Adam - Hello and welcome to the digital offline show, I'm your host Adam Chandler and I've got something really cool in store for you today I'm going to introduce you to a former student of mine, who did one of my 12 week coaching programs a couple years back, and from doing the 12 week program he actually, he became the number one recruiter in his network marketing company of 50,000 Associates, which completely launched, you know, his, his, you know his business.

You know that is now, you know evolved into a, you know, multiple million dollar business, you know, the guy is just an absolute leader and just somebody who you know you really deserve to learn from and, you know, I'm going to be interviewing him on, you know, some of the biggest things some of the biggest movers for him in his business in his life.

So, without further ado, here he is Mr. Mark Well, Russell, Mark Well, how you doing?

Marquel - Amazing, man. Thank you so much for having me on as a total honor to be here.

Adam - Awesome, awesome. You know it's interesting like well because you you spoke at my Mile High mastermind event in Denver, a couple years back and your, your, like, your thing like your main topic that you were speaking about was podcasting. And now and now here you are a guest on my podcast that was actually, that was actually, like, you know that really kind of got me thinking like man I really need to have my own podcast like your presentation of that event and here we are.

Marquel - Absolutely man I'm excited for when I saw you launch and I was like okay great, I knew it was coming. I was excited is it.

Adam - Awesome, awesome. Yeah, cool. So why don't want to just kind of start off by you know just telling that you know sharing the, the sharing a little bit about yourself and your story.

Marquel - Yeah, absolutely. So basically for me so I'm Marquel Russell as Adam said I'm here in Atlanta, Georgia, and I'm from so basically for me. I grew up, my mom raised me and my sense of self in Georgia is an environment, and it was kind of two options, where I grew up, everybody wants to get a job, the ideal job where I grew up was working for the city, and just the guys you know working for the city is this like when you ride down, you see the guys fixing the potholes and stuff like that now like the neon jackets that was like the ideal job for people where I grew up and I'm like, Nah, that's, that's not really my thing I want to be rich.

So even at a young, young age I wanted to be a mean and I didn't wanna do anything that wouldn't lead to being a millionaire, and the only options we knew were plants, professional sports and rapid and rapid wasn't really my thing I played around with them a little bit but sports was my thing, but of course it took a while to get to that point, for the people around me, like my uncles and, you know, parents and things of that nature, my mom and you know, grandmas all this type of stuff. Movies actually like a $5 to go to on a $5.50 cent or $1 to go to the candy lady, the local entrepreneurs were called candy ladies right you can go to and get honey buns and all different types of stuff, but they always say, you know, they sell it like hey you know we were having like windows and growing, type of thing I'm like man, how can somebody work all week, never be at home and broke, no need to have $1 for the candy I never say that.

Guys, I was just like, I was I'll say that was curious, because my cousin's they, It's important to like go to the candy lady and he gives me a five, and I'm like, What are these guys doing. I thought these guys were selling drugs. I ended up going that route. I'm like, Hey, this is something I can do now, so I wind up going that route, I actually dropped out of high school and in 10th grade into full time ministry, one thing led to another, I started going to jail or things of that nature.

And at 19, my first son was born, and some interesting things happen when I turned 19 My son was born, He's 14 out which is crazy. So he was born when I was 19, and I was I was in jail on my birthday, so that was a very interesting birthday. So but in there, everybody's, the older guys was always asking me like man what are you doing here man, you should be out blah blah blah. Don't come back. I mean our guys who were so old and have oxygen masks on their face.

Oh my, God is like showing me my future if I don't get it together. So I got out and I was like you know what I'm gonna do this job thing, so I wouldn't, got a job changing oil and tires or 18 wheelers, and you get paid every hour days to make 300 bucks and I can make $8 So I was like well I promise I can't do this. So I went back into the streets. If I had a slightly different shift so I started the entertainment company because that's who I looked up to in the hip hop industry they all came out of streets and started, you know, entertainment companies so I started doing that and managing artists doing closed promotions, I didn't really know what I was doing.

I just jumped out here first it was like, I just feel like I learned as I go. So I jumped out here first and while I was in a club one night, a guy walks up to me and pitches me on network marketing, he didn't say network marketing I had never heard of network marketing, but he walked up to me. It was like hey man, he thought I was somebody else so he knew of me for my face but he thought I was somebody else and I knew his face as well, so he was drinking or whatever, and he said you look younger than me, so he was like man you know how many people you know what a cellphone, and I was like, well everybody I know has a cell phone?

