How Larry built a team of 75,000 reps in one company

Adam - I've got a good friend of mine here with you today to drop some knowledge and some value on you and you know just share his own expertise, you know with with you with our digital offline community, Mr. Larry Chris over in Utah, how you doing, Larry, doing great Adam, how are you today, buddy. I'm fantastic man, so excited to have you here, thanks so much for, for coming out, guys, if you don't know Larry, Larry. Larry built a team of over 75,000 active representatives in his organization in one network marketing company. He's been in the industry since 1991. When I was 10 years old dinosaur.

That was cool because you've seen like, I mean just just going from like the days of like no internet to like, you know, he really saw the whole like rise of the internet and how that affected things in the industry and everything I mean, it's obviously completely different now than it than it was then. So, I mean just that alone is just gonna It's like such a cool perspective, you know, but I mean the guy's made multiple seven figures in in the network marketing profession, and Larry, can you just give us a little bit about, you know, maybe, maybe just a little, a little, a little background of, you know your experience the you know, maybe, maybe some of the early days in the industry and how you came upon those results.

Larry - Yeah you know it's just kind of like the right you see a lot of, you know, successful people in our industry they usually got kind of an eclectic past, and operating in a couple of, you know they utilize both hemispheres of their brain, so to speak, you know, and those are the people that tend to really make it rock for the most part people that have a good logical side but they make a modal so they get excited about doing things and so I kind of ride that line, started out, you know, in my high school years I was a professional rock and roll musician for about 10 years, first seven years of my marriage I was professional musician, traveling musician and so I promised my wife I'd get a grown up job, you know, when we were expecting our third child, so I ended up getting becoming stockbroker well things and, and really kind of fell in love with that industry to, you know, a generalized concept of, you know, improving people's, you know, financial forecasts and so forth was appealing to me.

But that is a world that obviously thrives on the old fear and greed model. You know, I came across this company that I eventually ended up joining as a distributor. During those days, I was looking at it and I thought wow, this would be a wonderful, you know company to do like a reverse merger with and take public.

They were unfortunately weren't interested in that it wasn't no family owned business, from Japan, and really nice company, and I joined, not the days I suppose they were that 15 million capital, capitalization, somewhere in there and, but I ended up really falling in love with the industry and I like to think that it was a transition from fear and greed to faith and gratitude as they say, you know, and really spreading the wealth and helping people to grow a business and I really fell in love with it conceptually I was afraid to do it the old fashioned way, I didn't want to go out and make my list of 100 friends and families, they were teaching back in those days.

And so I thought how can I cast a bigger net, you know and I scrolled through the newspaper the Rocky Mountain News in Denver one day and I saw hey there's a health and wellness event happening down at the convention center and as I said, I call them immediately what's happened in two weeks, booked a booth in there, and, but I test my fortunes with it. And, you know, I bought some sight unseen, some of the company's products and I thought well, I know I've worked home shows in the past.

My dad was a contractor I grew up going into these shows and understood you know how to engage with people. So I just had to figure out a story, get in front of as many people my objective always was to get in there capture names and emails. Well this was a priority email but names and phone numbers of maybe 200 people over the course of a weekend but people that I could actually get belly to belly with and share a story, download some product sell them a $50 product maybe that they can walk out with but back in the day, handing out a cassette that was you know extending my influence beyond the event itself you know I might have their attention captured for a couple of minutes, but if they walked out with that tape, and something of value back then that had some physical value, you know, if they walked out with your tape that you know their percentage of them would listen to it.

Yeah, right. I could do some follow up but that was my form of capturing or, you know, casting them larger net now obviously in the internet age, you can get, you know, 1000s of people coming through your booth every day. You know, now it's just a matter of how are you going to leverage yourself, you know, in the most efficient way. But it dawned on me about 10 years ago I realized, gosh, everything was gonna change. Now it's already in the midst of changing in a big big way in network marketing but I realized as soon as you can navigate into any major company's website that the need for, you know your super dynamic salesperson be out there is probably going to be diminished substantially.

