Meredith - Before the average person stays 30 days, why do they stay 30 days? Well, in my mind, I, this is kind of the story that I put together, I'll share it with you. If you look up all the different range of statistics, you can find numbers out there that vary, but in general, somewhere around 40 to 45% of people will tell you that they want to be their own boss. So if you go into a corporation, and you say, Hey, you know, do you love your job? Are you afraid you're gonna get fired? Do you want to be your own boss, about 40% of people will be like, I want to be my own boss, you know, kind of screw this place, like, you know, the whole negativity towards corporate world. They want to be their own boss.

So if you go into a corporation, and you say, Hey, you know, do you love your job? Are you afraid you're gonna get fired? Do you want to be your own boss, about 40% of people will be like, I want to be my own boss, you know, kind of screw this place, like, you know, the whole negativity towards corporate world. They want to be their own boss. But the reality is, and I have a guy that I follow that I love named Robert Allen, he's a multi time award winning publisher in mindset and theory around network marketing. So if you don't know him, follow him. He is amazing, Robert Allen.

He's done some work that says it's actually truly only about 15% of people who actually have the intention of being an entrepreneur. So 40% of people will will say, Oh, yeah, that's, I'd love to do that. But only 15% of people will actually do it.

So if you have somebody that says, I'm actually going to do this, you're trying to help the 40% become more like the 15%. Because I truly believe that the gap there is is actually mindset, it's not opportunity. It's not paid. It's not, you know, skill. It's truly in their mind, they get in and they think to themselves, oh, wait a minute, what did I get myself into? This is going to take a little bit more work than I thought, I've been trained and conditioned to just go over here, punch the clock, get the paycheck, go home, you know, work till I'm 65 so that I can retire for the average of 10 years, because I mean, think about that. Social Security now is 67. Right? I think you can take your full amount at 67.

But the average life expectancy of an American man is like 78. So that means you're going to work all the way until you're 67 so that you can retire for 10 years. The math just starts to not really add up. So that's what this tool can provide for you this tool that visual copilot gives you guys that opportunity to help bridge people over. And if you can get them plugged into a system right away, show them that it's easy to show them the organic, show them the results, then they're going to stay. But you've got to have that process in place. So that's what we're encouraging you to do. So congratulations Tony and Blanca I don't know if you guys had any feedback or lessons that you learned that you'd want to share with the group as they're getting to that point in their businesses as well.

Blanca - The team was super excited. And I think knowing the value that you and Adam providing the platform provides has made it so much easier for you, for us to market you and to edify you. Because it's I mean, we we just look forward to these events. And we're getting a lot of you know, we're no nowhere close to where we need to be right now. But we're not where we weren't progress every day. We're getting more excited. Tony and I are having more conversations about what's next. What do we need to do? How can we get more engaged, and we support the team. And it's all the pieces are coming together. And we thank you, you know, for making the time for us. And we're just super excited for what's coming.

Meredith - I mean, and so you might think okay, well why why did we create the Digital Copilot for teams? You know, why did we do this? And the whole point of the digital upline, an expert accelerator and the tools that we're creating is we 100% believe in the home based business model. Absolutely. But we recognize that there are massive gaps in the industry and massive gaps in the offering.

I hope you don't get tired of my stories because I feel like I'm always telling you nice stories, but hopefully they make sense. You know, I've told you that my husband used to be in sales forever, right was really successful corporate sales in the, in that kind of construction industry. And but he hated it was really cutthroat it was all about price gouging. And he just was just like, I just, I don't want to do this, I don't want to call on contractors for the rest of my life selling the systems. So he decided to go go to school. And he was 32 when he decided to go back to school.

And he ended up second go to school to get to cut hair, to he thought he was gonna do women's hair. Because he had a friend that owns a salon. It's a very lucrative low overhead business. And that's honestly one of the reasons he picked it. Plus, nobody cared how many tattoos or piercings he had, it didn't matter what he looked like, he could get away with being him and it would be fine. Nobody would judge him like in the corporate world.

So he went for it. And about a month in, he was like, This is terrible. Like, I haven't been in school for, you know, 10 plus years. I don't even know how to learn anymore. I don't know how to do I don't know how to do any of this stuff anymore. And I didn't think I was going to have to learn like the science of hair. Like literally the the, you know, I don't even know what to call it like the molecular makeup of hair. And you know, the follicle of the hair and the this of the hair and why is your gray and why is your curly and what's hereditary and what's not, then it got into all the chemical processing.

And that's literally like a science lab when they color your hair. I mean, you know, it can go really wrong really fast. So you have to know what you're doing. He was like, I'm not really sure this is what I signed up for. But he said, I can see the long game in my head. I know where I'm headed. And I know why I'm doing this. And so even when it was a little bit hard, he kept going, then he had to go and cut hair for the first time on the floor. Can you imagine having to give somebody a haircut for the first time.

And it's not like you got to do it privately. It was like on this floor with like 50 other people and everybody's watching everybody. And some complete stranger comes and sits in front of you and wants a haircut and expects you to do a good job. It probably felt pretty high stakes, right? But he did it anyway. And the first haircut he gave I'm sure was not as good as the haircut that he gets today. Now, you know 15 years later. So same thing guys walking walk and Tony are saying, Hey, we are further along than we were we still have big sights on our goals and they knocked off in major accomplish this meant this week, because not only did they share the tool with their team, but they made a public commitment to their team, that they're going to be taking their business and using this funnel and growing their business online.

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