And he was like, Well, what if you got paid every time they pay their cell phone bill? And I was like what that would be pretty cool. He was like, well look man, I have a you know he went to the you know, edify your upline and he was like hey man I got my mentors coming in town from Nigeria, this way and say, you know he's showing people how to get started in the business you know making money in the time because that's when you're selling a cell phone, whatever. We'll pay the phone bill, I  what do we do so we met Monday, I followed them Wednesday to the home, home meeting, they start breaking it down showing all the results, people were making like I mean it was 500 bucks.'

I paid for myself to get in and I paid for my brother to get in so they told me all I had to do is get two and they get two, you know I've been making millions of dollars, you know, wearing these fancy suits driving cars sipping pina coladas on the beaches of the world.

I'm like, I'm game and I'm like, I already got one right now I need to get that other person, it was like it was crazy as I was showing other people, they was like its a pyramid scheme when we got there too, because I'm thinking like, I know a lot of people in the city like I know a lot of people, so it'd be a no brainer for me to get to people, I was in a pyramid scheme. I'm like, I had never heard of a pyramid scheme.

So long story short. I showed my mom before I actually joined. And I was like, um, I was like, man, what do you think about it, like yeah you heard of this, and she really looked over the videos he called me back and said like hey if you put some time in, market yourself, I mean it can work, so that was kind like my whole little mustard seed of faith so she told me that. Then I  almost quit after people said it was a pyramid scheme and wouldn't nobody buy no cell phones, I almost quit when I mentor these guys are like literally calling me every day and I'm like why are these guys still calling me, I don't know what it is, but they like saw something in me and I didn't see myself so they kept following up they invited me to a national conference, which was actually going to be in Atlanta, so I went to the conference and I was like let me see what this stuff is about so I went in and it's like, hundreds of people probably a couple 1000 people they're having success they're getting cars they're getting sunlight Okay, these people could have fooled me.

But there's no way they could afford all DC. So I'm not sure what happened but after this event I came out on fire. So I recruited some people, and then my business plateaued because I ran out of people to talk to. So one of the team members, sent me a link to how to attract people online, it was magnetic sponsoring right a lot of people would read that so he sent the link to me, affiliate link, and I went over it. They sent me a text message I went over, read this book I paid $40 for the  e book, I read the sales page a million times before I actually bought it, I'm like, I gotta do this so I bought it for 40 bucks, and then it just kind of really opened me up to online marketers, so I just went down a rabbit hole after rabbit hole buying course after course after course, and I like literally blew through a lot of the money that I had put to the side because at this point I gave up on the streets.

And I was like I'm gonna go all in with this thing, because Im tired of going to jail right, so I just said I'm gonna go all in with this thing so I kind of went through all my savings I was buying all these courses, but I wasn't implementing anything because I thought knowledge was power, right, right, well I quickly found out that applied knowledge is really what the power is so I went through all my money that I had saved up buying courses and courses and courses I was trying to learn everything.

And I'm gonna tell you some interesting Adam, I bought a course from you one time. And I told you the story before I bought a course from you one time and it came with a coaching call I think it was a program you and Jordan it. So it came with a coaching call you and I hopped on the call, he was like, So what are you doing, I told you what I was doing, and you were like, man, all you got to do is just pick one thing and just focus on that one thing that one lead generation strategy, and for me at the time it was blogging, so I went all in with blogging, and I was just creating a piece of content every day and I was doing videos, I was creating content every single day. I started getting leads, and then I started you know having success in network marketing, and I started branding myself, that people started reaching out to me like hey man, what are you doing, and people stop paying me to teach them, which is really cool, and I learned about information marketing right so I saw I saw him teaching me how I was blogging and stuff like that.

And then I just started having people asking me to speak at their events and you know it just continued to go and of course the 100 day visibility challenge happened, which really helped accelerated things and then I started seeing that I really love coaching I really love impacted people. So I started coaching I was charging a real little, little amount. And then I got a coach showed me how to start doing it on a more premium level.

So I started a more premium level really mastered the whole process. By helping other coaches, consultants and service providers, automate their lead generation in our client attraction process as well. And from there I mean the rest is pretty much history but now I retired my wife, we travel, we have an amazing life we get to Impact a lot of people, a lot of success stories. And yeah man I think that's the abridged version that's kind of my story.