The day is really going to belong to the people that understand how to market and to do it online successfully. Now, if you've got those chops if you can actually go out there and engage with people in a meaningful way and capture, you know, their imagination and say a minute me two or a minute story video.

Now you're getting somewhere you can really leverage that in something so when I saw you and what you were doing with this kind of that hybrid thing where you melding both worlds, it just spoke to me because I've been really focused on internet marketing in the last decade, just recognizing this is where we need to be. That's literally the next iteration of the Industrial Revolution.

Almost anything anybody can imagine in commerce right now is being transacted in one form or another online, it's about how you fit in that business model. And so what I saw with digital offline, you know, just fits perfectly. this world and it's just the right answer. I think for most people that want to really help build a successful entrepreneurial business and. But yeah, I was very fortunate my business exploded on me.

You know, fortunately back then i i took my time I took about 18 months, and I did four trade shows. It was my way of just kind of experimenting with the business for weekends, and had some success at them I had enough enthusiasm from those four weekends that I blew out of over six figures, you know, as a result of those weekends over 18 months. About that time I had somebody approached me to buy my business up my finance business up my stock brokerage firm. And so I entertained the idea that, well, you know, if I conduct my head and really run with network marketing. You know, it sounds like the world for me so that's what I got done.

Adam - Yeah that's great and I mean a couple things that I've done that I'm hearing here, by the way guys, if you're you know if you're, if you know if you if you're excited about the idea you know of, you know, getting those kinds of results for yourself, you know, building, building that you don't know because not everybody wants to do that but if you are the kind of person that wants to you know build an organization in the demand of 1000s of distributors, just drop a one down in the comment.

Also let us know if you're if watching either the replay of this, or if you're on with us live, we'd love to know, you know, let us know where you're from, just leave comments in the comments to say Hey Adam Hey Larry, we'd love to know that you guys are on with us and a couple of things that I'm hearing, the first thing that I heard you say, you know, you said that you've got that of like right brain and left brain mix which like really works for entrepreneurs so it's like you've got kind of like the marketing side, like maybe the creative, like right brain side, but also like the organized side that you that you kind of have to pay you kind of have to have and I think that, that if you can if you really can't have both of those things right if you can add, like I think just, it just really spoke to me that like, Wow, he really nailed it is like, you do have to kind of have both like you've got to be able to put stuff out there to do to do marketing to like to hustle and drive but then you also got to be, have your shit together.

Larry - Exactly. You got to be able to manage your business and and that's just the discipline part, you know, sure isn't really that intense because we do have technology that helps us assess and, you know, the matrix are measured constantly in real time because of the technology so you can kind of see what's working, what's not working. Yeah, you know, eliminate the bad, you know, and it's just a process, but I think you know working with a digital upline, a unique group of people or coaches and everything.

And this makes it, you know, a no brainer in my mind because you're not going to be hit and miss, you know, trial and error that's the way everybody approaches these things typically but if you're working with a good sensible program and community of people that can help you along the way. Man, it's going to make things happen a lot faster be a lot smoother than what most people experience.

Adam - For sure, for sure, and you and you also said, you know, talking about like the trade shows and that you you know, you know, get people to look at cassettes and things like that, like, you know, that's how you did it back in the day but it's like, but now it's similar today it's just, it's just the communication modalities have changed a little bit it's like, rather than getting a cassette into their hands. You're trying to get them to agree to watch a video, right, which, which really does open up your, your, your potential, you know network significantly as long as you, you can be the kind of person who can, you know because you also mentioned consistency and discipline.

You got to get that cassette into their hands, you know, kind of, so to speak, like, virtually every single day like I'm sure you probably had, you know goals back then of I'm going to pass this cassette out to, you know, 10 people a day or fight or, you know, you know, 25 people a week or whatever it was, it's like, that's still what you eat, what do you do to do  that. And then And then even saying like, you know, selling like a $50 thing, it's like, you've got to be able to sit, you know, put your foot in the door, you know, in my book I actually wrote that the million dollar question we've done this and other trainings is like the million dollar question that all network marketers need to ask themselves is how am I going to find people to expose to my business to join my business.

