Adam - Hello and welcome to the digital  show in this episode of the podcast, we interview one of our successful students to determine the mindset, strategies and systems that are producing results in their business. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this eye opening, case study interview. I'm here with one of our upcoming Rockstar students, Maria, Lu Han from Katy, Texas, is that right?

Maria  - That is correct.

Adam - Just give us a little bit of a, you know, an introduction like, like what, what, what was your background before you came into your network marketing business, how long have you been in the industry, your, is this the first company that you've promoted.

Maria - Yes, actually, I have been, I was in the corporate world for 17 years in the HR field, a business management. Administrator, so I decided to go into my own business, three years ago, And I found this amazing company that is really given me the opportunity, of course, you know going into the business owner, journey, it's a little bit different than corporate. So for the last three years I have been building the business with, with a part time basis for 10 years and this year I became full time into the business. And, you know, for the last, I want to say a year. I was really on dead end, I didn't know how to go where to go.

Adam - For your your family and friends?

Maria - Yes, definitely, definitely. So right now I'm doing organic purely organic me purely purely organic, and it's about the mindset as well, you know, you have to understand that when you are raised in the corporate world for 17 years, it's a completely different environment. So when you come out on your own. For example, not that you know, not that you don't know how to fish. There's just different techniques on how to fish because now you're doing it for yourself, not for others. So that's how I'm seeing the experience of being a network marketer or you know going into your own business. And I actually am in the financial services industry. So, I'm a financial educator.

Adam - Gotcha. Great, okay, cool. So, so tell me like what was I mean, you mentioned that you were you were kind of at that, like, like you didn't know where to go from here right you're like you're like okay, I've burned through my list of family and friends, I, I've done everything that that my company and my upline have told me to do. You know you you stumbled into one of my sales wells. I met you, Youtube video or something like that is that was it was that how you kind of came to us?

Maria - Yeah, that's correct. And you know because I was looking all over and there's always something that when you see a video or when you see a certain person talking about what you are needing that. So you know I've been doing my, a lot of searches and a lot of research and they were really not attracting me so when I saw your video coming up and it was just, it came on my Facebook page.

So in my opinion, that is interesting, so when I looked it up, I'm like, Oh my gosh, I need to find out exactly what, what, how they can, you know, help me, but one of the things on on your first video is that you really gave me the opportunity to find out what I needed. Your we're not selling me you we're not trying to convince me, you were just explaining what other options are out there that will fulfill the needs that I was looking for because I've been stuck and there was just on my personal right on my personal opinion.

So that's the reason I decided to get on a call, and when they explained to me exactly how the program work I said this is, this is something that, you know it's an opportunity for me to to move to the next level.

Adam - Yeah, great. And then you know that's, I mean I like the mentioned that like you, you were looking for different things, my video popped up you you know you took action it's like effective marketing is putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time and that's, and that's kind of how it sounds with you is that is that, You know my video popped up or whatever at the right time for you.

When, when it made sense and that's and that's what we do is, as, as marketers and entrepreneurs is just put, we put stuff out there and it lands on the right people at the right time and you know that's how you build a business and that's what you're doing right now right so so so tell us about some of the, the, just mental shifts and just some of the shifts that you need for yourself.

Where, you know you were doing things differently before, you know, we helped you to kind of correct a couple things, and now your, your, and we'll talk about some specific results that you've gotten and how those came about in just a minute, but before we do that, what are some of the mental shifts that you had to make in order to start seeing some of the new results that you've been able to see as a part of our coaching program?

Maria - Definitely one of the mental shifts was when you go through the program when I went through the program, you know you always mention you have to be consistent, you have to be disciplined, but you have to do that on your own time, not to do it with anyone at anyone elses time for example, on one of your recommendations is the miracle morning. Now this book, I really love it because that made me shift into that mindset where, okay, I'm going to have a structure that is not actually like so structured, but it's going to help me.

Enjoy the structure that I am implementing into this because I want to go into my full blast into the business, right. So, one of the things that that I really enjoy is when I'm having the sessions that you guys have where you always talk about your mindset you need to make sure and evaluate yourself, and evaluate what you're doing is something that you really enjoy, or you have to do it. So there's a totally different perspective when you enjoy doing it, than when you have to do it. So, once again, me being in the corporate world, I had to do it. I liked what I did but I had to do it here. I love what I do and I love doing it.

So you guys gave me the opportunity to change that mindset with all the exercises and throughout the program. Of course, each of you have your own style of coaching, and that also helps me to determine, Okay, I don't have to be that rigid, I can be a little bit more relaxed, but with discipline and consistency. So that's where I feel that it really changed my perspective in going into the next step. The mindset with all the, like I said, consistency, and discipline that is accommodating to me, for example, just to give you just to finish this topic up. I used to get up at four o'clock in the morning when I, when I worked at, you know, when I worked in the work in the corporate world.