Adam - That's a great story and lots of little nuggets in there and lots of really, really interesting things. Now you know my next question for you is going to be like what was the catalyst, you know that really had the breakthrough but it sounds like you answered that it was me, it was that phone call he had with me.

Marquel - You're the first person that told me to pick one thing and thats when I chose blogging like five or six years ago, five years ago,, One of my most recent mentors over the past few years, he always says, If you want to multiply you have to simplify and I live by that now, and as that literally builds on exactly what you told me five years ago just take one thing and just create a piece of content every day. Right, and so that was, that was huge for me just simplify because there's so much noise online and you think you got to learn everything to maybe just pick like that one thing and just go all in and master it. That just becomes your thing.

Adam - So what's that one thing for you, for you now because you've obviously you've evolved you as an entrepreneur your skills as evolved have evolved, what would you say like the one thing that you are really really really good at like, like maybe not the best in the world that but like you're just like, like, when when it comes to like what, you know what your thing is what would you say that thing is?

Marquel - I will say My thing is really helping people attract high paying clients. So how do you take somebody from being a complete stranger to actually pay you 3000 to $10,000 or more for your products or services within a 72 hour period or so, how do you automate the whole process of a stranger to lead to actually pay a client, so that's, that's my thing.

Adam - So my next question how do you do that?

Marquel - kay. So basically, the number one thing is like really the messaging so a lot of people come to me and the messaging is way off, right there, because they're trying to speak to everybody. And I always give people the analogy of a general physician, and my brain surgeon. So a general physician makes about $120,000 a year, and then a brain surgeon makes about was about 500,000. So, the biggest difference is the general physician is at the office all day you see a lot of patients, and you got his brain surgeon who's up in the Ferrari, after the nurse and everybody who's already prepped the guy come into his thing and he pulls back off in the Ferrari. So, the difference is this guy specializes.

A lot of people, and that's why when you, when you asked me the question, what's your one thing most people can't answer that one thing, because they're like, Well, I'm good at a lot of different things, so I can do this, I can do that, We do Facebook ads we do web design we do all these different things. So we do all this all different type of stuff, so their a generalist, most people don't want to work with a generalist number one and they definitely don't want to pay a generalist premium price. Yeah, but when you specialize in something and you position yourself as the go to person, for this specific thing.

Now people are happily, willing to pay you a premium price so that's number one. Getting clear on that. What's your thing, and then number two, deciding what's the big problem that your audience has or your ideal client, what's the big problem they have, and um can you solve it and then really tailor all your messaging around solving a specific problem, and then having a step by step process of how do you take somebody from the current reality to their preferred reality, like in a straight line, process, and then once you get that down then of course, it's as simple as speaking your marketing medium, whether that's Facebook ads, create a specific messaging that takes somebody from just scrolling through the newsfeed, to saying okay this guy sounds like he has a solution for them click going over and now you just have what we call a four page cash machine.

So when somebody clicks on an ad, they come to a landing page where big bold promises specific to them and their problem, they opt in, and they consume what we call money content, which kind of speaks to exactly what they are encountering gives them a path to get to where they want to be. And then at the end, you say, hey, you know, if that was value for you, if you want to help me do this, you know, schedule a call in the last couple of hours if it's a good fit and this normally seems to call in as a matter of just doing the enrollment call process and when you do all this the right way. It's not even like a sales call, they've already with your marketing, everything was on point and messaging and everything, and now you're going to the phone very excited that you're on the phone, if you have somebody on your team doing the call.

And now it's just a matter of just ask the question and seeing where they are seeing what they want to do, where the gaps are and then kind of positioning your offer as the bridge, then becomes a no brainer that point in this. Let me figure out the money or whatever so that's kind of the whole step by step process.

Adam - Then do you before the call do they do they just schedule a call or do they submit an application to schedule a call?

Marquel - Great question. So basically they click on once they go in with a schedule a call, they got to choose a time and a date that works for them, and then they answer like a series of questions to kind of prequalify them before they even get on the phone, and then you can even review the application to see if like, okay this person a good fit or not, especially if you're like really booked up, you got in it cherry picking apps, you just kind of go through it okay this is a good person, this is not, so yes they definitely answer a series of questions as well.

Adam - Wow, that's huge. I mean, you just you just kind of took us through your whole formula for how you attract high paying coaching clients.

