It is common for network marketers and internet marketers to not care about vision and mindset when they first get started.

I know I didn't because all I cared about was the strategy that would make me the first million.

When I first learned how to generate leads and make sales my goal was to make $1500 a month and soon after that I hit my goal, and in fact I exceeded my goal because I made $1500 in a day.

After that I didn't know what to do because I had hit my goal and I didn't plan for what happens after I hit that goal.

To make it a little more clear I will give you another scenario that video games and t.v. do to us.

I bought an xbox game called Red Dead Redemption a couple of years ago. It's an old western game where you have to ride around on horses and do different missions.

There are smaller side missions that you can do also.

This game takes a l0ng time to complete especially with the smaller tasks, but I spent hours playing the game and eventually I beat it.

After I beat it there I was bored because I was done with the task I set out to do.

The best way to create vision for the life you want to live

Now what?

Life gives a lot of dead ends like this when we complete the goal we set out to do and one of the reasons is because each time we see a result that brings us closer to a bigger goal we get a hit of dopamine.

Dopamine is the feel good chemical in our brain that we get more of when we accomplish something.

The problem is that after we have completed the task there is no more reason for our brain to give us more dopamine.

Creating goals and creating a vision are two completely different things

Just like earlier when I talked about beating the game, the vision should be the the perfect life you want to achieve at some point in your life and goals should be smaller tasks that you have to complete in order for to hit that vision.

The best way to create a vision for the life you want

Some of this might sound woo woo. I get it because it did to me at first, but I know alot of people that have the life I want and I also know alot of people who want the life I have.

The people I know that have the life that I want to be living all have a similar ritual that they live by because it is what they do to add up to the life that they want to live.

On the other hand almost all of the people that I know that aren't living the life they want t0 live call it woo woo and say it sounds stupid to do some of the things I am about to talk about.

So keep that in mind as you read this post.

Your perfect day

The first thing you need to do is know exactly what you want in life. One reason that people don't get what they want in life is because they don't even know what they want.

This is probably not something you can figure out right away unless you have already been thinking about for a while so if it takes you a little while it's ok. Don't spend too much time on it though because it will probably change over time.

I first learned this from Frank Kern on a youtube video I watched.

He described how to create your perfect day and since then I have used it to create a vision for the life that I want.

The first step is to close your eyes and imagine you are 5 years in the future.

This day is perfect because you have everything you want in life.

What does it look like? Where are you? Are you at the beach, a house in the mountains, maybe a lake or even out in the middle of nowhere just enjoying nature?

Imagine very clear where you are, the smells of the saltwater if you are at the beach or the feeling of the cool breeze if you are in the mountains.

Now imagine who is there and what you are doing. If you don't have kids but you want them, picture them being there, if you don't have a girl friend or boy friend but you want one imagine the qualities that you want and picture them being there. You need to know exactly who is there.

Now you need to know what kind of car, plane, boat or whatever you are driving on this day. Remember money isn't an issue because this a day that we are coming up with in our head and we can figure out the rest later in the post.

You need to know exactly what you are doing that day. I even go as far as what I was cooking on the grill on my perfect day, what it smelled and tasted like and I even imagine the reaction of the people that ate it.

Now that you have all of these details figured out you need to write them down and keep them somewhere that you will see them often.

Now it's time to build a vision board.

How to build a vision board

There are many ways to create a vision board. You can do it digitally on your phone, or you can have a physical board. I like to create a physical vision board and put it on the wall near my bed because it is the first thing I see when I wake up and it's the last thing I see before I go to bed.

I also like to put a small vision board on my fridge because every time I get something to eat or drink I will see it.

Create a digital vision board

To create a vison board on my phone I like to go on site like pinterest, google images, and Instagram and type in the things I want.

For me I will show you exactly how I created my digital vision board. I went and found pictures of log cabins and picked one out, I found an old chevy suburban that I would be able to put my family in and ride in the snow, a stream in the middle of the woods, a hot tub to go on the porch of my cabin, and a long driveway that is far enough from pavement that we would basically be alone in the wilderness where we can have campfires, fish, and go riding in the snow whenever we want to.