I normally work at companies that were 24 Seven. So my schedule was really like fluctuating right. I'm a morning person, but I have discovered that six o'clock for me is good enough. So for me, my mornings, start six o'clock to eight o'clock and then I do my personal development during those two hours, so that they get me ready for whatever I prepared the day before on my business. And that's how I feel my mental toughness, have become in that regard. I'm disciplined, I'm consistent, and I enjoy doing it. So that's one of the shifts that I really, really, I mean I enjoyed the most.

Adam - Yeah, that's, that's great. All right, so just more consistency like consistently doing the income producing activities. I imagined that the momentum trackers probably, you know, helped in terms of that consistency, you know, we, that's one of the things that we do in the coaching program for those of you that don't know we you know we have you track your income producing activities, report them at the end of the week so that we can see what you're doing what you're not doing how best to coach you, and then, could you tell me what one more thing about the transition that you that you made, you mentioned to me privately earlier that you that you were a lot more aggressive with prospects like when you when you were communicating with somebody, you were more aggressive with them like it was like you were you needed them to buy because you just had this mentality that like, everybody in the world needs this to like, you need to buy right and I imagine that that kind of energy and that kind of approach was probably sending a lot of people away from you.

Right, rather than attracting them towards you, which is what we want right, that is correct. Yes, shift that as part of our program, can you talk about that a little bit like, like how are you, I know that you're, you've been enrolling people consistently in your business, how is that looking in terms of how you approached them and the situation with them, versus how you were doing it before?

Maria - Definitely yes, and you know one of the things that when we go into these kind of companies whenever we associate with them, they, they, they put in you you know you have to go go go go go go go. Yeah, you have to go but you need to understand what the need of the other side is as well. So one of the things that this program has really helped me is to understand and to listen what the other person is really needing, in order for me to approach that individual either for, you know, to join my team, or for a product that we offer that mindset has really helped me to attract the person to say well, this individual is really caring about me, it's not caring about them getting more profitable or, you know how people perceive it when you're more aggressive.

So I have noticed that I have tone. Now I have my energy but I'm not as aggressive as I used to be. And that has really given me a lot of results in terms of people being more approachable and being more open to listening as well to what I have to offer to them. So you know I think the fact that listening to all the coaching listening to doing the morning tracker reading certain topics reading certain books, all that mindset shifts into.

I want to say a maturity level where you're understanding what the person is really needing, in order for you to deliver that necessity that they're looking for without you telling them, Hey, this is why you need to do it. And if you don't do it now. You know, those kinds of those kinds of things so be approach. It has really helped me to tone down the way I look at the other person on the other side.

Adam - So I'm hearing a couple Tell me, tell me if I'm on the right track with this it's like I'm hearing that you are like although you're still, you still have high energy and high enthusiasm about what you're doing. It's more of a relaxed energy that you're bringing to the conversation with the other person right which is, which is allowing for a lot less resistance that is. And that's really what what affective marketing is all about is like, it's about decreasing resistance like melting that resistance. You seem to be like really owning that you're able, you're able to like step into that now, in a way that you weren't before. And the energy that you were bringing before was almost like it was, it was building resistance it was creating walls of resistance..

Right. And, okay, that's, that's, that's so good I'm so glad they mentioned that and, and you're, it's almost like, whereas before you were like, convincing them off. Now, now you're like you're like, attracting them and you are, you're, you're, you're serving them kind of on another level right so exactly operating like the majority of home business owners out there, which is like, I've got the greatest thing in the world, you've got to try it if you don't buy it. You're an idiot like that is bad because most home business owners go out because better and it's like, it's such a turnoff.

Maria - it is, It is. And you know I remember something, and it's yours. This is yours. Okay. You mentioned in one of your coaching sessions that you've the bridge that you have right there behind you. Yeah, it's because you can take someone from the beginning of the bridge to the end. So, you know, with that, with that message right there. You made me also think, hey, that is me. I can really walk someone through the bridge from point A to point B, so that helped me to to mellow down the way, I, you know, approach people, by knowing what their needs are. So, I want to thank you for that.

Adam - Yeah, that was really, it's just like a few little tweaks that was all you needed was just a few little tweaks and that And now and now you're like, you're able to attract people and you know what you need to do to grow your business, it's so good. So let's just talk about some of the reasons like, like some of the recent enrollees that you've had in your business like, tell me about the LinkedIn person right you, you put some content out there on LinkedIn, they responded to it.

And then, did you, you talk to them, you had a conversation with them like a message conversation with them over LinkedIn, and then did you invite them to a phone call.