Marquel - Absolutely.

Adam - Yeah, well thank you that's, that's huge

Marquel - It's the same thing, whether you're a coach or a consultant or even if you're a service provider so do you want to say oh, you know, more website so if you want to sell Facebook advertising packages or whatever it's the same exact process.

Adam - What about okay let's let's kind of take a step back a little bit because that's the I mean that's really, really good stuff you guys that is just absolute gold you might, you might want to listen to that part a few more times, you know, If you're if you're wanting to sell, you know high ticket, high ticket packages yourself, but let's talk about the front, let's talk about front end customer acquisition and maybe even, maybe even before that, what like, how do you get people's attention. What's kind of like if you had one tip that you could give or something that you do that you kind of figured out along the way, for like grabbing someone's attention. Well, what, what, what, what, what advice would you have for that?

Marquel - Great question. So, basically, it's a couple of things. So number one, so here's an example. So, a client of mine asked me more oil, what's been the biggest marketing psychologists you've learned over your over the years that setup to become successful. And I was like, if I was the number one thing would be just authenticity. So like people want authenticity, they see all the fake stuff online people winning cards and people kind of slip that stuff out, but if you just are stealing, and you just, that's one of the things I like about your images you're authentic people know what you're up to and what you're doing you're innocent people already know you're in the snowboarding now you know you do your thing, right, you don't say like well you mean, when I meet you in person, like you're saying do that, you know see online, so it was really about number one being authentic, in what you do, that's number one.

Number two, like when you're messaging so like let's say when you're writing your copy. Instead of trying to jump off is like real hypey. hey you want to make XYZ and the next 30 days, or bla bla bla bla bla, you just maybe start off with a story you may say, you know, you know, it was 2015 I was, you know, borderline homeless, didn't know what I was gonna do next. I had bought a course after course of course after course, and this happened and blah blah blah. So you kind of take them on that journey and share your story in on social media stories are the biggest things so if you can share your story.

And actually, share it in a way, that kind of meets your ideal client where they are and they can see themselves in the story that makes them automatically say, Okay, this guy or this girl gives me, because they've been where I am, or they know people will be around so I resonate with them so it's really just happening you bet, authenticity, and really writing how you talk.

So I saw my emails in my head I say things like gonna probably, you know, just different things like that were just speaking to that person has something to say with this person, you know uses Ebonics or whatever, I don't use slang words I can't resonate them they're not professional enough well they see me doing a video, and I just have a T shirt, and a hat to the back and they're like well this guy isn't professionally I have goals, compared to the like I can't resonate with this guy and that's cool, you know, but you have to be okay with that because I know the person who was meant to me to work with. They're gonna raise their hand so it's about just being authentic and being premium messaging, in a way where you're speaking directly to this particular person in where they are in their particular process. Does that make sense?

Adam - That makes perfect sense and what I'm hearing is not trying to be everything for everyone and you've, you've kind of said that in a couple of different ways throughout, you know, in your answering these questions is like, you know, be specific, be specific with the people that you want to work with be specific with your messaging be specific with, and don't you know don't try to be. Don't try to be something you're not essentially or absolutely.

Marquel - 100% Because it's the easiest way to just kind of be yourself, and for me when I first started doing videos online. I used to like because I came out of the network marketing world so you know you, they kind of got you an idea of wearing a suit with a tie. Yeah, and I think I had to do that stuff. But after I just started being me so now when I go speak at events. I'm typically come in like a polo buttoned down. We're like maybe some ripped up True Religion jeans and like some Air Force ones or at max I'm just kind of myself without aware that day, I just wear it out, so I have one when I was in suits and I went to like blazers, and now I'm like, Hey, kind of whatever I feel like putting on today.

Adam - You know, that's great and you know I think that that's something that kind of that, that gets in the way for people and I think that that's kind of that's gotten in the way for me honestly is like is like I want I want everyone to like me. And the fact that the fact of the matter is that everyone's not gonna like you and that you got to be okay with it, it's like you got to be okay. You got to be okay with yourself enough to be okay with the fact that not everyone's gonna like you not everyone you know be okay with offending people, you know sometimes like you know just just like because, because you know that you're providing value you know that you're doing things that are benefiting other people and here I am, you know, you know, you know with we you know kind of showing myself for the world to see. And, you know, take it or leave it, I'm doing my thing.

