, you know, having a leadership based business where you are responsible for other people, right, that is hard right but but not having that and not not impacting. There's also a cost to that, it's like choose which cost, you're going to give your life to give your time and your attention to, and that's my, that's my message for you today. Before I get too too rambley, I'm going to quit, quit while I'm ahead here.

But those, those are my three you know three ways three things that you need to kind of check if you are experiencing challenges adversity, I hope you are right, if you're not and there's something wrong, right, I hope you're experiencing those things I'm experiencing those things. Okay, if you're not you're, there's probably not going to be any growth right but, but, how to powerfully deal with those things that's the, that's the message of this whole, you know, this whole training here is touted to powerfully deal with setbacks challenges, problems adversity, you know, whatever you want to call it. Number one, check your commitment and your resolve. Number two, vision, expand your vision, get present to your vision. Number three, become bigger than your problems. That's my message for you today. Have a great Monday, make it a great week. We'll see out there.

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