Next I screenshotted all of these items and created a collage and turned it into a screen saver so I would see it every time I open my phone.

Create a physical vision board

To do a physical vision board I pretty much did the same thing but a little different.

I went and got a poster board. Then I went and bought magazines that had the things I wanted just like before. I also printed some of these things out and I glue them to the poster board to create a collage.

I put pictures on my fridge too but not on a poster board because it will take up a lot of room.

Always have a growing vision

Your vision is always going to be growing. If it doesn't you are going to get to a point just like I was where you hit your goals and you don't know where to go now.

I always want to be growing and if I'm not moving forward I feel like I am moving backward because the time I spent staying the same could of been spent learning and helping other people get what they want.

What are you going to trade in order to achieve your new life?

This is a big one. We all have things we would rather be doing than working, but if you work more now to hit your goals you will have more time later to enjoy the things you worked for.

I love to go and hang out with friends and sit by the campfire just hanging out. I still do that but recently I had to cut back a lot so I could spend that time later at night on the weekends creating content and making sure my business is growing. At some point my goal is to have enough work that I can't do it on my own and I have to hire people.

The same thing goes for video games. I enjoy staying up late while my kids are sleeping and me playing xbox because I don't get alot of free time with them around.

I had to quit playing xbox as much as I used to because it doesn't pay the bills.

I can either be good at playing xbox or I could be good at Internet marketing so I chose marketing.

The thing is that you don't get something for nothing, you actually have to provide something to get something else in return. This is the problem with lottery minded people. They will play the lottery every week with a very small chance of winning and in return they didn't provide anything t0 earn that money. If they do win they will most likely not provide anything after that and that is why most of them end up being broke.

I would rather learn the skills that would allow me to earn that much money anytime I want and that way I'm not basing my fortune on luck.

Whose life is going to be better because you created the life that you wanted

Having a vision for yourself is nice but having a vision that helps other people is even better.

Imagine having a business that  focused on a group of people and affected so many lifes that those people grew your business for you because you helped them so much.

You have to think like this and you have to have an emotional connection to the life you want. If it makes you tear up thinking about it.

If it makes you tear up a little bit thinking about it that's even better.

Earlier I told you that I had kids. I have 2 of them age 2 and 6. My vision has everything to do with them right now and even when they are my age.

Not only do I want to create a better life for them but I also want to pass down knowledge that will help them create the life that they want whenever they want it.

Future casting

Future casting is a term I made up but there are many successful people that use this technique even though they call it something else. There are many names for it.

What you want to do is close your eyes and imagine yourself being the person that has the life you created earlier. A lot like we did earlier.

The difference is that now you know exactly what you want. You have to do this often. It is just a one time thing. You have to feel as though you are living this life when you are there. \

I like to do this at least once a week. The more you do it the better you will feel about it.

What does this person do

The final step is to figure out what that person does. The easiest thing to do is to learn who is living the life you want to live and do what that person is doing. Don't try to be an exact copy of that person but just use what they are doing to help you in your own life.

Here is an example just off the top of my head. 

The person I want to be created this life because he build a huge following with Youtube and Facebook live videos that lead to a product that I am selling. I have loyal fanbase that will loves buying the products that I sell and they love me so much that anytime somebody says something bad about me they will come to my rescue even when I not there. I am amazing when it comes to selling products and I am sought out for my skills because of it.

This is just an example but let's use it. I could of went into alot more detail but I just want to give you an idea of how it works.

Now that we know what that person does we need to act as if that is our life and start doing those things.

Remember I said to imagine 5 years into the future. That is what I always do but by doing the things that your future self does it doesn't have to be 5 years, it can easily happen faster.

Also now that we know exactly what this person does it only makes sense that you would create the life that you wanted if you just act as if it were already you.

Using the example above I would need to start creating Facebook lives and youtube videos and start to create a loyal fanbase because of it. I also need to be really good at selling to that fanbase, and I need to know exactly what I am going to be selling them.

One thing I want to add is that if you create a vision, future cast it, and d0 the things that the new you does, you are going to grow but the people around you are going to stay the same. It is easy to get pulled back into the old you so keep that in mind as you are on your journey.






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