Marquel - Because like the biggest thing for me when I got started, it was okay I got goals. So I'm like should I get rid of them. I had tattoos like on my arms and on my neck, like I got tattoos or like the biggest thing for me was like, who's gonna take me serious right ninth grade, you know, or right out of  10th grade I dropped out of tenth grade and out of American education I got a GED I was, You know, I was gonna take me serious but after I started doing now I have clients who are doctors they have like PhDs and MBAs and all this type of stuff and they don't really care about that, that's some of the goals and stuff is actually what attracted them, because they liked the authenticity. That's the key.

Adam - Yeah, huge, okay. What, what would you, what would you like if you could go back, you started, I mean let's say you could go back to the person that you were like right after you started a network marketing when you, you know, people were, people were telling you that that was a pyramid scheme where like you know but I mean not having anything to do with the network marketing, and by the way, I just want to say I love that it's so funny because like a lot of people in network marketing get offended when people ask, you know, when people say oh that's a pyramid scheme, and you were just like you were just so, so oblivious about it you're like I don't know, maybe, maybe it is a pyramid scheme.

Marquel - Exactly, exactly. It was crazy.

Adam - But what what would you say like if you could, if you could go back in time and talk to your kind of a younger, younger self, either, either, who you were at that point when you're just getting started in entrepreneurship what would, what would that be?

Marquel - The main thing would be man just like screw what everybody else says, and because the masses, no one is doing this come off the cradle and then the masses are typically clueless right, they don't really know they only know what everybody else is saying and that doesn't make them bad people, they just kind of working with what other people have taught them and that doesn't make those people bad, they just kind of teach them what isn't working with the best they have so it's like to do great stuff, it's going to always be something that everybody else doesn't resonate with.

I mean, I think network marketing a lot of people have backups about network marketing but it completely changed my life, like it saved me from the streets and like the personal development regarding how much money I made in network marketing and I did, I made some money, but like the personal development, like, that was really the stuff that completely changed everything for me man really just kind of just telling myself to embrace the process, and just go all in, regardless of what everybody else is saying I think that's what I would just tell myself.

Adam - Yeah, okay, good. That's huge and yeah and that's in you know network marketing too just to speak on that a second it's like, you know, it's not you know certainly not it's certainly not perfect, but it's like it really does open a lot of doors for people like, you know, there's, you know, there, there are some people that get really, really successful and create life-changing residual income and network marketing, probably not most, but for what it does for you know a lot of people as it does kind of open, opening the door to like new possibilities for their life.

Marquel - 100%

Adam - Yeah and that's absolutely what it what it did for for you and we know what it what it did for me as well and, and that's, that's, that's really cool so definitely shout out to the network marketing industry and it's funny too, because it's like it because the masses are, you know, wrong it's like if they if the, if they have some irregular people have some you know some negative opinion about it, that's probably a reason to go for it, some of the big mistake that people make is they listen to those people, as though their opinion actually matters right now.

And they stop themselves because, because this you know because you're broke cousin Bob said that it's a, that's a bad idea and it's a pyramid scheme and got it out of that, that should be that you look at the results of the people that are telling you that that's, that should be a reason for you to do it not to do it.

Marquel - Like if everybody agrees with it, don't do it, but people are telling you not to, then you really do it but think it man, so back in the day, years ago, the idea of having a 50,000 pound ton of metal flying in the air carrying a few 100 people to California five hours versus two days driving. That wasn't a hurdle, people was looking at the Wright brothers like they were crazy.

Like, you really say you're going to pull this off, but like, look at it now it's nothing to like book a flight. Right. So that's it, like anything that has ever been done great. It's always meant them to one individual who just does it.

Adam - Yeah and it's and it's always met with all kinds of like crazy criticism and like people thinking that you're crazy for doing something that's so different in against the grain.

Marquel - While I always tell people, anybody who's listening if you haven't never thought I will go check out the YouTube video the old Apple commercial when it talks about. Here's to the crazy ones do you notice squares and around pigs or deck commercial. It really just shows you all the game changers who just had different level of thinking, but most people just didn't resonate, but they still do great things because they just did it anyway.

Adam - Right. Yeah. Wow, it's huge, what about what about our resources, what would you, you know, What would you recommend for people who was there, was there any like any one particular book or anyone particular, you know, personal development, you know personally that you say like had a really big impact influence on you?