After I've tapped out my warm market right how do I. That's the million-dollar question right, Like, if you have a good answer to that question, you're going to do well you're going to have success if you don't have a good answer to that question, you're probably going to struggle. Right, and for you back then it was trade shows and, you know, these days we do it with online funnels and, you know traffic campaigns and organic marketing and things like that but it really is like, it's very it's similar, but it's just the way that we do it is a little bit different but the fundamentals are still the same.

Larry - Right No fundamentals are all the same, you know, we don't have the same impact as you would if you were physically standing toe to toe with somebody. But if you can get really good at communicating a message and do it in a minute or 10 minute story type video format is what I'd recommend.

And that beautiful thing with that Adam is that we can practice that, you know, you don't have to be perfect you can send you get a free video application and, you know, shoot 50 videos, you know, and just craft up a nice script you know we've been working with our sales mastermind, you know when working on developing a good story script a 60 second video, you know that's going to get them engaged and, you know, it's not what everybody thinks it is it's not exactly the way I approached it back in those days where we would, you know, you're talking about the features and benefits more of a traditional story when I'd get some toe to toe back in those days, but today, you want to just impact people with your story a little bit more, you know, all the other stuff can kind of follow.

Adam - Trust is like the most important thing because you're, we're talking about like strangers and, you know, strangers on the internet trying to sell you something like our guards are up right it's like, you've got to, you've got to do something to like melt away that you know invisible brick wall that exists in any kind of selling or marketing situation especially with complete strangers on the internet so I mean that's got to be a big reason why you said you know that story is an important aspect of it.

Larry - And you know sometimes it's the, the character that's around some of those flaws and everything, even shooting your experimental shooting your video, you know, inappropriate lead if you're doing a phone video you know coming in and doing it in the vertical. We don't know if your Video Pro right, but maybe just experimenting with different things give you a different one, something that's going to be raw, but authentic.

Adam - You're so right. It's like, you know any video expert is going to tell you you can't do a video like this, it's got to be framed if it's like this You look like a total amateur. But if you do look like an amateur that's okay because, because, because duplication right it's like duplication is important. If your video is too polished, then it's going to, it's going to almost be a turnoff to some people because they're gonna think, well, I, I'm not that I'm not good enough to do that I'm not I'm not, I don't have the skills to do that, but if you're just like, you know, a regular flawed human being who is like, you know, the audio is not even that great it's like other people will watch that and they'll say, oh I could do that. Right. Yeah, exactly. And that's some of the stuff you're going to be talking about at the at the event, right?

Larry - In the hybrid nature of the business today, is what's so exciting. Excuse me. You know because you can even develop a deorganization and over the long haul you know you're looking traditionally back in those days, you'd be looking like any other business you'd be looking at least two to three years before you really are getting into some serious numbers or building a business can last that long. It can go a lot faster. Now obviously you see some fairly significant fortunes that turn very rapidly because of the internet space.

It can go a lot faster. Now obviously you see some fairly significant fortunes that turn very rapidly because of the internet space. But, you know, so that the same concepts apply though, tap routing is what I used to call it, you know, identify some talent. I didn't care if it was eight levels down and they were in Italy, if I, you know, I heard from them. They kind of raise their hand Express, you know, a sincere desire to really succeed they're hungry, they got the talent that's where I focus my energy, focus on, you know, finding the talent, the people that are hungry that really want to go after this. And, you know, that's where you got to put your time and your energy but, I mean, there for everybody, but you just got to kind of know your boundaries and draw your limits and not have, you know, whatever the psychic vampires, you know, sucking all your energy out.

Adam - And and that's something that I learned from Ray Higdon when I was in his downline, you know, years ago, I mean he said he's like I go where I'm just, I go around deserved, not where I'm needed. I get to do some events with us you know when we were actively building, you know, you know, under him and that was, you know that that was cool. He said I go where I'm deserved not where I'm needed.

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