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Maria - That's exactly what I did, and you know following following your guys advices. I went ahead and posted organic, and I did a different approach when I did that so the, this person said, You know what I'm interested right away. And I said fine. Sure. What did I say do, would you like to schedule an appointment in person or via zoom, you know, because that's the first thing I asked and they go, I, he goes, I want to go ahead via zoom okay so what's the best time for you so I went ahead and did that because previously I had already did the conversation so what do you do, Why did you get interested in my posts, you know, I had already done that so I go through this step. But he he right away was interested because he saw the value, see this is one thing.

Three of the people that I have done through social media, in the last three weeks, they say that they see the value that it can help them, and they can serve as well. So, when we went through that process you know we did this Zoom meeting, we enrolled him, and right now he is very happy because he has other people that are interested in also serving other people so it has been. I have had three, three.

Every week I have one. So, all these people are more like I said, attractive to attracted to my message because they find value in the message. So it's not like, okay, you know I am building a team and I need people to join me, do you want to make a difference in your life. No, it doesn't work like that. It's a script where hey listen, I you know I give them a little bit of my story and then I said if you, if this is some thing that you feel you want to get out of, let's, let's connect. Let me know when you want to do it.

And that's how it's a little bit more like warming kind of messaging, but I don't have resistance, like you said there's no receiving on the message written message there's no resistance.

Adam - That's so that's so good it's, you're, you're, you're just, and that's what we do guys you just you put out the right message out there, and you get people coming to you rather than coming to them over the head with your, with your with your marketing because it is such a refreshing way to grow business and that's what that's what I've been doing for years it's been what I've been teaching people to do for years, it's just, it's just put put out value, and really serve people like like, don't wait, there's a lot of people with the mentality that like, well I need to have made this much money before I can start serving people or start helping people it's like I need to, you know, it's like no, you got it, you've got to start serving people now.

Right. And then, as a result of that they'll be so much more attracted to you, and so much more willing to do business with you.

Maria - Correct. That is absolutely correct. And you know one of the things also that I have learned through the program is that you really don't have to be the always on. On top of that, because eventually it's going to flow by itself. So, I, I am very grateful. That's, that's all I can say I God put the resource, right here on that pathway and I always believe that he put the right, he puts the right pieces in your journey. When it's time for you to start moving into that direction.

Adam - That's That's awesome. Thank you for saying that, and, and then lat last thing did you use the scripts that we gave you when you got them on the phone, or where are you, Are you using our script for taking them from, you know, how you know from the beginning of the conversation to where they're making a buying decision with you are using the script that we gave you, and how is, how is that making a difference.

Maria - Yes, the script is very helpful and you can tweak it a little bit, you know, to go to towards what you are looking for but if you really follow the script, I think that's the key to make people, and answer themselves. They're not answering to you they're answering themselves because the questions are more like, oh wow she's right.

What if I don't take action right now to I want to be like this for the next 10 years. So it's like you make them, you know, think, because we're not as human beings, you know society we're not used to that, we are used for others to think for us, that's the reason, you know, we have all this going on, but those questions are very tactical and I like about it because they, when you ask him the question, they kind of pause and then they think about it and then they respond, but it's a good exercise for them to get out of their comfort zone to really understand where they are, and if they're ready to move into a different direction.

That's when they make the decision. The other thing I want to share with you is that the program gives you a lot of confidence to talk to organic market, you know, because we're not used to talk to organic we always want to do warm market, we want to do hot market but when you get into the cold market it's a different things. And this program, at least for me, because, you know, I've been working the coal market for a year already, um, in the last month, I mean, I just feel like I know people, I don't feel uncomfortable anymore. So you know there's so many things that I have really learned and have helped me to take my business to a different level and I want to thank you guys for that.

Adam - Yeah, wow, well I want to thank you for you know for, for coming on here and then, you know, allowing me to, to interview you and provide some value to some some of our communities.

You guys let us know if you're, if you're watching this right now if you're, if you're getting some value from this, you're having some aha moments. Let us know down below if you're, you know, looking for some help, you know with this stuff right some of the stuff that we've been talking about, you know, getting some some systems and some marketing in place to grow your business, you know let us let us know down below, we'll be reaching out to you know to get to get you set on a call and then and Maria again, you know, I just, I appreciate you so much. I feel like such, I feel like a proud parent right now.

I'm just so excited just to see where you go from here because I know that you're really just getting started with this stuff so so it's going to be. So I'm proud to have, you know, played a part in, in your journey. I'm just so excited to see, you know exceed see where you are in your business, you know, three months from now six months from now 12 months from now. So once again, thanks so much for, for, for being here and providing this value to this community, we, we appreciate you and thank you so much.

Maria - Thank you Adam.

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