Marquel - Yeah, so one of the books that I actually wish I would of read earlier on, and I actually is so good that I actually sent all of my clients a new one when they come on  I send them one in the mail. It's called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Adam - I love that book.

Marquel - Oh my god, is one of my favorites actually my top five, if somebody asked me if somebody by recommended by that book there is always that one person I'm like read this one first. Indeed, and I'll give you all, because if you don't read this one first if I recommend these other ones because of what he talks about in in that one. You won't even get to the other one so he's like, that's the one that I highly recommend everyone read is a total game changer

Adam - it's like the inner battle that's like your inner creative battle and it's like, it's like all about like, it's like kind of fighting your own demons and like the stuff that you know typically gets in the way of people's expression and that's what, and that's a business like creating successful businesses like is like self-expression and that's what he's talking about in that book.

Marquel - The resistance and resistance that holds you back man it's a game changer and it's a short read as I like how he writes so it's like a quick read off.

Adam - Well it's because he's also not a, he's not a personal development author, he's a, he's like a fiction writer.

Marquel - Yeah, exactly. It works really good and so like, and I'm the type of guy who I'm really practical. So I'm like, Okay, this book was 300 pages just to say that. So I'm reading blink right now to the speed reading course. And the book is that we're going through a called Blink, and it's like 30 or 40 pages and the author is a great guy, But I'm like okay, in a nutshell is and being able to make decisions with just like snap judgment decisions like you don't require as much information as you think you're required to make a decision, like you already kind of know the answer based on the initial information you get. So I'm that guy I'm like, Okay, how do I synthesize this whole book, because you have to come out of stories and all that stuff, necessarily, but you got to write you can't just give them two pages, and just say here, what did they give you the $20? I get it, but it's how Steven Pressfield is practical, is like something you can put the book down and immediately. You can even implement before you book an event. It's a game changer.

Adam - Awesome, cool, I love it, this has been, this has been really great I'm really glad that you mentioned that book, it's been a few years since I've read it or listen to the audible version but I, I think this is kind of, you know sparked, like, I'll probably pick it up again pretty soon. Yeah, so, you know, as we wrap up here I you know I want to just find out a little bit about, about your mentoring program, where you do, you know you. It was, it was called breaking the cycle. It's now called Young's wealthy genius. Can you share a little bit about that and, you know was that did you kind of create that because of, you know, your, your experience with, you know, you could have, you could very well have, you know, been one of those old people in jail, you know at the end of your life, like, is that kind of what started it is helping kids get on an entrepreneur path and off of that path.

Marquel - Yeah so, before I before I want to share one more free resource. So the other resources. if you don't already have the audible app get it because if you go get, if you get up on your phone you can actually get War of Art or any other book for free for you get a video book for free, and you can also listen to audio books on the go, I listen to mine typically two times the speed, or if the author naturally talk fast I'll put it in like 1.5 but it's a really cool resource as well so that's tip.

Adam - Increasing the speed of audio books?

Marquel - Yeah, it's a game changer. So cool. So to answer your question, um so yeah so for me, when I got exposed to, like, guys like Jim Ron and Tony Robbins, it was like it was like, this was a whole new world for me when I came into this whole, this is like a world where does all this stuff like where's this of being, why don't they teach this stuff in school, so I still take tons and tons of notes, and I was like how do I get this out to the world. So I wrote a book. My first book was called breaking the cycle but it was all over the place, because I was just kind of compiling my notes even like the tagline was all over the place, but I did the book and got it out because I'm like, Okay, this is a way I can get it out to the world. I refined the book since then, but I was at an event one time, authors or speakers event with my when my mentor in the last company I was working with.

And I was the only person there who actually had a book, what was another guy who had a book as well, so he let us stand up and talk about our book, and once I did my my mentor I was with a friend of mine, he was like, he was like man you should start doing events around that, and I was like you thanks so he was like yeah he was like, You should call him breaking the cycle based on your book, so I bought the domain like right on the spot and I was like well yeah, show me how to do it.

I'm down. So he kind of gave me the whole formula to do the best you know I got my logo created my banner. I got a location all that stuff. It gave me the game plan, and I did my first event and people actually came so people came out and they got a lot out of it, the parents were excited about it. And I was like this is pretty cool but the whole motivation around it was like how do I kind of take in information that most, most of the world never ever gets. And how do I kind of get that out like imagine if I knew about what I knew. Now, when I was 15 when I was 14 when I was 13 when I was 12 when I grew up in it.

So I just want to have. So the whole purpose of it was to make it more accessible, and not only accessible, but actually, actually, you know, applicable right so you can actually take it in and apply to your life because here's the reality. If somebody can sell drugs right if somebody is like a drug dealer, they already understand marketing, they already understand like organizational skills they already understand customer service, they already understand like critical thinking, right they already understand measurement, and a lot of different levels, they already understand, you know, all these different things that that's important when it comes to business, but that's all they know when it comes to starting the business, they don't really know how to put that into anything else they're just working with a given, so when you take somebody like that who can do that skillfully and then put it into something more legitimate and they see what's possible. I mean it's a complete game changer. So how can I how do I get this book out?

Anyway, teach these guys who haven't even went down that path yet, they're showing some different options, and even some of the guys who's going down that path to show them like hey man, you out here selling drugs right now you're still an issue so now you're doing this, but what if you do real estate, what if you do internet marketing what if he wrote a book? What if you didn't you just have to show them different things. Here's what you can make by flipping the house, and I have a guy who teaches how to flip houses and stuff like that he was just doing this, and one starting a clothing brand.

Exposure is everything the thing that changed my life, seven years ago was just the exposure, just me going through that event, seeing a lot of other people that look like me having success and they were positive, and they were excited to see other people when I got introduced to Jim roar like that was exposure like this is all stuff I had never heard about in my life I had never seen this many people excited about somebody else having success like genuinely excited, so that was like that exposure, completely changed everything for me so if I can expose more of these young guys into what's possible for them, and all the different resources as of right around you, how you can tap into it, because most of them are online anyway with Snapchat and Instagram.

They just don't know like you're sitting right in the middle of a goldmine. So the reason we created the program is to really give them access to the resources, and then how to implement it and then they can get the support to kind of, you know, apply it into their lives as well and the cool thing is on the surface level it's about making money, but we all know, is like Jim Rohn says, don't make the goal of being a millionaire. Make the goal becoming the person that you have to become to be a millionaire.

And they don't realize you becoming a whole new person, I didn't realize I'm becoming a whole new person through this whole journey, because I was focused on the money at first, right, and then I started hearing guys like focus on value putting value into the market. Okay well that sounds cool. So I started doing that and then me listening to all this personal development, reading books like all the transformation is going on inside that you don't even realize. So, that's the whole that was the whole motivation around it.

Adam - Cool. So what if somebody wants to get involved with that support view in some way around that, how would they go about doing that?

Marquel - Yeah, so if you want support a couple options so you can go to youngwealthygenius com And that kind of all the details on the actual event. And if you go to, That's actually the book, I am breaking the cycle and all the proceeds from the book goes towards events on an event and stuff like that. Would you leave the details on the book, the person who said we teach, and of course you're welcome genius is all about, you know the actual time to do that but right now. That's where those are two options you can check out.

Adam - Cool, very cool well that's, I mean that's inspiring, it's, you know that's i You're You're obviously like doing some really cool things in the world you're playing a big game, and you know I just respect the hell out of you for it. You know one thing that. Yeah, what about what about, where can they go to find more about you and your business and what you do.

Marquel - So if you want to find out more about me, of course, Im on Facebook you can reach out to me but if you want to go to really dive deep you can go to I got a podcast called results over BS, where you can link up to over there and also my whole blueprint based on what I kind of gave you the overview on how to attract high paying clients if you go there, I have a guide called clicks to clients how to turn complete strangers into happy high paying clients in 72 hours or less you can actually get the whole blueprint for 100% free. When you go

Adam - Well there you have it, my friends, my interview with the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Mark Well Russell, if you're a home business owner if you're a network marketer and you're looking for some help, go to digital We show you how to grow your business and leverage your time in the digital age, using systems leverage filters and automations, we got some really cool resources for you at Digital upline Comm, and then you can join in and then if you visit Digital forward slash subscribe. You can join our subscriber community get a free gift for becoming a subscriber, get notified when we release new content and new resources to help you grow your business. We'll see you next time.

Thank you for listening to the digital upline show, Adam and the D U team are committed to leveling up the network marketing profession by equipping distributors with 21st century systems and skill sets that decrease resistance and increase cooperation with prospects and team members, visit to get notified when we release new podcast episodes and to get exclusive access to our weekly live trainings.


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